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no growth A Growing Friendship-Prologue-Jason


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Growing Friendship: Part 1 is found Here

Here’s a piece of text, specially focusing on the background of Jason, one of the main characters.


A word that could properly describe Jason was “friendly”. But in his place, it was better not to be born with such trait. 
Around him, only professionalism, not a single person willing to give that man some nice exchange of conversation besides what was necessary. It had been like that for a while, he was educated in a rigid school, had a very rigid family, went to a rigorous, and rigid, college, his world wasn’t a warm one. He was adaptable, however, and patient, hopeful, calm. He wouldn’t let the world get to him, seeing the best on things. He would navigate life with what life would offer him. If one day, life offered him a friend, though, he would be grateful.
His life was a bifurcation. He loved superheroes, and wanted to be one of them, in part because, being lonely and naive, he would think being a superhero would give him friends! With muscles such as those of the characters he read in the comics, with such bravery, everyone would have something nice to say to him! Such was his dream. He was a geek about muscles, specially in his teenage years, even if he wasn’t blessed with the gift of gains. He would be into some sports in school, gym and more sports in college, but as he went on in life, academic life became his main focus. Maybe his body wasn’t of his dreams, but his mind would cause envy in many, he had no problems of learning, quite the opposite, even if his main focus was trying to get in shape, his studies would have the final word. He would still dream every now and then, as he progressed on his studies and career, of rejoining the gym, exercising, becoming a beast, with time, feeling the sweat run through his naked pectoral... he would get lost in those thoughts, but that was something of every now and then, He wouldn’t abandon a successful career for pipe dreams. He would navigate with what life would give him. 
Jason was having a good day, his activities in the lab caused him to gain even further recognition with his peers. He was walking absent minded through the halls that night, until someone made his head turn, some strange wind blew in the direction of that trembling man nearby. Absent minded no more, Jason asked what was wrong for such young man to be in such state.
And so, he told him his name.
He told him his occupation.
And so it goes.

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