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worship Gearbox


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Author's Notes:

I wrote the complete first few chapters of this story a while back. I already have a good idea of where/how the story will progress, but it would be quite unlikely I will be able to write the subsequent chapters (let alone post them) any time soon. I'll definitely revisit this story and post any updates whenever I can.

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Part 1


By the time I arrived at the counter of Gearbox, it was 10.45pm. It was considered late for a Friday night, so I probably won't expect a huge crowd tonight. Even if I don’t manage to hook up with anyone tonight, I might be able to enjoy having the gym or the steam room all to myself. I had just ended a traumatically stressful week of soul-crushing work, so I really needed some time for myself. 


Gearbox is a gay men’s sauna, one of the only 3 saunas left in my tiny city. With the introduction of hook-up apps into our social lives, the popularity of gay saunas had fallen dramatically over the years. Craze was the youngest of the 3 establishments, and my least favourite. It pandered heavily to the young and the attractive, which in turn enabled an entitled and elitist culture amongst its patrons. The mood in Craze had gotten highly competitive, unfriendly and even hostile at times, despite the jaw-dropping hotness of the hunks that frequent there. I don't remember ever having any particularly enjoyable experience at Craze.


Haven is the oldest of the establishments, having been around since the early 90s. It was mostly populated by older guys, chubs, bears and anyone looking for a relaxing time. I guessed it was kept afloat all these years by its regulars and loyal patrons, who seem to have turned it into their own private clubhouse. They would hang out with familiar faces until its closing hours. It was always a friendly and inviting place to spend time in, although a little too much at times. To the point of killing any desire for sex inside me. 


Which leaves Gearbox, my personal favourite. Despite being the smallest sauna of the 3, it was well equipped with the most facilities. It had the best gym and steam room, which they maintain very well and regularly. Its environment was welcoming to a diverse crowd; putting any label to describe the guys that frequent Gearbox would be meaningless. However, I did observe that many of the hot loyal patrons of Craze had migrated over to Gearbox in the recent months, much to my pleasure.


I suppose I was not a very fussy person when it comes to the type of guys I play with at Gearbox. I do have a type (big, athletic, musclebound top with a combination of handsome, manly or hung), but I always try my best not to be picky. I don’t have any age, height or race preference. Enjoying ourselves and each other’s company mattered the most to me. However, the increasing numbers in hunky muscle studs sighted at Gearbox have gotten me hooked. Over the last few months, I had the opportunity to hook up with a few handsome, gorgeously muscled hunks I would never have expected to take notice of me before. They had bodies ranging from beefy/muscled studs, lifelong gym rats and even potential fitness/muscle models. While serving them, I would often unconsciously worship their muscles; kissing, licking and rubbing my face and hands all over their rock-hard pecs, backs, biceps or quads. Unfortunately, they were not into the idea of being worshipped. Some would brush me off, flip me over and pound my ass hard (not that I would ever complain about that). Others would be nice and accommodating, giving me a little flex or pose here and there until I get bust my load at the orgasmic sight of their rippling, pumped muscles. I would probably never satisfy my lifelong dream of worshipping a real Musclegod any time soon, but I suppose those moments were the closest to my dream I will ever get. Just the mere thought of such potential moments happening again at Gearbox kept me returning for more. 


Jon was working the counter tonight. He recognized me and gave me a warm welcome. He was a skinny but fairly good-looking guy in his 40s. He checked me in, gave me a towel and the key to my usual locker. Jon gave me a cheeky smile and whispered, “Hey Gus, I think you’ll be in for a treat tonight.” 


“How come?”, I asked.


“You like the big muscly guys, right? Bodybuilders? We've got quite a few of them here tonight. I think they are in the city for the fitness expo this weekend. They are really pulling in a huge crowd tonight. I’m not usually into huge muscly guys but damn, those guys are fucking hot and also hung as horses. Too bad I’m on duty tonight. I can only peek at whatever I can on the security cams. Enjoy yourself.” He teased and gave me a playful wink.


