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Chapter 1: The First Day

Jayden looked over the website, looking for a new job. His funds had gotten low, and he was getting to that point where his roommates were pressuring him to find a new job, to help pay the bills. His current job as a janitor at a school wasn't really paying well, and he paid less bills than his roommates. So, he decided to try something new. Sighing, he rested his head on his desk. The young 22 year old's eyes had bags under them, having not slept for near on 23 hours now. He was about to give up hope, until he spotted a strange looking advertisement. It stood out to him, as it had an interesting job name: "Towel Boy/Escort Wanted! Male Only!" He shrugged, and decided to check it out. He clicked on it, and it took him to an external site. The site's color pallet was red and black. It was for a gym called "Pump and Hump".
"The...Pump and Hump? That's...strange. Probably means something like 'hump day' or something."
The young man shrugged, and continued to read the ad:
Towel Boy/Escort Wanted! Male Only!

We are seeking a young man, aged between 19 to 26. The applicant must be good with their hands, and be in shape. Preferably, the applicant must also be homosexual, or, at the least, bisexual. The applicant must also be willing to engage in possible intercourse. No references required! 

Pump and Hump is a homosexual gym proudly founded in 2017, by Mr. Tim Yates. It is a place for exercise nuts to come and be themselves, working out, and enjoying a public shower and locker room. We are specifically looking for a young man to towel down sweaty bodybuilders, as well as service them. 

The Position comes with many benefits: you will be provided health insurance, and free access to the gym and showers. In addition, your hourly rate will be $25.

We hope you'll apply, and give us a chance.

