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muscle growth (Mus)Cloville new chapter added 22-2-2021


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Here's a story that I wrote a while ago, but I want to share it with you guys since I recently (re)discovered these forums :D 


I  hope you'll enjoy it!


Chapter one: Return to Cloville

Henry was walking around the taxi parking area, looking for a cab to bring him to his hometown, Cloville. For some weird reason, however, it seemed very hard for him to find a driver to take him to the small rural town that he once called home. Being so close to his hometown made Henry think.

It had been ages since he had last seen his hometown or his family for that matter. All it took was one fight, as Henry hit puberty. He hated his stepdad, and the hatred seemed to be mutual. At one point, all the pent up frustrations just exploded. Henry immediately regretted his little outburst, trying to make up for it. His stepfather was relentless, though, and he forced Henry to move out. He had family living on the other side of the country, so, fortunately, he could stay there.

Years had gone by since then, he lost all contact with his family. Even his little brother, who turned 18 two months ago, wasn’t allowed to contact him. Henry had now finished his studies and was working at this big law firm in a big city. His life seemed to be pretty good until his brother called. His mom had passed away, and his father insisted on bringing the family back together. “You wouldn’t believe how much everything changed here” Andy, Henry’s brother said through the phone. “You’ll like dad now. I surely like him. There’s a new farm in town, and the veggies are amazing, we eat them as much as possible! Just come back as fast as possible, mom’s funeral is on Friday. See ya!” Henry put down his phone, surprised by how cheery his brother sounded. Was the bond between Andy and their mom worse than he thought? Even if the relationship between Andy and his mother was worse than Henry expected, why was the information about this farm and the vegetables so crucial in comparison to their mom’s funeral?

Henry pulled up his nose, thinking about the vegetables. Since he was young, he always despised most vegetables. The only plant he liked was lettuce, but mostly he tried to stick to fruit to meet his vitamin intake.

That night he found a ticket, and the next day he left to Cloville.


“Hey boy, looking for a cab?” A very muscled man called out to Henry.

“Erm, yes, sir! Thank you very much. I need to go to Cloville.”, Henry said, hoping this wouldn’t result in a new denial.

“Oh, cool! I live there, and it’s the end of my shift so you can hop along for free!” The driver replied.

Henry got into the taxi, together with the muscled man. Now that the driver was sitting in front of him, Henry could take some time to look at the man a bit more closely.

The man’s back was wider than the chair he was sitting; his short build made him look a bit stocky. Like a big bodybuilder was squashed together. The muscles on his leg almost touched the steering wheel though. And was that an eggplant stuffed in the guy’s crotch area? As Henry was looking up, he noticed the eyes of the driver looking directly at him in the mirror. Henry quickly averted his eyes, looking at the floor under his feet.

“So boy, why are you going to Cloville? Not a lot of tourists make their way up there, and you don’t look like you’ve been there recently.” The driver at least made an effort not to show he noticed Henry’s staring.

“Well, I’m originally from the town. I’m just here to attempt my mother’s funeral. She passed away last week, and my stepdad hopes it’s a reason to bring the family back together again. Her funeral is tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah, that’s why my son was back too! He arrived yesterday, unfortunately, one day too late for the funeral, so he missed that.” Then the driver’s voice went a bit softer, Henry focussed his ears and listened “Fuck do I hope the boy ate some veggies, I’m horny as hell.”

Henry’s eyes widened in shock. Did he hear that correctly? He decided to ignore it since it was almost a whisper he must’ve heard it wrong. His brother’s focus on the veggies was still clinging to him properly.

“Oh, a son? Maybe I know him, what’s his name?” Henry sat up a little. Even though it was ages ago, maybe he could meet up with some old acquaintances.

“My son? Dylan! I guess he’s as old as you are, so pretty big chance you know him. What’s your name then kid?” Henry seriously started getting agitated by being called “kid” all the time. But he thought about a Dylan he knew.

“Are you mister Sandhoff?” Henry asked, “because I used to be friends with a Dylan Sandhoff, we used to be friends when I still lived here. We met each other again when I went to university.”

Dylan looked at the driver again. “No, this can’t be mister Sandhoff”, he thought. “Sandhoff used to be a very frail guy. Surely he couldn’t possibly have gotten this big in the past years. The man surely must’ve been a hard gainer.”

“Mister Sandhoff in the flesh, kid. Pleased to meet a friend of my son, maybe you guys can go and eat some of the local veggies soon!” Mr Sandhoff said.

“These stupid vegetables again”, Henry thought, and then he replied to mister Sandhoff.

“Well, mister Sandhoff, both me and Dylan don’t really like a lot of vegetables. But we used to go out and have some beers though so we can do that again. I’ll send him a text when I get home! Didn’t know he was visiting too!”

The cab slowly drove into Cloville, and Henry looked around the town. The city hall was still there, mister Sheffield’s store just at the corner of the main street. The small village looked exactly as Henry remembered. The streets were abandoned.

“Well, guess even this town is shrinking”, Henry thought.

“This must be it, kid.” Henry’s attention was pulled back to reality by the low grumble of his driver.

“But sir, I never told you my name. How did you?” Henry looked surprised.

“The secret of Cloville, boy. Now say hi to your family, so I can go have a look at my son. See ya soon!”

Henry quickly got out of the taxi, got his suitcase from the back and walked up to his driveway. The house looked the same as Henry remembered it, possibly trapping all bad memories inside as well. Henry felt the nerves in his stomach.

Then the front door opened, and Henry saw the face of Dave, his stepfather. Henry was only able to recognise the face, however. He remembered Dave to be quite chubby and rather short. The man now stood a good head taller than Henry. The most shocking change, however, was the body. Dave looked like an exact copy of Dylan’s dad.

Dave’s pecs formed shelves under his incredible thick neck and broad shoulders. The shirt Dave was earing was so tight that a solid eight-pack could be seen under it. The shirt’s sleeves were filled with arms that must’ve been as big as Henry’s legs. Dave’s legs, filling a pair of khaki pants, looked like tree trunks. His upper legs looked like tree trunks, big enough to harbour a few animals if it would’ve been hollow. The calves looked like sharp, big diamonds. The only difference to mister Sandhoff was Dave’s ass. It was enormous, easily twice the size of the taxi driver. Almost like some sort of compensation, the bulge in front looked a bit smaller. Henry still wondered if there was something stuffed in the front of his stepdad’s pants, but at least this thing was slightly smaller.