I responded to Jon with only a shy, nervous smile. I blushed in embarrassment; somewhat regretting having let slip to him about my undying love for muscles in a prior conversation. Thankfully, no one was around to hear his gossip. He unlocked the security door for me and let me into the sauna. I strolled towards the locker area. The locker room was filled with several guys, most of whom were putting on their clothes and packing up their belongings. They probably had their fair share of fun and were ready to head home. My night was about to begin. My mind was racing, and my crotch stirred uncontrollably. Jon’s words still echoing through my head, teasing me relentlessly. I opened my locker and deposited my bag, clothes and shoes. As I wrapped my naked body with the fresh towel, I could feel my heart beating progressively harder and faster. Damn, the mere thought of seeing actual bodybuilders up close was making me lose control. I need to get it together before I make a fool of myself. I took a deep breath to calm myself down, then headed towards the open showers, eager to take a quick shower to freshen myself up.


At that moment, I saw a huge naked figure stepping out of the steam room. He was clearly one of the bodybuilders that Jon mentioned. I was stunned, as if my heart and brain got hit by the same freight train. He was a relatively tall man, tanned skin, with a young, boyish face with a slick black hairstyle. I would guess his stats at 1.82m tall, around 90 kg. His physique look contest ready; he was both pumped and shredded to a level expected of any competing pro bodybuilder, perhaps better. He was glistening with sweat, and visible cum stains all over his shredded abs and erect cock. Jon was clearly not joking when he said they were hung; the cock on this guy was thick, uncut and dangled between his legs under its heavy weight. He looked out of breath as he took a towel from the rack by the door and wiped himself clean. 2 guys exited the steam room and tried to strike a conversation with that young bodybuilder. I couldn’t hear their conversation as I was walking further away from them, but I could still hear the young stud politely declining the 2 guys’ offer to play together. He said he had just cum buckets and wants to chill out for a bit before getting back into anymore action. Those guys were probably the ones that young bodybuilder was playing with in the steam room earlier and they were hoping to have more fun with him. I feel an intense jealousy for those guys, having been able to get a chance with such a superior and muscular male specimen, yet at the same time relieved to hear that the young stud wasn’t done with having fun yet. He was sticking around for a while, which means I might get a shot with him. 


I disappeared into the deserted shower room. It was an open shower, but I walked to a secluded corner of the shower room, where there’s a little more privacy. I hung my towel and stepped under the shower. I closed my eyes as I let the water run over my head and body. My dick was now hard and I could hear my heart beating clearly. I relished the memory of that young muscle stud. I was visualizing his big rounded pecs, washboard abs and sculpted arms, etching the visual memory into my brain. I want to worship those muscles so badly.


Suddenly, I heard the shower next to me turn on. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see the black-haired muscle stallion from earlier, taking a shower right next to me! Of all the empty showers to use, why was he using the one next to me!? My mind and body were paralysed, as I watched him run water all over his body and skillfully soaping himself. 


“Hey.” He saw the shock on my face and gave me a friendly smirk. My mind struggled to come up with a response that wasn’t embarrassing, but the paralysis in my body intensified. I couldn’t help but stare at his body. He was standing only a few steps away from me and instantly, my eyes were glued to his amazing pecs. Being 1.61m tall, his huge, round pecs were right at my eye level. I marveled at how big and round his pecs were; they looked more amazing up close than before. The way his pecs hang off his chest due to their sheer mass put me in a daze. They look more shredded up close. I managed to regain some control to peel my eyes from his pecs and looked into his eyes.


“Hi.” I replied and smiled nervously. It took me a lot of effort not to appear like I am objectifying him, but my lust was out of control. His smile broadened and his face glowed.


“Damn, you’ve got a really cute smile. And if you don’t mind me saying, you’ve got a really cute butt too.” 


He rinsed the soap off his body, turned off the shower and dried himself off with his towel. Butterflies filled my stomach as he wrapped his towel around his waist to hide his now flaccid cock (but still looking as impressive as before). He took one last glance as me from head to toe, as if to appreciate the view. Then, he gave me a playful wink before disappearing completely from my view. I stood under the running water, stunned.

