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Chapter 5: "Brains & Brawn"

All teenage characters are at the late stages of puberty, use of the word “boy” or “child” as a description is used to signify the advanced age of a demonic entity.


Though it was only mid-afternoon, the sky was unusually dark all across the city and a black cloud had blanketed the mid-summer air. Richard Davies was alone, well aware his wife and son weren’t yet home. As he moved through the upper floor of the house, the pungent, musky aroma leaking out of Dom’s room pulled him in and made him survey the mess that lay before him: Clothes mounded up in every corner, used bottles of lube scattering the bedside table, not to mention the crushed piles of empty ‘Beast Power!’ cans scattered around the space.

“Honestly, I don’t know where I went wrong with that boy! I really thought I was doing my best, but apparently, I should have done so much more. I hope one day he will realise he can’t continue acting like this forever, otherwise he will be lost for good.” He spoke; to himself and no one at the same time.

Little did Dom’s father know that his son was already ‘lost’, and… that he loved it. Richard also had no way of knowing that soon, something wicked would come his way too. But, he was about to find out. With a sigh he turned and headed to the door, but he stopped mid-movement. Something strange caught his attention. It was thick and looked heavy, covered in blood red leather. The corner of it just peeking out; buried almost entirely underneath the pile of reeking underwear and discarded bed sheets. Whatever it was; it looked like Dom had tried to hide it away - and done a terrible job of it.

Without even thinking, Mr. Davies bent down and picked it up. As his hand first made contact with the hidden treasure, goosebumps flushed over his whole body.

“Bloody hell! It’s chilly in here. But wait a minute...” He glanced at his watch. “The heatings not scheduled to go off for an hour… That’s… odd.” He wondered, his attention shifting back to the object he was holding in his hands.

“Well look at this! This is unlike any book I’ve ever seen.”

He started caressing the leather cover with his hands. As he studied the cover, he immediately recognised the language as Latin. The title mystified him.

Mr. Davies was a studious man, he’d dedicated much of his life in trying to advance his career and had been often referred to as a ‘brilliant’ mind. In his younger years, he’d sailed through school and college, later being accepted to study Chemistry at a well respected university. As much as he indulged in learning about the sciences, Richard was curious about much of the world he encountered: He spoke several languages, played the piano, the violin and the flute, and had been published several times.

It was partially his intellect that caused him to have so little in common with Dom - the two had never really bonded over art, or school, or books, or… anything. And partially because Dom often mocked his father for his studious obsessions. The only thing Dom appreciated in some small way were the freebies Richard managed to bring home from his job as Chief Chemical Consultant at Harker’s Foods - Dom was particularly keen on ‘Beast Power!’, the energy drink that his father had perfected years ago.

Through a combination of sugar, caffeine, taurine and a whole host of E numbers, Richard had devised a beverage that could keep partiers up all night. It had caught the attention of his bosses and almost overnight his salary ballooned. In time came a nicer car, bigger home and a comfortable life, but now he and his wife paid the price; as Dom would guzzle down cans, bring a boy back to his room and pound away. As a result, banging his headboard against the dividing wall into the early hours. Richard wasn’t prudish, but Dom’s relentless sexual appetite meant he and Mrs. Davies had taken to sleeping with earplugs most nights.

Richard sat on Dom’s sweat soiled bed and flicked open the huge tome that lay in his hands, leafing through the pages as if casually browsing through a magazine.

“It can’t be… a spell book?” He whispered to himself. “Behaving like a rebel I can almost understand, but witchcraft?! How low can that boy get?” Huffed the poor man.

He continued to thumb through the pages until he found something that made his eyes widen… involuntarily his mouth watered slightly. His mind translated the spell immediately: “The Font of All Knowledge.”

Richard knew that to believe in this sort of thing was nonsense… but even so he couldn’t help but have his fingers trace the page as he read aloud.



“Something is wrong!” I loudly cried, instantly feeling a chill spreading through me: A feeling that there was a possibility of catastrophe. The whole classroom came to a sudden stop. The teacher and students all looking towards me; and this time not with lust in their eyes. “Dom, you have to take me home.” I continued, grabbing his arm.

“Mr. Frommel! Is there something the matter?” The teacher called as I removed myself from the seat and headed to the door. “Damon? DAMON?!!” I could hear him calling.

As I bounded down the corridor towards the fire exit, I was joined by Dom and the Mortal.

“What’s going on?” The young human asked.

“Yeah, what’s happening?!” Dom continued.

“We have to get back to your residence, Dominic. Somebody has located the grimoire."


Richard had read the passage over and over and… nothing. There were no further instructions, no guidance on how to succeed. He’d read it perfectly and felt no different. In his head, he knew he should have expected such an outcome, but he couldn’t help but be disappointed.

From downstairs, the front door could be heard crashing against the wall as it slammed open, followed by rapid footsteps heading up the staircase and towards Dom’s room. Richard remained seated on the bed as the trio of boys barged in and looked upon him.

“Dad?” Dom spoke. “What are you doing?”

Dom’s dad was taken by surprise but he immediately came to his senses and snapped back at his son. “I am in MY house… what are YOU doing here? You are supposed to be in school!”

All three boys were seemingly frozen to the spot - none of them quite knowing what to say.

“And more to the point, what in God’s name are you doing with a thing like this?!” He said dropping the grimoire to the floor, causing me to wince ever so slightly.

“I…. I….” Dom tried.

“It’s mine.” I replied.

“Yours?” Richard asked, looking at me. “And who the hell are you, anyway?”

“I’m Damon.” I replied, reaching down to pick up the book, still open on the page he’d been studying. “I just started in Dom’s class today.”

Richard peered at me, leaning forward as if inspecting a sample in a lab. “So… how come Dom’s got your book? And how come you were in my home last night? I’m not an idiot boys! What’s going on here?”

“Well…” The Mortal began.

“I can see you’re no fool, Mr. Davies.” I replied. “That’s obvious.” I smiled, sitting down next to him on the bed. “Is that what drew you to this page? It’s a fabulous little incantation, this one.”

“Yeah? Too bad it doesn’t work.” He glibly replied.

“Oh, but it does!” My smile widened. “It really does - you just need to know how to weave the spell.”

Richard sighed a dismissive “Pfft!”

“I can see you understand your skepticism. Would you like me to demonstrate?” I grinned.

“Er… Damon, I’m not so sure that’s such a great plan.” Dom interrupted.

“Go on then!” Mr. Davies mockingly replied. “Entertain me.”

“Oh Richard,” I said, placing a hand upon his frail shoulder. “We’ll both find this entertaining.”

I stood and placed the book upon Dom’s desk and began to read aloud, my hands carving through the air as I did. “Scis omnia et singula quae sunt in loco. Bibe ex fons cognitionis.” The room grew quiet as all three looked to me, my speech gaining ferocity. “Scis omnia et singula quae sunt in loco!! Bibe ex fons cognitionis!!”

I felt it stirring within me, cosmic power filling the room and crackling through the air like static. It was an intoxicating high that flooded through me; causing me to grip the desk beneath me as I let out a pleasured groan.

“See? Nothing happened.” Richard smugly replied.

Regaining my composure, I turned to face Richard again. My crotch soaked with a fresh batch of my demonic seed. It had been altered, though… enhanced. Richard caught sight of my wet groin and his face flushed with embarrassment.

“You do speak Latin, don’t you, Richard?” I asked, dipping a finger into my wet patch.

“Well… yes?” He replied bluntly.

Raising my finger to my eyes, I closed the gap between us, the liquid on the tip of my digit shimmering and glowing with a golden ethereal light. “Then you should have figured it out. If you find the font of all knowledge, you have to drink from the source.” I smiled as I thrust my finger into his open mouth.

Richard fought against the intrusion and tried to battle my palm away, gagging as he did. But as soon as my seed hit his tongue, it dissolved into it. And suddenly, his thrashing stopped. I gently slipped my finger from his mouth and he looked at me; wonder and shock in his eyes.

“You’re… a demon?” He whispered. “And you… changed my son? I can see it. I know it now.”

“Just the beginning, Richard. All of the world’s knowledge is yours and yours alone, my seed is your personalised ticket to omniscience… think of it as my gift to you… drink up.” I gleamed.

Richard eyed my soggy crotch, his face crossed with dread and disgust. But within him, a spark of hunger and desire. What was before him was truly repulsive; in no way an idea that he relished… but the thought of becoming the most intelligent creature on the planet. Of knowing… everything; he practically drooled at the prospect.

“I won’t offer again. Now, kneel and drink.” I ordered.

Without even realising it Richard moved forward and kneeled in front of me, face at crotch level. He couldn’t stop thinking of the opportunity that was being presented to him. He’d always wanted to be gifted, to know everything, to outsmart his classmates, to become the best of all men. And now, the prospect was here, in front of him, oozing with the nectar of sweet knowledge. But it came in a hideous packaging.

Richard couldn’t take his eyes off my soaked, slicked pants. It was truly a mess. And what was even more repulsive was the sight of the beastly cock that was confined inside the my tight boxers. Then he sniffed… something strange smelling filled the room. He raised his head to realise I had fixed my eyes on him.

“What’s that pungent stench? It’s so strong and so... vile.”

