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m/f Muscle Hearts


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IMPORTANT note: This story happens some years after videogame! Sora was approaching his twenties. Kairi, a little younger, recently celebrated her 19th birthday.


Sora go out of Mog shop.

"What  did you buy Sora ?"

"Few items. I bought this pendant, the mog said me that increases my muscles for best attack. But I I don't feel anything when I wear it."

Sora didn't tell but he wants more muscle like Riku. He hoped that this pendant will help him. But apparently, there is no effect.

When our 3 friends spoke, 3 shadows appeared.

"Oh shadows  !" yelled Sora. In some hits, he got rid of it.

Nobody noticed but when Sora defeat shadows, his pendant glowed up.

"It was too easy, it wasn't funny" .

'Fighting heartless is not funny Sora  ! Someone are very powerful !" said Donald.

"I know, I remember  this giant heartless who destroyed my island. He was so gigantic, 30 feet I think. I don't know how we can beat it. But maybe if I was stronger..."

"It's for that we need to training us" said Donald.

"You right" asked Sora. "And we really need to train us... But where to train ?"

"At the best place of course : the Coliseum !" said Goofy.

"Oh yes very good idea ! Ok let's go !" replied Sora.

*Few hours later*

"So you want me to summon heartless for to train you ?" said Phil. and Hercules.

"Exactly !" replied Sora. "But we'll start easy, just to warm up."

"Ok, let's start with 3 shadows" said Phil.

The fight started and... was very short.

"3 shadows was too easy, but what do you say about 30 ?" asked Phil.

"Ok !" replied Goofy.

30 shadows appeared and despite the number, the battle was easy won.

It's the time where Sora felt a little tingling throught his body but it was short.

"Cramps ? Weird, I never have one." he trough.

"Even 30 heartless, it was too easy, we need to more powerful ennemy" said Goofy

So Phil invokated 3 large body and some neoshadows.

One more time, the battle was easily won, but more hard than the previous.

And one more time, Sora felt the tingling, maybe more intense than previous.

"Nnnnggggh... Again ? I have to be careful what I eat"

"Ok that all for today. We will resume tomorrow" said Phil.

After the dinner, our heroes went to sleep but in the bathroom, Sora noticed something.

"Hu ? It's weird, I would bet that I'm... bigger ? Oh maybe not, maybe that I hadn't paid attention"

The next day, the training resume.

"So fights of yesterday is really too easy, it's not that how you will progress or in 50 yers. So fights of today will be harder. Next battle : 3 behemoth, 4 anchor raider and 5 large body".

And yes, the battle was more hard than yesterday. Sora took a lot of hits but with the help of Goofy and Donald, they won.

Sora felt again this tingling but this time, it's was more like a burning. He fell on his knees and was moaning. He noticed also that these cramps appeared after every fight.

Phil noticed that : "You're okay Sora ?"

"..ngggggghhhh... no...... cramps after every fight since yesterday, I don't know why"

When the burning gone and that Sora raise up, Phil noticed his pendant.

"Hu ? Where did you find this pendant ?"

"Oh this ? I bought in a Mog shop. He told me that was a muscle pendant"

"What ? You find a muscle pendent ?" said Phil.

"Do you know what is it ? Because it seems that does no effect. I think it's a scam."

"Oh no, you are wrong, it works very well ! And yes, I know what it is, but I though that was a legend. Well, your cramps are normal, they are provoked by this pendant."

"What ? But why ?"

"Just little question : did you notice any changes of your body ?"

"Mmmmmmh now that you mention it, I found me a little bigger yesterday"

"Yeah it's normal. This pendant works like this : every defeated ennemy released his powerful heart and give you, and your body adjusts itself accordingly. In brief, More powerful are the ennemy, more powerful hearts will be released, more enery you will have, more you will grow."

"You want say that every heartless that we defeat make me grow ?"

"Exactly ! Do you want test my theory ? I have just to invoke a powerful heartless and we will see if you grow after the battle."

"Of course I want !"

"What did you say of 1 groundshaker and 3 rock troll ?"

"Yeah it seems very hard but I have help of my friends"

And yes, the battle will be more hard than previous, groundshaker was a very big ennemy, Sora almost lost several times but Donald and Goofy healed him. And finally, Sora gave the last hit on groundshaker.

