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no sex The Books of Histories (Revised)


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This is a story that I wrote around 10 years ago on the old forum and it randomly came to mind today, so I thought it would be good to repost it over here and doctor it up a little bit. Enjoy :)


Finally. Right in front of his eyes sat one of the books of histories. To someone with no knowledge of these books, they looked like a book with blank pages, no writings. But Tyler knew the secret. These books had the power to change past, present, and future by scrawling on the blank pages. He had the power to do anything he wanted. He could write himself a doctorate and skip college, or even write himself as president. The possibilities were endless! Tyler had one thing on his mind, though. He wanted to be bigger.


Tyler had always been the super skinny kid throughout the years. Up until his junior year of high school, he was short (about 5'6") and skinny. Then he hit his growth spurt. He shot up to about 6'2" but never bulked up, leaving him as a tall, lanky guy weighing at about 135 lbs. He was so embarrassed by his frame that he rarely swam with a shirt off and wore sleeved shirts that covered most of his stick-like arms. But, as he looked at the blank pages of this book, he knew his skinny days were over.


He was slightly pessimistic about how the book worked so he thought he'd just test it out. He picked up the pen and scrawled on the page "Tyler Smith gained 40 lbs of muscle instantly." He completed the sentence and waited. Nothing happened. He was so disappointed. He actually thought this book would work, but it was all just a fable apparently. He had to get up for classes the next day, though, so he crawled into bed and fell asleep.


He awoke the next morning, took his morning shower, got in the car and drove to class. He was still bummed about the book not working as he drove down the road. He arrived on campus and walked to class. Normally, his bookbag seemed a little heavy-not too bad but noticeably. When he grabbed his bag out of the car, though, it seemed lighter. He checked the bag to see if anything was missing and everything was there. It was then that he noticed his arm. It took a bit since he always wore the longer-sleeved tees. His arm was noticeably bigger-not bulging huge, but definately a lot more definition than he remembered. He lifted up his shirt and saw the faint outline of a 6 pack instead of the bottom of his ribcage. He ran his hands over his chest and felt two bumps that were his more defined pecs. The book worked!, he thought. Excitedly, he ran to his one class of the day. He couldn't wait to get home and utilize the powers of this book even more. But, his growth wasn't completely finished.


As he was sitting in his Algebra class, his waistline seemed a lot tighter. He normally had to wear a belt because he couldn't find pants that were long enough for his lanky body that still fit his waist. He tried loosening the belt a few notches, but they still felt too tight. He removed the belt completely and felt better. As he did, though, his shirt came up enough to get a glimpse at a new set of chiseled abs. His shirt felt a little tighter as well and a faint outline of his pecs was now visible. Tyler got slightly aroused by this and couldn't wait any longer. Class would be over in 15 minutes. It would be ok. He gathered his books and rushed out the door. He sped home and ran to his room. He shut the door and took his shirt off. What he saw in the mirror was remarkable. He had the physique of a model now. His pecs were bigger along with his biceps. Just to further test how accurate the book was, he found a scale and stood on it. The readout said "175". He had gained exactly 40 lbs! He realized, then, that the book really did work and that he could make himself even bigger if he wanted. He smiled to himself, sat down at the table and began writing.


The book sat in front of Tyler and he merely sat there thinking of the possibilities. He picked up his pen and began writing, "Tyler Smith gains 100 lbs of muscle over the next week." He didn't want to draw too much suspicion to his sudden burst of growth, although 100 lbs in one week was still unheard of. He shut the book and sat back, imagining how he would look with that extra bulk added to his tall frame. Just the thought of it gave him a hard-on. He thought about it a few extra minutes and drifted off to sleep...


Tyler awoke the next morning extremely groggy and disoriented. He reached for his glasses but couldn't find them, so he just went straight to the bathroom to put his contacts in. He looked at his blurred reflection and he thought his frame looked slightly broader. He quickly put in his contacts and observed. His pecs were quite a bit more defined than the night before as were his abs. His biceps flexed was firm but still not all that large, but it was a start. He got dressed, enjoying the feeling of his shirt being slightly tighter around his pecs, and went to his one class of the day.