“Well!” I laughed. “Some medicines come with a nasty smell, some have a nasty taste. But I think you’ll learn to love this one once you start licking, very quickly Richard. Now Drink!” I commanded.

And out of the blue, Richard felt an unexpected urge to do as he was directed. He lowered his gaze, locked his eyes and tentatively reached a hand towards the humongous club that was leaking like a broken faucet. Suddenly Richard felt a meaty strong hand grabbing his head from behind and thrusting him with inexplicable force forward. His face buried in the drenched crotch. He tried to move back, but the grip was impossibly strong.

“Breathe in the foul smell of my new dominance, Richard, take in all the wonders your dedication to it will bestow upon you. Feast upon this planet’s most powerful being and become an acolyte who will help me bring this Earth to my control. Take inside you all the filth my demonic rod has to offer you and become the reason so many will be reborn as my new perfected slaves; inhabiting this new domain of passion and depravity. Listen and obey my every command and you shall be rewarded... It is time!”

And with that Richard instantly knew what he wanted to do. No, not what he wanted to do, what he needed to do. What he was determined to do in order to fulfil his everlasting desire for knowledge and wisdom. With an unprecedented fury, he ripped the demon’s pants and pulled them to the floor. The monstrous rod that had been confined for too long angrily slapped Richard straight in the lips. Without even using his hands to steady himself, Richard opened his mouth and threw himself over the huge cock. I gasped. Even I could not anticipate the hunger this foul, little man could have inside him for knowledge.

Richard impaled himself on the leaking pole, taking it all in with a forceful move until it was buried deep inside him. He had wasted enough of his master’s seed already, he wasn’t going to let a single drop pass him by. He was determined to have it all. He started sucking furiously: His gag reflex kicked in, but he was not going to let a petty thing such as an imperfection of his human body delay his journey to the power he craved! He continued licking and sucking the cock, spit and precum flowing out of his mouth, flowing down his shirt and creating a puddle. Suddenly, he took the cock out of his mouth. Everyone was surprised - they thought that something happened, but Richard put their minds at ease. As quickly as he took out the cock of his mouth, he hurriedly bent his head down; lapping all the mess his gag reflex had created. He licked every last drop of his spit and my fluids that were on the floor, and then, he moved to my boots which had been drenched; coated with a nice thick surface of pre. I started to laugh maniacally as Richard moved back up to take in my colossal prick.

“You see Dom? You must be really proud of your dad - he’s doing an excellent job becoming my slave.” I goaded the muscular teen.

At that time, Dom suddenly realised what was happening. All this time he and the mortal had been staring at the scene as mere observers. Their course of thought was to be taken aback from the events that were occurring in front of them. Dom suddenly looked repulsed. He moved forward and stood by me, bent his knees slightly and grabbed his dad by the hair - pulling him back and separating him from the source of his precious knowledge. The hell rod came out of Richard’s mouth with a loud pop and Richard started immediately mewling in complaint, Dom slapping him in the face. Richard was silenced from the shock and turned to meet his son’s gaze.

“Well, well, well Dad, all these years silently judging what I get up to in here and it turns out you’re just a hungry slut.”

At the sound of the words, Richard seemed to be taken out of the infernal fog that had clouded his mind. “Oh… God… What am I doing? Dom? What am I doing, son?!” He cried.

“Shut the fuck up, old man. I’m not your son anymore. I have a new father, and he is standing in front of you as your one true master. You made me a boy; HE made me a proud soldier of the new Hell. I won’t have a hungry lowlife whore pretending I came from his loins... As of this moment, you belong to him and his world. As of now, you are a servant of our Master. Your freedom stripped away from you by your stupid gluttony for power. Time for you to learn your place in The New Order! Now, finish what you started.”

Richard was horrified, and yet, he couldn’t resist moving his mouth back onto the demon’s girthy length and clamping down around it. He sucked as firmly as it was possible for him to do, his hands racing up and down the flesh trying to milk out his precious, life-affirming drink.

My breathing quickened, my balls clenched and throbbed; cockhead thickening inside Richard’s mouth as my hand latched behind his head and forced my cock to slide down the weak man’s throat.

With every jet of cum that oozed down his gullet, Richard’s mind swam. Concepts and equations he’d struggled against for years came to him with crystal clarity. His thoughts began to translate from his native English into Japanese and back. He could comprehend his entire life-long education without effort… and he began to picture his future. His mind would continue to grow and define - soon he would know all and see all - using his new power to help his glorious master rule the world as only he deserved to. The beginnings of a plan formulating in his mind, but sadly not coming into focus.

Richard leaned forward, aiming to wrap his mouth around his master’s tool again, but the demon stepped back.

“I think we need to get back to school, Mr. Davies.” I smiled. And with that a swirl of red smoke engulfed the three boys and teleported them outside of the school, leaving behind a hungry but increasingly intelligent little man.



The boys made their way back to the classroom; a few eyebrows had been raised, but thanks to some pretty quick thinking on the behalf of the Mortal, and a convincing lie about Damon having forgotten to take a shot of insulin at lunchtime, no further questions had been asked.

The boy took some time to reflect proudly on his ability to lie and come up with a story about a non-existent diabetes incident, but he didn’t have long to think about it. The school day was rapidly coming to an end, and whilst that would usually mean he’d have an opportunity to head home and play video games, he grumbled to himself - knowing that he, Damon, Dom and Jason would all be heading to the gym to meet Coach Clarke for detention.

As the group packed up after their last class of the day, Sam walked over to them, desperate to spend time with his new demonic family. As he was about to offer to join them for the evening, a voice called out to him from across the room. “Hey Sam! C’mere a minute!”

Sam only looked to the source of the distraction for a moment, but as he turned back, the group was already gone.


“You think there’s any way we can get out of this?” The Mortal groaned as the four young men walked down the corridor?

“Why would we want to do that?” I asked.

“Coach Clarke is a bit of a tough fucker… I’m sure he’s gonna want to teach us a lesson.” Jason chipped in.

“Well, maybe I’ll have to return the favour!” I grinned maliciously. “Let the teacher become the student.” All three boys smiled along with me.

As we entered the gymnasium, the strong, funky smell of Dom and Sam’s earlier activities still lingered in the air. Coach Clarke was in the middle of setting up what looked like a mini assault course.

“Well boys! It seems you can be on time for things! What a wonderful surprise!” He boomed sarcastically as he pointed to the equipment he’d littered around the hall. “Well, I’ve been assembling a surprise for you too. Get changed lads, I’m going to teach you some discipline.”

Minutes later, the four boys began pushups. Each clad in a form fitting t-shirt, clinging to their bodies. As they rose up and down, Coach Clarke barked out a number - counting down from 20.

“What a sadistic fucker!” The mortal thought.

As the four reached the final motion, all four of them were lightly dappled with sweat. They rose to their feet hoping to get a moment's rest, but that hope was dashed.

“Okay boys! What next?!” Coach cheered, with artificial encouragement. The boys didn’t know what to answer - but it didn’t really matter. Over the next couple of hours, the coach drilled the boys through a series of rigorous exercises.

He barked at them as they did crunches and lifted weights.

He wailed at them as they sprinted from one side of the gym to the other.

He yelled as they attempted squats - their form failing as their bodies tired.

As they expended more and more energy, the coach seemed to grow more and more impatient and seemed to have an increasing desire to push them to breaking point.

“Come on boys!” He screeched as the four did burpees. “I will make you realise what it means to be disciplined - and discipline comes from within!”

The four boys were nearing exhaustion. Even I with my supernatural endurance and strength had to admit that this had been an intensive amount of work to put a human body through - even a human body that was simply a disguise. My saturated t-shirt clung to my thick shoulders and meaty pectorals. My damp, lycra compression pants clung to every curve of my defined legs, arse and crotch. I shouldn’t even have been here - this was not meant to be my punishment, but the coach had yet to complain against my attendance - he seemed to enjoy seeing how far he could push me.

The boys were also soaked in sweat. Dom’s muscled torso was clearly visible through his top and his thick cock was outlined clearly in his damp shorts. The boys looked about ready to drop to the floor.

“I’ll teach you how to respect me and how to respect authority you little worms. Nobody ever talks to Coach like you did. You want to be men? Then you respect authority. You want to be children? You have to be punished.” Coach Clarke barked at us.

“Okay, you’ve made your point. You sure have punished us, Coach.” I raised my head and locked my eyes with the man. “Now I say it’s time we discipline you!”

“What did you say Frommel?” The coach roared.

“I said. WE are going to teach YOU some discipline, you grumpy old fucker!” In an instant, as if they were controlled by my words, Jason and Dom stretched upwards, to their full height and fixed their gazes on the coach.

“We did everything you told us to, you ancient, sadistic arsewipe. We’ve proven to you we can be disciplined, and how we can take pain and orders. Now it’s your turn to show us you can do it, too! A teacher must be able to do what he teaches his students! Or are you incapable of doing some basic exercises, Grandad?”

Rage fired inside the coach. “How dare you speak to me like that you little, fucking creep?! I am coach Raymond Clarke; one of the greatest athletes this town has ever seen. I was an Olympic candidate, five years in the marines: I have more potential in my spit than you do in your entire body!”

“Then prove it.” I quickly replied. “ You won’t have any trouble showing us just how much physical exertion you can take!”