And few seconds later, he felt the familiar burning, but this time it was more than before. Sora fell on his knees and began to moan.

".. nnnnggghhh.. aaaaaaahh.. NNNNNGGGHHHHH ooooooooooohhh nnnnnnnggghhhhhh!"

This time, Sora could really feel his body grow. He felt his forearms thicken, his biceps/triceps inflate, his pecs began to press against his shirt, his abs popped out of his stomach, his quads bulges, his back wide.

When it was over, Sora raise up and everyone looked him with shock.

"Why do you look me ?"

"Sora... look at you !" said Donald.

Sora went in front of a mirror and...

"Holy shit !" said he. He was not used to being rude but the changes were really visible. Certainly it was not inhuman but he looks like an athlete who has been working for years. His pecs were visible, his bicep filled his shirt, his legs filled his short and he began to have very lighty a V shape. Sora lift his shirt and saw a nice set of sixpack. Not the most muscular but they were visible without flex. And he was taller also, now he was 6.1 feet, almost like Riku !

"Oh fuck !". Shit, Sora noticed his voice was deeper.

"Sora you look so amazing !" said Kairi. Sora blushed.

"Yeah I look amazing and I feel amazing !!". Sora looked around and saw a big  boulder. It must weighed several tons. He wondered if he could lift it. Sora tried with all his strength but nothing. He tried to push it but nothing to do.

"It's not yet enough. We have a lot of more powerful ennemies Phil, for the next fight, I want increase the difficulty : a groundshaker, a storm rider, a grim reaper, a dark thorn and a skoll.

"You are really sure Sora ? It does a lot of powerful ennemies for you three." said Phil.

"Ah and one last thing : I want fight them alone"

"WHAAAAAT ?" said everyone

"Sora, I know that this pendent increase yours powers but this, it's too much. You don't have any chance against them without Donald and Goofy"

"I know it seems crazy, but I really thin I could beat them. And I would test something. But if the situation is really critical,"

"Mmmmh I don't like this, you are really sure that you want this ?"

"Yeah I'm sure"


Sora entered in arena and soon, 5 heartless who had given him a hard time faced him.

He started by doing something unexpected : he jumped and fly high. He already had the ability to hover, it wasn't new, but he never went so fast. He defeated firstly the skoll then storm rider and then started to attack other in dive. They tried to attack him but Sora was too fast. Finally there was only the dark thorn. Sora did a combo for finish him. He won ! He defeated 5 heartless bosses alone ! And the reward arrived !

The burning was again more intense than previous. "OOOOHH FUUUUUCCCKKKKK" yelled Sora. He felt his neck thicken, his traps rised up, his shoulders became football balloon, his pecs pushed really against his shirt, below he felt his abs grows, it was no longer bumps but boulders implanted under his skin. He didn't mention it in previous grow spurts but his package was also affected, his legs became tree trunk. Sora could feel that his clothing were very very tight and reached their limit. And some seconds later, he heard some ripping sounds. The top of his shirt, the bottom of his short and his sleeves began to rip. Next grow spurt will shred fully his clothes.

The skinny Sora was past, now he looked more like a bodybuilder. And he was taller also, near 7 feet, so he was now the biggest and taller guy in the team.

"Let's see if I can lift this boulder". Sora tried again but like the last time, he didn't arrive. He tried to push it, it didn't pass anything firstly but finally he succeeded to push it on some inches.

"It's better but not yet enough, I need more power".

Kairi looked Sora with envy, shit he looked so hot, and now he was also very strong ! She had always been in love of Sora, but she never told him. And now, he wasn't only just cute, he was so fucking hot. She started to be horny.

But Suddenly a Dark Inferno  teleported near his friends. And there one thing different : his eyes weren't yellow like all heartless but red.

"PHIL ! What are you doing ? It's not the time and an Dark Inferno, are you really serious ???"

"But I didn't invoked him !!!"

"What ?" and Sora just had time to see 2 black gates close in the distance.

"The Organization XIII !!" said Sora.

But he haven't the time : the Dark Inferno looked Kari and Sora understood quickly. He was targeting her !

Immediately he jumped between Kairi and the Dark Inferno who would slaughter his swords on her.


