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I love this story. I love the fantasy of wishing and the element of transformation. I'm going to be reading "The Game" right now, but if it's similar to this...please post more. Keep up the awesome work!

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It was one of the most enjoyable muscle growth/muscle theft stories I read in a while. Liked also The Game as well because I found refreshing to read once in a while both characters in the end accepted their own gains and losses and each other regardless of their final status.

So keep it on!

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One of a few things probably happened (just a few I can think of):

- Someone offended them enough to cause them to take down all their works

- Found out they could benefit from their works and decided to put it behind a paywall like patreon (which isn't a bad thing).

- People copied their work inappropriately and so they decided to take it down to protect the original content

- Simply retired from writing


It's their story, they can do what they want with it. 

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