Jayden looked at the ad, his eyes wide. He never knew a place like this existed. He looked at the provided pictures, and the interior was clean, immaculate, and was filled with various pieces of exercise equipment. The showers were very large, and the locker room boasted 900 lockers. He then decided to look up Tim Yates, and found himself looking at a rather attractive image. Tim seemed to be a 47 year old man, who was tall, boasted a strong musculature, and was well-endowed. He had gorgeous brown eyes, and short, sandy blond hair. He was the epitome of masculinity. Jayden gulped. He was gay himself, and the thought of toweling down and servicing handsome men appealed to him. And with such good benefits, he was very tempted. He looked at the required schedule, and the expected maximum hours were 72 hours a week, at most, 24 hours at least. He quickly tapped apply, and sent off his resume, along with, as he hoped would help, a picture of himself. Jayden was a rather handsome guy. 6 foot even, and toned. He had blue eyes, and shoulder length brown hair. He also was proud of his 10 inches. He got up, and was about to head to bed.
Before his head hit the pillow, his phone buzzed, telling him that he had an email. He blinked, picking up his phone. It was a text from...Tim Yates!
"HI THERE! I was wanting to say, love the resume. We'd love to have you. Please, come by tomorrow at 10am sharp."
Jayden's eyes went wide. Did he just net the job? He grinned, before passing out. Awakening several hours later, Jayden remembered his interview, and quickly washed up, suited up, and headed out. His short drive to the gym was uneventful, but he was thinking about what would happen. He could only imagine the types of guys that would be there. He grinned stupidly, before coming to when he got to the gym. He pulled up, and noticed that there were few cars in the car park. Maybe most people walked there? Regardless, the young man made his way inside, and found himself in a small reception area. It was soothing, playing rock music over the stereo system.
"Hey there. You Jayden?"
Jayden stopped looking around, and focused on the guy behind the counter, blushing bright red. The man was handsome! He must've been 6 foot 6, and was muscular enough that his chest bulged out his shirt, his nipples visible. His arms were strong, with veins on them. He was sitting, so unfortunately, Jayden didn't get a good look at the goods. The man, who's name was Adam, according to his name tag, had a gorgeous, heart melting smile. This man seemed genuinely nice.
"U-Uh, yeah, that's me. Mr Yates wanted to see me?"
"Yeah, for sure! Follow me!"
Adam stood up, and led Jayden down a hallway behind the desk. Jayden watched Adam's bubble butt bounce with each step. It was mesmerizing, filling out his shorts nicely. Jayden grinned, before he quickly looked away when he noticed Adam looking over his shoulder. He stopped at a door, with a manager sign on it, and knocked. There was quiet for a couple of minutes, before it opened up, and Tim peeked out. He was really tall in reality, probably about 6 foot 10. 
"Jayden? Excellent! Come on in."
Adam left them to it, as Jayden stepped in, Tim closing the door. They both took seats, and Tim looked over the young man, like he was looking for something. He nodded, seemingly pleased, and smiled at Jayden.
"So, the ad...you know what you applied for? You may go home stinking of sweat, and with a sore ass."
Jayden chuckled awkwardly, before nodding.
"Yeah, I know. It's...It's why I applied, sir. If I have to be honest, this is kinda my dream job. I was caught off-guard something like this existed."
"Is that so? So, tell me, Jayden, you're gay, right? You outed? Or closeted?"
"Uh, I'm...kinda still closeted. I haven't told many people."
"Heh, that's alright. Well, if you'd like, today we can give ya your first shift."
Jayden blinked. He wasn't expecting to be hired immediately. He rubbed behind his head, and nodded. 
"Sure, but, don't I need a uniform? And to give you my bank details?"
Tim nodded. He got up, and headed to a storage closet. He disappeared inside of it, before returning with a uniform. It was like Adam's, with a pair of shorts and a polo shirt with the logo on it. And, after this, Tim and Jayden sorted out the paperwork details, before Jayden was sent to change. He found the uniform comfortable, and it was shaped to his body nicely. He grinned, blushing that he had this job. He looked at himself in the mirror, before he lifted his arm into a flex. It wasn't impressive, but it showed that the lad worked out a little bit, at least. Jayden grinned, before the lights were blocked, and he looked at the mirror again, seeing someone standing behind him. He jumped, and turned around, looking up. It was an Adonis of a man. He must've been 7 foot tall, and powerfully built. He looked like a Greek god, his pecs as big as barrels, and his abs like saucers. His arms were as thick as basketballs. And, those tree trunk like legs. And, being covered by his only piece of clothing, his package hung heavy, the bulge itself looking like he was smuggling a bowling ball.