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Part 2


It took me a while to return to reality. I was completely taken aback by that mind-blowing encounter with a man that seemed like he appeared straight out of my fantasies. Was he flirting with me? Was he showing interest in me? Questions and excitement flooded my mind, but in an instant, all those emotions gave way to self-doubt. He was probably just being friendly, and guys like him could take their picks of guys much better looking than me. I wouldn’t stand a chance with him at all, especially with all the other much hotter guys here tonight. He’s probably off to play with his fellow bodybuilder buddies.


I finished my shower quickly and dried myself with my towel. I decided not to feel any more negatively about the situation. I should probably keep an open mind, keep my expectations low and see where the night would take me. I was very curious to see the other bodybuilders, even if I won’t get a chance to get close to them. I returned to the crowded locker room, where I could hear people gossiping about big muscly guys in the dark rooms. As my interests peaked, I deposited my towel back into my lock and walked my naked body into the dark rooms. The theme was nude night, so towels were allowed. I wasn’t uncomfortable being completely naked amongst the other naked men in the dark room, but I tend to feel self-conscious easily. 


I took my usual preliminary walk through the corridors of the dark rooms to give my eyes some time to adapt to the dimly lit environment. The usual music playlist was on; decent club/party tunes that keep the atmosphere energetic yet sexy at the same time. I had not seen the black-haired stud anywhere thus far. 


The crowd was a little thin in the main dark room area. Many of the rooms appeared to already be occupied. I suppose most of the crowd were either hanging out in the darker areas of maze  that’s located at the deeper end of walkways. I walked by a few decent looking guys standing around, perhaps waiting for someone to catch their eyes. A handsome Indian guy with a nice athletic build stood out amongst them, stroking his considerably long cock. I shuffled past a couple of guys making out intensely in the middle of a narrow alley. I’m glad some people were enjoying themselves. I could hear moans and groans of ecstasy getting progressively more audible as I approached the darker parts of the maze. Figures of different body types fill the tight spots, hands and lips groping around blindly in the dark. I moved gingerly through the crowd, taking great note of where my hands land. I needed to grope my way through the darkness, but I didn’t want to be rude or disrespectful to anyone there. After a quick exploration, I could sense that there were 2 or 3 areas in the maze where groups guys congregated around. The hottest guys were usually centred in the middle of these spots; typically outgoing exhibitionists who like having an audience while they play or hunks with amazing physiques who loved having their bodies groped and played with, their egos stroked hard.


I caught sight of the first bodybuilder in the darkness. He was the center of attraction of one of these crowds. In a brief instant, I saw his face, thick traps and broad shoulder under a flickering spotlight. His grey hair was a crew cut and had a nicely trimmed beard on his squared jaw. He  was clearly a seasoned bodybuilder; a veteran of the sport. He was a handsome, older man, in a rugged, tough muscle leather daddy way. His age did absolutely nothing to diminish the attractiveness of his masculine facial features or his impeccable physique. The conditioning of his muscles was evident of the numerous years of hard labour, fiery passion and unwavering determination spent pumping iron. I wanted to get a closer look at him, but the mountain of shifting faces serving his muscles hungrily obscured any decent view I could possibly have of him. His grunts were loud; practically echoing within the tight maze. Judging by the movements around him, I figured that he was grabbing the head of a lucky cock sucker and pounding his face, while others tried to lick or grope his body, especially his huge arms and pecs. The fervent adoration of many lustful boys and lesser men around him was certainly stroking Muscle Daddy’s massive ego, as his public performance of his dominance grew more aggressive and unrestrained. This Muscle Daddy was undeniably enjoying himself.