He came home later and began thinking about other things he could do with the book. He always hated that his eyesight was bad, so he took the book and wrote, "Tyler Smith's eyesight is 20/20 vision and has never needed any optical corrections." Instantly his eyes got blurry with the contacts in them. He grabbed the tiny discs of plastic and threw them away. His eyesight was perfect! He then corrected a few extra things that he didn't like, such as his natural hair color (which he made dark brown instead of blonde) and his complexion. He had always hated how pale he was and he always burned when he attempted to tan. Now his skin was a sexy, tanned skin tone. He began to feel woozy so he went to bed.


A few days passed with minimal results each morning. His muscles became slightly more defined, but not much. By saturday, the scale read "193". He began to worry that the book wouldn't do exactly what he wanted anymore. Of course, he was happy with the total extra 58 lbs of muscle, but he wanted more! He finished his day and went to bed and dreamed of his extra muscle.


Tyler woke up the next morning feeling strange. He felt dizzy again. He stumbled out of bed to his bathroom, like any other morning, but what he saw in the mirror almost caused him to pass out. He saw a different person in the mirror. His chest jutted out in front of him and his former 6 pack was now a clearly defined 8 pack. He flexed his bicep as it exploded with power. It was the size of a softball and as firm as a rock. His once long, spindly fingers were now thick and meaty. His forearms were unbelievable in size and vascularity. The veins running up and down his arm looked like a road map. His legs had grown immensely as well and he realized that he wouldn't be able to wear his normal pair of jeans if he wanted to go anywhere. He dug through his drawers and found a pair of super baggy sweatpants. He squeezed them over his thick thighs, basking in the feeling of fabric stretched over his now muscular legs. He tried to put on one of his shirts, but he couldn't get the shirt past the two slabs of rocks that were his pecs. He went to his parents' room and grabbed one of his dad's shirts. It fit snuggly, accentuating his billowing biceps and pecs. While he was in there he grabbed their scale just to see how much weight he had put on overnight. The scale's readout said "225". He still had 50 more lbs that he knew he would gain before the day ended.


He called his friend, Todd and told him that he had to show him something. They met at the mall and Todd didn't believe his story about the book and being able to change anything that came to mind. He marveled at Tyler's gorgeous body. Todd was straight and was engaged to a gorgeous girl, but he couldn't hide his growing member in his pants from Tyler. He could tell that Todd was extremely jealous, because he had always talked about getting a gym membership and getting "buff" but he was always too lazy to start on it, so he stayed thin. His frame was probably 10 pounds heavier that what Tyler's previous size was, but 4 inches shorter. Now Todd was also a lot lighter than Tyler and he felt insignificant. Tyler told him that to prove to him that it was the book, he would make Todd just as much of a gorgeous hunk as he was now. They continued wandering the mall, laughing at all the looks that Tyler was now getting from everyone. Throughout the day, he felt his clothes getting tighter and tighter. Finally on his way home, his shirt had finally reached it's limits. His big, juicy chest was literally busting out of the front of his shirt. He rushed into the house, threads popping in his obscenely tight sweatpants with each step. He checked the scale and he had gained the whole 50 lbs now weighing in at 275 lbs. He marveled at his mass in the mirror. He was the size of some of the largest bodybuilders out there now. He pulled a most muscular, causing the t shirt to disintegrate instantly. After spending about an hour posing in his bathroom mirror, he grabbed the book and wrote about Todd so he wouldn't feel left out. Todd weighed about 140 lbs so he wrote that "Todd would gain 250 lbs overnight and grow a monster dick." and went to sleep, loving every minute of his new, sexy body. He fell asleep dreaming of how much bigger he could make himself using that book...


Todd woke up the next morning feeling very funny. Everything ached and he felt constricted. Everything felt smaller, even his bed. He sat up and realized he was ALOT bigger. His tshirt was in shreds on the floor around him. He looked around, realizing that his shoulder blades both stretched past each side of the headboard of his bed now. He stared in shock at the size of himself, or what he could see anyways. His massive pecs blocked any view of what loomed below them. He stared at his massive hands, now the size of dinner plates, with the thickest, meatiest fingers attached to them. 