"Hey there, cutie. Never seen you here before. New here?"
"Uh, y-yeah. I am. You're...fucking huge..."
Jayden facepalmed himself at his comment, which he had said out loud. The big guy laughed, and lifted his arm into a flex. That arm could've knocked down a wall. Jayden reached up for it, before stopping himself. The big guy cooed to him gently, before handing him a towel. Jayden then noticed that the huge guy was covered head to toe in sweat, super musky. He had a strong, masculine smell, and had an earthy tone to it. Jayden began wiping down the guy's abs, before the guy smirked, and tugged Jayden close, forcing Jayden's face into his armpit. Jayden groaned, his face and now moist hair covered in the big guy's sweat. 
"Towels are boring, aren't I right, cutie? So, let's be fun with this. Lick the pits, cutie."
Jayden nodded, tossing the useless towel away, as he ran his tongue up the larger guy's hairy pit. He tasted the sweat, and it was rather salty, but it tasted nice to him. He sampled the pit, before the big guy pushed him back. 
"What's your name, kid? Mine is Phil, but you can call me daddy."
Jayden huffed, licking his wet lips, as he was slightly dazed by the scent still. He shook himself back to reality. 
"Mine is Jayden, daddy."
Phil nodded, admiring Jayden. He flexed his bicep, and Jayden immediately reached up, caressing the bicep. It was powerful, like it was made of marble. Jayden kissed it gently, massaging the bicep. Phil groaned happily, his shorts growing tight. Jayden turned his attention to those two, huge pecs. He smiled, running his tongue up the crevice between them. He then kissed each of them, massaging them happily. He would come closer, and would slip a thick nipple into his mouth. He suckled on it greedily, making the bodybuilder moan out in pleasure.
"Fuuuuck, kid. Easy now. I wanna finish inside of ya."
Jayden pulled off of that nipple, and kissed down the huge man's abs, before ending up on his knees in front of the huge man. He would hug around a thick leg, and would lick up and down it, tracing the muscles that flexed in it when Phil moved. He moved to the other leg, and ran his tongue up it, before finding himself face to face with that package. Phil grinned, and stroked Jayden's head.
"That's right. Daddy has a present for ya. Gotta unwrap it first."
Jayden hastily tugged down those shorts to the huge guy's ankles. He went wide-eyed, staring at the package before him. If he had to guess, the cock that was poking his nose now must've roughly been 20 inches of pure man, with a heavy set of balls dangling beneath them. Jayden was unsure, but he remembered his job. He looked up, and took the head of that monster into his mouth. He would slowly bob his head on it, running his tongue down the sides of it. He was an amateur, and it showed, fitting only 4 inches of it into his gob. The man still moaned in pleasure, gripping a hold of the lad's hair. Jayden didn't want to make the man bored though. He gripped the man's balls in one hand, and stroked them. And, with his other hands, he gripped the shaft that wasn't in his mouth, and began jerking it off. The man groaned, with a grin.
"Fuck, kid, ya must be a pro? Or you've watched a lot of porn."
Jayden blushed, working that cock in his mouth. Phil moaned out, before he began thrusting his hips. He looked down at Jayden, who looked up at the man, past his heavy pecs. THe two shared a look, before Phil grinned. He slammed a fist into a locker, denting it, as he let out a yell of pleasure. Jayden winced when his cheeks swelled up, his mouth quickly filling with the alpha male's cum. He gulped it down as quick as he could, only to be replaced by more cum. It felt like a long time, Jayden's eyes watering up from the heat. Phil was clenching his teeth, experiencing a hard orgasm. Jayden felt a breeze on his belly. After a couple minutes had passed, Phil pulled back, spurting some cum into Jayden's hair. He panted, swaying a bit, before he looked down at Jayden. 
"Well, kid, I gotta get back to work. But, you enjoy yourself now."
Phil tugged his shorts up and left. Jayden shakily got to his knees, and looked at himself in the mirror. He was shocked to find that his belly had swollen up. He rubbed over it. It had swollen with Phil's seed, and the young man looked several months pregnant. Jayden belched, the smell of Phil's musky seed. He grinned, jiggling his now sloshing gut. 
"Fuck, if this is my first day, this job is going to be the time of my life."
And, with that, Jayden went around the first day of his shift, stinking of the alpha male's sweat, and with a sloshing gut, as he attended to his customers. And Jayden had the best day of his life.