Sora blocked attack with his keyblade but he felt that this heartless was more powerfull as usual. And the fight started. Quickly, Sora noticed that he was not only more strong, but also more speed. Attacks were raining and if Sora could touch it few times, his opponent had the advantage. Sora wanted to hit hard but lowered her guard and Obscurantis hit him hardly, and sending his keyblade away from arena. Shit ! Shit shit SHIT ! He was desarmed. How could he win now ? It's impossible without his keyblade. It's was over...

Seeing that, the heartless ran on Sora, ready for hit him with his 2 swords.

By reflex, Sora caught 2 swords with his hands and....... stopped the attack. the heartless seemed surprised and he wasn't the only one. Sora also was surprised by what he was doing. He stopped an attack of one of most powerful heartless... to bare hands ? How it is possible ? But after all, he wasn't the skinny Sora, but a powerful muscular Sora. And maybe he could do more...

He looked badly the Dark Inferno and said : "YOU WANTED ATTACK KAIRI ?!!". So he started to squeeze swords. He squeezed, squeezed, squeezed as hard as he could, it's even turned red. Firstly, nothing happened but after some long seconds, little crackling noises could be heard and soon cracks appear on swords.

"YES !....... One... just... little... more.. aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHH !!". In a ultime grip, Sora broken litteraly two swords of heartless, who was totally surprised by what it was happening. He lowered his guard, it was the fatal error that Sora waited. He didn't know if it will work without keyblade but he should try ! Sora started a combo, to bare hands, on the heartless ; left hit, right hit, left hit, right hit. He was unstoppable. For finish, he kicked him in air with a super kick, jumped in air and hit with all might with his crossed fists the Dark Inferno. This one  crashed on ground. And the heartless disappeared.

He did it, he fucking did it ! He defeated a heartless without his keyblade ! Never it was happened. Never he thought that was possible. And suddenly, he felt a huge burning in all over his body.


It was even painful but he could felt instanly his body swell. And quickly he heard ripping sounds : his clothes couldn't contain his new muscular body.  Tears started to appear. "RIIIPP.. RIIIP... RIIIIP". There is one or two seconds of silence and a last muscle spam completely shred his clothing, Everyone could admire the transformation of Sora's body. And... it was very very amazing : his shoulders was morphing in bowling ball, his biceps and triceps became almost bigger than his head, pecs exploded with mass and blocking his view. If he couldn't see, he could felt an immense pressure in his abs and few seconds later, Sora yelled : the first row exploed out, doubling almost in size, then the second, and same with third. But it wasn't over, Sora winced and yelled when a fourth row popped out, giving him a fucking and amazing strong eight pack. Now he was also really in "V form : large shoulders and tiny waist. His package bulged more and more but the boxer resisted weirdly. His legs began very more wider and every fiber was visible.

After 10 minutes of unbelievable muscle growth spurt, it stopped and Sora got up. Everyone was speechless. It wasn't Sora the teen bodybuilder, but Sora the muscle god. ANd he was very tall, near 9.5 feet.

"Oh my gosh !" he said and FUCK : even this voice was so deep now. And he felt a new sesantion : power ! It was the only thing that he felt. All sensations were orgasmic : even only breath was so fucking amazing.

"What do I look like ?" he says smiling.

But nobody asked, there was all speechless and eyes widening.

Kairi try to not show it but she soaked his panties. Now he wasn't only hot, he was the most fucking sexiest thing she had saw in her life. She was totally crazy of him and she had only one desire...

"Ready for the revenge, boulder ?" said Sora in looking this boulder. Sora placed his hands underneath and tried to lift it. But this time. He took off the boulder of the ground. He continued to lift it. It was a little heavy but he could do it. And he did it : some seconds later, he took the boulder above his head.

"FUCK YEAH ! That's I call power !" he yelled in flexing his huge guns !

The wet on Kairi's panties grows. He didn't looked only so fucking good, he was also so fucking strong. She never confessed his feelings for him but this time she was decided to do it.