“Heey Henry, kiddo. Awesome to see you again! I have to bring a few veggies Frank and Davy, our new neighbours down the street. They moved here last week, cute couple! See ya soon, son, go meet up with your brother! Get ready in your room, it’s ready for your arrival. I’ll serve dinner soon.” In Dave’s voice, no signs were to be seen about their past fights or a single hint of mourning about the loss of his wife. And without waiting for a reply, Henry’s stepdad left the front garden.

Henry walked inside and up to his room, or at least what he remembered of it. When he opened his door, he saw another muscled guy sitting on his bed.

This one was younger, had blond hair and was wearing the same clothes as Dave had been wearing earlier.

Before he could have a proper look at the guy, Henry slammed the door shut and called out for his brother.

“Andy! There’s a random dude in my room. Andy?! Are you home?” Henry called out through the empty house. Stopping dead in his tracks when a reply came from behind his door.

“Yes, little bro, I’m here! Don’t call out for me after you pretty much slammed the door in my face!”. A small chuckle was added to Andy’s reply. Henry opened the door again and was greeted by the same sight for the third time that day: broad shoulders, stuffed pants and big arms. Andy looked at his brother.

“God, you look cute, and boy do we need to catch up. Too bad you’re one day too late for mum’s funeral! But just let me update you on what happened in Cloville since you left.”


Davy looked at himself in the mirror. In the past week, his body had grown so much. His muscles had exploded. His ass and dick were gigantic. First came the growth in his muscles, a few days after his husband became a lawyer for Cloville’s newest farm and Frank’s muscles had come in.

After the growth in Frank’s muscles, Davy noticed an increase in his husband’s sex drive. Shortly after that, his own sex drive followed. His horniness was through the roof, and the fucking sessions between the two husbands grew both in intensity and number.

Davy looked at his body. His dick was slightly smaller than his husband’s, measuring around 30 centimetres. His arse had grown enormous, and even though he always used to be the top in the relationship, his new arse required filling, a lot of filling. So now his husband topped him every night, morning and multiple other times on the days that he was free from work.

A small voice in the back of Davy’s head was saying that something was wrong; the vegetables they ate at night tasted terrific. The sex was great, but something was wrong. His husband started as a lawyer, but now he seemed like he was just a farmhand, helping with harvesting the variable vegetables. And for some reason, Davy thought that exactly those vegetables were to blame for it all.

“Frank, we need to leave, I packed our backs. Let’s just get in the car and drive away from this crazy fucked up village. We’re not ourselves anymore, come on we have to leave.”Davy told his mirrored self the practised lines.

He looked at his bright blue eyes and his dishevelled blonde hair. The light behind his eyes was getting weaker in a similar way as his husband’s eyes were now empty, brightly coloured, but the lights in his brain were off. Something was messing with their heads, and it had to end now. Taking a deep breath of air, Davy walked down the stairs to his husband, carrying the suitcases with him.

“Frank, honey, we need to talk,” Davy said.

“Can’t that wait a moment, dear? Dave, from down the street, is just here to bring us a few tomatoes. Do you want to taste a little piece?” Davy’s husband replied.

Davy could see Dave’s eyes locking on his suitcase, raising an eyebrow. Of course, he didn’t want to raise suspicion; all the muscled guys in town seemed to work together sometimes. So Davy decided to grab a piece of tomato and taste it.

The tomato tasted like any other vegetable from the farm, a familiar taste but mixed with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The more he ate the vegetables, the more he’d grown to like them. This tomato wasn’t an exception; it was delicious! Davy’s libido was rising, and he wanted Dave to leave so he could bounce on his husband’s dick again.

He stopped for a second, wasn’t he supposed to resist this wish to fuck? Wasn’t he supposed to tell his husband they should leave as soon as possible? The voice in his head quieted down as soon as he saw his husband’s huge dick pulse in his pants.

Dave noticed the change in the atmosphere.

“Okay, guy’s I guess I’ll just let you discuss whatever Davy here wanted to discuss, see you guys later! I’ll see myself out.”

Davy and Frank kept looking at each other, the tension rising. Then they heard Dave leaving the house, closing their front door.

“So, you wanted to talk?” Frank said.

“Erm yee, erm, erm.” Davy was lost for words as he saw that his husband slowly took his cock out of his pants.

“Naww honey, you seem so confused, some bounce on my dick a little, your mind seems all fogged up.”

Davy lost all control, tore off his pants and kneeled in front of the dick. He was just sucking it quickly to lube the cock. Just a few minutes later, his husband’s dick was buried deep inside his ass.

The fucking was hard and animalistic like ever. The chair was creaking under the couple’s combined weight. Davy’s moans grew louder and louder, his husband rubbing his hair.

Davy turned around towards a mirror Frank decided to hang up to watch their fuck sessions from other angles. He could see the light in his eyes dim down.

“Oh honey I’m gonna cum”, Frank groaned shortly before unleashing a big stream of cum.

Frank’s balls had grown together with his dick, they were the size of small oranges, hanging over the edge of his chair as Frank pumped his seed in his husband’s ass.

As Davy felt his ass being filled, he came too. His balls were slightly bigger than they used to be, but he didn’t meet the amount of cum his husband produced just yet. The voice in the back of his head now told him he should eat his veggies so that he could grow more.

“So,” Frank said, “you wanted to tell me something?”

Davy looked surprised. What did he want to ask again?

“Well, honey, I don’t remember. But let’s cook up those veggies, grow and fuck some more!”


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Chapter two: Leaving Muscloville


“Hey man, didn’t know you were back in Cloville too! How are you doing and do you want to meet up?”

Henry was laying on the bed in his old room, texting with Dylan and avoiding his creepy family. They just kept on going about muscles, sex and vegetables. His stomach was growling; his dad had stuck to only serving vegetables for dinner. So Henry cooked himself some pasta and ate that dry, the small amount of old pasta he found in a pantry wasn’t enough to fill his stomach.

