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This story idea is a variation of my Random Acts of Muscle thread from the old forum with a "Fantasy Island" twist.  The premise is simple: random one-shot stories of --you guessed it-- massive mega-masculine muscles.  The catch with this one is that a main and/or secondary character from any previous installment should be used in the one you write.  Enjoy and happy writing!



Alan stepped off of the plane, ready to begin his two-week vacation on the island of Adonis's Cay (Cay is pronounced as 'key.') He won the all-expenses paid vacation from a raffle offered by philanthropist and business executive Jason Talbot. Alan did some research on the corporate magnate and found out that the CEO of Talbot Industries, a multi-national conglomerate, has a foothold in nearly every major industry in the world. One would expect that making more money on his day off than most people will ever see in 10 years would mean that he was a greedy venture capitalist who would steal from the poor to line his own already-full pockets. However, the multiple charitable donations and funds for the needy set up in his name proves the exact opposite. Alan also found out that Talbot is rarely seen at business meetings, leaving his financial affairs in the capable hands of a cadre of business executives, accountants, bankers, and assorted financiers. Many see Talbot as eccentric for staying on his private island in the tropical waters of the Atlantic just north of the equator; only a few know why, as Alan and the other guests to the island would learn.


As Alan and his fellow guests made their way off of the plane, they were greeted by a rather imposing sight. Approaching them was a man in his forties dressed in a white guayabera (Also known as a Mexican wedding shirt, a guayabera is a short-sleeved, button-down shirt with four pockets in two rows of two, two at the chest and two at the abdomen) and khakis. A white hat sat atop his head like the crown of a king in his summer palace, while a pair of shades protected his eyes from the sun's harsh glare. Alan saw the air of authority in this man and concluded that this would be their illustrious host. To either side of the gentleman stood two identical mountains of muscle. Each standing roughly 6'6" tall, the twins looked to weigh 300 pounds or more with nary a shred of body fat on them. Both were dressed in knee-length shorts and sandals, displaying the wealth of muscle on their shirtless torsos for all to see. The stern faces on the twins meant that they must be his personal security detail.


"Greetings, one and all," said the older gentleman. "I am Mr. Talbot, your host. Welcome to Adonis's Cay. Many of you were the winners of the raffle I created for the Trevor Project, while some are my personal guests. I'll leave you to figure out which is which." Alan had briefly reflected on his own life, and how he was kicked out of his parents' house simply for telling them that he was gay. His father, who had spent a lot of money sending his only son to private school to become a "good Christian boy," was disappointed that Alan would "choose a lifestyle that was an abomination to [his] Lord and Savior." He had managed to squirrel away some money from his job at the coffee shop to help get an apartment, but it was dwindling fast. With the stress of finding a better job and getting into college, he needed a vacation; however, he would not be able to afford it. He lucked out when he entered the raffle on a goof and was notified the following week that he won.


After the initial orientation on the services offered on the island, the guests were shown to their rooms. When he arrived at his room, he was greeted by another massive mountain of muscle exiting the room across the way. This one looked for all the world like a six-foot-tall California surfer who took up bodybuilding in his spare time. A wealth of golden tresses cascaded down past his shoulders, while his skin was a sun-kissed bronze. A pair of blue and white shorts and a pair of sandals were the only clothes he wore. A smile crept across his face as their eyes met, Alan's brown eyes to the blond god's blue eyes.


"Looks like we'll be neighbors for two weeks," the god said in a distinctly California accent. "I'm Matt." He held out a meaty paw, callused from what Alan assumed to be many hours in the gym.


"Alan," he said, shaking hands with his new temporary neighbor.


"So," Matt said, striking up a conversation, "what brings you to Muscle Island?"


"To what now?"


"Muscle Island. That's the nickname everyone gives this place. I'm pretty sure Talbot knows about it."


"Oh, the Trevor Project raffle."


"Lemme guess: parents kicked you out for being gay?"


"Yeah. Dad wanted me to have a 'good Christian education,' so he sent me to a religious school. When I came out, he practically blew a blood vessel. I think he would have if I told him that four years of reading the Bible made me an atheist, along with just about everyone I knew at that school." Matt laughed at the irony.


"Say, need any help getting settled?" Matt offered. "Besides, you look like a guy that appreciates guys with big muscles."


"Sure," Alan said, and the two entered his room. "Is it that obvious that I like muscular guys?"


"It was when you were talking to my pecs," Matt answered with a bounce of his thickly-muscled chest. "Go ahead and feel them; I can tell that you want to." Putting his suitcases down on the bed, Alan approached Matt and explored the larger man's ample pecs.


"It's like groping velvet-wrapped boulders," he commented. "You must live at the gym."


"Well, I am a regular at the Muscle Beach pit," he admitted. "Let me see what you've got under that shirt." Without another word, Matt slipped Alan's T-shirt off and took stock of the smaller man's casually muscular physique.


"Not bad," he said. "A bit on the skinny side, but you have potential. Ever thought of lifting?"


"Me, lift weights?" Alan said, completely lost in the sheer superiority of Matt's body in comparison to his own. "I, uh, I never thought of starting."


"It could help with your obvious self-esteem issues," Matt said. "Plus you'd look good with some muscle."


"Really?" Alan said, his eyes glazed over. Matt turned the smaller man around to face the dresser mirror, showing the two of them together. Matt stood behind him, looming over the slim Alan and wrapping one massive arm around his chest.


"Imagine having arms like this," he said, flexing the arm draped around Alan, "that could burst the sleeves of shirts like they were rice paper." Alan immediately started kissing and licking the head-sized ball of sinew in front of him as Matt spoke, his libido getting stroked by every word and motion.


"How about huge shoulders that can barely fit many doors, a massive chest like mine that's bigger around than some people are tall? Picture yourself with a set of abs that could be used to grate cheese and legs that belong in a redwood forest."


"God, it must be hot to be that huge,"Alan managed to say, his hands barely able to keep from stroking his cock.


"Fuckin' white-hot being this fuckin' massive," Matt said, standing to his full height. "My arms are the size of legs, my legs the size of the average guy's waist, and I never strike out with muscle worshipers. I used to be as skinny as you and just as shy; but all of that changed when I hit the gym. Now, my confidence is through the roof as are my gains. You want all of this, little Alan? You want to be this fuckin' huge?"


"God, yes," Alan blurted out.


"Good," Matt said with a lust-filled smile, "but first, let's fuck. I wanted to pound your ass since I saw you."

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