“Bring it on, you insolent fuck!” The coach spat, violently unzipping his hoodie and throwing it, his keys, his wallet and his phone to the side of the room.

The boys got closer to the coach. As they approached, a pungent aroma invaded the coaches nostrils and suffused his mind, clouding it.

“Drop and give us 100, Coach!”

Without saying a word, Coach Clarke dropped to the ground and started working through his pushups, counting loudly. While he was doing so he felt a pressure applied upon his broad back. He knew instantly what that weight was; Damon had put his booted foot on his lower back and his weight was pushing down - making the task much more difficult for him. But the coach was not an ordinary man. No! Raymond Clarke was a champion. Raymond Clarke was a celebrated Marine Commander. Tasks like this were a game for a man like him. When he reached 100, the coach too was drenched in sweat, but equally soaked in victory.

“That’s all you can throw at me you little shit?!” He panted, proudly.

Damon laughed an evil smile. “We haven’t even started yet, Grandpa! How about crunches? 150 to start!”

The coach was furious. “They think ‘cause I’m old I can’t exercise?! Well I’m gonna show them what a real man can do.” With that thought, the coach threw himself to the ground and started doing his crunches with a military dedication to the task. Up and down, up and down, he started shouting the numbers every time he came up for air.

But after the first couple of crunches, he realised that the cheeky fucking newcomer was standing closer and closer to him, his gaze locked on his, a very strange expression painted on his face. The coach could’ve swore he saw his eyes flash a vibrant red for a moment but then…. it was gone. “The young, cocky, musclehead is getting too close for comfort.” He thought. And indeed he was. He was walking slowly but sensually towards the impressive older man. He stopped right at his feet and pushed forward his middle section. “What is this sneaky, little bastard trying to do?” wondered the coach. But he didn’t have time to think any further; the next time he pushed his core upwards an even stronger musk invaded his nostrils. The coach stopped momentarily, his eyes widened in his skull and fixed straight in front of him, staring at the source of that powerful smell.

Without even realising it, he moved his head closer and closer towards the dripping, sweat soaked, skin-tight spandex clad crotch. He took in another waft. This time, longer. He breathed in and didn't want to breathe out. That pungent smell, that addictive aroma, yes that’s what it was, an aroma. Almost like an alluring and addictive cologne. He was hooked. He didn’t want to stop inhaling this potent musk. Suddenly, two muscular hands invaded his optical range and went straight to the middle of the deliciously tight compression pants. The pair of hands stroked the flesh beneath the lycra just enough to outline the humongous, sticky beast that had been kept prisoner for so much time now.

“I think it’s time for me to coach you in something, what do you say, Ray?”

“Ra… How do you know my name?!” The coach angrily murmered.

“I know so, so much… and you’re very lucky. I’m willing to teach you!” I smiled.

“Teach me what?!” He mumbled back.

“Well, your form is all wrong, Coach! You can’t even do crunches correctly”

As the coach opened his mouth to protest Damon grabbed his head with both his hands and pushed it violently towards his crotch launching the tip of his covered rod inside him, silencing his resistance once and for all. The coach was taken off guard. His instinct was to try to bite down upon the hideous intruder, but almost as if reading his mind, he heard. “Don’t even think about ‘crunching’ now, Coach.” Damon chuckled. “Or I promise it won’t end well for you.”

Coach felt the idea fizzle in his mind. It was like he couldn’t even begin to comprehend biting any more.

“You know, Coach, I really respect men like you. Disciplined, determined, achievers. I could use a creature like you!”

“WHURR DUU YU MEEEE?!” Raymond tried to reply, his face still stuffed with lycra and cockhead. He knew he should be more furious than ever, but the longer the spandex covered penis lingered inside his mouth, dripping just a sliver of precum, the more relaxed and compliant he felt.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” I quipped. “As I was saying, you could be useful… but as much as you talk a big game, you have so much room for improvement.” With a snap of my fingers, the gymnasium around us warped and twisted. Where once was a random assortment laid out like an assault course, there was now only one piece of equipment.

It gleamed in metallic red and black, shining as if freshly created - it looked like no other piece of gym equipment the coach had ever seen and as he stood to stare at it, he was so surprised that he’d barely noticed my cock had popped out of his mouth. Any anger he’d felt moments ago, any disgust he registered at having a student’s penis in his mouth had vanished.

Ray moved over the imposing, mammoth piece of apparatus.

“What…” He tried. “What is this?!”

“It’s my gift to you. A chance to enhance your strength, your power, your discipline.

Coach ran his fingers over the leather padding. It felt warm and supple, firm but at the same time soft. He couldn’t resist leaning in and taking a deep sniff.

“Oh my God… it smells… amazing!” The Coach smiled, his senses swimming in the musky aroma… it smelt of youth and vitality, of energy and power. “How… does it work?”

“Ah, that’s the beauty of this machine - you start what you want to do and it knows automatically how to keep pace.”

The Coach quirked an eyebrow as if not believing.

“Seriously! Ray, try it out.”

The older man cautiously seated himself upon the apparatus and instantly two pads located around his arms for a pectoral fly. The coach let out a surprised smirk at the way the machine had predicted his requirements. And so with the equipment ready, he pushed forwards. His chest heaved as he pushed against the machinery… Ray loved the feeling of pumping up his muscles and this was no exception. He’d always found the feeling of growing his body to be arousing and the sensation of pushing himself further was causing his considerable cock to thicken in his gym shorts.

As he completed his set, his arms fell to his side… he could feel the machine provide two new leather armrests for him as he regained his breath. He couldn’t help but give a squeeze to the leather, and was pleased how it bounced back, firmly. For some reason, he felt compelled to give one of the supports a smack; loving the sound his palm made against it. His chubby, erect cock thickening again and suddenly feeling warm and tightly squeezed.

“This machine is… incredible.” He sighed.

"Oh, you have no idea." I grinned maliciously.



Dom stood dumbfounded, rubbing his buttocks as the handprint the coach had made continued to sting. The coach's eyes were a clouded white and he drooled slightly as he squeezed the flesh between his fingers.

“What the fuck is wrong with him?” Dom asked.

“I… don’t know.” The mortal replied, looking down at Ray’s bulging crotch, his mouth filling with saliva as he did.



“Fuck! The pump is amazing!” The Coach smiled as he continued his bicep curls.

“I know.” I replied. “Keep working those big, thick, powerful arms.” I prompted.

With every movement, Raymond could almost feel his muscles plumping up and thickening… he felt incredible. Strong, tough, sublime. His cock stuck out in front of him but he simply didn’t care - he felt too good, too powerful to give a fuck. As he lowered the machine on his final rep, his fingers seemed to coil around a pair of hand supports that had been created for him. He clenched his hands - firmly but tenderly around the supports and gave an approving groan as he unconsciously rubbed his fingers over them.

Under his palms, he could feel the supports thicken and become firmer. And he continued to softly caress the machine.

“Enjoying yourself, Coach?” I smiled.

“Oh yeah!” He replied, his eyes shut as a contented smile covered his face.

“This machine; MY machine, could make you one of the strongest, most powerful men on the planet… but you know that don’t you?”

“Yeah!” He smiled wider, his fingers still twisting and playing with the handgrips.

“You can be inhumanly powerful Ray… Free! Free to show the whole world what discipline really means… no more disrespect, no more punk teenagers… you could show them how to fall in line.”

“....How?” Coach Ray smiled.

“Just submit to me… willingly! And then a fresh, new start awaits you by my side; serving your new God, lord and master of the new order.”

It was as if a fog lifted inside the coach’s mind. He raised his eyes towards the boy only to realise that there was no longer a teenager standing there. A huge beast had taken his place. A tall, hyper-muscular being with gleaming red, fiery eyes standing commandingly, towering above him.

“That’s right coach! Your new ‘star student’ turned out to be the most beautifully perverted being you’ve ever encountered in your whole life.”

Suddenly, the coach realised that his hands were moving on autopilot, as if they had a mind of their own. He started hearing moans and people panting, no... not people, men. Not men, teenagers, students, his students. His students were panting and moaning right next to him. But that was not the worst. When he turned to face them he realised he was no longer mounting a gym machine. He was actually squatting in mid air, with a gigantic rods in each hand, pleasing them. His mere touch was eliciting the most sensual sounds out of their mouths. And then he felt his cock, his ever hungry cock moving violently back and forth. That’s when the last part of the spell was lifted. The coach couldn’t believe what he saw. He was buried all the way deep inside one of his students. “What am I doing?! WHAT IN HELL’S NAME AM I DOING?!”

“Not exactly.” the demon interrupted.

“What?!” The coach retorted mechanically.

“You’re not acting in the name of ‘Hell’... you act in the name of your new master. You act in the name of me.”

“My new ‘master’?”

