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growth A Deal Set to Be Cast (Chapter Two added 24/02)


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Connor checked to ensure the door of the Fraternity Library was still locked, and then proceeded to turn off the lights.   As he set alight the first of the 30 black candles, all he could think about was Noah.  Soon… very soon he wouldn’t have to worry about him.  Soon he would be just a distant memory and Conner would be back on top. 

 Both Noah and Conner had first noticed each other at try-outs for the University lacrosse team, but when they both discovered they were rushing the same frat, they quickly became friends.  They both had the same interests, loved to party, and loved to work out.  Where Conner was dark with Mediterranean heritage, Noah was blonde.  Conner always felt tall at 6’4, but Noah towered over him at 6’7.  Noah also was an easy gainer when it came to muscle mass and aided Conner with his own body through intense training and nutrition.  Sure, there was competition between the two… but they were friends!  It was healthy competition.  At least he understood it to be.  When they both returned to campus for senior year, Conner recognized that something in Noah had changed.  He was definitely bigger, more muscular, but he was also more cocky, more aggressive, and more determined than ever to rise to the top of the University food chain.

 Being given the role of Captain of the lacrosse team could be forgiven, Noah was the best out there, but being handed the presidency of Sig Ep was unforgivable.  That was a position Conner was supposed to have.  He had courted each of his frat brothers all last year to ensure their votes.  Even Noah had said that he was voting for him, but it turned out the tall Nordic blonde was lying once again as he went behind Connor’s back and stole the election right out from under him.  A damn write in candidate!  Who ever heard of that in a fraternity election?  And to get every once of his brothers to write in his name?  No, that was unforgivable. 

 Trying to force all thoughts of Noah aside, Conner sat cross-legged inside the ornate pentagram he had copied, as the book described, carefully onto the wood floor of the library in the old Sigma Phi Epsilon House.  Taking up one of the black candles, Conner lit the pieces of wood and paper that had laid in the old bar b que the and the boys had used all last summer.  Conner could feel the heat on his face from the flames as the fire quickly began to gain strength.  Picking up the first of six small packets he had prepared earlier in the weak, Conner sprinkled the contents into the flames and watched as billowing smoke began to fill the room.  It’s a good thing that I dismantled all of the fire alarms in the house, he thought, as he waited the appropriate amount of time, as suggested by the book, to add another packet to the flames.  This time the contents crackled and popped, sending small star like embers into the air as accompanying yellow smoke rose to merge with the black.  

 Flipping to the next page in the old tome that Conner had discovered months before in the University Library, Conner read a few lines ahead, confirming what he had to do next.  Taking off his lacrosse team jersey and shorts, Conner carefully placed them onto the fire and watched them quickly burst into flame.  The fire illuminated the room as if an electric lamp had been switched on, and Conner’s body was on full display.   He was tall, his lacrosse playing for the past ten years had given him a tight athletic build, and his dark hair and piercing blue eyes mixed with his Italian heritage made him a sexy individual that got a lot of stares in the gym as well as when he went out with his friends.  He never had a want for sexual partners, and if his own father was an indication… he was only going to get better with age.

 As his kit burned, Conner sprinkled the third of the packets, the greenish haze rising to the ceiling and emitting what Conner could only describe as a locker-room smell after the winning game; testosterone mixed with sex mixed with… what was it… power?  Yes!  It was the smell of power.  Conner grinned, his cock getting slightly hard from the odor and what he knew was about to take place.

 Quietly chanting the invocation that was written on the old page, (thank god for high school Latin!!) Conner lifted the sliver knife that had been sitting next to him and began to move it in meticulous yet elaborately choreographed movements.  From the air to his body, reciting the same practiced lines over and over again, Conner commenced to carefully tracing the patterns over his own pecs and abs, moving slowly down toward the stiffening bulge in his jock.  As his chanting got louder and more frantic, Conner lifted the knife and swiftly slashed a thin gash in the palm of his left hand.  Never stopping his chant, Conner watched as the blood rose to the surface and began to coat his palm. 

 Placing the silver knife to the side, Conner stood up and quickly lowered his jock with his right hand and let it fall to the floor.  Kneeling once again, Conner began to stroke his hard penis using the blood as lubricant.  The excitement surrounding what he was attempting edged him on as he began to stroke his eight inches faster and faster, until the incantation mixed with the orgasmic rush caused Conner to begin to shoot his load onto the floor and into the flames.  Taking some of the ejaculation, he mixed it with the blood from his palm, and painted the final symbol onto his freshly shaved chest.  He wasn’t sure if the burning sensation emanating from the newly drawn symbol was his imagination or a sign that all he had planned and dreamed about was coming true.