"Haha thanks Kairi, you are so amazing also !" he said in smiling

Kairi placed his hand on the top of his abs. Oh goooosh it felt warm and so hard. She started to to rub them lightly (and the wet patch grows again  )

"Sora ?"
"Yes Kari ?"
"I said me.... we could.." she said in starting to go down, feeling every brick of his strong muscular eight pack.
"Well...would you like to spend the night with me ?" she finally said.
"Oh ehhhhhh...... yes, why not ?" replied Sora.
"And I said me we could do..... ... ... well...you know"
"Do what ?"
"Well...." finally she reached his underwear, she started to rub his dick slowy and fucking god, it seemed to be very big !
But, as usual, Sora didn't understand.
"Mmmmhhh yes, do what ?"
"Well... this" she started to squeeze his cock.
Firstly, Sora still didn't understand, then few seconds later he yelled.
"Yes, that what I mean Sora" she said in smiling

Sora started to blush and the throught to make love with Kairi made him horny, very horny, very very very horny, too horny...


His underwear tore, releasing a fucking huge cock, which was harder then ever. Sora was totally naked... and red.

Kairi drooled when she saw his amazing cock. But holy crap, it was so big and thick, ticker than a can. She wasn't sure she could welcome this "monster".

"But I'm not sure I could take this amazing thing; And you are also to tall for me now..."

"Ha yes, you are right... Mmmmmh.......... but maybe I have a solution" he turned towards Phil and asked him "Phil, do you prepare a fight against 50 powerful heartless ?"

"50 ? You are sure ? This is very big number of ennemies... But, after all, yeah, you have beat a Dark Inferno to bare hands. So.... why not"

"Yep, thanks Phil !"

"Hum hum but before Sora, maybe you should find..." and Phil pointed his huge dick which was completely straight.

Sora looked down, blushes, and put his hands forward in front; "Hehhe uh... oups........"

After finding an underwear big enough for to hold his huge member, Sora was ready for his fight. But before, he went to Kairi.

"Take that". Sora took off his pendant and give it to Kairi. "I will beat them all, like previously, but this time, it's will be you who grow"

"Are you ready Sora ?" said Phil

"Oh yeah, I'm ready". Sora entered in arena and face to him, there was 50 ennemies among the most powerful. He had already faced them each but with Donald and Goofy; Here he was alone against 50 ennemies ! The fight began and Sora was initially cornered by the number, he took a lot of hits. But, unlike before, he cashed them in without a problem. Now, it took more than that to defeat him, really more ! He quickly eliminated the weakest in just a few hits : 5..10..15... There was already 20 ennemies who were defeated. For the following, he took them each separetely and chains combos. 25...30... 35; There were still 15 enemies in arena. Sora did what he had never did before, he trew himself into the fray. He took more beatings, yes, but he didn't care, his body could take. He wasn't the same Sora that before, he wasn't the skinny Sora. 40...45...47...49. The last ennemy, a big behemoth, threw on him. Sora, confident of himself and of his strength, didn't dodge but give a powerful punch which sent crashing the heartless against the magical barrier. 50 ! He had defeated 50 ennemies alone. And he knew what it meant. He turned towards Kairi.

The pendant started to shrine strongly. Suddenly, Kairi felt a huge wave of energy trought her. She fell to her knees and cried.


And his body started to change : her skinny arms swelled and became more ripped, a center line started to appear on her flat stomach, his boobs seemed swell, her shoulder became more roundness, his legs widened; And she was also taller, near 6'6" feet. Shit, she was more taller than Riku ! Then it's calmed down. Kairi thought it was over but few seconds later, she yelled of surprise. She felt a burning, like if all his body was in fire. And suddenly, she started again to grow, but more than previously : traps started to rose up, shoulder became very muscular, guns exploded in big peaks of muscle, she felt pecs pushed under her boobs, she felt his six pack exploded out his stommach, now it wasn't the flat stomach she had always had but a fucking ripped muscle wall. She felt his legs became like tree trunks; And she gained again in tall : 7'... 7'5"....8'....8'4".... and finally she reached 8'6". Kairi looked herself : it wasn't the skinny Kairi, now she looked like a pro female bodybuilder, with big female muscles. And god, she was so tall !! No taller than Sora, but now other was so... small. Shit !

Sora looked Kairi and was horny, very horny. He tried not to be, but he couldn't stop looking at her. God, she was the perfection.

"You...... look so...... great Kairi...." said Sora.
"Thanks Sora, I have to say that amazing yeah.... and it feels amazing too !" and she flexed his muscles.