“Yes, my pet. This is the chance of a lifetime. You have been a pious, disciplined, good-hearted man and look where that led you. Being insulted; humiliated by your own students, and tricked into committing the most vile of acts, sodomy. But thankfully for you, I am here to offer you a chance at a better life. I may have tricked you into committing this act, but the pleasure that came with it was absolutely real. Think about the sensations you have experienced in the last hour. Think about all this lust and satisfaction you have lived. Think about how with your own hands and with your own cock you were able to drill the discipline out of those whores. Think of you ruling by my side as my demonic army’s commander, fucking anyone who is not disciplined and making him a fresh new man ready to live a life committed to the new order, to me. Just think about all the power you lack in your current life, having to wake up early, spent the whole day working, not being respected, going back home to a miserable life hidden behind a bunch of morals and virtues that do nothing else than making you neglect yourself, your own body, your own needs. Because you are a man after all Ray, you are a fine specimen of manhood, masculinity. Your virility cannot be measured. You were born to lead. But you can only do that as my faithful slave, obeying my every command and enslaving the masses for my glory. The time for words has come to an end. Now it’s time for action; look at me, look at my glorious body, my hard muscles, my huge pecs, my engorged biceps and triceps, look at my rock hard glutes, marvel at my hellish rod ready to devour every human soul for my pleasure. Know you can be reborn and remade in my image and then look at the three students before you. Examine their faces - contorted from lust and carnal satisfaction. Listen to their hungry moans and hear what your body and soul are trying to compel you to accept.”

Across the room, a loud buzzing sound could be heard, Coach’s phone illuminated and vibrating across the floor. Instinctively his head snapped to face it.

“It appears you have a choice to make.”



Lynda Clarke tapped the screen of her iPhone to end the call. She looked despondently at the handset and turned towards the group seated around her living room. “I’m really sorry about this… I don’t know where he could have gotten to.” She warmly smiled, awkwardly twirling her crucifix necklace in her free hand.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t be too long.” Sean calmly replied.

“Should we wait?” Another member of the group offered.

“No, I’m sure he wouldn’t want that.” Lynda replied as she returned to her seat. “Now where were we?”

“Well,” Sean smiled, “I believe last time we met, we were discussing how the concepts raised in Leviticus still have relevance in our world today.” He continued as he leafed through his bible.

The rest of the group all thumbed to the same page, some enjoyed the selection of sandwiches that had been laid out on the table whilst Lynda looked anxiously at the phone she’d placed on the arm of the chair, hoping it would ring.



The mortal writhed backwards and forwards against Coach Clarke’s cock. From the moment he saw it, he couldn’t resist. The opportunity to be taken by the figure of manliness was just too great and now he was wrapped around the Coach’s dick. But he could feel the Coach trying to pull out, to withdraw and so he fought back, pushing against him and drawing his cock up to the hilt. Every movement nudging against his prostate and causing the boy to shudder in bliss. The coach’s cock seemed perfectly crafted to drive him insane and after years of sneaking peeks through tight, grey sweatpants it felt like it had finally found its home: Causing the Mortal to moan like a whore.

“No... “ Ray panted. “...I can’t.” Both hands continuing to work the cocks he held.

“Yes. You can.” I replied. “You can feel it within you… a wellspring of power, of strength. Don’t fight it anymore, Raymond. Accept it. Embrace it!”

Ray could feel his balls boiling within their sac, he’d held back for as long as he could but now as he was edging towards orgasm, he could feel his resistance starting to crumble. His whole body burned with eroticism and he craved release. Suddenly the boy around his cock stopped. The cocks in his hands grew still.

“This is your choice, Ray.” I purred. “One little push and you can have the world.”

He panted. He groaned. And then, he thrust forwards.

With a cry, the orgasm ripped through his body. From the pit of his stomach waves of euphoria rushed through him. He flooded into the boy beneath him as the dicks in his hands exploded and flooded him with fresh, virile seed. A baptism for his new life.

Within him, he could feel the light that once guided him fade away and become replaced with a new compulsion. He felt unstoppable. Which made the fact that the boys either side of him had started to laugh all the more unacceptable.

They snickered and roared with laughter.

“HAH! The ‘Great’ Coach Clarke soaked in my jizz!” Jason smugly chuckled.

“My cum’s just the icing on this ‘fairy’ cake!” Dom replied, mockingly.

“Enough.” Coach sternly replied.

“‘Wank’ you very much, Coach!” Jason smirked.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Coach boomed, his eyes flaring yellow as he did.

Raymond Clarke raised to his feet, between his legs the Mortal was still impaled on his cock, suspended by only the dick stuck inside him.

“Never again will you, or anyone else disrespect me. Here, or anywhere on this earth.” Coach rumbled. “I’m not simply your ‘Coach’ any more, I’m your ‘Commander’... and I will do all in my power to bring glory to my master.” He maliciously grinned, but then his smile faded; he looked unsure of how to progress.

I turned to face the coach. “You speak of power. It’s time to unlock it, Raymond. Embrace the creature you were destined to be. Unleash the demon within you!”

Raymond instantly doubled over as if he’d been punched in the stomach, he groaned loudly in pain. The mortal dropped to the floor. His limbs shook as if he were suddenly fatigued and his hands clenched tightly as he raised them toward his head, raking his fingers across his face as his body spasmed and pulsed.

An intolerable heat was building within him and he screeched out in pain. As he did, fire licked out from his mouth. The boys around us looked upon the scene with a shared expression of horror and wonder.

As he continued to shriek in agony, the flames leaked out of his mouth and eyes, consuming his entire face and spreading down across his shoulders. The coach continued screaming, his cries would have been heard across the whole school if it wasn’t empty. The youngsters continued looking as the fires of Hell consumed the coach's body from head to toe, burning away any living trace of his old identity. The coach held his head with both hands, screaming in agony and horrible pain as the flesh started burning, leaving behind a hideous smell. His eyeballs had completely melted away by now, leaving two empty sockets staring at absolutely nothing. His hair was long gone, burnt away in the inferno, leaving behind the now disintegrating flesh of his skull. Soon Ray’s facial features were no more.

I stood in my full demonic form admiring my new creation as it took shape. Coach Clarke, my newest slave and commander stood in front of me, more beautiful than ever. His body firming up and swelling in all directions - soon he was built like a champion bodybuilder, rounded shoulders, humongous pecs with protruding nipples which looked like claws. Impossibly large biceps and triceps, huge thighs, rounded, rock hard arse cheeks that could milk the life out of every human cock on the planet. A body that was made to spread fear and intimidation. But, the best was left for last: As the muscle cords were climbing dangerously up along his neck, they suddenly stopped. Where Coach Clarke’s masculine head should have been, something else sat there. Something horrible; something that could freeze your blood and send you straight into the depths of Hell… A petrifying skull sat atop Coach’s drool-worthy body. On first viewing; it seemed dead and without any semblance of life, but within it lay a soul that was only just being born into a new existence: A damned life. A vengeful creature, an evil spirit was hiding behind those black abyssal eye sockets.

As the fire licked over his indescribably perfect physique, it soaked into his skin, flooding into his blood and raising it to the surface of his flesh. A roadmap of finger-thick veins littered his skin and pulsed with power. Raymond took a second to behold the changes to his body, revelling in what he saw, but the changes only continued onwards. As he caressed his newly improved arms, his skin began to darken beneath his touch. Soon the flesh he stroked was as dark as night and his fingers were tipped with razor sharp claws. From the top of the skull, two small but imposing black horns curled upwards, glinting in the harsh gym light.

Raymond had long gone from hating the sensations his body was experiencing and now embraced and welcomed the fire of evil that flowed beneath his now dark blue skin. For the first time in his life, he felt... power. And it was an intoxicating sensation to experience. Suddenly, he knew that his metamorphosis was incomplete… he could feel a pull upon his groin.

An incredible heat unlike anything he’d felt so far swarmed into the demonic man’s cock. The pain was seering and Ray heaved forward, his chest expanding outwards, as if he was in the gym doing chest presses. But as he bent forward he let out an inhuman howl as a new cock, a demonic club, a rod of Hell forced its way out of his loins ripping apart his human dick as it grew.

Inch after inch pushed forwards from his crotch, forcing what was left of his previous human penis to stretch and warp around it until the skin simply snapped and fell off his body. Raymond looked as his old penis fell to the floor with a wet slap with a sneer. He knew this new manhood, no, DEMONHOOD, was a weapon to bring glory to his new master. He couldn’t help but wrap his new clawed fingers around his thickening length. As he did, the pulsing veins that wrapped across his body rose to the surface of his new cock. They brought a series of thick, chunky barbs with them, forcing his fingers further apart as they did.

The tip of the dick began to stretch out into a point, a spike that allowed for quick and easy penetration. At the base of his gigantic, thick club a thick ring of flesh began to grow in - a knot that could be used to trap prey during the act of bringing new devotees into his Master’s new world order. Every slight gesture and movement of his fingers caused a flicker of pure ecstasy to flood through his body… he simply couldn’t wait to unleash it upon a young man deserving of some discipline.

Suddenly, Raymond groaned in pleasure as a red leather cock ring encircled the base of his demonic marvel, only making it look bigger and more hungry. Ray was drowning in the lust his own body was flooding out into the world - he knew he had a duty to share his body and sexual power with the planet - but as mighty and magnificent as his cock was, he wondered if it would be enough to bring the masses to their knees and open their mouths.

Almost as if the universe was responding to his concerns, a spiral of flames grew beside him forking upwards into a staff with a sinfully corrupt looking goat's skull at its end and a pair of two menacingly evil goat horns. Instinctively, the newly demonic Ray extended a hand towards it. The instant his fingers coiled around the shaft, a groan of pleasure involuntarily escaped his mouth. In that moment, he knew he now held the power to bring weak-minded men under his command either through pleasure… or by force. His skull may not have shown it, but a dark joy was swirling throughout the corrupted ex-teacher.