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Chapter 1: The First Day Jayden looked over the website, looking for a new job. His funds had gotten low, and he was getting to that point where his roommates were pressuring him to find a new jo

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22 minutes ago, richard18 said:

cant wait for more and to see what happens to jayden's semen filled belly, will he get muscular himself 

Only time will tell! I might continue this, if people want more.

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26 minutes ago, richard18 said:

cant wait for more and to see what happens to jayden's semen filled belly, will he get muscular himself 

Yes let’s hope that muscle seed turns him into a beast 

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That part with swollen belly is great. It's just a pity you didn't describe in more detail, I mean what he felt etc. Anyway it's a very good story :) Can't wait to read a next part.

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Chapter 2: Sibling Rivalry

The rest of the previous day had passed by, like a blur. Jayden didn't remember a whole lot, but when he came to, he was dizzy. He grinned stupidly, still drunk off of the musk of the other men. He sat up, rubbing his head. The scent of manly musk and sex hung on the air about him. It was definitely a smell he could get used to. He rested back a little bit, resting a hand on his swollen middle. He groaned in pleasure at how sensitive it felt. It seemed slightly larger than what he remembered. No doubt he had some more fun before he came home. Not that he minded. He enjoyed the sight of it, and it made him feel wanted. The young man showered shortly after, got dressed in his uniform, his gut pushing up his shirt, and headed back to work. He said good morning to Adam, and headed in. It was quiet in the gym this morning. There must've been four guys here, working out. Jayden didn't mind though. He went about his morning, asking if any of the men needed help, but found that they didn't. So, he decided to try working out. Laying back on a bench, he went for a lighter set of weights, which he began lifting effortlessly. He wanted to break his previous record of 30 lifts. He slowly did it, but his gut felt strange, and a strange, throbbing sensation travelled all over his body. But it didn't make him stop. If anything, it made him want to keep going. Soon after hitting his goal, he sat up, exhaling happily at his work out.
"Jayden! We've got a couple new sign-ups for the gym! Could you come and show them around?"
Adam's voice came over the intercom, sounding really smooth. Jayden grinned, thinking about Adam and that bubble butt of his, before getting to his feet. He felt lighter, for some reason, but he ignored this to head to the entrance. What he found there, with Adam, was a delicious sight. Standing behind Adam were twins. Identical twins, though, one seemed slightly taller, while the other seemed to be more muscular. And they were both handsome. The tallest was around 6'5", and the other only a couple inches shorter. The largest was packed with muscles. He wasn't as big as Phil was, but he definitely had some size to him, and the other wasn't that far behind him. They had fair hair, messy on both of them, and they had stunning green eyes. Each boasted a trimmed beard. What stood out to Jayden was their huge pecs. They were larger than they should be, showing that they focused on their chests. Jayden would smirk a little, before nodding his head at them.
"Jayden, this is Rhys and Caleb. Twins. If you'd please show them around, and tell them what you do here, that'd be much appreciated."
Adam smiled, stroking Jayden's arm gently. Jayden shivered, wanting to kiss this man on the lips, before turning to the twins with a wide grin.
"If you'd both follow me, please."
The twins nodded. Jayden led them on a tour of the facility, starting with the workout area, then the sauna, the pool, and then the kitchen. He led them to the toilet block - which he discovered had glory holes - and then finally to the lockers and shower room. He turned to face them, giving them a couple of locker keys, beside each other. The twins looked over him.
"So, uh, what is it you do here, Jayden?"
Jayden smiled, blushing slightly. He was still getting used to his title here. But, nevertheless, he leaned against the lockers, trying to play it cool. 
"Towel Boy and Escort. Basically, I wipe down sweaty guys. And, if they really need it, my ass and mouth are available."
He made himself sound like a slut. He thought how stupid that sounded, before the twins looked at each other with mischievous grins. Each of them placed a hand on one of his shoulders. They moved closer to the young man, blocking his getaway. He looked up at them shyly, still not really used to the height difference. However, the strange thing was, looking over them, he felt like he was almost the same height as the smaller one, who was about 6'3". He could've sworn he was 6 foot even, but he may have measured wrong. He shook his head, returning to reality, when he noticed the twins had shed their shirts, and were feeling up each other's pecs. Rhys, the taller of the pair, grinned. The twins moaned out in pleasure.
"Well, Jayden, me and my brother here like to...enjoy each other. There have been times where we've slept together. And, we always enjoy a good threesome. However, he and I have a little rivalry going on."
"That's right, little guy. We need an outside source to help us decide. I'm Caleb, my bro here is Rhys. See if you can remember that."
Caleb, the shorter, but more muscular twin, pulled Jayden to him, trapping the young man's head between his hefty pecs, kissing his lips gently, and groping the towel boy's ass. He broke the kiss.
"We need you to decide, Jayden. Who's the tallest? The strongest?"
