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Heya y'all! It's my first time actually posting anything on this site (that i can remember, at least) and the first time I try my hand at writing this kind of story. but since I read a lot of content

Well hello there! I'm back with part 3! I'm glad you seem to... Enjoy... my story, heh! Jokes aside, your comments are very good at motivating me to write whenever I can. So thank you ! 😃 Thanks a

The annoying neighbor is gonna have the longest show of his life. Is he ready for it, tho? Does Bran care?.. I guess we'll see But don't worry guys, I have lots of ideas. The story might get l

On 11/17/2020 at 7:51 AM, W0lven said:

Whereas before he’d been among the taller men in his group of peers – and he remembered he had always been taller than Thomas –, now he could see the accumulated dust over some of the furniture, which he had been unable to see before. Hell, his head was inches from touching the ceiling. That was so fucking hot he growled, the sound a deep rumble shaking the room

The small, subtle realization of new size and how much they excite Bran and turn him on are by far my favorite parts of the story.  Love how you tell us how internally aroused by these things Bran is. 

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Hey guys, remember me? I took some time off from college projects to put this together, I hope you'll like it! 


Part 8


     As he advanced on the puny figure in front of him, Bran squeezed his sleazy cock and cooed,

     “You’re a good,” he swatted his fat prick against his forearm, biceps ballooning,“little,” another loud swat,“bitch,” the next part he growled out, low and threatening,”aren’t ya”, and spread his arms just enough to put his hands on the door above Thomas’s head.

     The wooden door creaked as Bran put more of his weight on his hands, standing close to and leaning over Thomas, hairy armpits wide like airplanes and sweltering. After a beat, Thomas turned to run, and Bran closed in on him, humongous body and cock both pressed against the man’s front. The new difference in size confused vaguely Bran’s senses and made his cock throb harder. Wanting to feel that even more, he leaned further down, body weight heavy on one huge forearm flat on the door. And even then, Thomas’s head only reached up to, Bran estimated, about half the height the bulging meat of his pecs. He huffed in delight and flexed slowly one after the other, enjoying the way it forced Thomas’ head to move and twist, stuck as it was between the valley of his pecs and the door, and Thomas’ pained mewls. Despite his cries of protest, Bran could feel the little shit’s hard length leaking against his knees, and he growled out,

     “Shut up, bitch,” determined to humiliate the little fucker, getting off on it, he added even as the little boy whined some more, “Ya think I can’t tell that’s your pathetic little dick leaking on my leg? Huh?” Thomas’s mouth snapped shut, his cock jumped.

     Bran shifted, body weight pressing solely on his forearm – drawing more creaks of protests from the door –, torso twisting to the side just enough that Thomas could gulp in some air, and Bran brought his remaining large hand to encase Thomas’ dick in hot flesh. Bran sneered.

     “Fuck, your dick is so tiny.” Bran chuckled, “I bet you haven’t made anyone cum with that lil’ stick.” His voice went quieter. “Betcha don’t know anything about fuckin’.” Bran massaged the finger-sized flesh he held so easily in his hand, and Thomas gasped.

     “You haven’t really fucked before, have you?”

     Bran could feel Thomas’ hitching breaths, could feel every little shudders against his abs, every light bump of the man’s tiny head against his thighs, even as he let the silence stretch on. In the loud silence, he murmured roughly, certain he had the little fucker’s attention.

     “You don’t know how a real man fucks, do you?”

     Another beat of silence, and Bran gave another squeeze, let go, and, after making sure the little dude was watching the show, squeezed his own towering prick hard and wanked himself a few times, long fingers barely coming together around the fat base before parting farther apart and coming almost back in touching distance right before the head. Teeth clenched and hissing at the sensation, Bran groaned,

     “I do.”

     His cock lurched and belched more pre, which he scooped up, and painstakingly pushed his hands at the base, putting his cock’s head flush against Thomas’s weak pecs, the gaping slit dropping hot lava on the tiny boy. Thomas’ breath quickened. And he panted even more as Bran’s hand groped his thick, veiny lower abs, coating them again in thick good. Bran flexed his abs and groaned soundlessly, both at the pleasure exerting his muscles made him feel and at Thomas’ fascinated eyes on him. His hand went on to slick up the upper abs, and as he did, pre slowly gathered and dropped to the deep grooves of his cum gutters, heading toward the base of his fuckpole.