“I am ready to serve you, Master.” A foul, demonic voice purred out of the emptiness of the skull.

“Not quite, my slave.” I explained. As I spoke, I moved closer to my c
Commander and without provocation, spat a huge wad of my demonic saliva at him. It landed straight in the centre of the his powerful chest.

“What the fu..?!” Was all that Ray could say before his whole body tensed from pleasure. The glop of spit started expanding in every direction. As it grew, it covered the slave’s ginormous chest, passed behind his shoulders and swept down over his arse cheeks and crawled until it engulfed his feet entirely. At the same time, the front of his impressive body was also coated.

His arms were completely embraced by the demonic substance which simultaneously flowed across his abs and down his legs. Raymond’s demonic rod also fell victim to his master’s spit. When his whole body was covered in spit, the demonic coach was violently assaulted by a euphoric emotion. The liquid started to solidify; becoming tighter until Ray’s huge muscles were visible from within the new stretchy, clinging material. Everything was visible to the naked eye, muscles, veins, every delicious contour the body had.

The material started to take its final form. A layer of thin, dark blue, super-tight latex material enveloping coach’s body as if forming his second skin. And it wasn’t just a catsuit, no! It was a Commander’s uniform. A dark purple military shirt with a latex pocket decorating each pec, a shirt collar so tight that the veins were popping out like serpents. Wrapping over his flawless flesh, it formed without seams or creases, perfectly highlighting his commanding torso.

Upon his arms, the material darkened and thickened; a pair of intricate and hellish bracers formed, matching a solid metal chest harness that was forming across the Commander’s thick pectorals, and, a leather and metallic loin cloth that had wound around his slim, powerful waist. Even with a layer of solid steel between it and the air, his cock proudly protruded forward.

His demonic hands became covered in slick, black latex gloves - squeaking with every move he made. His masculine feet suddenly wrapped and engulfed in thick-soled, tight military boots, that shone imposingly as they flowed up his impossibly huge calfs. The final addition to Ray’s evil ascension rippled into reality simply to crown the demonic aura of the bestial creature who stood so mighty in the middle of the gym: a heavy leather military cap. Ornately garnished with a seal showing the demonic face of his Master - horns protruding from every side. It stood as a warning to whoever had the misfortune to stand before him - what was about to happen… Hell on Earth.

The Commander raised his clawed hands and experimentally clenched them, watching every tendon and vein in his arm bulge and flex as he did, his monumental prick thickening slightly. The three boys; one human and two tainted with demonic energy all looked truly terrified at the evident joy of his new power. “I look…”

“Magnificent.” I offered.

“Yes. Truly magnificent.” The Commander rumbled in approval. Instinctively he saluted me and stood to attention. “How may I serve you, my Lord?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “At ease, soldier.” Raymond’s demonic form began to shift away from him; the flesh returning to his face - his uniform twisting into a skin-tight, green, latex military-style fetish outfit, shining brightly against the gym’s fluorescent lights; it clung to his newly refined body, showing off his physical might and framing his huge sexual equipment. Though he no longer appeared demonic, his human body retained its new intensity and intimidating quality. “Why not take the evening to enjoy yourself?”

Raymond smiled and sauntered over to his belongings. He snatched up his phone and looked upon it for a moment. He then tightened his fist, the device screeching out loud as it was compressed into a collection of twisted metal and broken glass.

“Sounds like a plan.”

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  • hunklover changed the title to The Devil By My Side | Chapter 5 added 09/04/2021
On 4/9/2021 at 5:48 AM, hunklover said:

The beginnings of a plan formulating in his mind, but sadly not coming into focus.

He can find a way out of thsi whole problem but he just coundt do it in time.

On 4/9/2021 at 5:48 AM, hunklover said:

As he continued to shriek in agony, the flames leaked out of his mouth and eyes, consuming his entire face and spreading down across his shoulders. The coach continued screaming, his cries would have been heard across the whole school if it wasn’t empty. The youngsters continued looking as the fires of Hell consumed the coach's body from head to toe, burning away any living trace of his old identity. The coach held his head with both hands, screaming in agony and horrible pain as the flesh started burning, leaving behind a hideous smell. His eyeballs had completely melted away by now, leaving two empty sockets staring at absolutely nothing. His hair was long gone, burnt away in the inferno, leaving behind the now disintegrating flesh of his skull. Soon Ray’s facial features were no more.

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4 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

He can find a way out of thsi whole problem but he just coundt do it in time.

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Chapter 6: "A Night to Remember"

All teenage characters are at the late stages of puberty, use of the word “boy” or “child” as a description is used to signify the advanced age of a demonic entity.


Sam had been distracted for most of the afternoon - how could he not be? Less than 2 hours ago, his existence had been ripped apart and he’d been reincarnated as the literal embodiment of lust on earth. Throughout the rest of the day’s classes, he longed to speak with his new Master; the wondrous creature who’d bestowed such a marvellous gift upon him.

He wanted to know why he wasn’t allowed to simply let loose right here and now and plough the entire school, one after another. He couldn’t comprehend his role in the world, and he wanted to, desperately. 

As the school bell rang, he rapidly stuffed his belongings into his bag, hoping to spend time with his new demonic family and learn more about what would come next. As he began to close the gap between him and the Demon’s clutch of followers, his attention was wrenched away as he heard a voice calling out to him.

 “Hey Sam! C’mere a minute!”

Sam whipped his head around, looking towards Lorenzo; the source of his distraction for only a second, but as he turned back, his heart sank. The group had left without him.

Sam felt a hand pull upon his jacket, pulling him back to face the opposite way. “Sam, are you ignoring us, or what? C’mere pal!” Lorenzo smiled, tossing his hair back.

“What!?” Sam snapped, his tone making his friends jolt back a little in surprise. He had to play it cool. “Sorry, what’s up?”

“So Drake’s parents are going to some sort of work event tonight, and he’s got the place to himself! We’re all gonna hang out; order some pizza, raid his dad’s beer fridge… whaddya say?” 

Sam’s eyes were drifted to Lorenzo’s huge pecs. Suddenly his lust ignited. It was the perfect opportunity to have some “fun” with his new powers and his soon to be “new” friends!

“Sounds like the perfect plan, mate!” Sam smiled back at his buddy. 

The newly enhanced Ray strode through the crow; it parting as if he were Moses at the Red Sea. As he walked, he observed the young, and, not-so-young flesh that danced without care, their bodies slick with sweat, smooching and grinding under the strobing lights. In the back of his mind, he knew he was hunting for something a little less obvious. He wanted the perfect prey; a man to become the first of his creations – a creature whom he would be proud of.

As he sank into a stool at the bar, his eyes continued to scan the crowd. For as long as he looked, he just couldn’t find someone worthy of his mighty rod. As he downed another pint of beer, his eyes raised from the empty glass and rested upon a young couple, both slim, full of life and dancing like crazed rabbits at the opposite end of the bar. He didn’t make a move, just waited for the perfect moment. Of course, Ray knew that he could have anyone he wanted -  even the whole club. All of them at the same time, if he wished to, but he figured “where’s the fun in that?” Corruption, he determined, must be slow, deliberate and deliciously evil. With his demonic vision, he peered into the very depths of each boy; their thoughts, their desires, their hopes and dreams - their very souls. A smile flickered across Ray’s face. He liked what he saw, especially in the shorter of the two boys. Ray had only had a taste of what made the boy special, but he knew instinctively, this was one very promising young man.

Maybe life had always been this… dull. It certainly hadn’t felt like it when Sam had been human, but right now his evening was turning out to be a bit of a bummer. He looked around the open-plan living room/kitchen and beheld his friends. He’d imagined ripping their clothes off and fucking them senseless the second they’d all stepped through the door - instead, Lorenzo and Hunter were fixated on the XBox, Drake was stuffing himself with leftover pizza in the kitchen, Bane was slumped in the corner getting high as a kite and Logan and Dante were being equally dull; playing cards at the table.

As he headed to the toilet, pretending to take a leak, Sam’s stomach grumbled unhappily - he’d tried eating a slice or two of pizza - but for some reason it tasted… off. In all honesty, it was kind of revolting to him. But the way the other boys hoovered it down, especially Drake, told him that there was nothing wrong with it. He took a swig of the beer that he’d carried into the bathroom with him, it too tasted absolutely foul, causing him to coat the sink as he spat into it.

He raised his head to face the mirror - the image looking back shocked Sam. He looked terrible: his eyes seemed to be drawn into his face, his skin pale and lacking its usual glow. His stomach growled again, louder this time. ‘Fuck, what a miserable night!’ Sam thought to himself. He was thirsty, hungry and tired, and he’d been abandoned by the one being who could explain his new existence to him. He wanted to just ditch the boys and head out to fuck. The image of ploughing a guy into submission flooded his mind, his cock hardening in his jeans. His stomach grumbled again. 

“SAM!” A voice came from the other side of the door. “You alright in there?” 

The demonic boy couldn’t help but rub the outline of his crotch as a wave of eroticism flooded from his loins through his stomach and up to his brain. He began to think of a way, any way he could liven things up, a trickle of precum oozing out of his cock as his corrupted mind schemed. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He called back. “Be there in a minute.”