 Feeling even more energized than from the Monster beverage he had downed 30 minutes before, Connor sprinkled the final three packets onto the fire and began the second part of the invocation.  The fire rose even high from its own power, and the smoke and musk in the air grew much stronger.  Conner could feel the energy in the room changing; he could feel that Sabacc was near, he just had to make the demon reveal himself.  Chanting the demons name over and over again, Conner could feel the room suddenly start to grow cold.  A gust of wind began to swirl around Connor from an unknown source, increasing intensity as it blew, until in succession, each of the candles went out.

 Seconds felt like hours as Connor continued the invocation to call on Sabacc over the firelight until all the candles ignited as one, the flames a deep amber colour.  He’s close, Conner thought, so close!!  A pillar of yellow smoke began to rise from the fire, growing denser and deeper, filling up the entire room, until a lengthy, clawed hand stretched out from within it.  As if the smoke was giving birth, a reptilian-like face emerged from the smoke and began to stare at Connor, its eyes glowing a deep red.  Extending its head from the smoke, it moved closer to Connor’s face, examining him… smelling him.

 Sabacc’s mouth opened wide in a demonic grin forcing Conner to see that there were about five or six rows of sharp teeth within the maw of the demon.  As if the creature was willing the smoke to complete its form, more of it began to emerge, forcing the creature to look as if it was created of both flesh as well as the thick smoke that trailed behind it.  As if taking in where it had been summoned to, Sabacc began to slowly move around the room as its body formed.

 The demon stood nearly six feet tall, a few inches shorter than Conner.  It’s two lower limbs… its legs… were completed covered in thick greasy hair which led down to two black hooved feet. It’s skin hardly covered its muscles and bones and was hideously charred, areas of its body continuously bursting into flame as it took shape.   Connor noted that fire seemed to be forever burning within the demon highlighting a tight musculature that any man would be happy to have if it weren’t so damaged.

 Sabacc’s face had perhaps one time been humanoid, but now most of the flesh had been burnt away exposing a skull that appeared more jackal than human.  Slight whisps of black hair grew from the top of its head, falling to below its shoulders, while a long reptilian tail dragged behind it, burning the floor as it moved slowly around the room.   Connor found it impossible to look away from the creature’s inhuman blood red glowing eyes, and he felt a chill come over him as if the demon was reading his soul like a book… learning everything it needed to know about Connor. 

 What Connor found the most surprising was that Sabacc appeared to be asexual as the demon was devoid of any display of sexual organs.  As if reading the frat-boy’s thoughts, Sabacc dragged one of its razor-sharp talons over what would have been its pubic area, slitting it wide open.  As a thick black substance oozed onto the floor from the gaping wound, the head of a demonic serpent burst forth.  Soon, Sabacc was stroking the newly grown appendage as it lengthened and thickened, growing to over twelve inches before Connor’s eyes.  Venom dripped from the serpent’s mouth, and its body, although grown quite rigid, still pulsated and shifted of its own volition.  

 "Speak!”  Sabacc’s voice was quiet yet powerful.  Conner felt himself grow cold from just the one word, but he gather all of the courage he had within him and forced himself to speak.

 “Mighty Sabacc, I have called you to help me enact revenge for wrongs done to me.”


 Moving across the room, Conner grabbed a picture that he had placed on one of the library shelves.  “This guy.  This human.  He and I are forever in competition.  I need to one-up him.  That’s why I turn to you.  I crave a boon.”


 “I want power.  I want you to make over my body… sculpt it to be mightier than his.  Give me a bigger cock… balls… Make me the true Alpha of the two of us… and in exchange… I give you his soul.”

 “Interesting.  In exchange for his essence… you will give me his soul.”

 “Yes.  Let me be at the top for once!”

 “Fascinating.”  Sabacc moved closer to Conner and looked deep within him.  “So many years wanting him… yearning for him… lusting after him… and now he’s betrayed you.”

