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furry Lunar Gold

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Lunar Gold; Chapter One:
Perfect Aim

By: LionBUff


Lunar Gold, the 25-year-old male, son of King Megali and Brutton the Breeding bull, stood in front of a crowd of curious and slightly aroused men at the archery range. Lunar was wearing an underwear sized covering with the kingdom's symbol on the back. The covering was small and gripped him well, the logo helped define his strong glute muscles. He wore nothing else but black straps that held a sack of arrows behind his muscular back and two straps that squeezed his biceps to help him hold his arms steady and two on his calves that helped him focus on standing still.

The kingdom of Anthromanlos was holding its annual archery competition and Lunar was tied with an elephant named Albertus. Albertus watched the muscular lion-bull hybrid carefully. He knew Lunar would probably beat him but he wasn't interested in where Lunar's arrow would land. At least, not the one in his bow. He was interested in the view of Lunar's figure against the sunset over the mountains that surrounded Anthromanlos. His body was a living statue. A mountain as sturdy as the mountains around the kingdom. Muscles visible all over. The sunset on the opposite side of where the men stood created an arousing silhouette of the prince.

With one quick flash, the arrow from Lunar's bow struck the bullseye just on the right half of the circle. Albertus was the first to clap. He wanted Lunar Gold to know he was nothing but happy for losing to a male like him. Lunar Gold turned around and thanked the crowd of cheering men. He admitted that he was nervous about Albertus defeating him and thanked the elephant for an exciting competition. As he placed his bow down in the storage hut for the archery range the crowd of men began gathering around him. Most of them asked him one simple question; how did you get so good?

"I credit my aim to my bull father, the royal breeding bull, Brutton, for handing his incredible vision down to me. He could spot a mate in need of his service from miles away on the farm he used to live on... or so he likes to say. My lion father, our king Megali, gave me his raw strength of both focus and stamina." The men complemented his skills and body shape as Lunar prepared to leave the range. He heard compliments about his skills 100s of times before he finally left.

"It was an honor to compete with you," Lunar heard from behind as he walked back home. He turned around to see Albertus walking down the mountain path towards him. The sun was mostly set by this point so the trail was only lit by a series of touches leading back to town.

"Thanks, Albertus," Lunar said politely. Lunar noticed Albertus staring at his waste covering and tried to turn around before Albertus could say what he hoped he wouldn't say.

"I was hoping I could congratulate you in a more informal way tonight back in your castle." Lunar sped up slightly and rolled his eyes.

"No thank you, Albertus," Lunar told him without turning around.

"Maybe another night Lunar?" Albertus felt himself harden a little as he watched the cloth around his waist grip his ass bouncing.

"If my dads allow it, maybe. However, you know how tight security is at the castle." Lunar was trying to tell him he wasn't that attracted to him while warning him not to try breaking in. Break-ins were common at the castle and Lunar wouldn't have been very surprised if Albertus tried breaking in. A fork in the trail was coming up in a few hundred feet and Lunar hoped that Albertus would head in a different direction.

"Well, your one impressive male Lunar. Half lion, half bull, it doesn't get any more masculine than that." Albertus waited for a response and heard nothing but silence. "Just think about my offer... it could be much more fun than you think." Lunar stayed silent as the fork in the trail grew closer and closer. Albertus didn't want to spoil his odds of seeing Lunar's "masculine" qualities and went down the trail leading away from Lunar. Albertus couldn't help but watch Lunar's muscles walk away. He wanted that half-lion half-bull body to have his way with him but he also wanted Lunar's respect. He walked in silence down the trail knowing his night would be filled with visions of the prince.

The trail Lunar walked down led to the main village of Anthromanlos. The lights of his castle were barely visible over a mountain in the distance. He thought about heading straight home but decided to stop at one little tavern first. He worked hard today at the competition and wanted to unwind. He walked through the town with friendly greetings every few dozen feet. He was mildly annoyed with all of the same compliments over and over but knew they meant well. Albertus put him in a sour mood so he didn't feel like stopping and greeting anyone back.

3/4 of the way through town Lunar saw the sign to the tavern named "The Dripping Pipe." There was a small alleyway between the tavern and the shop next door. Lunar had been here several times and knew how to get in without the men in the main tavern room seeing him. Plus, he had several friends who worked there. Lunar walked to the back of the alleyway and stopped at a wooden door on his left with a rectangle opening at the top sealed by a sliding wooden window. Lunar knocked on the door exactly 4 times. The wooden bar that was sealing the window opened. Lunar told the man on the other side the password and he was let in.

Lunar walked down a narrow hall with red clay walls lit with candles hanging from the wall. The hall curved around and led to a staircase directly behind the walls of The Dripping Pipe. Before Lunar could ever touch the stairs his nose was filled with sweat and musk. He could hear the faint grunting and moaning of voices he knew.

At the bottom of the stairs was a brick room with a floor made of gray rock. A small candle chandelier filled the room with dancing warm light. There were a few chairs in the middle of the room and a bed in the far right corner. The floor was sprinkled in white stains, especially around the wall to his right. Lunar walked in to see a completely naked tiger standing against the wall on the far end of the room bonded by metal handcuffs. Another naked tiger was sitting in a chair inches from his body. Both tigers were in good shape but the tiger chained to the wall was much bigger. The tiger in the chair had both hands on the bigger tiger's balls. He was rubbing the front side of his sack with his thumbs and squeezing them with the rest of his fingers. The tiger in the chair had clearly cum recently thanks to the white liquid dripping down his cock along with a white splash on the bigger tiger's left leg. Lunar was on the other side of the room but he could hear cum splashing around the tiger's hung sack. It sounded like a distant ocean crashing into the shore. His sack was covered in thick branches of veins but still moved around like soggy jello.

"Hey Crumpus," Lunar said to the bigger tiger watching his balls dance. Crumpus looked to his right and grinned.

"Hey Lunar, how are your dads doing?" He asked as if it were another conversation, as if his balls weren't being milked like a male utter about to burst.

"Fine. The king is still keeping the kingdom safe. The breeding bull is still keeping our population growing steadily." Crumpus blushed when Lunar mentioned the breeding bull's success.

"I heard he doubled our population after King Megali found him."

"If you're gonna build an army, might as well breed it now." Crumpus leaked a few drops of pre-cum hearing this.

"Especially if you want that army to all be as strong as a bull!" Crumpus was clearly getting turned on by talking about Brutton, and Lunar knew it.

"When your balls hold more than double the sperm of most bulls, who can already make a lot of babies, then breeding an entire army should be easy.

"Exactly!" Crumpus could barely speak without moaning.

"Good thing Brutton is as fertile as not just 2, but THREE bulls!"

Crumpus shot a load right into the face of the smaller tiger. His load was so thick that it looked like a string being pulled from his shaft. It came out with such force that when the stream of seed hit the smaller tiger in the face, he leaned back in shock and the force of the stream pushed him to the ground. The tiger shot out one big burst of sperm screaming in pleasure the whole time. When his load slowed down to simple squirts and drops, Crumpus looked down at the tiger in the chair on the floor. The smaller tiger wiped the puddle of cum off of his eyes and coughed up the cum that landed in his mouth.

"Sorry," Crumpus told the tiger on the floor.

"Do that on stage tonight and we'll have the best show the town has ever seen," the smaller tiger told him wiping the cum splash off of his fur.

"If you want a real show," Lunar said in a suggestive voice deeper than before, "you should have someone like me up there. My dad isn't the only breeding beast in town."

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