Henry had always been a bit stubborn, and now that people kept urging him on to eat the vegetables, his old stubbornness resurfaced. Henry refused to even touch the vegetables. They freaked him out now that people seemed so religious about them.

His phone beeped.

“Yeah man, I’m doing fine! Did you eat the vegetables already?”

The reply shocked him, and Henry sighed. He thought about just tossing his phone away, ignoring his friend. Try to leave as soon as possible. This was all getting way too crazy. He wanted to know what his friend was on about though, so he decided to keep on talking.

“No, I don’t like vegetables, and I thought you shared that feeling? Why do you ask?”

Henry spent some time messing around on his phone, waiting for a reply that eventually came.

“I haven’t either man, just wanted to check. People are weird about it. Let’s meet tomorrow morning, just behind the town hall. Don’t eat anything until we meet. I’ll tell you everything I found out over the last couple of days. We’re with a bigger group, and we’re determined to find out what’s going on. We have food. Don’t talk to anyone about this.”

The next morning, Henry went on his way towards the town hall. Cloville had changed before Henry left the town’s centre had been a lively place. Kids used to play around on the square in front of the town’s political centre. Stores used to offer all types of goods. Now even the butcher offered more vegetables than meat.

Henry walked around the town hall. Noticing that some of the houses surrounding it had loud moans coming from their windows. Behind the town hall was a little park where Henry could relax, away from the wandering, lustful eyes of the town’s men.

Henry looked around the little park, hoping to spot his high school friend. Just behind a big oak tree, in an area surrounded by some bushes, Henry found Dylan. The two men were happy to see that both of them looked more or less how they remembered each other. They stood there for a while, awkwardly silent.

Dylan was first to end the silence:

“So, you’re still normal, right? You didn’t have any vegetables from our farms?”

Henry considered his words for a bit.

“No, Dylan, I’m still myself. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Dylan frowned.

“Well, we’re not sure yet. We figured out that eating the vegetables changes people. Once you give in and have a little bite, you change. Some stronger spirits can resist if they stop eating for a while. The Changed, as we know them now, aren’t particularly happy with that, but so far no action was taken against it.”

“But what about the women? Are they really dead? And who are the ‘we’ you keep talking about?” Henry had a worried look on his face.

“Look, man, relax. I’m taking you to the rest of our survivor club. I arrived last week and teamed up with a few other people that were still normal. So far nobody has been caught, but that might be about to change. It’s hard to hide completely, leaving the city is impossible. Police officers take you back if you try. We’re just hanging out together, trying to figure out how to defeat whatever’s happening to this town. Now let’s start walking.”

Dylan and his group of “survivors” met in Cloville’s library, the place had become almost deserted now that the town’s inhabitants were changed.

Dylan guided Henry there in silence, Henry looked around, shocked by the changes he saw in the people he grew up with. Muscled guys now crowded the streets, staring hungrily at the two unchanged guys, while caressing each other’s dicks.

The pair walked to the new library that had been built just outside the town’s centre. The library on Cloville’s town square had gotten too small, and a new building was established outside of the city. The library was abandoned now that people weren’t reading anymore, too busy fucking each other. Inside of the library, Dylan and three of his friends had set up a place to meet, a place to find shelter from the weird things going on in Cloville. The duo entered the central room of the library, and a table had been placed in the middle of it. As the door opened, the three people at the table turned their heads.

Randy sat the closest to the door, at the age of 30, he was the oldest of the group. He had a big appetite for fast food, and even his thin build could not fight a bit of fat piling up around his waist. Carl, a blonde nerdy guy that turned 18 just a few weeks ago, sat next to Randy. He had the typical twinkish build, the type of body that found a lot of attraction from the changed men on the street. Dan was the last person in the group; he shared a story similar to those of Dylan and Henry. Being a student out of Cloville, he got called back to mourn the loss of a family member. Dan was a brunette, a bodybuilder with a muscular body. This made it easier for him to blend in with the native Cloville men. Dan became the secret power of the group, making it easy for them to get closer to the changes.

The first thing Henry noticed was how shocked all the people in the room looked, a worrisome look on all their faces. Dylan also picked up on the stressed atmosphere in the room.

“What’s wrong guys? Shouldn’t we be a bit happier that we have a new person in our ranks?”

Randy looked at Dylan: “We just got a text. Henry’s father invited us to a barbecue at his place. All of us, that’ll put us in such a dangerous position. We tried refusing, but it seems like we’re stuck. My uncle just threatened to take us to the farm instead. Our best bet is just to go and stay away from the veggies.”

Henry barely had time to introduce himself to the rest of the group, all time and attention went to preparing for the barbecue that night.

The sun was slowly setting down on Cloville. Dylan and the rest of the group decided to go back to their own houses before meeting up at Henry’s place. So Henry was alone when he put the key in his front door. As he entered the house, a lot of voices could be heard from the garden. Henry took a deep breath and walked towards the garden. As he walked through the backdoor, he walked into his stepdad and brother. Dave and Andy were wearing spandex, their muscles on full display. Henry tried to look away and found their neighbours, Davy and Frank.

The biggest shock wasn’t seeing that Frank was dressed in similar attire as Dave and Andy. Davy was different though. The man was completely naked, his cock being gargantuan, reaching all the way to his head and leaking precum. His mouth hung open slightly, some drool leaking down on his inflated chest. Henry stared at the scene in shock.

“Yeah son, this is what happens if you resist Cloville’s ways.” Dave said, “Little Davy here was asking a lot of questions, so Frank and I took him to the farm. Farmer Johnson made some corrections, and now he’s a good playmate for your brother. Too bad he resisted so much, Johnson had to take his brains.” Andy ran towards Davy and started humping his ass against the big dick.

Dave continued talking: “Now you should go upstairs and get dressed, we put some stuff ready for you. So you and your friends won’t look too different tonight.” He finished with a wink.

Henry ran up the stairs towards his room. He had to warn his friends, and they had to leave this town as soon as possible. Cloville had gone insane. He had to call Dylan and warn everybody. But reaching for his phone, Henry found his pockets empty.

“Fuck, they must have taken my phone as I was distracted,” Henry mumbled to himself.