     “’Gonna show ya” Bran muttered, voice hoarse.

     He scooped more pre and slid his hand along the striations of his heavy pectorals, thick pre coating the skin, the hair and the food, he then flexed hard. Bran grunted in pleasure, hand on the door clenched in a fist, like a good chunk of rock. He grunted lewdly when a long fat finger covered a nipple in hot goo, hips rocking hard for a sec, and his intense glare focused on Thomas as he watched the show.

     what’s it truly like, fucking like a man”, he growled, guttural voice deeper, and slowly rocked his hips back and forth, the flaring purple head of his smearing cum around the thin boy’s heaving chest and throat.

     Then, he forced a dirty finger past the little man’s lips and deep into his throat, fed him pre, took it out, and grasped him by the neck and ass, bent him against the door so that his head and shoulders were against the door, his back arched in the air and ass held tight in big-ass hairy hands. Thomas was now belly up, cock hard and dropping and small balls splayed to Bran’s cold eyes.

     “Fuck yeah… I own you.”

     Thomas, confused by the rough manhandling he had just been subjected to, was already struggling and gasping in fright, redoubled his efforts. Bran, more aroused by the show of the squirming body in his hold and by the still-hard tiny cock, easily held him up and pried his legs apart.

     “God, you’re so tiny…” Bran whispered, blood heating, muscles pumping up, cock drenching the floor below as he put his wide glans against the tiny hole, hot flesh meeting hotter flesh and dripping fluid.

     “’m gonna tear you apart”, Bran growled out, and rubbed his cock against the hole. When it was heavily coated, Bran tried to push his cockhead in slowly. Thomas froze for an instant and tried to buck away.

     Bran hissed, irritated, and held on in a bruising grip, and pushed harder, the head spreading the tight little hole, he was almost in… Bran growled, the little fucker was slipping from his hands, buckling even more and crying as he did. Bran had enough. So Bran chucked him on the floor. Thomas’s body thudded against the sludgy ground, and he slid around, trying to get up.

     “Damn it, you stupid fuck… Don’t worry, you won’t be getting enough of my cock soon enough.. Gotta teach you first…” And with that, Bran pounced on his boytoy, arms and legs apart, the ground visibly shaking when his musclebound frame hit the floor. Quickly, he positioned himself above Thomas, straddling his butt – one of his own thigh easily bulging past both of Thomas’s –, huge ass flexed to keep Bran half-upright, and one wide palm hit close to Thomas’ head. Bran’s balls spread above Thomas’s butt, his dick already leaking all over the man’s bony back.

     “You look real good down there. Mmhh…”, Bran muttered, eyes taking in the sight of his own thick, hairy body and tan skin and the skinny little fucker underneath him. His cock fed more pre onto the pale skin. After a few seconds, he noticed the man was still trying to shake him off. He chuckled and groaned; he simply wasn’t bulging, the tiny man’s efforts were in vain : Bran didn’t even feel them. He wasn’t even moved by them, the body underneath him locked into position. Bran could only tell because he was seeing the small muscles jump and relax, and how Thomas’ skin was reddening.

     “It’s cute how you keep trying…”, he cooed. Then he shifted his ass back and bent over, bringing one thick forearms under Thomas’ neck, another to grip his cock and aimed blindly. Once he felt the puckered hole with his prick, he growled and pushed hard. After a few seconds, his fist-sized dickhead was halfway in, a scream cutting the air. Bran grunted and pushed harder, the head went in, and he paused, panting and snorting, enjoying the sweaty, salty scent of Thomas’ hair, almost as sweet as his whines, his own cock throbbing so hard Bran could have sworn it had its own heart. God, he was so tight, and he wasn’t even halfway in… He sniffed and cocked his hips, pushing the pulsing fat meat farther inside. Breathy gibberish came out of Thomas. Bran pulled back slightly and snapped back in, the tight wet heat around him eliciting barely-controlled groans of pleasure – and he couldn’t help but snap his hips some more, going deeper every time. Soon, a third of his cock was in.