Instantly, Sora became VERY VERY horny by this show, too horny......


Sora blushed one more time and Kairi drooled on his dick and thought that maybe yes, now she could take this monster.
Hours passed and finally, the famous night arrived. It was time ! Two lovers met in a huge room with a big bed. Slowly they began to undress.

Sora and Kairi looked each other for several tens of seconds, admiring the beauty of their body. Sora smiled, Kairi smiled, Sora smiled, Kairi smiled. They have always been in love, but neither of them dared to admit it. But this night, it will be THE night. Finally, after a moment which seemed to be an eternity, Sora closed his eyes and approached of Kairi. She did the same thing. And finally, this magical instant happened. Their lips touched and immediately they started a dance of tongue.

Sora began to rub Kairi's hair, then he went down along her neck, felt her traps, the roundness of her huge shoulders, her muscular biceps and triceps. He went up on her top chest then went down his hands on her muscular boobs. He rubbed each fucking brick of her sixpack and all bumps of her obliques, he followed the line of her adonis belt. He slipped his hands on her ass. He climbed up her back, feeling every muscle bump. God, she was perfect.

In same time, Kairi, for her part, passed his hands in bushy hair of Sora, then she went down along his bull neck, feeling his mountainous traps, she rubbed his bowling balls shoulders then went down on his huge pecs, rubbing his nipples, she passed his hands on fuckung enormous brick and crevices of his amazing eight pack. God it was so hard. No wonder he could take punches with fucking abs like this. She felt his obliques, his amazing adonis belt. She put her hands behind to feel his muscular ass and went up along his fucking muscular back. God, it felt warm, hard, strong. He was really perfect.

Kairi soaked her panties while Sora became horny, very horny, very very very horny. And just like before, his dick shattered his underwear. Kairi moaned of pleasure when she saw this monster.

"Holy fuuuuuck it's so biiiiig !!"

Little by little and while kissing, Sora and Kairi went towards the big bed. She lay down and Sora began to kiss every part of her body : he started by feet, then her calves, her quads, licked his abs and kissed his pecs-boobs, devoured her traps and shouders, licked hollows and bumps of her biceps/triceps then back to kiss her languidly.

Meanwhile Kairi enjoyed for to devour with his hands the amazing muscular chest of Sora. She rubbed his huge pecs, nibbled his nipples, roamed again and again and again amazing Sora's abs, gripped his bumpy back. Then Sora kissed her. God, he was so fucking amazing, so powerful, even with his tongue.

Two lovers continued these moments of tenderness, like mechanically, Sora put him in position, and, while they were kissing, he entered in her. Kairi let out a cry of surprise.


Immediately, Sora breaks the kiss, looked her, worried, and said :

- Are you o...

He didn't have time to finish his sentence that Kairi kissed him. After few seconds, she breaks also the kiss.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. It's just I didn't think that it was so intense... and so good. But, don't worry, I'm fine, even very fine !" she said in smiling.

"So well" Sora said in smiling also. And they resumed to kiss. And... Sora resumed to enter in her.


Sora hesitated, was it pleasure or pain ?

But Kairi, between two moans, looked him in smiling and said "Really don't worry... ah.. ahh..aah...it's...aaa.. just...oooh fuck aaaaaaahhh... you are... ooooh shiiit... so good". And yes, it was so good, really so fucking good ! She would never have imagined this so fucking good feeling. Sora continued to sink into her.


Now, Kairi could feel it : she could really feel the enormous cock of Sora into her. It was weird feel, but not painful, like she had a big baby into her.

Before to start to pump, Sora gave a new session kiss. Then he started to retire. Kairi started also to panting louder. Then slowy, Sora stepped forward.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH OOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK" yelled Kairi. She began to come. Sora could feel his cock was spraying with a liquid. Again, he stepped backward then forward


"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS !!!!!" and again Kairi came. Repeated orgasms of Kairi had for consequence to lubricate the cock of Sora : more orgasm she had, more it was easy for him to fuck Kairi. Sora started to increase the rhythm.

"YES YES YES OOOOH FUCK YES YES YES YES OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK !!!!" Kairi couldn't stop to yell (and she couldn't stop to orgasm), it was so unbelievable, so so so so good!

