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muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 8 Added 12-MAY-2021)


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Great story. I love that Rory will stay small and even though it seems to be the unpopular opinion, I am 100% team Griffin.


Also the way the two keep talking about their pecs, I would like to see them crush something between them🤤

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CHAPTER 3 The next Sunday morning I am chilling in my living room watching TV.  Grif stomps up the stairs and takes a seat on the couch.  He’s in just a pair of gym shorts and he has bed hair.

There's been a big slowdown in new content so I thought I'd try to inject some activity.  This story will contain similar themes from my other stories, but it will be a lot more lighthearted, I believ

CHAPTER 4 Later that night Oz would prove Grif’s suspicions wrong when at just after midnight, he returns with Haley.  I’m enjoying some late night TV when they enter the house, greet me and quic

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 I find myself coming back daily check out and see if you put a new update. Thank you for your contribution 

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  • dredlifter changed the title to My Roommate Rivals (CH 8 Added 12-MAY-2021)

I like the dynamic between the two so far.  Oz certainly knows where the limit to teasing is and doesn't seem to want to cross it, instead opting to encourage those who he dominates over.  He truly is a real alpha.  

I think Grif would do the same if he was in Oz's position.   I think their bond with Rory solidifies that.  There are three dinensions to superiority so far.  Two were default, height and size.  Oz added the third which was cock size.  I bet Grif adds a fourth which could be strength (of which Grif, might have the permanent advantage in this case?)

Although I think Grif has lost the war against Oz permanently due to his smaller but growing cock size, he can't keep up.  I do think that they will continue to trade off on muscle and height making it a stalemate, unless Oz pulls ahead with no ability for Grif to catch up which might happen due to Oz's respect and kindness for both Grif and Rory.

If Grif has the same respect and kindness, I think Grif could gain the stalemate ending up bigger musclewise.  Oz has the permanent cock advantage (as far as I see).

I'm still rooting for Grif though.  Lol

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Another amazing chapter!

I love how they're bonding together now, Oz was surprisingly nice to his rival, I guess he doesn't expect to be passed by Grif down there, but we'll see.

In the meanwhile I know exactly who is truly winning this, and that's Rory!

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