I heard the poor cock sucker choking after what sounded like an intense and long face fucking. The boy had finally reached his limit. The muscle daddy gave that boy an appreciative, playful pat on the side of his face, gently pushed him aside. The Muscle Daddy grabbed the next eager boy beside him by the hair, forced him to his knees before his engorged monster cock and fucked his face. The crowd cheered the muscle daddy and the new cock sucker on. The new boy was slimmer and shorter than the previous cock sucker. He struggled in his attempt to service the Muscle Daddy, desperate to prove his worth. His arms were wrapped around the Muscle Daddy’s massive quads and his hands were firmly grabbing onto his glutes. Under the dim lights, I could still visibly see the shredded definition on those quads. Amazing. That poor boy was bobbing his head up and down, desperately trying not to gag. He probably was a seasoned and skilled cock sucker, but the girth and relentless pounding from the Muscle Daddy’s muscle cock posed quite a challenge for him. I felt some jealousy for this lucky boy but felt surprisingly happy for him at the same time. I could tell he was, like me, the type of guy that appreciates being in servitude to such prime masculine male specimen. I decided to leave and explore the maze further, hoping to find the other bodybuilders that Jon mentioned. As I moved deeper into complete darkness, I heard a booming moan from the Muscle Daddy, and then a loud gasp of air from that lucky boy serving him. From the cheers roaring around them, it sounded like the boy successfully gave the muscle daddy a great, satisfying deepthroat and a spectacular climax.


I groped my way through the darkest and the deepest part of the maze. I could barely see anything, only dark figures and shapes. I could sense how tightly packed the crowd was around me. I could hear sounds of lustful moaning, groaning, dirty talking, furious fapping echoing in all directions around me. It was starting to get a little uncomfortable when I started finding myself getting swept up in the crowd and pushed around. I found myself sandwiched between 2 huge bodies; both strangers were on the heavy and chubby side. In that instant, both bodies enclosed me and caught me in a tight vice. Panic swiftly set in as I struggled to free myself, but I couldn’t find any leverage to get out of this bind. I managed to free my right arm, and instinctively groped the darkness in front of me. Desperately, I grabbed onto the first thing I could put a firm grip on. It was a huge strong hand that enveloped my much smaller, slender hand.

The hand was firm, and I could feel his strength coursing through his powerful grip as he clasped his thick fingers over mine like a handshake. I grabbed his hand in response and pulled myself free. I tried to look at the face of mystery saviour, but amidst the crowd of people and the barely visible lighting, it was impossible. The only thing I was aware of is that his hand is still tightly gasping mine. What I could make out was that my mystery saviour was one of those popular, highly sought after guys that’s in the center of the attention of the crowd. Guys were all over him and enjoying his body, kissing and licking him all over, a few guys sharing his cock. He seems to be enjoying the service and attention. I could feel his hand vibrating every time he let out a deep, long moan in pleasure. He was pinned against a wall by guys surrounding him. His body was covered in heads and hands. It almost felt like a zombie movie, but with muscle loving zombies. 


I wasn’t sure if my saviour was aware of what he had done or if it was intentional. I was nonetheless grateful. I crawled towards a small empty space close to him; our hands still tightly locked together. I couldn’t get past the layers of bodies that stood between me and helpful stranger of mine; and the only part of his body I could access was his hand and the forearm connected to it. 


Without any thought in my head, I pulled my body closer to his hand. I brought my lips to the back of his hand and gave him a long grateful and thankful kiss. I wasn’t sure if he got the message, but he slowly released my hand and slowly brought his hand to the side of my face. He cupped his hand on the side of my face, as if to give an affectionate caress. My head swooned immediately as I leaned my face in to snuggle his hand. I lifted my hands and placed them around his hands and wrist, and slowly stroked his forearms affectionately in return. 


Damn! His forearms were thick with muscles and covered in thick veins. I let out a moan into his palm as I traced my fingers slowly up and down his forearm, trying to get a sense of how big and muscular his arm is. It felt shredded and hard. I wrapped my fingers around his forearms to get a sense of how thick it was, and my longest fingers barely touched each other when I reached its peak diameter. I was amazed by how good it felt just simply feeling his forearm. I stroked his arm slowly, admiring and worshipping it at the same time. I couldn’t help myself and started kissing and licking his hand and up his muscular forearm. I traced the veins on his thick forearm again, this time with my tongue, leaving a slippery trail between his wrist and elbow. He’s skin tasted great, with a hint of sweat. I wasn’t sure if he enjoyed that, but I decided to take a leap of faith and dived deeper into worshipping his muscular forearm. Pressing my face against this forearm, I rubbed my face all over, feeling how hard and powerful his forearm is on the skin of my face. 