Sora had reached a very fast pace. Backward, forward, backward, forward, backward, forward. Slowy he began a pressure into his balls. He continued to fuck Kairi for long minutes. How many ? He didn't know but he wanted it to last forever. But Sora felt the pressure increased. He clenched his teeths and continued to fuck Kairi, who was panting and moaning louder and very quickly. Few ten seconds the pressure increased again, Sora clenched strongly his teeth, closed his eyes but few seconds later, he lost the fight. There is few instants of pure silence then finally...


Inside her, it was a true storm of cum, she could felt that the warm liquid filled her, big load after big load. And even after some minutes, it didn't seem to stop. Sora shooted load, after load, after load, after load. How long did it last ? They didn't know. And finally, after what they throught to be an eternity, the flood decreased then stopped. Sora and Kairi were panting louder. Sora knew it was gonna be good, but not so good. And they weren't going to stop there.

"Holy...... shit..... it's..... was...... so......FUCKING..........AMAZING !" panted Kairi.

"Yes.... I....'m....agree" asked Sora between pants.

Then they resumed their kissing and rubbing session, each feeling the muscular body of other.

They did that for one hour when Sora said "Ready for next round ?".
Kairi had a big smile and said "Do you want to try another position ?".
"Oh yeah" asked Sora.

Kairi turned on her belly and got down on all fours. Sora knelt and began to rub her amazing back, feeling every bumps. THen he put his hands underneath, on her midsection and rubbed her ripped abs. God, it was ine same time so strong, warm but also so feminine. Then he took her hips and put his huge cock.

Before to penetrate her ass, he asked "Ready Kairi ?"
"Oh fuck yes Sora !" she said.

And he slowy entered into her.



And few minutes later, she felt Sora's balls against his ass. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, she had the entire dick of Sora in her, this fucking monster was totally in her !

"Are you okay Kairi ?" asked Sora, a little worried.

"aaahh...aaahhh...aaaahhh... it was..... AMAZING !" she moaned.

"Ok, don't hesitate if I hurt you.

Then little by little, Kairi felt Sora retired his cock then he started again to push.


Kairi had repetitive orgasms, and Sora started to precum and lubricated the way. He did this some times very slowy, then when it started to slide well enough, he increased his rythm.

"FAP..........................FAP................FAP...........FAP...........FAP.......FAP". We could heard Sora's balls against Kairi's ass.

Yells of Kairi were more closer, Sora increased the pace. The noise of his balls hitting the ass of Kairi was more and more close.


Sora reached an incredible rhythm, he fucked more times in only one second. There was almost no interruptions between noises. Kairi had stopped to yell, she wanted to yell but it was became only a continuous wave of pure pleasure. She made only short but heavy moans. He continued to fuck her for several minutes, with the rhythm of a jackhammer. And soon, Kairi could hear groans from Sora. But he wasn't decided to come now. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes. Few moments later Kairi coul heard groans of Sora was very loud, almost it was painful. Sora could still hold himself for a few seconds when a long moan made Kairi understand that he was going to come.



He came, and came, and came, and came, and came, and came. And cum started to squirt out of Kairi's ass because she couldn't take more inside her. But Sora didn't stop. He continued to come for several minutes when finally, the flood decreased. He retired from her ass, his dick was covered by cum.

Kairi could finally able to turn her towars his boyfriend for to see him. Sora was gasping, panting. He was covered by a thin layer of sweat, who made him more sexy.

"Shit, you are so amazing Sora. It was the best feel I felt until now" said Kairi.
"Yeah it was very amazing, but no, it's you who are so fucking amazing, so beautiful, so sexy... I love you so much Kairi".

And he lay down on Kairi and resumed to kiss and rub her. After one hour of tenderness, he felt ready for a third round, he looked Kairi and said "Ready for a third round ?"
"Who wouldn't want that with a god like you ?" she said in smiling.
"And you, you are my godness" he asked in kissing her.

While he kissed her, he passed his hands behind her back and he got up. Shit, Kairi hadn't noticed but she was seated on... his dick ? Fuuuuck !

