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muscle growth Let's Make a Deal (Part 2/Conclusion added on 5/8/21)

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Bryce's own insecurities made him make teh biggest mistake he could possibly do. He thought drinking more will stop Myron from growing as big as him but it turned out drinking more from teh giver was gonna give more of his essence to the taker. He should have gave nore to Myron so he would have gained weight faster inteead of what happened.

Cant wait to see whats next and see this two take over campus as a powerfull couple. I can see them going through teh whole football team fuckign them sencesless and i hope Bryce dont go out to the store for any of the 2 potions left cause that would be bad for  him as Myron said he regained Bryce's memories he knows how the potions look like.

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Part 2 / Conclusion

“You want to be dominated, don’t you, Bryce? You want to have some big fuckin’ stud telling you what to do,” growled the new-and-improved Myron. Other gym members walking by the treadmill room were beginning to notice the two men and would stare as they walked by.

Bryce thought about saying no, but now that Myron had access to all his memories, it was no use trying to deny it. “Yes,” he eked out.

Myron grinned. “And I’ve always wanted to make it with a twink.”

“I’m hardly a twink. I’m the biggest guy in the gym!” argued Bryce, immediately regretting the words since he was now standing next to a 6’10”, 450-pound superhuman who looked to be the same size as one of the Paul Bunyan statues he had seen as a kid on vacation with his parents in Minnesota. Only this man wasn’t wearing a lumberjack outfit – just a tight pair of underwear that looked like it would rip off at any moment, and with muscles that Paul Bunyon could only dream about having.

“Well, you were the biggest guy. I’m the fuckin’ supreme now, and you are just another tiny little man for me to conquer. So let’s go, wimp.”

“But I can’t go yet! I need to work out,” said Bryce.

“Dude, why fuckin’ bother? I’ve got more than enough muscle for the both of us,” replied Myron and he grasped Bryce’s left arm and moved the smaller stud’s hand to his massive pec. Bryce groped the rock-hard muscle and marveled at its size and heft.

“I can tell you like it, little Bryce,” added Myron as he leaned his head down closer to his former lifting tutor. “I know what you’ve been dreaming of. A real man who’s big enough and strong enough to put you in your place.”

Bryce’s cock begin to stir from a combination of Myron’s body, his words, and the hot breath tickling Bryce’s ear.

“And here I am, looking like Hercules and Samson and Zeus all in one package. A Greek god ready to ravage you. I know you got into lifting to get big and strong like the heroes in comic books, and now you’ve found one. But even Superman wouldn’t be a match for me. A punch from one of my titanic fists and he’d be knocked out on the floor.”

The pair of shorts that Bryce was wearing were visibly tented now, and the stain of pre-cum could be seen wetting the fabric. His left hand was still exploring Myron’s chest, and his right was cupping the bigger man’s bicep.

Myron continued his story. “And I’m only going to keep getting bigger. I’m going to do whatever it takes to be the most massive muscle monster on the planet. I’m going to eat and lift, and eat and lift, fuck around a little, and then eat and lift some more. You just wait, Bryce – I’m huge now, but soon I’ll be the size of a house. My arms are going to be over 30 inches, and my chest at least 80.”

Bryce closed his eyes as his cock neared eruption. The thought of an even bigger Myron was almost too much for him to contemplate.

“I’ll be unbelievably strong, too. My muscles won’t be for show – there will be real power in them. I’ll be setting world records for the curling, squatting, bench press…you name the lift, and I’ll outdo every man on the planet. And why stop at weights – fuck, maybe I’ll try lifting a car. Would you like that Bryce? Would you like to see me hoist a fuckin’ car in the air like it was a rag doll?”

Full moans were coming out of Bryce’s mouth. He still had his eyes closed, but his hands had dropped into his shorts and he was stroking his cock as quickly as possible.

“Giving your tiny prick a little attention there, Bryce? Well, it should come as no surprise that my member is going to need a lot of attention, from you and all the other boyfriends and girlfriends I expect to have. People will get one peep at the anaconda bulging in my shorts and do anything to see it, touch it, and suck it. They’re going to promise me anything they can give because they will need it so desperately. And those lucky enough to get fucked by me – like you will be in just a little while – you’ll experience ecstasy like you’ve never felt before.”

Bryce kept moaning and pumping furiously, ignoring everything but the sound of Myron’s voice.

“And most importantly, I’m gonna be the one in charge. Got that, Bryce? You’ll be doing whatever daddy Myron says. You won’t get to have an independent thought because you’ll be too busy taking care of me. And if you get out of line, then you’re going to get punished. I’d ask if that turns you on, but I already know that it does.”

“Oh, fuck yes, fuck yes!” screamed Bryce as he finally came. His head rocked back and his knees buckled, but Myron caught him before he fell. Within seconds, a huge stain spread across the front of Bryce’s shorts, and the scent of cum filled the air.

Myron laughed. “I didn’t even need to get you home to make you cum, little man. You must want me to dominate you something awful.”

Bryce, realizing what he had done in full view of other gym members, was suddenly extremely embarrassed. “Look, I’ll go with you, Myron. I promise. Just let me go back to the locker room and change first.”

“Nope, sorry,” replied Myron as he grasped Bryce by the arm and squeezed with tremendous force. “I want you to march to the front door so everyone is aware of my power over you. I want them to know that I made you cum all over yourself. I want you to be show off how weak you are when it comes to your lust for me.”

The former BMOC winced in pain as Myron squeezed and then did as he was ordered. He strolled through the gym with the giant stain in the crotch of his shorts, and he could hear the snickering from other lifters as he passed them, and then see the mouths dropping open when they took in the sight of Myron walking behind him. “They know he made me do this,” thought Bryce...and he started to get hard all over again.