As time passed by, Ray couldn’t help but stare at the two boys who’d caught his eye. Eventually, the taller one headed out to the smoking area. His partner moved closer to Ray, hoping to get service at the bar to quench his growing thirst. While he was patiently waiting, he couldn’t help feel like someone was watching him. When he turned to look, his eyes fixed on a pair of deep, azure-blue pools. A cocky smile plastered on the face of muscle-bound daddy; clad in tight, custom-fitted military, leather gear made his cock jump to attention. With little more than a wink, the mystery man stood, turned and walked away. The boy could never have known what was about to happen, but he could tell that the wink was an invitation. And though he tried to, he simply couldn’t deny his body and soul what they were being called towards.

His hands left the countertop he’d been leaning on, and he followed the mountain of muscles through the crowd, not hurriedly, but slowly, certain he’d not lose the imposing man even in this packed club. The mysterious leather covered stranger knew exactly what he was doing, he knew that the boy would follow him and not slip away.

Eventually the boy saw him reach towards a heavy, black door which he opened without effort. He stood in the doorway holding it open for the boy who walked towards him; his eyes staring deeply into his.

Deep inside him, the boy had a feeling he couldn’t quite identify. An excitement he’d not felt since he was a child waiting for Christmas. He knew that his world was about to change…  and soon. As he walked into the room, he smiled to himself and thought “let the games begin!"

The door slammed behind him with a metallic clang. An eerie quiet filled the room; like the rest of the world had faded away outside along with the dancing crowd. Inside, it was near silent, dark; the unmistakable smell of sex hanging in the air.

In the darkness, the vibrant blue eyes stared at him, stripping him mentally.

“You know what is going to happen, boy, don’t you?”

“I… do.”

“And you willingly accept whatever is bestowed upon you this infernal night?”

“Yes sir, I accept completely.”

“Then let your downfall begin. Let’s destroy this fragile human body and in its place create something new, something worthy of wonder, something that will bring doom upon this world. Approach boy, kneel in front of your new Commander and gift him everything you are!”

The boy moved forward without delay, dropping to his knees in front of the herculean man, his eyes never breaking contact with his. His gut told him there was something strange about this, that he was no ordinary man. It made him question if he could trust what was in front of him… and how can anyone ever be sure. All he could do was hope his instinct was right: He could feel inside him that this man was everything he ever wanted, everything he was born to serve. This ‘man’ could be the beastly master he’d always fantasised about, an entity who had come into his life to take care of everything, take his every burden, every single worry this horrible, broken world had forcefully laid upon his shoulders.

“I am ready sir. I surrender my will and soul to you.”

As Sam exited the bathroom and headed back into the kitchen, he sat at the island, next to Drake who was still gobbling up the remaining slices of pizza. The young man wasn’t what you’d call obese, but his tendency to overeat had meant pockets of fat had collected over his body - love handles pushing out the sides of his t-shirt as his belly rounded out the front. Sam couldn’t help but imagine his little man-tits jiggling as he pictured fucking him right there on the kitchen worktop - another burble of precum dribbled out of his cock.

“You having a good night?” Sam asked.

“MUH?” Drake replied, swallowing as he did. “Oh yeah. Great time!” He continued as he downed the last of his bottle of Bud. Sam couldn’t help but wish he was glugging down something else.

Another trickle of precum soaked the front of his boxers, it was beginning to flow now… pooling in his crotch… suddenly an idea crackled across Sam’s synapses.

“Hey, guys?!” He called to the room. “Anyone fancy doing shots?!”

The door creaked open, allowing the noise of the world to reverberate around the space. For a few seconds, Brian struggled to adapt to the darkness, and he could not see clearly what was happening, but he could certainly hear the sound of pounding flesh and the moans being elicited from his boyfriend… wait. WHAT?!? HIS BOYFRIEND?

As his eyes adjusted to the low light of the room, his stomach sank as his fears came true. The man he thought would never betray him was being brutally fucked by an older stranger.

“JAKE?! What the fuck are you doing here? How could you?! You utter bastard!!” Brian shouted with all his might, anger consuming his soul. His face reddening, he turned to leave.

“Not so fast, Brian! Why don’t you come here and give me a nice, sloppy kiss?” A deep, powerful voice purred.

Almost robotically, Brian’s body turned to face the older man who was ploughing away on his boyfriend.

“How…. What are you doing to me?”

“We don’t have time to deal with your idiotic questions, child. Just obey. Your new master commanded you to give him a deep, sloppy kiss.” Ray snapped, knowing that nobody could disobey his orders.

Brian watched in horror as their lips joined in the most passionate, wild, filthy French kiss he’d ever experienced. He poured every ounce of sexual energy he had into kissing the muscular stranger before him, desperate to please him. When their lips parted the Commander grinned maliciously.

“Lie down under your ex-boyfriend, take his juicy cock in your mouth and start sucking as if your life depends on it… it soon will do.” He smiled.

Without the slightest signs of protest, Brian’s body moved against his will and positioned itself below his traitorous boyfriend. As it did, Brian’s eyes looked on the magnificent cock bouncing back and forth, dancing with the rhythm of Jake’s hole being fucked by the mighty beast of a man.”

“In a few moments, this dick will reshape you into something new, something that would fit you perfectly. Allowing you to exercise your duties in The New Order.”

At that very instant, Brian saw the cock he’d sucked for the past couple of years. He was lost in its beauty. Indeed he had seen it endless times, and he had played with it so many more. But he had never until now realised how stunning it was. Brusquely, his mind was brutally assaulted by the most pungent smell he had ever experienced in his whole life. He started feeling woozy and light-headed. He was about to pass out when he heard an evil voice breaking his trance.

“Don’t just lie there watching it you weak fool… Suck it! Open that pretty, little mouth of yours and take it to the hilt! Pleasure it, give it the attention it deserves. And it deserves much more than you will ever be able to give!” Jake ordered, venom tainting his voice.

Brian didn’t wait to be asked twice. He opened his lips and swallowed the mighty cock to the brim. A strange taste filling his mouth. It wasn’t the taste he was used to feel. No! This newly found flavour was pure bliss. He could immediately picture himself sucking this cock for the rest of eternity, never asking for anything more. Just this perfect cock, in his mouth… forever.

The music had been cranked up. The atmosphere was getting rowdier. The air was beginning to have the unmistakable smell only a group of young men can fill it with.

They’d started with the vodka and when that was empty, moved onto the sambuca and then a bottle of Ouzo buried at the back of a cupboard. As the boys became more and more inebriated, Sam realised his opportunity was close at hand. He reached for a half drank bottle of Baileys and snuck off again to the toilet, locking the door behind him. He fished his cock out of his jeans and aimed it at the opened bottle. 

The vision in his mind of this group of young men unknowingly drinking his seed made his cock pour precum into the neck, a trickle filling the bottle up. Sam stopped himself - he knew that if he added too much, they might recognise something was wrong and not drink it. So he capped the bottle, gave it a good shake to mix it up and headed back out to the gang.

“Hey boys! Look what I found!” He cheered.

Glasses were lined up, the contents of the container poured out and as each boy raised their shots upwards and sank the contents a strong smile crossed Sam’s face  - the party had just begun.

“Fuck man! I never thought much of Baileys but this stuff is… certainly something else!” Said Lorenzo. 

“You’re right, mate!” Chimed in Dante, “That’s some tasty shit you got there!” 

“So I assume you don’t want to stop at round one do you?!” Sam asked. 

“Pour some more, mate!” “Yeah, man!” “Yeah more!” The boys all replied.

Round two was followed by round three, and round three was rapidly followed by round four. And when it began to feel like the bottle was bottomless, Sam sadly announced that there was simply none left. Unhappy groans sounded from the boys who wanted more. No, not wanted, craved more. Sam could see their eyes had glazed. Suddenly the virile and heavily muscled teenage bodies started to pour out sweat. A thick, pungent musk started emitting from every pore. T-shirts started sticking like chewed gum on sweaty pecs, biceps and triceps were now visible to the naked eye, no need for the clothes to be taken off, it was like seeing through the material. Nipples hard as rock, poking angrily at the material, as if trying to be freed. Young masculine cocks hardened, starting to leak and stain the not so clean any more jockstraps and trunks.

“This is Bullshit! There’d be some left if that fat fuck over there hadn’t drank it all up.” Hunter boomed pointing at Dante.

“Woah, chill out there!” Bane lazily replied, as he took another hit on his vape pen.

“Who the fuck are you telling to chill out?!” Hunter snapped, bounding over to Bane.

“Okay, guys, just breath and relax.” Lorenzo interjected, admiring his biceps as he held Hunter back.

“Oh you trying to start something, Pretty Boy?” Hunter growled. Lorenzo smirked a brief smile… he should’ve been trying to diffuse the situation, but he was too wrapped up in being called ‘pretty’.

Logan looked over and loudly huffed in disapproval at Lorenzo’s prideful display. “Stop showing off, Lo!” He chipped in.