 “I don’t lust after him…”

 “QUIET!”  Conner was thrown backward and landed hard on the floor.  Sabacc, licking his lips and laughing, began to mumble under his breath.  Soon a whirlwind of smoke appeared next to him, gaining more force and power, until with a loud roll of thunder, Noah appeared in the room.

 At first Noah appeared to be in a daze, but quickly woke to recognize his surroundings.

 “What the fuck is going on?”  Noah looked slightly taken aback seeing Conner nearly naked in the frat library, but he was more shocked to discover the demon standing so close to him.

“A deal has been presented, human.  Power… strength…virility… for your soul.”

 “For my soul?  You’re selling my soul?”  He moved toward Conner, quickly grabbing his shoulders, and lifting him up from the floor.  “You’re trying to fuckin sell my soul?  That’s a dick move, bro!”

 “The request has been made… the deal is set to be cast.”

 Always quick on his feet and born with the special gift of self preservation, Noah blurted out: “what can I get for all of the souls in this frat?”

 “All of the souls?”  The demon looked at Noah and licked its lips.  

 “Yeah… all of the souls.”  Noah began to speak a little bolder, edged on by its grin and gleam in its eyes.  “There are what… 86 guys in this frat?  Yeah.  If I give you all of them… what do I get?”

 “Nothing!!” Conner screamed.  “I summoned him.  The deals been made!”

 “No deal has been made!”  Once again, picked up by an invisible hand, Conner was thrown like a rag doll against the wall and fell to the floor.

 “What would you desire for all of those souls?”  Sabacc moved closer to Noah, slowly stroking the serpent that grew from its crotch.

 “I want him!  I want all of him!  I want all of him merged with me!  Every inch of him… every pound of him!  Even his intellect gets merged with mine!  But, I want it done slowly!  I want it done piece by piece. I want him to watch as it happens.  I want him to watch as he sees me become the Alpha he’s always known I am!”


 “No!!!  I summoned you.  I control you.”

 “Nothing controls me!!”  Sabacc lifted his claw and with a quick move of his hand pulled the blood marker that had been drawn on his chest from Conner and manifested it on Noah’s.

 “A deal has been made!”  Noah felt a burst of cold air wash over him as his clothes disintegrated from his body.  Conner felt himself lifted by unseen hands up the wall until he was only inches from the 15 foot ceiling.  As he tried to scream out… to demand what was owed, he found himself speechless… a black burning tar flowing from his mouth each time it was opened.

 “The souls are mine?”

 “Take them!  Both Noah and Conner heard a loud chorus of screams rip through the house. Minutes later, balls of fire flowed down from the ceiling and through the walls and into Sabaac.  86 souls, Conner thought.  When the process was finished, Sabacc turned to Conner.  Conner was shocked to see the demon appeared more complete, his skin not as burnt, his muscles a little fuller.  The souls, Conner thought.  The souls are renewing him.

 “The price has been paid.  We begin.”  Conner saw the demon smile while it stroked the serpent… no!  It was no longer a serpent… it was a long, fat, uncut cock leaking what could only be magma.




“Let’s start with his cock and balls!  Give them to me!”  Conner tried to scream out as he felt the start of a slight itch within the shaft of his cock.  Rapidly it became a burning, and in seconds it was excruciating pain.  Stuck to the wall, Conner did his best to look down, but promptly looked away as he began to see his fat eight inches gradually begin to whither and disappear into his body.  The blaze dropped into his balls as they too shrivelled and were propelled up into his body until they instantly disappeared.  Once the burning ceased, Conner looked down… and saw… nothing!  Nothing at all!!  Just smooth skin!  Even his pubic hair was gone!  He looked like a fuckin Ken doll down there now!!! 

 A profound groan from across the room compelled him to look at Noah.  “Fuck me,” the jock moaned, “Fuck me, it’s happening!  It’s really fucking happening!!  My cock and balls… they’re growing!!  I can’t fuckin believe this!!!  Take that, mother fucker!!!”

 Conner could see that Noah’s nine-inch cock was rock hard and pulsating to the beat of his own heart.  Noah’s hand moved to it as if compelled to physically feel what was happening to him, and when he did, a large smirk appeared on his face.  “I can truly feel it expanding and lengthening,” he said!  “It feels like it’s alive!!” He leisurely began to rub himself.  After a few strokes, Noah’s cock began to shoot pre-cum in larger and greater amounts onto the floor until it was nearly a constant stream.