A lot changed after that day for both Myron and Bryce.

For starters, Myron was no longer Myron; he legally changed his name to Mike, and got a forged ID listing his age as 20. Most people didn’t call him Mike, however, just T for his last name Turner. He liked that it also stood for testosterone, which he now had plenty of. T’s hair grew back thicker, but he shaved his short because it added to his tough look that came with his wide black mustache and beard. Everything about him oozed masculinity.

His body continued to grow bigger, thanks to the cache of “supplements” he had taken from Bryce. The former stallion liked to tell everyone he was completely natural, but in reality he was taking steroids and HGH to make himself grow, all of which he surrendered to the new man in his life. The injections of hormones took T from 6’10” and 450 pounds up to 7 feet tall and 500 pounds within a few months – and just like he predicted with Bryce, he got his arms up to 30 inches and his chest up to 80.

Of course, the supplements and all the food he ate were expensive, and since T no longer had a salary, he discreetly lined up a group of admirers who were willing to Venmo him cash for a few hours of worship. T charged a whopping $1,000 for per hour, so it didn’t take too much time for him to be rolling in dough. He used the money to keep him big, but also for custom-made outfits, a new truck, and reinforced furniture to hold his extreme bulk.

The worship money was only going to be temporary, though, since T’s real goal was to play in the NFL. He told Bryce to quit the football team and drop out of school, and before his coach could worry about the future of his program, T showed up as a bigger and better replacement. He somehow not only knew all the plays like Bryce, but also could execute them better and faster – which was pretty amazing considering his size.  The big man was easily going to a first-round draft pick the next spring.

As T became more and more well-known, Bryce was quickly forgotten. He moved in to T’s house and disappeared from public life, but was happy to serve the big man’s needs. Bryce took care of everything – from cooking and cleaning to laundry – so that T could focus on what was important to him.

Physically, however, without use of his hormones or any more heavy workouts, Bryce lost muscle and strength quickly, which resulted an overall decrease in size of his shoulders, pecs, biceps, and triceps. The lack of exercise (along with constant snacking) also made his growing belly sag farther and farther down in front, and his ass spread out wider and wider, completely inverting the V-shaped torso he was once so proud of. Added to this change was the new heights in clumsiness that Bryce felt trying to get around in his changed physique, plus the ill fit of all of his clothing as the weight shifted, and the former King of the Jocks was looking more like he had never done anything athletic in his life.

T definitely noticed the change in Bryce’s appearance. He poked a finger into Bryce’s softening belly, which was hanging a good three inches below the hem of his t-shirt, and said, "God, you're getting fat. You went from stud to dud so quickly."

Bryce was pleased at the attention; he found anything that T said to him gratifying, but the more condescension the better. It really, really turned him on. He sucked in his gut as much as he could and replied, “No, sir, I think it’s just a little water weight.”

T grabbed a handful of soft belly and yanked on the bulge. "This isn’t water, fatso. It’s flab," he cooed. "I can't believe you've become such a piggy."

Bryce immediately began to get an erection. "I'm really sorry, T.  I've just been so busy taking care of your needs that I haven't had time for a good workout. And you take such short breaks between sets there’s no time to lower the weights so I can lift."

T laughed, shook Bryce's belly, and watched the flab jiggle. "Bullshit. You could have kept up if you wanted to, Porky. I think you really wanted to get fat."

"Well, maybe I did give up on my appearance, but you're just so much bigger and stronger, and I knew there was no way I could compete with you anymore.”

"Fuck, yeah, you can’t compete with me, wimp" said T, demonstrating the enhanced level of confidence he had received from the potion Bryce had given him. He flexed his 30-inch arms to demonstrate his superiority, and then added, “At least that bigger ass of yours is good for fucking.”

Bryce had a full hard-on by this point. “Would you like to go upstairs and fuck me right now?”

T shook his head. “First of all, that’s not a question you ask me. If I want to fuck you, I’ll tell you when it’s happening, got it?”

“Yes, sir,” said Bryce with a big smile. He reached down and began stroking his cock through his tight sweatpants.

“And secondly, I don’t have fuckin’ time to waste with you right now. I gotta go somewhere.”

“Where…are…you…going…T?” asked Bryce as he huffed and puffed, already out of breath from the simple act of whacking off.

“None of your business. I’ll be gone about an hour, so make sure my dinner is ready when I get back, piggy.”

Bryce’s dick exploded in his pants, and just like the day of the transference, T had to keep him from falling over.

T left the house about a minute later, got into his truck, and headed for the other side of town. One of his cash groupies had told him about a shop called “Wildest Dreams” that had some pretty freaky items, and T wanted to see if they had something to make his wildest dream come true: to get even bigger and stronger. Even though he was already one of the biggest men on the planet, he craved more size and strength. Now that he had a taste of growth, he wanted more and more and more – he envisioned himself 8 feet tall and 600 pounds of superhuman muscle, and soon his dick was as hard as Bryce’s had been.

The store wasn’t listed on Google, but T managed to find it anyway and parked right out front. He was skeptical, but his sponsor told him that he had always wanted to be a millionaire and had struck it rich right after visiting, so the big man thought he might as well give it a try.

“Besides,” he thought as he opened the door of the shop. “It’s not as through my life could get any worse from visiting.”

T then walked in to see if his wildest dream could come true.


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  • GrowManGrow changed the title to Let's Make a Deal (Part 2/Conclusion added on 5/8/21)

That ending was a new begging that could go both ways for Myron now called Mike.

I feel sorry for Bryce. He was on his way to be a star and his greed made him fall.

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