He was so shocked and excited he immediately went for his mirror, which is where he saw the rest of his body. Getting to the mirror was interesting to say the least. Doorways were too small for him now and he couldn't see them, but apparently his thighs were large enough to make walking more complicated as well. It took some adjustment but he finally made it to his bathroom. His size was mind boggling. Todd was already shorter than Tyler, so you can imagine what 390lbs of beef packed onto a 5'9" frame would look like. Where he hadn't grown any taller, he had to be triple the width of what he used to be. His sweatpants looked like they were painted on to his body now because of his tree trunk sized quads. The fact that they were still intact was a miracle in itself. He could see the fabric billowed out where his massive calves were hidden beneath. His waist now bulged out like a roid gut, making him look even more massive and tank-like.


Todd simply stood there marveling at his new, massive body. He was like a real life hulk. He was starting to get turned on by his body. As he felt his rod pulsating and enorging, his eyes widened at the impressive bulge protruding from his crotch now. He stared in awe as it continued to grow and grow, until his sweatpants could not take it anymore. They shredded right down the middle and the most massive dick Todd had ever seen came erupting outwards. Hard, it had to be at least two feet long and as thick as a telephone pole. It extended out and then upwards as it slammed in between the deep valley of his enormous chest. The head rose higher still, until Todd was nearly face to face with the tip of his enormous dick. He grabbed his thick cock, having to use both of his massive hands to handle the beast and began jacking off like a mad man. The orgasm that followed was world-shattering. 


The first thing after he recovered he did was call Tyler to tell him to come over so he could see his new body. A couple of minutes later Tyler showed up at his door and was freaking out! Seeing his best pal raided out beyond belief was amazing! They decided to go to the mall to show off their new bodies. Todd ended up having to wear some old baggy sweatpants and an extremely tight t-shirt that accentuated every muscle in his upper body. The sweatpants hugged his taught bubble butt and tree trunk legs. They loved all the looks they were getting from everyone at the mall. While they were there, they got some new clothes to wear that would fit their new, huge bodies.


Later, Tyler returned home, content with his life now, and got ready for bed. The book was still sitting on the table where he left it. He saw it and began to think of more things he could change about himself. He sat down and began to write all of his fantasies of what his body should look like. He ended the long description with the most specific date and time that it would happen so he wouldn't have to wait. He wanted it all right now. He wrote in the book that it would alter reality so noone would notice that he had changed so much over the course of a couple of days except Todd. He wanted to see his reaction at the changes. He knew he would accept him however he looked.


He sat there waiting, in his baggy pajama pants and shirt he had bought at the store that day (He still liked to be comfortable when he slept right?). In a couple of minutes he felt it beginning. It was the most intense pleasure that he had ever felt. Everything felt hot, and began vibrating. The first thing to hit was his biceps. They exploded with power. He felt the fabric slowly getting tighter and tighter around his arms. They went from baseballs, to softballs, to bowling balls, finally to basketballs. Next his chest began to expand tremendously. He had always wanted the most round, perfect, gigantic pecs ever known to man. They just kept expanding, until finally, he could easily rest his chin on his gigantic pec shelf. It seemed to stick out at least a foot in front of him. Next his back and shoulders widened out. He was now about 5 feet wide from shoulder to shoulder.


His shirt was holding on for dear life at this point. He decided to just make it easier for himself and flex out his shirt. In doing so, the shirt exploded, along with his muscles. They all expanded out a couple of more inches, making him even more massive. He could feel his bubble butt expanding underneath him, lifting him further up off his seat. He'd always wanted a nice, firm bubble butt. Well, he was getting one now. He stood up and saw the most, round, perfect bubble butt sticking out. It almost seemed to defy gravity. His legs were next. His sweatpants were filled out with new gigantic thighs within seconds. His calves exploded with power stretching out the fabric even more.


This time, in his writing, he had mentioned his cock. He'd had an average-sized cock before but all that was changing now. He could feel it growing in his boxers, creating a bulge in the front of his sweatpants. Before long, his sweatpants just ripped and fell off from the increasing pressure being placed on them. His cock exploded out of his boxers at full mast. It was about 2 feet long and about a foot around. He stood there for a minute, marveling at himself in the mirror. He was a true god now. In the process he grew about 10 inches taller, putting him at 7 feet tall now. Even at 7 feet, all the muscle packed onto his body made him look like a monster of a man.


