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growth Accounting for Mass (Chapters 3&4: Added 2/21/21)


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Hi All,

This is my first time writing a story here, let me know what you think. 

Character: Mike
Starting Height: 4’ 9”
Starting Weight: 75lbs
Starting Hard Cock Length: 2.5”
Staring Hard Cock Width: 1.5”

Chapter 1

~Alarm Clock Beeping~

“Ah, 6AM, time to get up.” Mike yawned while awaking. After disabling the alarm clock and taking care of the normal morning business, it was time for breakfast.

“I think I’ll have some eggs this morning, and maybe with some nice cold press olive oil on top.” As Mike was speaking this he then remembered the last time he used the olive oil it was put on the high shelf. “Ugh, I’ll have to get the step ladder again.” Mike then begrudgingly got out the step ladder to get the olive oil down from the top shelf to make his breakfast.

After breakfast it was time to get dressed to go to work. Now Mike had a hard time shopping for clothing, many times he ended up shopping in the juniors section more than the men’s section to find something to fit. For his suits though, he had them all custom made from one of those made-to-measure shops that did their manufacturing overseas. After suiting up it was time for him to begin his commute to his office in FiDi where he was one of the top forensic accountants in the country.

During his commute he would get run into by people, have a hard time seeing what was coming down the street, etc. like every day. It’s not that people were trying to be mean to him, they just didn’t see him there. “Ah, just another day” Mike lamented as someone knocked into him, spilling the coffee he got from his favorite bodega by the office.

Although Mike had a short stature, he had a huge reputation and was well respected by his peers. As he was sitting at his desk, looking out his window for a quick break in the day, he was reflecting on just how nice most of the people in his life were to him. While yes as a little kid people would tease him about being short, for the most from high school on people were pretty cool about it. Now of course his friends would rag on him a bit, and to them Mike never protested so they thought he was fine with what they were doing. And Mike, to his credit, really didn’t care that much most days. And in fact, he recalled a time when he was out with his friends and someone not in their group started making fun of his short stature and generally weak body. When his friends heard this they immediately sprung to his defense and kicked the crap out of him. “If only I could be strong enough to at least defend myself so I wouldn’t need to rely on my friend for that” Mike sighed, but then smiled thinking just how much his friends cared for him.

“9PM, what a day! Time to get home.” Mike actually liked travelling off hours more than during rush hour since things weren’t so crowded and he had enough space to see more than just the person in front of him.

As Mike got off the elevator in his building he noticed he had a new neighbor who gave a quick glance and a smile, but seemed to be in a rush to finish moving everything in.  

“Home sweet home” Mike declared changing into his pajamas and getting ready for watching a little TV to unwind before going to sleep. Just as he was about to turn on the TV Mike’s phone rang.

“Hi there, I’ll be at your place in 45 min. Sound good” a woman’s voice asked.

“Looking forward to it!” Mike responded gleefully.

The woman on the phone was someone he was seeing on the side, Carmen. Now Carmen didn’t want to be tied down so they weren’t officially a couple, but they would just meetup for fun from time to time – usually on her schedule. They weren’t exclusive either, although for Mike she was the only person he met who found him somewhat arousing.

When Carmen walked in the door Mike’s tiny cock got hard instantly. Carmen was 5’ 11”, more than a foot taller than him. And an athlete too – she used to be a gymnast and now just works out to stay in shape. Not huge like a body builder but a very well defined body, awesome striations on her abs, beautiful peaks on her biceps, firm breasts that were real, and a phenomenal ass from all of the squats that she had been focusing on during her workout just before coming over. Her body still sweaty – why bother taking a shower first, right?

And while Carmen was a quite nice person, in bed she was clearly the one in control. While her body was tight, Mike’s tiny cock was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. During the 3 years they were meeting up, she got really good at knowing how much pre would come out before he would shoot of his load, which was always gushier than she expected given how tiny his cock was. So today, like most days, Carmen would hold Mike down with one hand and edge him. He didn’t even need to touch her for her to gain pleasure for this part of the night, she just loved bringing him to the edge of cuming and then smirking at him, reminding him that she will determine when the release is. After doing that for 20 minutes and letting his little cock go flaccid, drowning in it’s own pre, she got out a strap on for him to pleasure her with. Now, Carmen was really smart too, she engineered a great strap on that was also like a flesh light for him, allowing him to impale her with the much larger tool while he was also getting some great pleasure from it, she wasn’t purely evil after all 😊. She also put a vibrate function on it to turn on and off as she pleased. What was great with this setup was that Mike could cum once or even multiple times, all while having the strap on on – ensuring she was always satisfied at the end of the night.