 “My balls… as yours merge with mine… sending out a continuous river or pre… and every time it squirts… I can feel it getting thicker!”  Noah couldn’t stop himself from laughing, drunk on the excitement of what was happening to him.  “Just think… my cock was already pretty thick to begin with… but now adding yours to mine… gonna be like a fuckin 2 liter!  You can’t even imagine how this feels, Conner!!  I can literally feel and hear the flesh ripping and repairing itself as it gets thicker and more immense.  Fuck!  My heart is beating so fast!!  So much blood being forced into my cock!  Look how thick it’s getting.  I can barely get my hand around it anymore and still it continues to grow!!”

 Conner couldn’t take his eyes off the growing monument to sex.  It now stood at nearly twelve inches long and probably eight inches around.  In his head he thought… if I was 8.5 inches and he was over 9…FUCK!

 “It’s getting so heavy!!  I can feel the weight pulling at my groin.  It has to be nearly thirteen inches long now.  Look at it.  So fat… so long… Look as I try to put my hand around it!  Look at the space between my thumb and middle finger.  Fuck!  This is gonna tear a bitch up… and it’s still getting thicker!!”

 Noah could feel his balls swelling up in his sack, itself gaining more and more weight.  “I can’t stop fucking shooting pre all over this room!  It just won’t stop coming. My balls….  churning more and more…  I can actually hear them churning!  Look at them!  I can barely close my legs anymore.”  Conner looked at the bull balls Noah now possessed, watching them swell even larger.

 Noah began to pant as wave after wave of bliss washed over him.  “My cock and balls just keep growing!!  How big is it now?  Fourteen inches?  And my cock head… it feels like its gonna rip in two!!  Blood just keeps getting pumped in… forcing it to swell larger and larger.  FUCK!!!  The piss slit… it’s tearing… getting so much longer as the head takes over the growth… getting so massive… bigger than my own fist!!  I’ve never seen a cock head so meaty.  ARGH!!  Piss slit keeps tearing to accommodate the size of the head… its so massive and it just keeps growing!!”

 “Fuck!  A shot just went through my balls like lightening!  My sack has nearly doubled in size to accommodate the two kiwis residing there.  And my cock!  Two of my hands can’t even begin to cover it!!  I’m becoming a total freak with a cock like this… and I fuckin love it!  Just think what the rest of me is going to look like, Conner, when I take all of you!!!   I will be the definition of Alpha!!  ARRGGHH!!  Here comes another surge!!!  Growing so…   My voice!!  Do you hear my voice, Conner?  Sounds like it’s dropping.  Do you hear… HA!  Happened again!  My voice is getting so deep… so masculine… sounds like its dropped more than an octave!!  Bet if you could talk, you’d sound like a fuckin… fuckin… FUCK!  Dropped again!!  Bet you’d sound like a fuckin five-year-old!”
Noah stroked his monster flesh more and more, feeling every inch.  “Cock has to be over 15 inches now and so thick!!  So…. Thick!!  My balls… swelling even larger… bigger than oranges…  No way I’ll be able to hide this thing in a pair of pants!  Doubt I’ll ever find underwear that will fit this!  So hard… so colossal…. Just looking at it makes me want to fuck over and over and over again.  I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied.  I’m going to live  being constantly horny and wanting to use this!  How big is this thing gonna get!!!!  Has to be seventeen inches now!!!  My cock and balls are pure sex!! I’m pure sex!!!  Balls churning… growing… cock still getting longer…. thicker…. head widening…. Gonna blow!!  Need to empty these….”

 As Conner heard Noah roar and watched as his cock began to shoot rope after rope after rope of cum, he could see the cock continuing to lengthen and thicken even more, the head blowing up to unthinkable proportions.

 When it was finally over…as his ejaculations became less and less frequent, Noah kept stroking his cock and laughing.  “I cum like a fire hose now and get hard like a steel girder.  It would take four hands to even try and cover this cock!!  I fuckin love it!!!  I want more!!  Since I already got a taste of it, demon… give me all of his masculinity!!”

 As soon as Noah’s bass voice spoke, Conner began to feel a chilly sweat washing over him.  Without even looking, he could feel the hair on his arms and legs being drawn back into his body.  When his face started itching, he knew that the three days growth of stubble was slowly beginning to crawl back in and within moments he was as bare as a newborn baby. 