Suddenly, his wrapped hand into a fist and his forearm muscles stiffened while in contact with my face. The sudden flexing of his forearm sent a shot of orgasm throughout my body. My heart melted, my crotch ached, and I let out a loud uncontrollable moan. Embarrassed, I planted my face hard on his forearm and pressed his still flexed forearm onto my mouth, hoping to muffle the moan. He kept flexing his forearm, twisting his wrist in different angles to make the muscles in his forearm more defined and harder, almost like a professional. At that moment, I fell deeper into my feelings for this strong and powerful man. My mind just emptied itself of any thoughts and couldn’t care for anything else besides worshipping this person’s forearm. I could breathe in his scent. Musky, strong and irresistible. I lost it and continued worshipping that muscle forearm. I didn’t care if I got to worship any other parts of this Musclegod. This flexing forearm made me feel so much pleasure and joy.

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Part 3


I was aware I was crouching in that very same spot for a short period of time, but it felt like time had slowed down; it was just me and this musclebound forearm. It is as if my object of worship had life of its own. He knew how much I lust for the feeling of strength and power in every muscle fibre, in every muscle contour. This mystery forearm would alternate between hard flexing to drive me into orgasmic insanity and giving me loving and affectionate touches (like a pat on my head or a gentle stroke on the cheek), as if to acknowledge and validate the immense admiration, respect and idolization I feel for this seemingly the forearm of this unidentified Musclegod. It did feel awkward momentarily, when I thought of how ridiculous I must look to the others, being all head over heels about one single forearm. It didn’t last long, of course as that doubt was quickly drowned out by how well this Musclegod seem to know my desires. He was pulling out all the right tricks on me. From muscle flexing, showing off his strength to rewarding my worships with tender, affectionate touches, this man had me completely under his spell. 

I wanted so badly to get closer to this Musclegod and worship more than just his incredible forearm, but I didn’t want to get greedy. Plus, I had quite a fair bit of competition to overcome to get any closer to this Musclegod, which is seemingly impossible. I can hear the deep moans of this mystery Musclegod getting louder. Perhaps these guys that are pleasuring him are more skilled than I am; it would probably wise not to interrupt him while he is enjoying himself. I return my focus back to his forearm; showing how grateful and in love I am with this muscular forearm, using all the ways I can think of to worship muscle. I was enjoying every precious moment. It was such a rare opportunity to be able to experience muscle worship like these, no matter how small the scale is. 


Out of the blue, my mysterious Musclegod stirred from under the sea of slobbering heads and groppy hands. With the arm I was worshipping, he grabbed my shoulder and lifted me to my feet. He used his other arm and brushed all the guys who were on top of him aside in a single strong and assertive sweep. He brushed the 2 guys who were kneeling in front of him and sharing his cock. The Musclegod pulled me into the empty space in front of me and brought his huge arms around my neck. He was a tall man, and my head was surrounded by his pecs, biceps and forearms. My face was buried between his pecs as he tightened his hug around me. He pressed his hard body against mine, and I could feel his massive erection on my skin. It was rock-hard solid, and probably wet with the drool of the 2 cock suckers earlier. I couldn’t tell how big it was, but I could tell his cock can really do some serious damage to an unskilled bottom. 

The other guys were confused and surprised at the sudden change of pace. I could feel that they wanted to resume serving this Musclegod’s body, but now that he has hugged me so tight and closely, they no longer have any access to his body. They huddled back around him, attempting to try to break me out of his ironclad hold and revert to what they were doing earlier, but he was too strong for them. I could hear jealous and upset murmurs around me, but I was still in shock. Everything happened so fast. I still couldn’t clearly see the face of this mysterious man that I am having a massive crush on, but I could roughly tell that his hair was short messy, and probably some facial hair, like a goatee or something. He was likely as tall as the muscle stud I encountered at the shower, based on how his pecs were at the same level relative to my face. But this was a different guy. The young stud had a clean-shaven face. In the darkness, the only senses I can rely on was my nose and my skin, and all I could tell was that I am in the hands of a real muscle-bound bodybuilder. 