Of course Carmen was on top, the small, weak, Mike was never going to control the situation. She would bounce up and down on him, holding her firm breasts. She would tease mike to have him reach them as he was on top her, thwarting most of his attempts. Then she would let him rub her nipples as she would slow go up and down on the strap on, knowing to grab it a little to have it move on him as well. Then going faster and faster, turning on the vibrate function Mike gave out the first squeal - cum gushing out of Mike’s dick and running out of the back of the strap on. But then she would turn up the intensity, moan louder and louder. Mike’s already spent dick getting hard again, her grabbing him and rubbing her breasts up and down his pathetic chest – the chest muscles behind her breasts were gigantic compared to his pecs, or lack there of as it were. Sometimes she would roll over and bring him with her, quickly letting him be on top, before rolling over again and really maxing out the intensity of the vibrator – this time causing them both to let out great calls of ecstasy. Cum flowing out of her vagina and down the top of the strap on and Mike’s cum would pour out of the bottom creating a warm pile of fluids on Mike’s flat stomach, not a 6 pack stomach, but a stomach without power and with a tiny bit of flab.

After the great night of passion Carmen showered, blew Mike a kiss, and then left for the night.

After the door closed, Mike gave a sigh of relief. While he had a lot of fun with Carmen, he always fantasized about being the bigger, stronger one with a cock even bigger than that strap on. He knew how much fun he’d have just fucking anyone who’d want a piece of him, all the girls would want him and the guys too. “Ahh – just a fantasy.” On that, Mike rubbed his tiny cock a few more times and then passed out for the night.

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Chapter 2

On the weekends Mike still set an alarm, but for a few more hours later than his normal weekday time to get some extra sleep without losing an entire day. Mike woke up this morning with a really hard case of morning wood, he was at his full 2.5”. Seeing the dried cum on his boxers he was reminded of last night and decided to lay in bed a bit longer, edging himself, seeing the pre pool on his tiny cock head before stopping – then starting backup again after watching his tiny cock shrink to its even smaller flaccid form, and then stroking it, over and over, thinking of Carmen, until he blew his first load of the day.

Although Mike was going to go for a jog in the gym in his building, he still had to take a shower first to clean up the mess he made and get all of the dried cum out of his pubes. Mike took a quick shower and put on some gym clothes before sitting down to a small breakfast to give him some energy for his jog.

“Carmen could easily kick the ass of the strongest guy in this gym” Mike said to himself as he entered, knowing full and well anyone else in the gym could destroy him with few exceptions.

Mike lived in a building with some fairly affluent tenants and there were plenty of trophy wives and husbands that lived in the building who all used the gym frequently. Nobody really that big though, just toned and in shape – have to look good for that breadwinner.

he always wanted to learn more about lifting weights but was too embarrassed to ask anyone and to try on his own. He could have easily hired a great personal trainer but was also to embarrassed about how weak he was to even have someone watch him try to lift something so closely. So he just stuck to jogging on the treadmill, something he figured he could do without anyone really noticing him being there.

And it was a shame since the gym in Mike’s building was rather well equipped for just an apartment building’s gym – free weights that went up to 200lbs each, never touched. Rows and rows of machines and lifting stations. It was really quite absurd, Mike thought to himself, that someone would dedicate that much space in a Manhattan apartment building to a gym where maybe 15% of the equipment was actually utilized.

Mike completed his jog uneventfully and not noticed – just the way Mike liked it.  

When Mike was putting his key in his apartment door he heard his new neighbor leaving his unit and figured he should stop by and say hi. While not common in NYC Mike still liked to know his neighbors, especially the ones he shared a wall with.

“Hi there, I’m Julio”, Mike’s new neighbor said in a Latin accent, beating him to the punch for the introduction.

When Mike looked up at Julio he was astounded by him. Not supertall, maybe 5’8” or 5’9” but nicely toned like the trophy husbands in the gym, maybe even a little bigger than those guys. He had beautiful caramel skin, blue eyes, and short curly black hair. Someone stunning in Mike’s eyes.

“Hi Julio, nice to meet you. I’m Mike. Welcome to the building.” Mike said with a smile.

Julio asked for a recommendation for a good place to get a quick “baconeggandcheese,” in his best NYC accent impression. After Mike told him of his favorite bodega in this neighborhood, which didn’t have coffee as good as the one by his office, but was still a formidable shop, Julio asked if he wanted to stop by in an hour so he could pick Mike’s brain about the neighborhood to which Mike obliged.