 “If I was you… I’d want you to kill me… but watching you become the small pathetic worm that you are… believe me, Conner, this is much… much more fun!”  With each of the last three words spoken, Noah’s voice went deeper and deeper.  When he laughed, it sounded like a rumble of thunder.  “I always knew you were… a hairy fucker…. Conner… and now… it’s gonna be mine!!!”

 Dark black hair spewed all over his body, growing quicker and thicker on Noah’s face and chest.  His hair growth was so out of control that where one follicle would once have grown, he now had five or six, making his newly grown stubble thick and dark.  Within seconds, he had a full beard that continued to lengthen.  The hair on his arms and legs increased, trailing down onto his hands and feet, his underarms soon erupting into a forest of thick black hair.  His naturally bare pecs were soon covered in a pure pelt of jet black hair, trailing over his abs and down to his crotch.  His pubes soon grew denser as well, covering his pubic mound and massive ball sack.  The final transformation occurred on Noah’s head, as his blond hair mutated into a pitch-black sea growing longer until it fell onto his shoulders.

 Looking himself over, hair falling into his face, Noah snorted.  “What do you think of me now, Conner?  Alpha enough for you?  Listen to my voice!  Have you ever heard a voice this deep… this sensual… both men and women are gonna be dropping to their knees to suck my cock just hearing me speak… fuck… you think I can find anyone who could even suck this horse cock?  I’m hope I’ll be able to find a size queen to face fuck!!  Shit, Conner, I’m getting horned up again just hearing my own voice.  And this hair.  Real men have hair, Conner… and now I’m covered in it.”  Noah looked behind at his ass and laughed.  “Fuck yeah!  Even my ass is buried in it.  Some people don’t like a hairy guy… but I love it.  The more the better!  Hey, demon.  I just thought about this.  I have two brothers.  If I give you their souls, can you make my cock an even twenty inches long and ten thick… I just don’t think it’s big enough for a true Alpha… what do you think, Conner?  Also, make the hair even longer and thicker.  I barely want to see skin!”

 “Two more souls… as you command!”  Two balls of fire fell from the ceiling into Sabacc.  Conner could see the skin on its face thicken and tighten, the burns that had obscured its visage quickly disappearing.  As this was occurring from feeding on Noah’s brother’s souls, Noah collapsed onto the leather couch and began jacking his cock again, feeling it start to grow even more immense… quickly surpassing the twenty inches that he had asked for.  Thick pipe like veins wrapped themselves around his cock as it grew even denser, feeding the beast more and more.  “Becoming… a total… cock… freak!!  Just imagine how this feels.  I can’t even describe it.  I feel so strong, so masculine, so powerful just having this beast of a cock.

 “You have a father too.  For his soul, I’ll give you that primal nature you desire!”

“Yes!!  Do it!!  Always wanted to be a fuckin Neanderthal!”  A ball of fire fell from the sky and into Sabacc.  As it did, the skin on his chest tightened and healed.

 Noah roared like a grizzly bear as he felt his cock grow even longer and thicker, his body getting even hairier, his chest hair soon merging with his beard, his musculature completely covered, and the hair on his head falling down to his back.  He looks like a fuckin barbarian, Conner thought, as he watched Noah’s cock grow to over twenty-five inches in length and fifteen inches thick.  His balls… his balls were now two massive softballs in a sack that hung halfway to his knees.  With a crack, Conner watched Noah’s brow ridge distend causing his eyes to sit deeper in his head.  What the fuck is he doing to himself, Conner thought, and why is Sabacc egging him on?

 Noah stalked around the library feeling the essence of pure masculinity washing over him, his cock weighing more than his own arm.  In the mirror that hung on the wall, he saw himself and it was a creature he didn’t even recognize.  He was so hairy now.  Something he never admitted to himself that he had wanted, but deep down knew that it turned him on.  Now he had it… more than had it!!  He looked like a caveman!! 

 “I feel almost complete, Conner.  Not yet… but almost.  Demon.  Give me his musculature… and I’ll give you the souls of the rest of my family to add… I don’t know… four hundred pounds more of muscle to me!”

 “As you command.” 

