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Hey there! 

It’s been a while. 😈 Just got a little short one for you! 

Oh and I’ve been building together a story archive on my Patreon for those of you interested. With stories included from my all 9,000+ usernames (musclegod300, teenmusclegod, soccerstud88, etc...) 😝




“God damn, bro... Why am I growing so much bigger than you!?” 

Joseph, boasted in front of his twin brother, Alex. Flexing his hugely eclipsing bicep. High above their small gawking heads. A whopping 20-INCHES now! Not just one-inch bigger… not just two-inches bigger, but THREE whole inches BIGGER than his supposedly identical twin brother. “Just look at all this fucking muscle!” Joseph, chuckled with power. Even his voice was a little deeper. Rumbling Alex’s ear drums in its sultry resonance.

“But you’re growing bigger than EVERYONE Joe!” Alex, whimpered a bit. Given the fact that they were barely 18-years old. Compared to everyone their age, Joe was a freakin monster.  Besides their height, five-foot-eleven, he was the muscle alpha king of the school! With history breaking proportions. A size that most guys wouldn’t achieve until their college years.

“Haha, that’s true… But you’re supposed to be my twin, right? I mean, what happened there?”

Joseph, mocked a bit. Especially now that he was close to 25-pounds heavier. All muscles too! Alex swelled with envy, jealousy and confusion. His brother had always enjoyed working out more. And he had been trying just as hard at the gym. But the five extra pounds of muscle on Joe a few months back, quickly turned in 10-pounds. And then 10-pounds, into 15-pounds! And then once his brother started eating way more, lifting hugely bigger, it was simply all over. He just couldn’t seem to keep up!

“Well, I’m trying as hard as I can!” Alex finally admitted. Practically whining at this point. Flexing his comparatively small 17-inch bicep. “We’re supposed to be identical...” And that’s when he really whimpered a bit. A line that, Joseph, was repeatedly beginning to love.

“Haha, I guess not anymore, bro...” Joseph, chuckled. Really rubbing salt in the wound. “Like seriously, do you see anything identical about this!?” He continued and suddenly widening his stance, deploying his grossly huge wing-sized muscle lats! With a wider back, shoulders and chest. His huge spherical pecs pumping and swelling across his broad manly chest. His arrogant comment only seemed just that much more cemented. There wasn’t really anything identical about them at all anymore!

Joseph's abs had been growing more chiseled, rippled, unbelievably powerful. With more heads of muscle then you could count. And his legs had turned into these testosterone raging powerhouses of skull crushing devastation, big as an APES. Twice the size of his brothers. Even his butt had grown to an unreal global horse crushing proportions. Big enough to snuff some girls face out.

“Just imagine if I keep growing like this...” Joseph, relentlessly boasted. Tickling his own overflowing teenage ego. His wild imagination. “We won’t even look like brothers, let alone twins!” He chuckled powerfully. Finding it honestly hilarious. “Would you WANT that!?” Alex, squealed like some little girl. But his question went unanswered. As his literal twin devil flexed and posed. Relishing on his own fantastical changes. 

“I mean, my armpits are hairier than yours...” And then, Joseph, really hammered it in. “I’ve got more chest hair...” Lifting up his ready to burst bulging muscle-shirt. Showing off more and more of their dramatic comparisons. “And you won’t BELIEVE what else is growing…” Joseph, powerfully chuckled. Reaching for his zipper.

Alex, just thought his brother was going to show off his freakishly growing diamond cut muscle thighs. Or maybe his super massive veiny bulging bodybuilder calves. But then as he pulled the zipper down, unbuckling his button, this huge white mound of brief fabric fell out from the zipper hole opening. 

“O-OH F-Fuck, JOE!” Alex, practically squealed. Watching this snake, an African python of a penis, with one huge gross gushing eye. The biggest cock-head and piss slit he had ever seen. Clearly painted on his nearly transparent tortured briefs. The same ones Alex was currently wearing. Joe, snickered sinisterly as he continued to pull down his jeans completely. Giving his big dick a couple ruthless pumps, right in front his brother. Almost dreaming about this moment.

“Aw, yeah bro…” Joseph, groaned in deep lust. “You ever seen a dick this big?!” He proudly stroked himself a couple more times. Making himself bulge up a little. Just to give a real sense of its size. Leaving Alex absolutely frozen. They had seen each other naked so many times. More than you could count! But now it was like staring at another man entirely. Not even a relative, let alone a brother or twin. This unrecognizable monster penis among mortal men. At least a FOOT LONG! Thicker than a BEER can! Not just 2x, 3x, or even 4x bigger than Alex’s, but in a whole different league!

