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Day 11: I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling a tugging sensation in my briefs, but it wasn’t from my dick like I thought it was going to be. IT WAS FROM MY ASS. I went to

Day 19: Today is my 19th birthday, but I look at least 25. At 7 foot 1, I’m a fucking monster, but I’m gonna have to get huge to become the ultimate god that sends those gym bros to their k

Day 10: I’m getting so fucking sexy, it’s insane! I’ve actually got six pack abs now, and my pecs are starting to feel rounder and heavier. I even have V-lines! I’m now 6 foot 4 inches tall an

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Day 23:


Today, a tiny 6 foot 3 bodybuilder wanted to take a picture next to me. I felt so powerful towering over him at 7 foot 6, my body superior to his in every single way. His muscles were puny compared to the throbbing meat that packed each corner of my frame. Even his bulge was nonexistent, in comparison to the overinflated package struggling against my XXL gym shorts. 

I met with Brock again today. He was pumping barbells with a single hand, which was extremely impressive.

“Hey Max,” he said upon seeing me, “you look... bigger.”

he was staring at my arms, which had grown quite a bit since yesterday. They were thicker than even my own head now. There weren’t any sleeves that my monster biceps didn’t rip instantly.

“Thanks for noticing,” I said, giving him a short flex to watch. 

“You know...” he said, a tiny smile appearing in the corner of his mouth, “I could use a good shower after this workout.”

“Good idea,” I said, and we began to walk to the locker rooms. There, I stripped off my single pair of gym shorts, revealing my thick soft horse cock that fell down gently but heavily against my thighs. Brock began to slowly remove his lycra pants, pulling them gingerly off his massively swollen cock and balls. His gigantic muscles glistened with sweat.

”Mmmmm...” I moaned, but not at Brock. I had become enchanted with my own masculinity once more, slowly moving my hands over every mound and peak of muscle on my body. I turned on the shower and got in, feeling water falling onto places that were never this big before. I groped at myself lustfully, grappling the round, firm, hard, thick, wet, body that was my own. I had forgotten all about Brock, who was now suddenly in the shower with me, still looming above me but now closer than before. We barely both fit in the shower, our muscles pressing unevenly against each other in a tight yet warm feeling.

“Hey there,” Brock said as I felt his enormous pulsating cock smoothly pressing on my abs. His hand found my cock and began to jerk it off, making me begin to moan under my breath. In turn, I grabbed his beast of a cock with both hands and moved them up and down his long, girthy shaft. As he gained speed with his hand movements, so did I, and eventually-

“Ahhhhhhhhh...” he sighed deeply as I felt my whole body waist-down become warm and sticky. At the sight of my legs entirely caked in goo, I blew my load with a groan, painting his legs with my spunk as well. 

As we let the shower wash away the huge volume of cum that had just been created, Brock said “We should do this again.” He looked down at me, his traps like crests on his shoulders.

”Fuck yes!” I responded, not too eagerly, but just excited enough that he knew I’d enjoyed it too. 

As I left the gym and pulled out my phone, I noticed that I had several missed calls from Austin.

“Oh fuck,” I thought.

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Lo sabia ahora si se acordó que tenia novio y a pesar de que es tan grande no fue suficiente para dominar a brock :,(

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Day 24:867CDB11-6B6B-4349-9449-0F3AEDA90CB2.png.c73ea681b10799c2e185c4e4795e721b.png

Last night, as I pondered what to do about Austin, I sat down on my bed. I heard a deafening crunch as my entire bed broke in two at the spot that I had sat down in.

”Fuck!” I boomed, my voice even deeper than usual. I laid down on the floor, my feet and head both close to touching opposite sides of my small room. I was getting big. Not just bodybuilder big. I was growing into a GIANT. As I lay naked on the floor, absentmindedly stroking my huge floppy appendage, I thought about Brock, and how I was maybe 5 or 6 days away from gaining on him. But part of me wanted to see how big I looked in comparison to Austin. He was 6 foot 7, if I remembered correctly, which would make me, now 7 foot 7, a whole foot taller than him.