 Conner saw four balls of fire fall from the sky before he had to shut his eyes, his entire body trembling and seizing as all of his muscular structure left his body.  Conner tried to grit his teeth to control the pain but found even closing his mouth was difficult with this high degree of wasting happening to him.  If he wasn’t supernaturally being forced to hold his head up, Conner was sure that it would have fallen onto chest since he knew he could no longer hold it up on his own.  My muscles… not just the pump… but my muscles… all of my muscles are gone.  All of them.  I think… I think right now I’m just organs and bone.  Kill me, Noah.  Please kill me!!  As Conner wished for death, Noah was coming to life.

 Noah wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of power being thrust onto his body, and he was finding it nearly impossible to digest.  His whole body was pulsating with life as it began to shift, throb, and bubble.  He felt as if his entire being had overdosed on power, and now he was being ravaged by it.  He felt lightheaded and sick to his stomach while at the same time, he felt an overwhelming joy that his every fantasy was about to come true.

 Never had he felt this onslaught of power… and he thought injecting Test and roids felt good!  Now he was getting more powerful by the second.  Conner barely raised his eyes when he heard Noah begin to deeply chuckle.  “What I’m about to become… what I’m becoming, Conner… should I regret my decision?  Fuck!!  I’ll never need to regret anything ever again!!!  I feel like my entire body is about to cum!  It’s just getting stronger and stronger and stronger and…”  Noah began to laugh again, and Conner knew that his frat brothers time as a normal human was soon to be over.

 “I will be the mightiest creature to walk this Earth!!  I will take what is rightfully mine!  I will exist at the top of the food chain!  Nothing… will ever…. Stop me… AGAIN!!!”  Noah’s whole body suddenly stopped pulsating, tensed up into a full body flex, and his back muscle began to cramp.  It felt as if hundreds of hot nails were being hammered into his traps all at once.  Noah released a scream that bounced around the library, and he could feel his back beginning to swell with muscle.  Larger and more defined it became, and still it continued to grow.

 Conner heard Noah’s collarbone and scapula making gruesome cracking noises as they appeared to fracture and then expand, growing wider… forcing Noah’s arms further away from his body.  For what seemed like hours to Conner, but was only minutes, Noah’s shoulders extended, becoming wider than any door, and showing no sign of slowing its growth.  As the bones continued to stretch longer and thicker, his shoulder muscles began to join in the development of his traps.

 “My shoulders… you see them, Conner!  My delts getting so round and thick!  My whole upper body stretching wider and wider.  My upper back… so filled with muscle and strength… my traps getting so concentrated… my…”  Noah groaned as his upper body surged even wider.  Conner knew there was no way possible that Noah would ever walk through a normal door again, his shoulders were simply far too wide now.  His traps were riding higher and rounder on his shoulders giving Noah the look more of a bull than a man.

 With a sudden explosion that rocked Noah’s body, his lats began to swell, pushing his arms even further from his body.  Conner couldn’t believe how quickly his upper back, shoulders and traps had become mountainous, and so far from the realm of human possibility.  With all of this muscle, Noah was looking like four bodybuilders fused together to create one upper back, and still he continued to bulge and grow.

 “I… never… want… this… to… stop…”

 “It doesn’t have to!  What do you have to offer?”  Cooper looked at the demon grinning near the corner of the room.

 “What do I have?  What do I have?  I know!!  For all of the women I’ve fucked this year… and there’s been plenty… give me another 100 lbs of muscle and a foot of height.  My hunger is insatiable.  Make me bigger!!  Make this body a monument!!!”

 “As you command!”  Fire balls rained down from the sky.  Conner found it nearly impossible to count, but it had to be at least twenty or twenty-five.  With all of that muscle and all of that height… how was Noah ever going to live in this world?  He was going to be a freak… a monster… but somehow, Conner knew that was what Noah wanted.  This had gone beyond simply wanting to be the Alpha. 

 Sabacc laughed as immense bat-like wings ripped from his back.  Folding them behind him, the creature’s pecs began to grow fuller until they resembled something Schwarzenegger would be proud to possess.  The hair on its head had also grown fuller, and ears began to grow on the sides of his head where only holes had once been.

 Noah cried out in orgasmic lust as his neck began to swell into a Grecian column of muscle.  He tried to lift his hands to feel his body’s new structure, but they were now too far away and too short to reach his own neck.  Soon, Noah found moving his head was becoming more and more difficult as his neck grew so dense and muscle bound that it resembled more a quad than a neck.  As his traps continued to rise higher and higher and started to fuse with his neck, his lats continued to widen until, to his joy, Noah’s upper back began to resemble that of an immense morphed cobra head.