“HOW is this POSSIBLE!!?” Alex really began to weep. With actual tears of envy in his eyes. His twin brother really was some sort of male muscle alpha predator! The truly superior twin.

 “Jesus, Joe... It’s like you’re going through some kind of growth spurt again!” Alex, suddenly stated. Seconds away from blubbering up from overwhelming envy. A line that he would instantly regret saying. As he watched a light bulb go off in his brother's head. 

“Haha! Fuck yeah!” Joseph, laughed. “A growth spurt!? That’s just what I NEED!!” And then he exclaimed. Unexpectedly loving the idea. “That means I would start growing everywhere!” He chuckled delightfully. Playing into his brothers outlandish words. His freakiest of fantasies. “Not just muscle... But I would grow taller!” Joseph, wildly grinned. Adding his own fantasies to the mix. Feeling his dick really began to bulge.

“I’ve always wanted to be over 6-feet tall...” Joseph, happily admitted. “Y-YOU have!?“ Alex, squealed once more. “Well yeah! Haven’t you? I mean, we’re so close already! OR maybe 6-foot-five, Haha!” And yet his twin brother continued. With his dick throbbing, twisting and turning like some big snake. “All the way up to 7-FEET TALL!” Jospeh, roared shockingly. With his cock throbbing out of control!

“O-Oh, g-god....... 7-FEET tall!? How could ANYONE want to grow SO BIG!?” Alex was absolutely baffled. Still weeping. As he watched his twin brothers raise his colossal 20-inch volcanic muscle arms, high above their heads. Displaying his future dream height. With his MUCH BIGGER cock suddenly springing the biggest leak against his briefs. “DEAL with it, BRO!” Gushing torrent after torrent of pre-cum. “I’m just clearly meant for BIGGER THINGS!”




And then later that night...

“Oh man... 7-feet tall...” Joseph, almost felt haunted by the impossible fantasy. Standing there in the bathroom mirror. All while brushing his teeth. Feeling his cock bulge and tingle again. All that blood surging just to fill his enormous member. As he thought about that rush of power he felt earlier...

“I want it SO bad...” He groaned. Feeling his cock actually begin to leak. Fuck, he was so horny. “Alex, already looks like such a DWEEB!” And then he continued. Chuckling out loud. Drooling out some toothpaste as he fantasized. He just loved being bigger so much. “I wonder how small he’ll look in a few months...” He chuckled devilishly. As his dick really began to bloat up. 8-inches… 9-inches… 10-inches… Already straining his undersized briefs to their limits. 

“Or even in a few years!” Joseph, groaned with lust. With his cock reaching its full foot long pussy crushing power. As he imagined growing not just 40-pounds bigger, or even 50-pounds bigger... But 100-POUNDS BIGGER!

“Unnghh, fuck. 100-POUNDS!? Why does this turn me on so much!?” Joseph, grunted. Feeling queer as fuck. Almost trying to control himself. But the level of power he felt was next level. He wasn’t just boning harder then he ever had before. But he was about to cum! Totally hands free!

“And at 7-FEET TALL, Alex, would be standing no bigger than the TOP of my PECS!” His cock gushed and rumbled over the awesome idea. Harder and harder as if it was somehow making room to grow bigger. 12-inches… 13-inches… 14-inches! “ARGGH, and then I’d still want BIGGER! 8-FEET TALL! UNGGHHH!!” Joseph, roared. With his dick looking 15-INCHES! Causing his briefs to suddenly SNAP under the enormous pressure. 

“More and more and MORE until the little RUNT is staring at my belly button!!” Joseph, groaned in ecstasy. “With so much muscle and power I could lift a SEMI-TRUCK!” Tilting his neck back and letting his cock EXPLODE a fucking GALLON huge load of CUM all over his bathroom mirror. Rope after rope. His cock throbbed and throbbed. It just wouldn’t stop. Joseph could only laugh at his display of alpha manliness. 

“UNGH, yeah… I WANT it so BAD...” He grunted it sheer bliss. Finally squeezing out the last huge drop. Experiencing the biggest orgasm of his life.

“Better get ready Alex…”



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