“Why bro? Are you jealous of these huge guns?” At the sound of the word ‘jealous’ Logan was caught by surprise. Deep down he knew it to be true. He did indeed envy Lorenzo’s incredible body. He himself had a very respectable figure, and well-proportioned muscles for his age, but Lorenzo… well, he was something else, he was the real deal. Like a Greek statue, brought to life, but so much more. Every bulge and contour was like a sculpted piece of marble; every vein raised at just the right spot, the size of his humongous, bulging muscles that all the chicks wanted to worship… those muscles… How Logan wished he could hold them… how he wished he could have them.

“I’ll tell you what!” said Lorenzo as he crossed the room like a model parading in a bodybuilding competition, so arrogant and completely lost in his pride. “See these big babies, all sweaty in my tight shirt? Why don’t you worship them?” Said Lorenzo raising his arm only to stop right in front of Logan’s eyes; glistening with envy.

Logan was lost for words. He wasn’t expecting this from one of his best friends. But as he lost himself in the moment, Lorenzo pushed with both hands Logan’s strong chest causing him to lose balance and sending him flying back down onto the leather couch. Before Logan could even realise what had happened, his best friend had already jumped on top of him landing his hard buns right on Logan’s hard, leaking-like-a-faucet cock. He started torturing the confined cock by grinding his hips up and down, letting the friction do its job. Increasingly lustful moans escaped Logan’s mouth who could not comprehend what was going on. And he never would: The reality he knew of was hurriedly coming to an end. A new era for the boys was about to begin. Lorenzo grabbed Logan’s head from behind with both hands and forced him upwards only to bury his surprised, but gorgeous face deep in the crevice of his mountainous pecs. 

While this was going on, Dante had picked up the bottle and was trying to tip out the last few drops onto his tongue. Hunter practically boomed at him “PUT THAT FUCKING BOTTLE DOWN! IT’S MINE!”

“It’s mine, fucker.” Dante replied, the last drip dancing across his lips.

Sam couldn’t help but smile at the chaos he was creating… it was all so deliciously sinful.

Suddenly Hunter strode across the floor and wrapped his hand around Dante throat raising him into the air with his thick arm. Dante started to turn blue as the air in his lungs burned. Hunter brought the weaker boy down to him and stuck his tongue into Dante’s mouth, hungrily claiming the last of the drink and then dropping him to the floor. “I think you’ll find it’s mine.” He growled.

Drake glowered at Hunter - unsure of what to do or say.

“What the fuck are you looking at, chubby?” Hunter flatly asked.

Drake should’ve been hurt or offended, but instead, he reached for one of the remaining slices in the pizza box and defiantly pushed the whole thing into his mouth. “NUFFIN.” He glibly replied, his mouth full. “A huge slice of nothing, Hunter.”

“WHAT?!” Hunter angrily shouted.

“You’re just a bad attitude in a tight shirt, I saw you earlier losing your shit because Lo kept beating you on the XBox; punching him in the arm just because you can’t win… it’s pathetic, man.”

“Keep talking to me like that, and I’ll do more than punch you in the arm, you chunky fucker!” The taller boy grumbled, leaning close into Drake’s face.

Drake didn’t break their gaze, but his eyes lowered to Hunter’s lips; in the corner… a small speck of the tainted Baileys lay unconsumed. His mouth inched closed to Hunter’s and without warning, his tongue darted across Hunter’s lips. Hunter took this as an invitation and so thrust his tongue into Drake’s mouth and forced the pair of them upon the worktop as they wrestled with each other’s tongues.

Dante, having caught his breath, couldn’t quite take in what he was seeing, he sank into a chair next to Bane. “Dude, are you seeing this? It’s fucking crazy!” “Man… I’m not seeing anything clearly. This stuff is strong.” Bane replied, gesturing to his Vape pen.

“Are you… vaping weed?” Dante replied.

Bane didn’t answer. Instead, he took a deep inhalation, held it for a moment and then blew it in Dante’s direction. For a second, Dante’s eyes clouded and he coughed and spluttered; but a moment later, a single thought entered his head. “More”. He grabbed the pen off Bane and inhaled with everything he could… feeling light and tingly as he did, but it wasn’t enough. As he held the vapour in his lungs, he turned to face Bane again, whose bloodshot eyes locked onto his. Their lips connected and the THC vape danced across their mouths as they kissed deeply.

As he looked down to see Brian desperately sucking on his ex-boyfriends cock, Commander Ray turned his attention to Jake. “What shall we do with this worm?” He roared.

“Well, Master… this pitiful excuse of a man was one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met. He was always looking out for the world, defending the weak and always trying to justify peoples actions. He chose to do what he believed was morally right. He was humble and respectful. When it came to his relationship, he was a monogamous, hundred-percent dominant top dog who would never see his partner as a sex toy. He was always loving and caring, romantic and loyal. He never had sex in his whole life, he only ‘made love’. That’s the way he saw it. In his eyes every intimate moment was an act of love and not some base, carnal pleasure as simple as sex. “Only animals have sex” he used to say. Well, I think it’s time to change all of this! It’s time this loser learnt his rightful place. Take all these elements of his character and twist them, pervert them, make them dark and sinister… Let’s create the most fuckable whore this world has ever seen! Let’s give birth to an arrogant, selfish, crazy-in-love with himself, power bottom who will no longer care to save this world, but instead will push humanity towards eternal damnation.”

The Commander grinned wildly. It was music to his ears.

“So be it! Shoot your filth deep down his gullet and let it soak his very core, taint his soul black. Let’s bring this world one step closer to doom with the birth of a new monster.” As the Commander uttered his last word, a flood of filth pumped out of Jake’s cock hitting the back of Brian’s throat like a torrent, forcing its way down to his stomach - changing him as it travelled.

Brian could not stop sucking the delightfully fat, juicy cock. He wanted more, more cock, more cum. He could not satisfy his hunger. Suddenly, his joy was momentarily interrupted by a sharp pain in his spine. The cock slipped out of his mouth with a reverberating ‘pop’.

“Wh…. what’s going on?” He worriedly asked.

“You‘re finally becoming the version of yourself you were meant to be.” Jake playfully retorted.

Sam stood in the middle of the living space, an evil smile plastered across his face - he couldn’t believe the madness he’d created in just one evening as a demon. He looked around the room - boys in every direction kissed, groped, fought for dominance with wild abandon… and it was all his doing. He couldn’t help but laugh.

And laugh.


Soon his chuckle had turned into a roaring, booming cackle - he was too lost in the delight his lust had unleashed upon the boys to realise they’d each stopped and were staring in his direction. As his laughter died, he noticed the eyes fixed upon him.

“Something funny, Sam?” Growled Lorenzo.

Sam fought back another evil chuckle. “Look at yourselves. Look at what you’re doing. A couple of hours ago, you were the best of friends… and now… you’re so sinful.” He smiled.

“What?!” Logan barked.

“We’re not monsters, man…” Bane lazily replied.

“No, you’re right. Not ‘monsters’, Bane.” Sam replied. “Sins.”

The room stayed silent for a moment, the boys continuing to stare at Sam and then at each other.

“Oh don’t tell me I have to spell it out for you?” Sam smirked. “Really?!” 

Sam closed the gap between himself and Lorenzo, rubbing a hand over his pecs.  “Lo, you’ve been flicking your hair and pumping up your chest all evening you Proud little devil.” His eyes darted to Logan “I assume this is driving you mad with Envy, isn’t it Logan?”

Logan said nothing. Sam walked over to the kitchen island and opened the empty pizza box.

“Not a single slice left… someone has been a Glutton haven’t they, Drake?”

Bane opened his mouth to protest, but lost the compulsion before he spoke.

“Yup, you just sit there doing nothing, ‘Sloth’.” Sam smiled at Bane, his arm then stretched out to point towards Hunter. “‘Wrath’ can take care of all of our anger issues, can’t you?”

“Dude what the fuck are you talking about?” Dante replied.

“Oh don’t worry ‘Greed’, no one’s forgetting about you… you’re just as important as the rest of us!” Sam gleefully cheered.

Bane, who’d been keeping track on his fingers, looked up towards Sam. “That’s only six, man.”

Sam chuckled again. “Fellas… I’m sorry, I should introduce myself.” He did a theatrical bow towards the group. “I’m your host for the evening, and my name is ‘Lust’.” 

The boys awkwardly laughed this time, each of them unsure if this were some elaborate prank or if their friend had lost the plot.

“You’ve all had a tiny taste of what I can offer.” Sam’s skin began to darken as he spoke, his eyes flaring with unholy golden light. “But now it’s time to end what I started.”

As Sam’s horns curled out of his forehead, the boys dropped to the floor, each of them clutching their stomach as his demonic seed took root within them. Their cocks springing to attention, a sexual storm raging within each of them.

“Prepare to leave behind humanity, my brothers. Embrace your new lives.”

Brian’s body hummed with newly birthed demonic might. His muscles pulsing with strength and vitality. Though to a casual observer he still looked human, He felt… ‘primal’. He stood observing his new body and loving what he was seeing. 

“Thank you master for giving me a chance to live freely in the new world.” He said as he turned to look upon his master.

“It’s my duty, slave, to show to the pitiful human race how much more they can be. You will act in my honour. Now, go, unleash yourself into this world and make me proud for choosing to transform you into the first of my beastly warriors”.