 The horrific sound of cracking filled Connors ears even louder than before as Noah’s arms and hands began to lengthen.

 “Look at these arms, Bro!!  Getting longer than my own legs!!!  How big do you think I’m gonna be?”

 “Monstrous.  Freakish.  Never on Earth has a mortal possessed your size or mastery.”  The demon walked up to Noah and began to stroke his fur covered pecs.  With its long tongue, it began to play with the nipples now hidden behind long locks of black hair. 

 “Strip me of my humanity!!  FUCK!!!  What am I saying!!!  Conner?”  Noah looked over at Conner for a moment as if he was begging him for all of this to stop, but that moment quickly passed.  “Look at you!  Fuck, your disgusting!!  Just bones and some skin!!!  Makes my wonder why I was ever jealous of you!!  Now it’s me the world will be jealous of!!!  Demon, I give you the souls of all the women I’ve ever fucked.  Just give me 2 feet of height and 300 pounds of muscle each!  Also, make my cock and balls grow beyond comprehension!!!”

 Thunder shook the Sig Ep house as wave after wave of fire balls fell and entered Sabacc.    They were falling so fast and so plentiful that Connor couldn’t even count them.  What have you done, Noah, he thought?  What have you done?  Sabacc laughed a high shrill laugh.  “As you command!!”

 “Grow me!!!  Stretch me!!!  Don’t ever stop!!!”

As if hearing Noah’s pleas, his legs and feet began to lengthen along with his arms and hands.  Although his limbs were still extremely muscular, though minute compared to his back and shoulders, Noah began to resemble a new born pony as he moved around the room on his growing legs.  Conner was shocked at how quickly he had grown taller while his hands continued to drag on the floor.  The ceilings of the classic Victorian frat house were probably sixteen or eighteen feet high.  Noah had to be nearing eight foot tall and growing. 

Noah let out a deep rumble as he took in his new view of the world.  Stumbling and laughing at the same time, Noah moved around the room on his stick legs, his enormous feet rocking the very foundation of the frat house.  “I won’t ever get out of this room without tearing the whole place apart!!  The ceiling!  Ceiling’s getting so much closer!”  Noah reached up his arm and found that it wasn’t as far away as he thought it was.  “Fuck!!!  How tall am I now?  The ceiling is getting so much closer I can almost reach out and touch it!”  Noah reached his arm up and found that he could easily place his palm against it and he wasn’t even reaching…his arm was bent.

“Remember, Conner… Remember when we had to get out that massive ladder just to change the battery on the fire alarm?”  Conner did remember since he had done that very thing this morning.  “I’ll never need that ladder again, Conner.  I’ll never lead ANY ladder again!!!  Towering… towering above everyone… above everything!”  As he continued to grow taller, his inhumanly wide and muscular back began to resemble a flesh-like shell, it was so mountainous with peaks and valleys of muscle.  The thickness of his neck and traps make it impossible for him to turn his head, and he soon found he had to turn his whole body if he needed to look around.  In a moment of clarity, Noah began to be hit with the impracticalities of his new size, but he brushed them away because he no longer cared.  He had no need to care anymore.  He revelled in the idea of being so massive, and he wanted more.  “I don’t give a shit what the world is going to think of me!!!  I will be a creature of brute strength and muscle.  I will be a God!!”

Noah lifted his growing hand and marvelled at the sheer size of it.  Each finger was much longer than his own head and thicker than four of his old fingers put together.  “My palm… fuck… my palm is growing to become larger than my own chest is now!”  Noah was pulled away from marvelling his own appendage as his torso began to join his arms and leg and loudly began to elongate.  The snapping and pulling of his body appeared to Conner to be so excruciating to Noah that he wasn’t surprised when the beast let out a bellowing roar.  As Noah’s body developed taller and longer, Conner began to estimate how tall Noah now was… he had to be nearing ten feet if not eleven.  The more his torso stretched, the more in proportion his arms and legs were becoming, but he was now so out of proportion with every other human on earth!!  Why was the demon allowing this to happen?  Why was it instigating this?

“Fuck!!  My pecs!!!”  Conner noticed Noah lower move his massive hands to his rising chest.  Once again, Noah let out a massive roar, a sound that the entire campus must have heard as he pecs began to explode with size.