And then it hit him. He forgot about the rest of the things he had written. He had always wanted more facial hair and body hair to begin with. He was virtually hairless except on his head, and his crotch. He got really itchy suddenly, and dark hair began sprouting out everywhere. Within a couple of seconds he had a nice dusting of stubble on his face. He had a nice coating of hair on his chest, with a treasure trail cutting between his thick cut abs. He had also wanted his face to be matured more. He watched in the mirror as his jawline began to sharpen and define itself, and age just slightly. With the stubble, he now looked like he came straight out of a GQ magazine, minus the unreal proportions of his muscles.


The final stages of growth hit, making his body expand out even more by a couple of inches, as well as his stomach. Tyler had always secretly wanted a huge muscle gut. He observed as his stomach bulged out slowly, bulging out past his insanely huge chest. He now had a huge muscle gut resting below his pecs. The faint outline of abdominals could still be seen. The last bout of growth happened on his neck. His neck expanded outward giving him a bullneck. He groaned, hearing his voice drop several octaves in the process, leaving him with a deep, sexy voice.


He immediately went to the scale to see how much weight he'd accumulated. The scale went well past 300. To get an accurate weight, Tyler just went to the basement where his parents happened to have a scale for shipping packages. He stepped onto it and the numbers topped off at around 489. 489lbs! As he stood there marveling at the number before him, he felt that same pleasure come back. He had been so caught up in his growth, he forgot the he had written a sort of 'aftershock' in, if you will. 


As he stood there, he felt his frame stretch even higher and even wider all at once. The pounds were packing onto his frame at an insane rate now. He stared at the scale as it seemed to get further away, watching as the numbers climbed higher and higher, until finally, he couldn't see over his enormous pecs anymore. His head had just started to brush the ceiling when the growth stopped. If the book did what he told it to do, he was now a literal giant of muscle. His body now stretched 9 feet into the air. He now weighed upwards of 800lbs. His wingspan was easily 6 feet from one massive shoulder to the other. His already enormous cock had stretched another foot in length to keep up with the rest of him, putting him at 3 feet of man meat. His massive cock head was oozing pre cum, ready for the slightest sign of arousal.  He felt amazing. He decided to go put some clothes on and go see Todd. He'd added to the book so that the house had adjusted to accommodate his new size and he now had clothes available for his new size. The clothes still barely fit over his gargantuan body. He wore a tanktop that billowed out from his chest and muscle gut and a custom pair of jeans that really accentuated his massive thighs and bubble butt. The new size of his cock created a prominent bulge at the front of his jeans as well. Each step around the house literally caused the whole building to quake at his might. 


He showed up at Todd's door, and Todd almost passed out. Todd didn't recognize the hulking figure before him. Of course all he could see when he opened the door was a pair of the most massive thighs to ever walk the planet and a massive bulge protruding from between. He wanted all of that size and more. It just so happened that one of Todd and Tyler's close friends, Marcus, was over at the time as well. He saw Tyler and immediately started going on and on about how Tyler was so lucky to have the genetics to be that huge and how he wished that he could be a fraction of that size. Tyler got an idea. He went back to his house and began writing in the book...


Marcus's dad was a bodybuilder in his younger days so Marcus already had some great genetics going for him. He was half filipino and half black. He was around 6' and a solid 160 lbs with a little bit of pudginess gained since his 2 years of college but he had some muscle underneath all that. He wanted to be bigger, but never could find the time to buckle down and do it the right way. All he had been thinking about that day is how huge Tyler was! He longed for that size and even more than that. Little did he know that Tyler had gone back home and written in the book some very special things that would change Marcus's life.