This morning, as I awoke to find a massive, stiff, 16-inch piece of meat in front of my eyes, I realized that I could take a break from seducing Brock to see Austin again, and I called him up, telling him to come over to my house.

At first, I tried to put something on before he came over: a shirt, underwear, anything. But each attempt was met with a few seconds of false hope as my huge muscles squeezed into the garment, followed by a loud rip and a flop as it fell to the floor. Even the XXL clothes I had just bought were getting tight, so I decided to go naked.

Austin opened my front door to find a big surprise.

“MAX??!!” he blurted, looking up at me from a foot below.

“Hey little guy,” I said with a slight grin. My huge shadow fell over him as he studied my body’s obscene bulges up and down, pausing for at least 30 seconds alone to admire the beauteous fleshy monster that swayed between my quads. 

“Oof...” Austin groaned with a lick of his lips, “that cock... you’re fucking horsehung!”

“Yeah,” I said with a shrug, and turned back into the house, displaying my thick plump ass, which bounced a little with each heavy step I took. I looked back to see Austin following behind, almost in a daze.

As I reached my bedroom door, I encountered a problem that I hadn’t seen before. As I tried to go through my door my shoulders bumped into the wall on either side. I tried again, but still my shoulders would not permit me to enter. Finally, I turned sideways and walked through the door. Was I getting too big? I shrugged off the question. There was no such thing as too big. Not when your goal is to become a god.

”Your bed...” Austin murmured in shock as he noticed the bedframe cracked in half in the corner of my room.

”It’s fine,” I said, “the floor is perfectly fine for fucking.”

No sooner had those words come out than Austin had stripped naked and fell to the floor with his jockboy ass high in the air.

“Good boy,” I said, my monstrous dick once again rising to its full 16-inch length.

“Fuck me Daddy,” Austin repeated quietly under his breath, preparing for the oncoming meat rod that would soon destroy his asshole. 

And then I fucked him, more violently than I had ever fucked before, ramming my massive cock into him over and over again, causing his eyes to roll back and his mouth to hang open in an expression of extreme pleasure.

”Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” he moaned sharply each time my extremely thick tool pounded his prostate. As we fucked, the entire floor seemed to shake, which definitely had never happened before.

Less than 2 minutes into fucking, Austin’s footlong cock emptied its contents in a strong jet of cum that splattered the wall in front of him. But I wasn’t finished. I kept ramming my cock into his ass, sending another load bursting from Austin’s dick. And another! I was so fucking close, I could feel it.

Here it comes.

“ARRRGHHGH!!!” I roared, a sound I had never heard that came from deep inside my primal core. As my immense load spewed forth from my cock, I felt an instinctual urge to flex every muscle in my body, causing veins to pop out all over my muscles, and causing my entire skin to turn a light shade of red. The amount of cum that flowed from my dick was staggering, as I seemed to cum for almost a whole minute. I took my raw, sopping cock out of Austin to find that it was still pumping out a steady stream of cum, filling the room in the sticky substance up to our ankles.

When my dick’s voluminous load had finally been completely purged, Austin and I laid down in our own sex matter, liking the warm feeling it gave us as we cuddled together on the floor.

I told him about Brock, and he was impressed that I was going up against him.

“I heard about that guy. They say he’s the result of some sort of genetic testing. And yeah, his dick is actually real, even though it looks fake.”

With this in mind, I drifted off to sleep with Austin wrapped in my hulkish arms. And suddenly, the image of Brock in my head didn’t seem so big anymore.

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max is a hunk now, i think austin has made max his from that one fuck session alone, do you know if max's semen has any abilities with this supplement he's had

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Oh my Max is hulking out super fast can't imagine what he'll do when he can't fit through his door sideways, He's already bending down for the door now he's being ask to shuffle sideways... Door doesn't have respect.

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I can only imagina what will happen when he gets as big as Brock and then bigger.

That moment will be his total transformation into unstopabble

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