On his bed, Henry found a purple pair of speedos, a small piece of paper was next to it.

“Hope you’ll make a nice eggplant 😉 “. The card read. Henry turned his eyes towards the ceiling, and sighed. This was so cliché.

Henry sat on his bed and thought about his options, he couldn’t contact his friends. It would only be a matter of time before they were here. Would his friends also have received a speedo? What would they do with it?

Henry considered just swallowing his pride, putting on the speedo and going downstairs. All they had to do was skip eating vegetables, right? A glance into the speedo put an end to that plan, though. The front and back were covered in something mushy, almost like a mashed eggplant. Surely that couldn’t be good. Henry gave the thing a quick smell, making his head foggy. There was a smell of cum mixed in there, Henry thought. His mouth started to water as his mind fogged over, thinking about the giant cocks on his family and friends. His hands started reaching for the button on his pants. The ringing sound of the doorbell made his head clear again. Henry stood up, surprised by his actions, they almost got him. Before he could give it another thought, he heard the voices of the new guests.

“Hey bro, great to be here! Thank you for having us over. I brought the rest of our group along too.” Henry thought he recognised the voice of Carl, the blonde twink of the group. He walked towards his bedroom door to have a look downstairs. Henry saw nothing, but he immediately realised what Carl said. Was the rest of the group with him already? How?

“Henry!” His stepdad called out, “are you coming down for dinner? Your phone has been ringing for a while too, sure felt nice against my balls! Come down please so we can check you out!”

Henry pondered his options; he barely had a choice. He wasn’t going to wear the speedos though! Finally, after taking a few minutes to think of a plan, Henry decided to go downstairs and look at his friends. They sounded way too happy when they entered. Would Dylan be there as well? Henry walked downstairs and turned towards the garden to attend the dinner party. He turned towards the back door and was shocked when he saw the group he met earlier that day. The first one that caught his eye was Dan, who was speaking.

“Oh lord, this is amazing!” Dan’s voice sounded deep. “I’m never leaving Muscloville again!”

Dan, already being the biggest of the group before growing, was an absolute beast right now. His pecs shelved some rock hard abs. His legs were enormous and rested under a bulge that was tightly packed into purple speedos. His balls were almost popping out of the small garment and rested on the creaking chair under him. He had to be the biggest man in Cloville now.

The next one to catch Henry’s eye was Carl. The former twinky nerd was now close to rivalling a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. He definitely had a bigger package in his speedos than Dan. The speedo was clearly struggling not to break as the blonde guy was slowly rubbing his bulge, two bright eyes looking at Dans bulging muscles.

“Oh damn honey, can I get a piece of that thick meat?”, a third voice chimed in. As Henry turned his eyes, he saw Randy. The 30-year-old man didn’t lose all the fat around his belly, so he now had a slightly softer muscle gut. His beard had grown, and his chest was covered in a thick rug of hair. This was the first time since arriving in Cloville that Henry saw a bear.

Randy’s wasn’t sure if Randy already was equipped with a purple speedo as the thing was completely obscured by his balls and dick hanging out of it. He was vigorously stroking a dick that easily reached up to the underside of his pecs. Pecs that were so meaty they were slightly pointing downwards, another difference to the other bodybuilders that inhabited the town. Precum was slowly trickling down the big pole as Randy was hungrily stroking it, looking at Carl’s hardening dick.

Henry spotted his phone on the table and grabbed it. He had 5 missed calls from Dylan. Henry quickly looked around the people, thanking the lord that Dylan wasn’t there. The veggies didn’t get to him yet. Henry’s hope was shattered though when he heard his stepdad ask Randy about Dylan.

“So, Randy was it?” Henry’s stepdad asked, “Where’s that other friend of yours?”

Randy barely took the time to look away from the hardening cock next to him, picking up the pace of his strokes.

“Oh, you mean Dylan? Yeah, his dad took him to the farm. He was resisting. Too bad he couldn’t come along with us because of that.”

“Well boy,” his stepdad replied, “I think we should take little Henry here too. It seems like Dylan wants to be with him anyway. Come on, Henry, let’s go!”

Before Henry could register what was going on, his stepdad grabbed his neck and pushed him towards the car—safely locking him up inside of it. Henry tried beating against the car window, trying to get the attention of people walking on the sidewalks. The strangers that he could reach seemed to know what was going on. They just winked and grabbed their obscene bulges.

The car drive seemed to go on forever to Henry, but finally, the car stopped in front of a farm just outside of town. The farmland around it seemed lush with all sorts of vegetables. The eggplants attracted his eyes, and immediately, Henry knew what was going on. He saw another car, and immediately recognised it as Dylan’s.

Dylan and Henry exited the cars around the same time. They looked at each other and watched as a scrawny guy walked out of the farmhouse. Both their dads knelt straight away.

“Master, we brought you the final two resisters, their friends already joined the ranks.” The two said in unison.

“Why are you doing this?” Dylan was the first to break the silence.

“Well boy, let’s not ask too many questions. I’ll give you a short answer, though. For too long, the finances of this farm were bad. Sales were down, you guys all chose the fancypancy options. But not anymore, they admire me now. I gave them everything they wanted. They’re buff now, they don’t have worries anymore. And soon you’ll be able to feel what they’re feeling. Boys, come here!”

Immediately after the old farmer called out, two muscled guys walked out of the house. Their overalls looked like skinny jeans on their legs. Their bulges being pushed forward obscenely and without a shirt on, their rock hard abs and big pecs could be seen. Their lats made sure that their arms, which must’ve been as big as Henry’s head, were at a slight angle. They started walking towards Henry and Dylan.

“Oh boys, come on, all you need is some of these guys’ special cum in you. Yes, it will melt your brains out now that you get the full dosage and not a diluted variant in the plants. But it will make your minds empty, and it will make sure all those rebellious little minds are ripped away from your bodies. Without a second glance, Henry and Dylan started running, pushing past their fathers and into the open fields. Dylan, however, bumped into his dad and was slowed down a little bit. As the duo was running for their lives, the muscled farmhands gained on Dylan fast. Their muscled legs were pushing them forwards quickly.