He would look to Rhys, grinning, and Rhys would grin back, getting behind Jayden, pressing his pecs to his brother's pecs.
"Who has the biggest tits? The biggest dick? The biggest balls?"
Caleb would grope his brother's pecs, using his thumbs to tease his nipples.
"And who can cum the most? These are all questions for you, little Jayden. Of course, no matter your answers, you're going to be fucked."
Jayden was in heaven. He always had fantasies about twins, and this job just seemed to provide this for him. He decided to judge this...by helping the twins out of their clothes, then taking off his own, leaving the three naked. He would look over them, and stroke his hand up Rhys' side, enjoying the feeling of this tan skinned stud's skin. He then ran his hand over Caleb's shoulder, and down his arm, squeezing the bicep, before resting a hand on each of their hips. He grinned, feeling the twins dicks rock hard against his sensitive, round gut.
"Rhys is taller, but only by a couple inches. Caleb is stronger, but he maybe has 10 pounds on Rhys." 
He reached up, and bounced Rhys' pecs in his hands. He would weigh them, before sucking on one of his nipples, stroking over them, and making the taller twin moan out, stroking behind Jayden's head. Jayden slowly pulled away, a spit trail connecting his mouth to that nipple, before moving to Caleb's pecs. He would bounce them in his hands, and suckle on the noticeably thicker nipple, the stronger twin moaning in delight, as he gripped Jayden's ass. He pulled away, and kissed each of their pecs, licking each nipple. 
"Rhys' feel heavier, but Caleb has thicker, more mouth watering nipples. Both fantastic pairs of tits though, guys."
The twins chuckled, holding a hand around each other's hips, kissing each other softly, as Jayden got on his knees, and would stroke each of their cocks. Looking at them at full mast, he could determine who was bigger. He pulled them together, comparing them side by side, then one on top of the other. The shorter one was Rhys', who's dick must've been 18 inches. Caleb's was easily about 22 inches. Rhys easily had the bigger balls, being grapefruits, and Caleb easily had large apple sized balls.
"Fuckk...so huge. Rhys, yours is shorter, but thicker. Caleb, yours is longer, but thinner. And Rhys has the bigger balls. Fuck, you guys are hot."
The twins smirked, before Caleb easily lifted Jayden up, and pushed his cock into Jayden's eagerly awaiting hole. Rhys approached from the front, and pushed his cock into the smaller male's mouth. Jayden easily took about 7 inches of this cock into his mouth, feeling more confident than last time, with Phil. He got rock hard, being spitroasted by hot twins. He would bob his head on Rhys' dick, as the twins thrusted in and out from both ends. They leaned over, and would kiss each other, their pecs pressed firmly together. Jayden could only imagine what being a muscle beast like this was like. He closed his eyes, and imagined himself, as big as Phil, laying on his back, with several smaller guys going at his ass and mouth. He grinned stupidly, forgetting where he was almost. He looked up at Rhys with a grin, and ran his tongue down the side of the thick, mouth stretching cock.
"Mmm, bro, this guy is super eager. I think I'd be more than happy to keep up a gym membership here."
The twins moaned in pleasure, as their orgasms grew ever closer. Jayden was ready for it, and he wanted it really bad. Maybe he had become a real slut after working here. He definitely wasn't an alpha, by any means. And, after a few moments, the young man was not disappointed. He felt a strong spurt up his ass, and he gulped down the generous load Rhys gave him. Unlike Phil, even these combined loads didn't swell Jayden's gut. He sighed happily as the twins pulled out, and pulled each other close. 
"Well, Jayden? Who had the bigger load?"
Jayden panted. He couldn't tell, in his cum-filled stupor. He looked up at them, kneeling on the floor, as he swayed a little bit, trying to think.
"I can't...I couldn't tell. Maybe I should've made you cum on me, instead of in me."
The twins sighed, not quite satisfied by this answer, but Rhys shook his head.
"It's fine. Maybe we shouldn't be such horn dogs. Ah well. Thanks for the fun, Jay. See you later."
The twins engaged in a make out session in front of Jayden, before dressing, and heading out to work out. Jayden got up, and pulled on his uniform with a grin. He then spotted himself in the mirror. His gut seemed to be noticeably smaller. It was as if Phil hadn't cum that much into him. And, his body looked...stronger. He headed over to the mirror. His arms had thickened up a couple of inches, as did his legs. He lifted his shirt, and noticed his pecs had become defined. And he was slightly taller, but only by a couple inches. He was confused, but...this felt right. He made his pecs dance, enjoying the sight, before flexing into the mirror, seeing veins properly in his arm. He grinned.
"Shit, is...is all this cum acting as protein? Fuck, maybe one day, I can be like Phil."
He examined himself even more, stroking over his pecs, and squeezing his nipple a little bit. He smirked broadly, enjoying the feeling of himself. He stripped down to his underwear, and lifted both of his arms into a flex, seeing the newfound power in them. He would turn, and flex his back, seeing each muscle strain. He even squeezed his now much thicker asscheeks together. He turned back around, and would flex his pecs, and make them dance again, before sitting on a bench, resting a hand on his round gut, and stroked it. 
"This jizz...is my ticket to studhood? I can get behind that. Or, rather, I could get someone behind me to celebrate."
He grinned, and stood up, dressing himself again, and headed out, ready for the rest of his shift, the resident towel boy ready to be fucked and toyed with in celebration of his newfound muscles.

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