     As more and more hot velvet engulfed his engorged flesh, the body under him alternated between small, fast keening breaths, sharp gasps and hitching pleas for more. Bran heard none of it, so lost he was in the pleasure building inside the fat globes of his balls as they throbbed in time with his cock. Then he was halfway in, and a yell pulled him back. Bran remembered the thing around his pole was a boy, and a sinister grin twisted his face. He rose back up, enveloped thin hips in bulging hands, lifted them, spread his legs and slowly but determinedly pulled the boy’s hips closer to his own, cockhead spearing the boy’s innards. It was so ridiculously easy, he chuckled-and-grunted, his cock so painful he bit his lips so hard he tasted blood. The boy’s protests only added to his excitement. Soon, his pubes were pressed against the soft mounds of Thomas’s butt, hairy balls spread underneath them, almost too big for the tight skin around them.

     Bran decided to be nice and waited a bit for Thomas to relax, but soon, the man’s quietening cries and the tight hole he was in proved too much for his restraint, and he had to play; he gyrated his hips, moving his cock around, and sweet gasps spurned him on. He barreled in, hips snapping back and forth, hands brutalizing the flesh around Thomas’s hips even as his loosened hole already cried tears of semen.

     The bigger man went faster and faster, the rhythm and strength of his thrusts shaking the floor, more and more over time and then…

     “OH FUCK!”, Bran roared, deep voice tearing through Thomas down to his toes, even as his belly slowly bloated out and seed gushed down his spindly ass and legs. Thomas was then crushed to the floor by the musclebound beast above him, the ground almost flattening his tummy and pushing even more seed out. There may have been pain and he was dimly aware of having trouble breathing, but Thomas was lost in a strange daze, irises blown wide by a strange kind of pleasure he had never known before…

     Meanwhile, the panting colossus above had fallen, pecs grinding against the floor even as they throbbed and writhed, veins like thick hose pumping thick blood urgently across them. Bran’s wide forehead, just as veiny, was a throbbing mess, his flesh so hot sweat was leaking on the floor his head was resting on. The big man’s head was tilted sideways on the cum-slicked tiles, eyes intent on one of his hands, the only hand he could see from this point of view on the ground.

     When he he fell, he had slipped, and fat fingers had broken through tiles and raked them apart. As he watched the dance of his heavy muscles on his forearm, thickening wrist and the insistent throbs of the big knots of veins bursting out of his skin, he flexed his hands in the grounds. Vein covered thick fingers dug deeper into the ground, and he slowly pulled them out, fascinated by the sight.

     With each throb of his heart, the strong drums of which his ears were almost ringing with, his already huge hand was slowly growing longer and larger, the wrist’s and forearm’s bones growing thicker and longer, sinews popping and bones cracking. There was no pain, only an intense heat coursing through him, warmth reddening his skin all over.

     He brought his hand down again and, uncaring of the noise, brought up a large fistful of broken tiles. He flexed his fingers against his wide palms and, in doing so, ground the tiles to dust. He groaned low in his throat at the sight. Then, he spread his hand wide back on the ground, and watched as, slowly, with every burst of blood in his veins, with every cracks and pops of bones, his mitt grew, then outgrew, and finally hid the hole he had just made. A big fat smile tugged at his lips. Then, he whispered,

     More…”, and slowly started pumping his still leaking erection in the boy he was crushing underneath his growing weight. The heat scorching through his body didn’t miss his balls, and they were still painfully full, throbbing, and even though he’d just came, he badly needed to fuck again. A tiny, needy mewl echoed, small underneath the man’s gigantic pecs, and Bran licked his lips in anticipation for the next good fuck he was about to give the small man. Then, his eyes stuck on his bulging hand, he slowly ramped up the pace of his thrusts, a mean sneer twisting his rugged face...

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  • W0lven changed the title to Male Hunger - part 8 (06/12/20)

this sis probaly the best chapter sp far. Fck. I loved his dominance and how he is still growing.

Thomas really got him on a bad day??? He is experiencing so many things

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