Henry heard Dylan fall to the ground; he quickly looked around to see the two boys tackle his friend. They ripped his clothes apart, revealing a body that was clearly getting affected by just walking in the field full of vegetables. Henry heard his friend scream in pain as one of the farmhand’s thick cocks penetrated his ass. The other guy meanwhile was getting as much precum on Dylan’s face as possible. Henry stopped running to watch the scene behind him. It didn’t take too long before his friend’s screams of agony started to turn into moans of pleasure. Dylan’s muscles came in fast, shredding his shirt as his cock was slowly expanding towards the ground.

Henry saw his friend look at him, and in between moans Dylan spoke: “Oh Henry, we should stop resisting.” Dylan closed his eyes and yelled out loud as cum squirted out of his enlarged cock like a geyser. “Mm you’ll like this too, come join us!”

Before the now trio of muscled beasts could turn around towards Henry, he was gone. Within seconds his sprint brought him to the road leading out of the town. As he ran down the road, he saw somebody put some graffiti on the town’s sign.

“You are going away from (Mus)Cloville” the sign now read. Clearly, somebody wanted not to be too open about the new name and placed it between brackets.

A while ago Henry was going back to Cloville to visit a funeral. Now he was going away from Muscloville, fleeing from his friends and family. Back to the big city, back to safety. Or so he hoped….

The end.

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  • Transformheaven changed the title to (Mus)Cloville new chapter added 22-2-2021

Saving Muscloville



Henry sighed as he put the dumbbells back where they belonged, the gym wasn’t too busy this morning. Henry used this quietness to eye Michel, the beast in the corner he could call his boyfriend for the past year. Henry appreciated the pitch black hair and the large, dark eyes that made his boyfriend have a bit of a babyface. A cute button-like nose finished the look. If you only saw his face, you wouldn’t expect the body beneath it. He wasn’t overly muscled, but he was toned enough to let all his muscles pop under his skin. And then there was the bulge in his gray sweatpants. Everybody could see that Henry’s boyfriend was clearly well-endowed. Sometimes, Henry got overwhelmed by the mere idea of losing this absolute hunk.

After running away from the horrors in his old hometown, Henry struggled to pick up his life again. The first few months the only dreams he had consisted of him running through the fields again, seeing his friend drop to the ground, getting raped by the meatheads on the farm. After this, his dreams varied, sometimes he would find himself running on the road again. Just like he did back then, stopping the nearest car, only to see it occupied by the new Dylan. Sometimes he would dream about his doorbell ringing, and as he opened it, finding Dylan. No matter where he saw Dream-Dylan, Henry always pictured the look on his face the last time he saw him. Saying the exact same words again:

“Oh, Henry, we should stop resisting.” Usually, after saying this, Dream-Dylan would spray copious amounts of cum through the air.

Other nights his dreams were just replaying the events in that horrible village. He had numerous dreams where he would see the fellow members of the resistance, entering his stepdad’s house again. Their muscles were straining their clothes, cocks ready to burst out of their pants.

Of course, he had tried looking for help, but all the therapists laughed in his face or tried to convince him it was all in his head. Henry even started to doubt his own memories; at one point, he tried calling his brother to check. A series of grunts on the other side of the line was enough to convince Henry that it was all true.

Henry spent a lot of time at bars in the city, flirting with men and drowning his feelings in alcohol. It was on one of these booze infested nights that he stumbled upon the god-like man named Michel. After the usual flirting, dancing and talking, Henry took the muscled stud home. The chemistry between the two was evident, and after the first night, the couple hardly ever parted.

At first, the relationship with Michel helped Henry. His dreams were replaced with erotic ones about his hot boyfriend. After a few weeks, though, he saw himself running through the Cloville fields again. But this time, it wasn’t him by himself running from Dylan. This time, Michel was by his side, running from the muscled monsters behind him. Eventually, Henry woke up screaming and crying. This startled Michel, sleeping soundly besides him. Henry decided that was the moment to tell his boyfriend about his past. Sobbing and crying, Henry decided to finally tell Michel where he was from and what happened in the past months.

Michel’s face went pale as soon as Henry mentioned Cloville and all he said was: “I know what you’re going to say.” It turned out that Michel visited an uncle in Cloville after his uncle invited him, his dad and his brother over for a family reunion. Fortunately, that day Michel suffered from food poisoning, so he couldn’t join the family for dinner. As he came downstairs to ask his father when they were turning home he found his father and brother sitting at the dinner table, lazily eating away on vegetables while stroking their dicks. Michel barely noticed the latter fact, because he was stuck staring at their gargantuan muscles. As his uncle noticed him standing there, looking at the family’s table, his uncle asked him if he wanted to join in on the fun. Just shortly after that, Michel started running.

“So yeah, I guess we’re similar. Never knew there was resistance, though. Neither did I know about the farms.” Michel concluded his story.

“We… We need to stop them.” Henry said, his determination rising. “We need to light that fucking farm on fire!”

Henry sighed as he and Michel finished setting up their tent. The couple spent the next weeks working out, working with a newfound zeal to go back to Muscloville prepared. Henry, always a hard gainer, put on a decent amount of muscle mass. However, setting up a tent wasn’t the inexperienced campers’ strength, especially that a trip across the country had tired the couple.

“So,” Michel started. “remember the plan, we spent the next few days observing the movement from this hill. We try to see if they run on a schedule. My hypothesis still is that those dumb muscleheads have to stick to a plan to function. When I was there, some police got called, and if I understand, correctly they were spotted way before they entered the town. We just have to make sure that they don’t spot us, and that we don’t consume anything from around here.”

To make sure no smoke from any cooking would be noticed, the couple had taken a lot of canned food with them, the bottles of water would be stored in their car. Just as the couple finished unpacking most things, a helicopter flew over the area.

“Do you think we’re hidden well enough for them not to notice us?” Henry asked.

Michel frowned “I sure hope so.”

A few moments of quietness followed.

“At least they’re not turning around to check again.”

A few moments later the couple lay on top of a hill, looking out over the valley that held most of Cloville. They could see the muscled men walking around the little town. A couple of them seemed to be patrolling, holding their dicks as if they were pointing a gun forward. At one point, Henry could feel Michel tensing up next to him. As he looked over, he saw his boyfriend staring at one guy walking around the town. The man had black hair, dark eyes and the same button-like nose as Michel. Even some of the muscles resembled Michel’s, even though they were way bigger.