“Damn, boy. You worshipped me good just now. You are crazy for muscles, aren’t you?” The Musclegod pulled by closer and whisper into my ear. In his firm hold around my head, I nodded my head gently. 


“Just as I thought.” He slammed my face into his massive pecs in one swift movement. They were so huge and hard I almost thought my nose would break under that force, but I didn’t care for my well-being one bit. I had only one thought in mind, and that is to worship this Musclegod as best as I can. This Alphamale graced me with his attention, and I could not think of anything else except for fulfilling my role as his loyal worshipper. I feel his pecs up with my face, slobbering and worshipping his bouldering pecs. His moans became much louder than before, and it spurred me on hard. I was in a frenzy, kissing and licking and worshipping every inch my face could reach.

I wrapped my arms around his back, and I was immediately hit with another tidal wave of orgasm. Touching this thick, wide and meaty lats drove me crazy. I could only imagine how wide he was as he struts around. My body began to tremble uncontrollably under the intense orgasm that his muscles were giving me. My legs began to weaken to a point where I could barely stand on my own. Noticing this, the Musclegod gave me a tight bear hug and lifted me off my feet. 


“Damn, you are good! Let’s get a room; I gotta find out what else you are capable of.” He gave me a quick, affectionate kiss on my lips before lifting me off my feet. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his thick neck and my legs around his waist. He carried me like a little child through the crowd of envious onlookers. He carried me into the nearest unoccupied room and locked the door behind us. We could still hear the guys that followed us outside the door, hoping to get invited to the room and join us. 


Thankfully, he wasn’t bothered by any of that. He put me down gently on the side of the bed. The room was fairly well lit at that moment, so I could take a good look at the Musclegod that saved me from the crowd and into the safety of his arms. He was a tall and ruggedly handsome man with short brown hair and light, scruffy beard. He looked like he is in his late-30s. He looks like he is around 1.85m tall and possibly at least 100kg.  He’s skin had a natural bronze tone that made the lights in the room bounce off the contours of his muscles seductively. The way he looked at me playfully as he sized me up made him incredibly irresistible to me. 

I stared back at the Musclegod in front of me, starting with the manly features on his face. The facial features that turned me on the most were very pronounced on him. Thick eyebrows, deep eyes and a strong jawline. It is like he is a mega testosterone factory. He definitely looked like a seasoned pro bodybuilder. The size, proportion and conditioning of his physique were way too amazing for him not to be one. It is as if I could see all his years of experience, hard work and determination etched onto every shredded muscle fibre. I feasted my eyes hungrily at all his muscles, from his traps, pecs arms and down his washboard abs. I was then suddenly reminded of the massive, rock-hard meat baton between his tree trunk quads. He had the face, physique and cock of alpha male muscle specimen. The room we were in wasn't considered small by most measures, but this Musclegod filled the room up effortlessly with both his physical presence and alpha attitude. The Musclegod leaned over and cupped the sides of my face with both his hands. The look on his face slowly shifted from lustful and seductive to affectionate and honest. 

“I gotta say, you really drove me nuts back there. You really know how to please a man..” His compliments made me blush instantly. “I’m Dominic, by the way.” 

“I’m Gus.” I replied while my eyes were still locked in his gaze. 

“Damn Gus, you are one cute muscle worshipper. I’ve been training really hard and making some killer gains recently and I've been dying to be worshipped really badly. I've yet to find any decent worshippers here tonight but you showed a lot of potential earlier. Are you up for the challenge?

I nodded my head eagerly and smiled.

“Great. Now don’t hold back and show me everything you’ve got. In this room, it’s just you, me and THIS!” Dominic took a step closer to me, raised his arms and burst into a double bicep poses. Seeing the excitement in my face, he gave me a cocky smirk. 

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