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Chapter 1: The First Day Jayden looked over the website, looking for a new job. His funds had gotten low, and he was getting to that point where his roommates were pressuring him to find a new jo

Chapter 2: Sibling Rivalry The rest of the previous day had passed by, like a blur. Jayden didn't remember a whole lot, but when he came to, he was dizzy. He grinned stupidly, still drunk off of

Chapter 3: Morning Stretches Jayden awoke the next morning, stretching happily. He didn't bother showering this morning, having learned that there was no point to. After all, when he was going to

Chapter 4: Chest Day

The weekend passed quickly enough. After spending 5 hours each day on OnlyFans, Jayden earned an extra couple thousand bucks to play with. He had gained quite a lot of fans, all of them making requests of the young man. One left a message for him, that drew his attention. It was a fan called "Tits4Days". At first confusing this fan as a woman, the fan confirmed himself anything but. He left a public message, for everyone to see:
"Jayden, u've got a nice bod. If you want some money, I have an offer. I'll be in ur area tomorrow. Meet me, and let's make a vid together. I'll pay u 5k bucks. U wont regret it ;)"

Jayden thought it was a scam, but he decided to go for it. It was a Sunday, and it was a nice day. It was kind of warm. He was already working up a sweat. He headed out with his phone, telling his roomies he'd be out. He left, and came to a hotel he was told to go to. He asked for the guys room, and waited at the door. Knocking on it, it was soon answered. The man who answered was in his early 30's. However, the most interesting thing was his body. He had a toned body, the type of body someone who lightly worked out would have. However, the important part were his large pecs. They jutted out far. And his nipples were plump. The man leaned on the doorframe, his pectits wobbling. 
"Jayden, eh? Come on in." 
He winked and let Jayden in. The room was set up for their video already. The curtains were closed, and the lights had been tinted red, creating a lustful environment. The bed was scattered with rose petals, and a bottle of wine laid on the bedside table. A camera was pointing at the bed, and a laptop was by the wine, with a couple of glasses for the wine. Jayden felt the man's arms around him all of a sudden, stroking his round belly.
"Mmm, you have a great bod, Jayden. And by the way you used those toys, I'd say you're definitely a bottom, right?"
Jayden felt those pectits on his shoulders. It felt great. He huffed, inhaling a little, before turning, wrapping his arms around the man's waist. The man was a few inches taller, and had a short beard, his hair messy. He had tan skin. He grinned at Jayden, before lifting him, pressing his girthy bulge against Jayden's ass, Jayden's legs wrapping around the man's waist.
"I can tell that you're probably an alpha bottom, at least. That's fine." 
He helped Jayden onto the bed, before turning on the camera. He typed some stuff in chat, before stripping down, stroking his 14 inch cock. He groped his tit, making them dance for the camera. Chat was going crazy, and Jayden watched as some of his fans came over to this chat for him. He grinned. Give em a show was what popped into his head. He stood up, and began stripping, swaying his hips and dancing for the camera, before standing nude for the camera, flexing and showing off, before he turned to the man.
"Mmm, on your back, titman. I'mma ride you raw."
The older man grinned, obliging and laying back on the bed, letting the camera see him at an angle. Jayden decided to toy with the camera. He leaned back, forcing the lens of the camera up his ass. He moaned out, before tugging it out, and heading over to the bed. He climbed up, and sat on the older man's belly, leaning down. He looked at the camera, grazing his tongue against a thick nipple.
"When you're an alpha slut like me, you gotta know how to control your men. Isn't that right, chat?"
He looked at the laptop, and saw that several people had posted nosebleed emojis from his toying with the camera. He smirked, and sat back roughly, slipping the older man's cock up his ass. The older guy moaned out loudly, as Jayden began roughly riding up and down, making his ass wobble for the camera. He leaned down, and began sucking on the older man's nipple. This drove him crazy, almost making him cum. Jayden grinned, wiggling his tongue over that sensitive nipple. The older guy had never experienced this pleasure before, and Jayden knew he was driving this guy crazy. He rode all the harder, wanting this guy to give up his cum. 
"Give it to me, daddy. Cum in this alpha slut."
The old guy was trying his hardest to hold it back. Jayden frowned at the older guy fighting back. He clamp onto a nipple, and sucked hard on that nip, riding up and down on that fat dick. He would smirk, as the older man gave in, unable to hold back from the pleasure, cumming hard into the alpha bottom atop of him. He panted, and went limp.
"We're not done yet, dad."
He got up off of that dick. He looked at the camera, winked, and blew a kiss, before he sat on the older man's face, almost smothering him. The older man yelled out, before hugging those thighs and jamming his tongue deep into Jayden's ass. Jayden moaned out, as he twerked a little on his face, groping the older guy's tits. He would smirk, before, with a deep moan, Jayden came on the headboard of the bed. He licked his lips and climbed down. He would look down at the man, laying dizzy on the bed. 
"Mmm, I don't think you were ready. Well, I'mma spend the night with ya. I have work tomorrow, but I can't be assed walking home. Besides, I wanna toy with those tits." 
The older guy panted. Jayden came over to the camera, and leaned in to the lens.
"Thanks for coming to the show. I'll be live on my channel tomorrow, at 8pm. I hope to see you there. And, with the money this guy is giving me, I'll be investing in that fucking machine you guys linked on my channel. Love you, and goodnight."
And, with that, he turned off the camera and rejoined the dilf in bed, holding him close.
"Mmm, you'll need your rest, old man. So, don't mind if I have some fun..."
And Jayden spent the rest of the night, sucking on those fat nipples, as the older man moaned out, before passing out from the pleasure, the bed soon coated in his cum. Jayden soon passed out, keeping his mouth working on that nipple. After all, the alpha slut knew how to work his tops. And, next morning, before work, he ordered a shirt for his new friend to wear: a blue shirt that has the chest area missing, and on the shirt's abdomen area, it has the words "The Milk Factory. Dig in!"

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Added the rest of the chapter.
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  • MuscleFan94 changed the title to The Dream Job, Chapters 1-4 (CHAPTER 4 ADDED 02/23/2021)
9 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

His Alpha side is coming on stronger everytime. He knows what he wants and how he wants it.

Amazing chapter

Thank you kindly. :)

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