“T… T…That” Michel stuttered: "that’s my twin brother” His eyes filled up with tears as he tried to get up.

“I have to drag him out of this,” Michel said with certainty.

“Noooo big boy, we’re not,” Henry answered as he rapidly pulled his boyfriend back down again.

“Look into my eyes, take a few deep breaths. It’s been a long day, let’s get back to our tent and get some sleep.”

After arriving at their tent, Henry and Michel checked once again if there really weren’t any people sneaking around their little campsite. When they were sure that there were none, they got undressed and slipped into their tent.

At that moment, with most of the tension out of the air, Henry could feel Michel relaxing a bit. Then he felt slight throbs behind him as his boyfriend pulled Henry about closer. Henry wiggled in the muscled arms as he tried to turn around in order to comfort his boyfriend better.

“This whole trip won’t be easy, Michel, but we have to hold on and be careful so we can make an end to this. Now, let’s try to get some sleep. I feel exhausted all of a sud… sudden” Henry yawned while finishing his sentence. Within the next five minutes, both boyfriends slept soundly.

As Henry woke up the next morning, he tried turning and spooning his boyfriend like he did every morning. He sat up quickly as he didn’t feel anyone by his side. “oh no” he thought “would they’ve gotten him?!”

As Henry got up to look for Michel outside, he heard some sounds that resembled something familiar. As he cautiously opened up the tent, he turned his head to the left and saw his boyfriend sitting there, naked, his abs glistening with sweat as he was masturbating. His big dick reaching up to his belly button as Michel masturbated fiercely.

Michel looked up. “Oh, hey honey. I woke up so horny, I just had to start wanking this monster here, but I didn’t want to wake you up!” Meanwhile he continued pumping his dick.

Henry dropped to his knees, only now noticing that his dick had chubbed up between his legs as well.

“Do you need some space to put that big dick somewhere?” Henry said smirking as he opened his mouth.

Michel walked towards his boyfriend, meanwhile still stroking the dick dangling in front of him. Henry crawled back into the tent and laid on his air-mattress, ass up. Not long after, he felt the head of his boyfriend’s dick entering him from behind.

“Oh wow babe, never experienced you this hard. Your dick even feels bigger.”

“Naw, babe, don’t be so ridiculous” Michel replied, surprising a little smile. He sure loved his silly boyfriend. “Your ass sure seems fuller as well”

“Oh don’t” Henry stifled a moan “be ridiculous yourself.”

Henry was laying on the air-mattress, his ass hurt from an hour of intense lovemaking. Michel had just left to the car to pick up some breakfast and Henry stared at the ceiling of their tent. He thought back about seeing his boyfriend sitting on the wet grass outside, and maybe not even his boyfriend’s cock, but Michel’s muscles as well seemed enlarged. Henry also looked at himself properly now that he thought back about his boyfriend’s comments on his own muscles. However, he couldn’t notice anything weird.

“Okay babe, I’m back!” Michel called from outside as he carried a can of baked beans with him.

“Wait, where’s the can opener? You were supposed to bring that too!” Henry looked at his boyfriend, only wearing his underwear, a nice and tight boxer that showed off his bulge.

“A what?” Michel asked as he started mimicking the word “Ca-can opener?” He dumbly stared at the unopened can of beans in his hand.

“Hello, earth to Michel?” Henry said in a passive-aggressive way. “What has gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“Oh wow,” Michel giggled dumbly “must’ve fucked my brains out railing you on this big cock, huh?”

Henry scoffed at Michel’s dumbed-down tone. “I’ll get it myself dumdum”, and Henry stomped off, wondering why his boyfriend was speaking in such a lewd way since arriving near Cloville. The couple had parked the car quite far away to prevent being spotted, and as Henry was rambling through the vehicle, he saw the can opener laying right next to the car, as if his boyfriend had dropped it. As he was closing the car, Henry felt his head clear up. Suddenly, Henry realised that his ass had gotten bigger, even his bulge seemed to stand out more than it usually did. And why was he only wearing his underwear?

Henry dropped the can opener next to the car again as he started running to the tent again.

“Babe, Babe!” Henry called while Michel crawled out of the tent again.

“Yes babe?” the muscled stud said. “Why don’t you have the can opener with you?”

Henry stared at his empty hands. “The can opener? Oh, hehe, you really must’ve fucked my brains out earlier! Anyway, I’m not that hungry anyway. Are you?”

“No, honey. I’m just horny again.”

“We can deal with that later, let’s spy on the town some more first.”

The couple went back to their set spot on the top of the hill and Henry winced at the cold grass touching his pecs, as he gave them a quick bounce. He was so proud he was finally able to bounce his pecs. Today, the couple brought their binoculars, and they could see the farm better now. To Henry and Michel, the farm had seemed like the epicentre of their families’ changes. However, the farm didn’t seem overly protected, and the couple figured it would be easy enough to get close to it at night and use one of their homemade Molotov to set the place, and the vegetable fields surrounding it on fire.

Henry looked away from the farm and noticed Michel’s brother again; the similarities were shocking he saw now. It didn’t take him long to notice that Michel’s brother was making out with a muscled stud with blonde hair. He focused his eyes a bit more and immediately recognised his own brother. Henry gazed sideways and noticed that Michel was now staring at the couple as well.

“He’s making out with my brother.”

Michel’s reaction to this wasn’t what Henry expected. While just a day prior, Henry had to calm his boyfriend down, now his boyfriend simply smirked at Henry. “Well, at least we have a similar taste then. I’m really horny now, babe. Wanna go back and fuck?” Michel whined.

“Michel, what the fuck has gotten into you? Snap out of it. We have to make a plan of attack!” At that moment Henry heard a couple of trucks driving through the city. As he looked over, he saw they were going to the farm.

“Oh my god.” Michel’s eyes showed some intelligence again. “He’s going to export the stuff. We have to act tonight!”

“Okay, let’s head back to our tent, go get some sleep on time, set the alarm and then we can go and light that farm on fire!”

