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This is a new story I’m starting that will be written as several blogposts documenting the muscle growth of a guy from a stick to a god. I will update it once every day or every other day, and it will include pictures.

Hi, I’m Max and this is a new blog I have created to follow my muscular progress. I’m about to start taking this new supplement called Alpha Mix. (I’ve heard it’s been banned in most countries). I’ll be taking it every day before I work out in my high school’s weight room. I’m super pumped to see if it helps my muscle growth! Here goes nothing!

Day 1:


Well, as you can clearly see, I’m not a very muscular guy. I just started working out again last week, so I’m pretty new to this. Every time I’ve started working out, it seems like all the other guys in the weight room seem to laugh at my skinny little body, so I’m hoping to get at least a bit bigger with the help of this Alpha Mix. Speaking of Alpha Mix, today was the first day I tried it, and even though nothing has changed, I felt strangely confident all day, and my whole body felt almost like it was throbbing under my skin after the workout. That’s definitely never happened before. Anyway, I jerked off a bit when I got home later, and I noticed something strange. My cock felt a little odd the whole time, and then my cum was a bit oozier then normal. I just shrugged it off, though. It must just be a weird side affect of Alpha Mix. 

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Day 2:


After my workout today,  I looked in the mirror and I noticed that I had gotten a lot less skinny! My abs are definitely becoming more defined, and my arms are starting to bulk out bit by bit. But what’s weird is that while I was lifting my weights at the gym, I could have sworn that that pulsing sensation was getting stronger, and it’s starting to make me feel strangely horny all of the time. When I got home, I knew I had to whip out my dick and start jerking it off. This time, though, as I was beating my 6 inch cock, I’m certain that I could feel all the blood rushing through my body. Then, when I came, there was a lot more cum than usual, and I felt super excited that this Alpha Mix was actually working. I can just feel it! I’m gonna get huge!

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Day 3:

Holy shit! I grew like 2 inches taller overnight! This is crazy, I can’t believe it’s actually working! Plus, this really hot guy actually approached me at the gym today and talked with me a bit, and I think he might have even been flirting with me. He said his name was Austin, and he’s got a really cute smile. Not to mention the fact that he’s basically ripped, and I can never stop staring at him while working out. Alpha Mix has made me super horny all the time now, so I’ve been finding myself looking at his muscles when he pumps, and then later jerking off in the shower while thinking about him. There’s no way I could get him though, I’m way too small for that.

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9 hours ago, richard18 said:

another great two parts, is it the sane guy in the photos, he is getting super ripped and big, where can i get my hands on this alpha mix

Fiction. Fiction. Fiction. Fiction!

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