Brian’s enhanced musculature was way bigger than when he’d entered the room, now wrapped in a tight navy blue satin shirt that didn’t leave anything to the imagination. His powerful thighs were also imprisoned in a super-tight slick, beige, silk pair of trousers that looked like they were painted on to his legs. Demonic runes decorated every surface of his tanned skin and on his wrist, a heavy leather-strapped watch with the head of a demonic beast carved into it sat.

Brian was no more. A creature had took his place in the world. A monster that had a mission and a duty to fulfil. He had a master to obey and to worship. And with those thoughts, the beast opened the door and made his debut into the world he’d grown to love and respect with a new mentality - to spread chaos and bring glory to his new superiors.

“Well, my wise and ever so wonderful Master, I can’t pretend I’m not jealous after seeing that. When are you going to transform this useless slave and allow him to bloom into his demonic new form so he can fulfil his evil duties?”

“You have done well my faithful servant. Your depravity was so powerful you managed to change and transform a human being into a beast without even being touched by my demonic energy yet, simply by freely surrendering yourself to me and being constantly pumped with demonic fluids up your arse.”

“I want to look like you. I am sure what I am now seeing is just a meat suit. I am sure under these powerful pecs and arms and thighs there lies something even more majestic, even more depraved. I want to become like you, I want to be like you, your demonic form.”

“Are you sure?” the Commander asked, still fucking the human – he’d never ceased since the moment he’d started.

“I do. I haven’t seen your true form to know its beauty – but I know you are a fierce , fearsome creature, an imposing entity. I crave to look like you master, ever so beautifully demonic.”

“As you wish slave!” The demon smirked as he saw how eager the little human was to take on his new duties. He quickened his pace, his rod going in and out of the wrecked boyhole with such ferocity.

“Yes! Master, please unveil your demonic form and fuck me into my new existence as you truly are. Let be crafted by the real you, not just your mortal disguise.” The boy begged between moans and groans.

“Are you sure you can handle it, boy? A demon’s cock is not something a mere human can take.”

“I am no longer a mere human, Master… you said it yourself. I am your whore. And this whore can take his Master in all his glory and magnificence”. The demon was really impressed with the human’s devotion. With a loud grunt his human body started giving away only to be replaced by the infernal mounds of muscle. His skull came out to the surface and his eyes disappeared completely while his cock started to elongate inside the human. The head took its spear-like shape, the barbs raising and scraping the internal walls of the human’s fragile body. Jake’s human body was putting up a tremendous fight to take it all, risking being split apart. But Jake wouldn’t have it! He was determined to take his Master in his full glory. And so he did. His moans became erratic, his breath so heavy, his arse practically on fire. This was the greatest and final day of his mortal life.

“Turn and face your Master, boy,” the demon commanded. He turned his head and gazed for the first time upon his master’s real form, gasping.

“I was sure your true form wouldn’t be a disappointment master. You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. You’re glorious!”

“That’s good little bitch-boy because in a moment you and I will be almost identical. Prepare yourself, the moment has finally come! I am going to taint your insides with my demonic seed and mark you for the rest of eternity as my slave. Everything you knew, everything you hold dear will no longer matter to you. Now be a good bitch and take it ALL!” The Commander roared, his cock exploding deep inside the human, filling him with his hot, sticky, corruptive seed.

In the middle of the mass of throbbing, pulsing, hot, sweaty flesh, Sam, the physical embodiment of Lust had never felt so stimulated. What had started with the boys turning against him had quickly devolved as his seed had started to work inside their bodies. Soon clothes were torn off and thrown to the ground; hands fought to massage and caress his flesh, a mouth wrapped around each nipple, another lapping at his balls, a fourth suckling one of his glans… he was being worshipped as the sexual being he’d become.

“That’s it my brothers, feel my power within you, let it unlock the Sins you’re destined to be!” He grunted.

With a renewed vigour, the hands stroking and teasing his flesh increased their pace, the suction on one of his cocks became tighter and he involuntarily curled his toes into the carpet in bliss, his claws carving into the floor beneath him.

As the boys around him battled to experience more of what he had to offer - the erotic power was spurring them further and further. A burning rage had been building within Wrath as he looked at Gluttony hungrily sucking one of the two gigantic black cocks. In one sudden movement, he yanked the boy’s hair, forcing his mouth open in a cry. Just as swiftly, Lust’s cock was replaced by his own which he began to forcefully feed down Gluttony’s throat. Whilst a normal boy would have gagged and choked - his body starved of oxygen; Gluttony simply responded as he knew best - to suck with all his might.

At this display, Envy couldn’t help but seethe with bitterness. But jealousy didn’t have long to be his primary focus; from his kneeling position he could feel something rubbing against his arse cheeks. His head snapped around.

“This is mine.” Greed rumbled, slapping the flesh. “This is all mine.” 

With a brutal motion, he pushed in - to the hilt. His hot balls pushing up against Envy’s buttocks, a groan of pure pleasure escaping from both boys lips. As the Sins continued to swap positions and partners, Sam could feel the energy within the room begin to shift - since his rebirth hours before, he’d felt alone. Forgotten and without purpose. But now, he could feel something new. The beginning of a connection - a primal feeling flooding into his being. 

The cloud filled sky above the house lit up with lightning, thunder crashing through the air. At that moment, the house was darkened. But within the room, 7 pairs of eyes shone brightly as the sexual battle continued.

Demonic energy pooled inside the souls of the 6 boys - waiting for them to answer the call and unleash their true selves.

Lust could feel the sexual peak of each boy was imminent. He watched as cocks danced in and out of hands, holes and mouths. Exertion and conquest painted on the faces of each Sin. He fought to bring the boys into sync, feeling the rising tingles of 7 impending orgasms rocketing through his body.

Every lick, every thrust, every suck, every kiss, every probe, everything. He felt it along with each of his new brethren and when the moment was just right. He released his control.

A shared cry of ecstasy shook the house as it was illuminated again with lightning. Corrupted seed flooded out of 7 cocks in perfect sync, each pulse flooding through the young bodies fuelling them with what they needed to ascend to demonhood. 

As the cocks pulsed, so too did their minds, their bodies and their souls. The last vestiges of their humanity pumped out of their dicks as their primal, Sinful urges took hold of their personalities.

In seconds, muscles began to constrict and throb as power flooded into their teenage flesh. Thoughts of corruption, desire and command flooding their collective and individual minds and as the seconds passed, the room became a far more terrifying place - the Seven Deadly Sins had been made flesh and were about to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Jake felt like his body was about to burst with all the cum that had been pumped deep inside him. He could feel it coursing through him, warming him and preparing him for his new purpose. His legs started to thicken, becoming bigger, fuller; his arms inflated in a matter of seconds; his biceps engorging and becoming littered with thick veins. At the same time, his core perfected. His skinny core melted away to reveal a solid and well-defined 8-pack. His pecs plumped up next. Two humongous slabs of hard flesh evolved out of nothing. They hung, proudly above his newly cobblestoned abs. Jake’s neck became a tree trunk decorated with huge pulsating veins, flush with his newly evolved demonic blood. The little body hair he had faded away to accentuate his sculpted, muscular body. His cock started shivering - pushing forward, thickening and elongating. Demonic barbs rose up to become visible everywhere on his thick cock, just like his Master. But the greatest change was to his head. His master, true to his word was about to remake his slave in his image… but with a little twist.

Slowly but surely, the flesh on Jake’s face melted away, disappearing, leaving behind nothing but his skull. Suddenly a loud crack pierced through the near silence.

“Aaaaaarrrgh!” Was the only noise Jake could make.

His skull cracked down the middle and started elongating; his mouth becoming wider and wider, his jaw evolving downwards while thick, twisted horns pushed out from the sides of his skull. The shape didn’t resemble anything that might be called a human being anymore. It was more like a goat’s skull. Fearsome and powerful, a fitting physical manifestation of the beast he had become.

The boy’s new cock erupted once more, flooding the floor with the last remains of his old life - ready to start a better one. He stood up, bowed to his new master and without a word, exited the room to start his new mission – freeing humanity of the restrictions they’d always known.

Whoever had come up with the idea to hike up to Woodlane Pass didn’t really matter right now, The Sins stood side by side, looking over the city they’d always known as their home. 

Wordlessly, they felt a bond they’d never known. A kinship mere humans could never begin to comprehend.

Together, they knew they were about to change the town, the country and the world forever. They were connected in a shared desire to do whatever was necessary to prepare the earth for their Master and, soon they hoped, the new ruler of earth.

The time had come to invite the human race to explore their sinful sides. They just needed a plan.

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  • hunklover changed the title to The Devil By My Side | Chapter 6 added 04/30/2021



What a chapter.

Im amazed at this story. Every single chapter is interesting and perfect for the horror genre whilist being a muscle growth story.

I love how you are working your characters torwards a main goal and how we are seeing different changes in everyone.

The demon is building his army and it looks unstopabble so far.

This is probably my favorite chapter so far.

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On 5/1/2021 at 7:02 PM, Ro20316 said:



What a chapter.

Im amazed at this story. Every single chapter is interesting and perfect for the horror genre whilist being a muscle growth story.

I love how you are working your characters torwards a main goal and how we are seeing different changes in everyone.

The demon is building his army and it looks unstopabble so far.

This is probably my favorite chapter so far.

Thank you so much - I've really enjoyed building this story! And I love that it's found an audience who've enjoyed it too! Hope you enjoy the future chapters!

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