As Marcus was brushing his teeth that night, he began to feel really light-headed and he felt really tight and tense all over. He usually wore a white undershirt to bed that accentuated the nicely muscled back he had. He stared at himself in the mirror as he saw his shoulders begin to broaden into massive boulders of muscle. His traps grew and practically swallowed his now bull-sized neck. His back broadened even more, stretching the white shirt well past it's limits causing it to rip down the middle. His back and shoulders continued to broaden until he was as wide as he was tall. His facial features broadened and sharpened to accommodate his massive neck. He felt his chest pumping up, and each time he would flex his pecs, they would contract, and stay that same size, growing bigger and bigger with each flex. It was as if someone took two of the largest watermelons and placed them under his skin. The impressive globes of flesh continued to grow until his chin could rest comfortably on them. His biceps writhed and contracted, as they too began to expand to unimaginable sizes. They grew well past the size of bowling balls, unflexed, and veins began to snake down his vascular arms as his triceps joined in the fun. His forearms grew as well causing those huge veins to bulge out. His forearms were the size of any bodybuilder's monster biceps.


His shirt had long since lost the battle with his growing body and his pudgy belly began to bulge and grow even more, giving Marcus a nice, solid roid gut. The faint outline of his 8 pack abs could be faintly seen. His butt firmed up and bulged out, making them two huge slabs of prime cut beef. His legs swelled up to the size of tree trunks and his calves bulged out so much that Erik Fankhouser would dream of having biceps that size-much less calves. His cock began to swell in his boxer briefs, which was the only thing still clinging to life on his body. It swelled past twelve inches, creating a massive bulge in his front. It continued to swell, past a foot in a half in length where it finally stopped. His milk chocolate toned body began to sprout up with hair everywhere. A light dusting on his chest, with a treasure trail leading down to his crotch. His forearms sprouted thick tufts of hair along with a nice amount of stubble on his masculine face. To top off the growth, he sprouted up a couple of more inches, putting him at around 6'5".


He gaped at his reflection in the mirror as he saw the monster that was him staring back. He had to weigh at least 600 lbs now, just judging how big Todd was. He easily surpassed Todd's size, at least in muscle and weight. He couldn't even take in the fullness of his size because he couldn't even see all of himself in the mirror now. He went to the living room where there was a massive mirror his parents had used as a decoration. His massive penis instantly sprung to life and obliterated his boxer briefs at the sight of himself. He had to be at least 6 feel wide with the widest, sexiest back he had ever seen. His arms jutted out to the side because of how wide his back was. His back was wide enough that even with his muscle gut, it still gave the illusion of a V-Taper. Speaking of his muscle gut, it jutted out proudly in front of him, just enough for him to see it over his immense pectorals. He raised his arms and flexed his biceps. They exploded with power, bulging way past the size of his head-at least the size of watermelons. He rubbed his hands all over his powerful body, feeling the firmness of his beautiful muscle gut, flexing his pecs as they bounced proudly in front of him, his big, dark nips pointing straight to the ground.


Marcus wanted to call Tyler and tell him all about what had happened, still clueless that Tyler knew exactly what had happened. Tyler picked up immediately and Marcus began telling him in detail what had happened. He had to get used to his new sexy, deep voice that emanated from his huge bull neck. He had trouble concentrating because of how amazing he sounded now when he spoke. His voice practically rumbled the house. It made him feel powerful. What he didn't know, is that as he was talking to Tyler, he was writing more in the book, causing Marcus to increase in height and weight even more. His voice dropped even lower as his neck grew even bigger. He hung up the phone before he realized that he was now around 14 feet tall, head almost brushing the ceiling of his now larger house. His muscles had remained the same proportion to his height so they grew as well. He was so massive now that a simple shrug practically swallowed his head. His head disappeared between his enormous shoulders when he lifted his gargantuan arms to flex. He didn't know it was possible to get this incredibly huge but he wasn't questioning any of it. He was loving every minute. His already massive cock was now even larger. At 5 feet long and god knows how many feet around, it looked larger than a telephone pole. He thundered his way back to his room and found that all his clothes had mysteriously grown with him. He put on a pair of board shorts that fit, barely. They stretched obscenely over his redwood size legs and his planet sized ass. He then put on a nice t shirt that seemed custom-fit to hug every enormous crevice of his body. His back looked absolutely breath-taking in the shirt. He felt incredible. Powerful. Like he could conquer the world. 

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