As Mike was showering, all he could think of was Julio, at first, and then back to Carmen, and then back to Julio. Debating if he wanted to be Julio fucking Carmen or if he wanted to be fucked by Julio and Carmen together. He was so stimulated he had to rub one out then and there, and finished faster than he could remember.

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  • NYCgrowAlpha changed the title to Accounting for Mass (Chapter 2: Added 2/12/21)
5 hours ago, aitchbee said:

 Not supertall, maybe 5’8” or 5’9”. The average height of males in the USA is five-foot-nine! Check the real-world sizes of people before you use size comparisons.

You forget, Mike is 4'9. Maybe keep the characters' heights in mind before you criticize the writer

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Chapter 3

As Mike walked in Julio’s apartment, he was amazed at how much was already setup and in place - considering he just moved in the day before. Julio had a very modern aesthetic for his apartment, black leather couch, lots of glass and metal pieces, minimalist artwork hung up very tastefully.

Julio made some coffee for the both of them, but when Julio started to his he spilled coffee all over his shirt. Julio then took off his coffee-soaked shirt, and Mike couldn’t help but stare. It was almost in slow-mo, Julio lifting his hunky arms in the air, exposing his well defined 6-pack, then his chiseled pecs, and finally his amazing traps; although Mike couldn’t tell if Julio was bigger than Carmen or not – but he thought Julio might have been slightly bigger. And while looking at Julio Mike’s little dick began to get hard.

Julio caught Mike getting a glance at him and smiled back while putting on another shirt. Mike, not knowing what to do, downed his coffee pretty fast. Julio then offered Mike another cup, but he declined.

Although that interaction only lasted a moment before they started talking about the main topic at hand, good spots in the neighborhood, thinking of Julio’s hot body, and him noticing Mike noticing, was constantly in the back of Mike’s head. Throughout the conversation Mike had to focus hard to keep his dick under control. It felt more sensitive than it ever felt before and he couldn’t understand why.

After wrapping up their conversation Julio thanked Mike for his time and Mike went back to his apartment to take care of a few things. As the day went, Mike was getting hungrier and hungrier – and had a craving for meat. Since he had a few things to take care of he ordered a burger and fries from one of his favorite places for delivery. After it arrived Mike inhaled his meal – he was surprised at just how fast he ate – and he was still starving. He decided to wait a bit before getting more to eat, but he couldn’t wait anymore and the hunger won - he decided to go get a stake from the Michelin Starred restaurant near his building – which seemed to put his appetite to bed, for now.  

“Man – what a huge lunch and it’s only 2:30 in the afternoon” Mike said to himself. He realized he was having some trouble focusing and started to feel exhausted. At that point Mike decided to take an hour long power nap so he could feel refreshed and deep dive into his work.

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Chapter 4

Mike awoke from his nap well rested – and harder than he’d ever been before. Looking at his cock he even thought it looked larger too.

While Mike accepted his small body, he was always curious about it and had all of his measurements written down. He decided to get out the tape measure and measure his hard cock.

Length: 3”
Width: 1.75”

“WOAH” Mike exclaimed! How the fuck did my cock grow like that. That doesn’t make any sense. He also looked down his body and noticed that it just looked a little firmer than he remembered. Not really bigger, but a little tighter and less flabby. Mike was very confused by what was going on, but thinking about his changing body made pre pool on top of his erect dick. He couldn’t help but to rub one off – and while he was always used to a gushy load – this one was the gushiest ever. Cum just got all over him and the bed.

Mike then went into the kitchen to get a small snack, and noticed that things were a little closer to where they were when he had shoes on, not bare feet. He decided to measure his height:

4’ 10”

“No fucking way – there’s just no way for an adult to get taller, it’s just not possible. What is happening to me?” Mike yelled out! But as he was yelling this he was smiling and excited. Again, his dick swelling up with blood, and he just had to rub one off right then and there in his kitchen. Mike was getting off on his growth.

When dinner time came, Mike was hungry again, but more like his normal hunger cravings – not like the intense cravings he had before. He decided to force himself to have a larger meal than normal – which proved challenging, but he did it and finished. After finishing up a few more things he was excited to go to sleep, hoping to grow again.

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  • NYCgrowAlpha changed the title to Accounting for Mass (Chapters 3&4: Added 2/21/21)

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