Like two massive inflatable mattresses’ affixing themselves to his body, Noah’s pectorals simply blossomed, quickly getting firmer and rounder.  The sensation of feeling his blood engorged muscles grown made his head spin.  Looking down as much as his bull neck would allow, Noah nearly came watching those two massive globes coming to life, taking over the top half of his chest.  Rubbing his hand over the growing right pec, Noah nearly collapsed as his hand brushed over the nipple.  My nipples have never been sensitive before, he thought, and I never understood nipple play... but now… FUCK!!  I need more!!!

With each beat of Noah’s heart, his pecs became more and more massive.  Using both of his growing hands, he grabbed hold of his nipples and squeezed them tighter and tighter.  Colours formed in front of his eyes and his head spun in ecstasy.  Squeezing them again but twisting them at the same time caused him to release a low moan from his throat that both Conner and Sabacc took note of.  As if they were both trying to enrapture him to play with them more, Connor noticed both of Noah’s nipples were proceeding to get larger and fatter, the areola growing broader and darker, the nipples eventually bursting with size until they were both larger than Connor’s own middle finger.

Noah’s pecs, fuelled by his intense nipple play grew even mightier, extending foot after foot from his chest.  Taking his eyes off his chest for a moment, Noah finally took stock of how massive he was truly becoming.  His upper body filled half of the large library now, and his head was only a a few feet away from hitting the ceiling.  As he continued to rub his pecs, Noah spoke: “Look at my pecs… getting so full… so heavy with muscle.  The world… getting so fuckin small around me.  Everything… so fuckin small.  I can’t wait till my whole body feels this way… till my whole body weighs thousands of pounds of muscle!”

“Thousands of pounds?  Too small!  Why stop there?”  Sabacc rose up until he was level with Noah.  “You deserve to be thousands upon thousands upon thousands of pounds!!  Your muscle mass would make the very earth tremble!!  No scale would ever be strong enough to weigh how heavy you really were!!

As the demon spoke, as his words swam in Noah’s head, Noah’s pecs began to fight to find more room to grow on his body, quickly rising up while being forced down at the same time.  The gap between his pecs was so deep now, and only grew tighter as they tried to take up more space.  Raising his hand again, Noah tried to force it down into the gap, but the pressure being pressed upon it by these two powerful masses made it impossible.  “Soon I’ll be able to crumble boulders between my pecs… or splinter trees just by flexing them together.

“I never pictured you were one to settle for second best.  That was more his style, I imagined.”  Conner tried to force his mouth to work again, but it impossible.  He would never speak again… but he needed Noah to hear him.  He needed to have this stop before it was too late.  “When you first appeared in this room… I knew exactly what you were.  So much untapped potential.  Big… strong…smart… yet unrecognized.  I knew you were the one that deserved all of my attention.” 

“He summoned you.”

“But it was you I genuinely wanted.  As soon as I tasted just a vision of you in his head… I knew we were going to raise hell together!  He was just a means to an end.  In fact… lets just end it for him before we stop even thinking about him.”  Sabacc opened his mouth and produced a geyser of fire that quickly engulfed Conner.  Conner felt pain for only a second, and then ceased to exist, his soul drifting over and merging with Sabacc, where he would experience even more agonizing pain for eternity.

As if brought on by Connor’s death, Noah’s abs and lower back began to burst forth with muscle at the same time to prevent the immense weight of his upper body from collapsing down upon it.  He could feel that his back, lats, and traps were still quickly gaining mass, and he could only imagine how he looked.  His traps rose up to near his ears now, giving Noah the guise of either having no neck at all, or one so massive that it rose simply from his back.

Noah could no longer see beneath his pecs, but he new that as his abs exploded one by one, this was no ordinary six-pack.  With his hands, he felt each one and discovered that his own body was mutating beyond that of any mortal man.  With his basic knowledge of the male anaotomy, Noah was aware that most humans have, at most, eight muscle bellies making up their abdominal wall… but not he… his abdomen had divided itself in six, with each side forming into a thick and dense twelve pack. 

“Do you like it?  Something special I designed just for you.”

 Noah could barely talk as his abs thickened with the rest of his body.  “Incredible.”

 “Let me free you, Noah.  Let me give you all that I have at my disposal.”

 “And in return?”

 “Only you can offer me what I need.”


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Very nice set up. Tons of potential. I can imagine many directions you might take this as well as innumerable plot twists. Looking forward to more.

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