Like the night before, Henry and Michel snuggled up tight in their bed. However, it didn’t take Michel long to start getting frisky and reaching his arms around his lover to fondle with Henry’s crotch. He rubbed his dick against Henry’s ass. The couple had decided to sleep naked, and this also gave Michel some easy access.

“Omg, Michel! Has your dick grown again?” Henry exclaimed.

“Hush, babe. Be a bit quieter. You don’t hear me complain about your fatter ass, do you? You’re probably just imaging things. Now, lift that leg a bit.”

As Henry did so, he could feel his boyfriend’s cockhead enter him from behind. Michel continued slowly pushing it in as Henry moaned on in pleasure. As Henry put his hand on his stomach, he could feel his boyfriend’s dick bulging behind it. That had never happened, but the longer his boyfriend’s baseball bat-like dick rammed up against his prostate, Henry could feel his head grow foggier. He worried less about the larger, heavenly equipment his boyfriend now had.

After a half-hour-long session of fooling around, Michel finally emptied his balls in his boyfriend. As Henry turned to lay on his back, he could feel his boyfriend’s sperm sloshing around in his stomach. He heard Michel steer next to him.

“So tonight, we’ll take the walkie-talkies with us. I’ll go into the fields, and you’ll walk around towards the farm. When you arrive at the farm, you’ll give me a sign. I’ll start lighting the fields on fire. You throw your Molotov on the farm’s straw roofing, and then we run off towards the north, finishing the job.” “Yeah, it can hardly fail if we’re careful” Henry replied as he surprised a yawn. Shortly after, Henry fell asleep.

Henry dreamed about the fields around Muscloville again, only this time he ran away from burning fields, and he found all taxi drivers to be normal humans again. He even dreamed about Dylan losing his muscles, thanking him and his family for reuniting with him again. He and Michel became the heroes of Muscloville. In-between festivities, Henry heard a siren in the background. He turned around to look for it, as he started to wake up again. He slowly became aware of the air mattress underneath him. Today was the day.

“Hmm, honey, I dreamed about Mus…” Henry caught himself. “erm, just Cloville.” Henry felt the empty mattress next to him. “Honey?” Henry launched up and went outside to look for his boyfriend.

As he got back into the tent, panicking about his boyfriend gone missing, he saw the notification light on his phone pulsing. Henry unlocked his phone and saw a text from Michel.

“Hey babe, I did not want to risk losing you. I went to finish this myself after you fell asleep. See you soon. I’ll be careful. I love you.”

Henry noticed his boyfriend also must’ve changed his alarm since the sun was already starting to rise. He put on his boxers and started walking to the farm, opting to walk straight through the town.

Cloville had always been an uptight town, but Muscloville had certainly changed its ways. The streets were deserted, and some empty beer cups were littering the footpaths. Clearly, some big party was held last night. Henry looked towards the ground, thinking about what he would do. Light the farm on fire? No, he forgot his Molotov-cocktails. He’d find his boyfriend, and they’d just get to the first journalist that would dare to believe them. Undoubtedly, one short trip to Muscloville would show what was wrong.

Henry was so lost in his thoughts that he only regained attention once he walked head-first into a wall of flesh.

“Hey, little guy. I’m sorry, wish I had my dick out so it would get in your mouth easier!” A dumb chuckle followed.

Henry took a moment to regain his senses, arching his neck to look up at the face of the person he just ran into. As he looked up, he recognised the blonde hair and blue eyes. He started to open his mouth to call out his brother’s name but was then interrupted by Andy. “Oh my god, Little bro! That’s been a long time not seeing you. The farmer has been looking for ya!” And then, as he opened up his arms: “Let me take you there!”

Henry had to think quick, he looked past Andy and saw that the street was empty, he now was sure something was wrong with Michel. Henry dodged his brother’s arms and started running.

“Sorry, have to go. Bye.” Henry mumbled fast.

Henry ran as fast as he could, just a straight road leading up to the farm now, Henry glanced back once more as he ran as fast as he could. He looked whether Andy was following him, concluded his brother was just staring confused, unsure of what to do now. Henry turned his head, speeding up even more, to go look for his boyfriend and then: BANG.

The world went black.

Henry saw some light through his closed eyelids. The first thing he noticed was his hands rubbing up against something, hay, Henry realised after thinking about it for a bit. He heard a lot of moans in the background, and one voice said:

“Oh fuck yeah, harder.”, Henry immediately recognised the voice and launched his upper body up, his eyes wide.

“Michel?!” Henry blurted out before his brain could adequately process what was going on.

The barn that Henry currently found himself in was lit in a slight yellow glow. Henry realised he must’ve been knocked out for quite some time considering the sun had set and the headache that currently settled in his head. However, he did not have long to ponder over such things. As Henry’s eyes turned to the corner of the barn, he looked straight into the pair of shiny dark eyes that he came to love so much over the past period. However, his boyfriend’s eyes had changed. A dull stare replaced the full, bright gaze they used to have. Michel was smashing an eggplant against his puffed up lips as he just stared into the void.

Michel still had a button-like nose and bright black hair. The first change that Henry noticed, however, was the swollen traps framing his boyfriend’s face. The traps led to large, round shoulders that were swelling up a bit more because they held up their owner. Michel’s biceps and underarms had gotten so muscular that he had to have trouble bending his arms. Henry wouldn’t see that too soon, since now the man of his dreams used his arms to prevent his face from smashing into the haystacks underneath him, his hands held onto the eggplant tightly.

Henry sat there, leaning on his elbows to keep himself up. He looked at his boyfriend as the dark, empty eyes that he used to know so well looked in his direction. As the man fucking his boyfriend pulled his dick out slightly, a shimmer of recognition lit up in Michel’s eyes. Michel dropped the eggplant.

“Honey”, Michel called out. “Run!”

As he opened his mouth again to say something more, the behemoth behind Michel plunged his dick back into the growing guy’s ass, reducing his victim back to a drooling (and growing) mess.

Michel warning his boyfriend had raised the attention of the monster fucking him. The man looked up and grinned at Henry.

“Oh boy, it seems like the other half of this cute little spy couple has woken up”, a voice behind Henry said.

“And you”, the voice said to Michel as he walked past Henry, “you dropped some food.”

Henry recognised the farmer as the older man gave Michel a cob of corn to replace the eggplant Michel had dropped earlier.

“To be fair with you, boy”, the farmer said as he turned towards Henry, “I did not expect to see you again after you were able to flee the town.”

“Well”, Henry started his reply, “neither did I.” Henry was clearly suffering from some pain in his head.

The farmer laughed.

“Andy!” The farmer called out, “come shut your brother up, please!”

“Yes, Farmer Johnson”, Henry immediately recognised the deepened voice of his brother behind him. Henry noticed that Andy held something that looked like those kinky ball gags, but instead of a ball, the two latex bands held a tomato. Some of the juice inside of it dripping on Andy’s hands. Andy grabbed Henry’s jaw and put the gag-tomato in place.

“Well,” Johnson said, “once you finish eating your veggies, you can talk again.” Letting out a sinister laugh together with Andy.

Johnson turned towards Henry, as Andy lowered the speedo he was wearing and turned towards Henry’s former boyfriend. Henry could just see the mashed up corn on his boyfriend’s empty face, and he noticed his boyfriend’s muscles had swollen even more. This was the last Henry could see of his boyfriend before Andy’s enormous thighs blocked his line of sight.

“Hmm, the hay is already showing it’s effects,” Johnson said, as he pointed towards Henry’s dick.

Following the farmer’s stare, Henry looked down and saw a considerably larger dick standing up from his crotch. Henry soon realised he was getting quite aroused, even in this bizarre situation.

Noticing Henry’s surprise, Johnson continued his story.

“You may have already noticed it in that little tent of yours. We already knew you were there the moment you guys arrived, just some mist during the night and the next morning you guys were horned up already.”

Johnson sighed.

“Your boyfriend seemed to be slightly more affected by it, so, unfortunately, I couldn’t keep him to wait until you were here to explain this to both of you. So,” Johnson grinned, “now you’ll have to do it alone. But at least handsome little Michel here will provide us with some entertainment.”

Henry could feel the juice from the tomato slowly, but continuously, sliding down his throat, becoming more aroused by the second. Michel’s moans and the beautiful back of Andy didn’t help in keeping his dick down either. Henry also felt his arms increasing in size, and he could feel the small of his back slowly rising off the hay by his growing butt.

Johnson continued. “Now now, don’t bite down on that tomato yet. I can see your eyes dulling. Soon, you’ll be too dumb to remember why you so desperately tried to not much this tomato in your mouth. I could improve my crops since you were here last time, so only one tomato should do the job now.”

Behind Johnson, Henry heard his boyfriend moan:

“Oh Henry, we should stop resisting!” Henry’s blood went cold when he recognised the line from his dream. Shortly after, Henry saw some cum fountain up in front of Andy.

Henry slowly felt his mind fogging up as Johnson continued talking.

“I believe last time I already told you that I started turning people to save my family farm. But now, now my plans are bigger. You and Michel were the last link to this little town that remained, now that you will all be under my spell, I can finally start exporting my produce in bigger ways. It’ll be cheap and give a massive power boost! I will have some very handsome bodybuilders able to advertise this as a superfood, and soon I will be the leader of this country. I won’t have any problems getting money then!”

Henry rolled his eyes at the stupid motive of the man in front of him. Johnson noticed straight away.

“Oooh, rolling your eyes, I see. Well, in just a bit you won’t be able to. You’ll be the dumbest here. See, we messed around a bit, and it turned out that the longer there’s an interruption in exposure to my special chemical, the dumber and more muscled the subject turns out. And you, my friend, have the longest between the doses yet! Now, let me help you munch that tomato a little bit.”

Johnson reached down to Henry’s cock. Henry wanted to resist, but for some reason, had trouble moving his arms. “Must be that delicio… stupid tomato.” Henry thought.

Henry had never gotten a better handjob, and Johnson seemed to make the exact right movements to provide optimal pleasure. The farmer made nice, long strokes that kept getting longer as more juice trickled down Henry’s throat. He noticed his body was getting tanned and his six-pack had turned into a solid eight-pack.

Henry became almost oblivious to the changes in his body as his mind fogged up more. His eyes seemed nearly as empty as Michel’s.

“Lights on, but nobody’s home,” Johnson said. “Andy, step aside, please! Let’s offer Henry one more look at his boyfriend now that he still realises who that handsome fucker is.” Andy stepped aside, and Henry looked into the empty eyes of his boyfriend. Henry’s first thought was: “Oh, that boy is handsome!”

A second later, he gathered his thoughts enough to realise this handsome boy used to be his boyfriend, and Henry immediately felt ashamed. The shock drew him back to reality, and he felt his balls churning against the hay, filling with cum. He saw that his arms had grown to be even larger than Michel’s, his pecs formed a stable shelf, making it hard to see anything else beneath it. And then there was the tip of his dick, standing out proudly above his body. It had to be the largest dick Henry had ever seen, and it was his!

Henry shuddered in pleasure as he felt all shock, fear and shame drain from his mind and into his balls. He saw Michel’s mouth drool and that sight sent him over the edge, cum started shooting out of his dick. Covering the barn ceiling, his chest, the farmer’s hands, the hay underneath him.

Henry’s mind completely emptied.

Henry would never get used to the bright lights that came with filming. He wasn’t really good at remembering big text lines, so all he did was flexing while holding lettuce. As the handsome man next to him spoke:

“Only this morning I looked like your average kid next door. I took one of these Supergrowth veggies, and now I’m this hot man!” Michel said, holding up some eggplants and a cabbage.

Henry thought that he and Michel used to have this special bond, which was still the case! At night, in the barn, when all of Farmer Johnson’s boys would fuck together, he and Michel always teamed up.

Henry’s dick got hard in his speedo’s again, and as Michel was finishing the commercial, Henry’s speedo lost the battle against the baseball bat between his legs.

Farmer Johnson walked in front of the camera.

“Okay cut! Michel, Henry, we need to do this again. You sure became a dumb one, boy. Now be two good boys and work some of that arousal off. Then, we’ll try to do this again! Soon, everybody will love our vegetables.”

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