"I would try a new position. Are you agree ?"
"Oh yeah I'm agree"

Suddenly he took Kairi by his hips and lift her. When she was removed, Sora's cock hit his top abs. He lifted and lifted Kairi who was asking what he was doing. He positioned her vagina on the head of his penis, which was perfectly right and hard, and entered a little in her.

Kairi started to yell when he stopped.

"What do you do Sora ?"
"You will see, you are sure that you want do this third round ?"
"Of course I want, why ?"

"Ok so enjoy !"

And Sora smiled and started to let her go.

Kairi yelled like she never yelled, by surprise and pleasure because the gravity did its work : little by little, Kairi sank on Sora's cock. She could feel his dick entered inside her, inch by inch. She didn't know if it was the surprise of this unexpected position but she seemed to her that feelings were multiplied tenfold.


Quickly, this sensation was too good and Kairi started to have again repetitive orgasms. This had the effect of lubricating and sliding more easily on the huge cock of his boyfriend. After several minutes of pure pleasure, she finally hit his balls. Fuck, one more time, she had the dick of Sora entirely inside her, and god it felt so fucking good !!

She was gasping and had a beautiful view on amazing musculat chest of Sora. God he was so perfect !!

"God....aaaaahh aaaah aaaahh.... it.....aaaah..aaahh...was so......aaaahh...aaah..aaaaahh FUCKING AMAZING !!!"

Sora took the opportunity to kiss her one more time when she took the opportunity to rub his huge pecs and ripped eight pack.

"Do you want to do it again ?" he asked
Kairi just maked a big smiled but it meant everything. Of course she wanted !

Sora took Kairi and slowy lifted her from his dick.

Kairi moaned, this sensation of Sora who removed his cock was amazing, but maybe less intense. And when Kairi was on almost out, he let her again.


Few minutes later, she touched his balls. Then they kissed, Sora lifted Kairi and they resumed


They've done this dozens and dozens of times. Then Sora lifted on top but, this time, he slipped down her then up. Now, Kairi slipped on his huge cock as easily as a soap in a shower. Wave of pleasure runned trought them. Quickly, Sora increased the rhythm. Soon, he was going so fast that it looked like Kairi was jumping on his dick. Sora groaned of pleasure, like a beast in action. Kairi, for its part, had eyes that were repulsed of pleasure and yelled but her yells were cut off


After 30 minutes, she could heard Sora groaned more louder, very louder, he continued to fuck her for some minutes then, at some point, he stopped, closed his eyes and strongly clenched his teeth, he was going to cum but he wanted to hold himself as long as possible.

Kairi came one more time by seeing his boyfriend : Sora was completely soaked, covered by sweat. His muscles were gleaming, which made him FUCKING sexy. Every part of his body was a piece of art ! And what a show : sweat was dripping from his forehead, flowed down the neck, slipped on his pecs, passed on his central crevice of his amazing eight pack and ran down the legs. God it was a fucking beautiful show !

Then Kairi heard a long moan from Sora : he was going to come, it was sure. Sora clenched his teeths and fists as hard he could, he tried to retain himself as long as possible but quickly, he loses the fight...

It was already a deluge for others time, but here... no words could described this scene.

Sora yelled, but not like a human, more a gigantic beast. By the way, he yelled so hard that Kairi could have bet walls had shaked.


Buckets and buckets and buckets of cum were poured inside her, and soon splattered over the floor because she couldn't take more.

The pleasure was so humongous that Kairi couldn't make a sound, but was with her mouth open, only gluttering. And she also got another beautiful show : the pleasure was such huge for Sora that he entirely flexed his body in a titanic mass of muscle. All were absolutely ripped and shredded. His traps were fully flexed and rose up more, she could perfectly see striations of his shoulders, same thing for his huge pecs, his eight pack was so fucking ripped and tight, his biceps were two fucking amazing huge peaks of pure muscle, his forearms were so thick and so veiny. He didn't look like a god, he WAS a GOD !

And it wasn't all : Kairi felt her go up but... Sora didn't lift her, so.... how ? In fact, it was simple : Sora ejaculated so strongly that he "pushed" Kairi up. Finally, she had to hold him by traps for to not be ejected from his cock. Holy fucking shit, he was so powerful !!

After almost one hour of pure orgasm, loads of Sora decreased. Shit it was the most intense feelings they felt of their entire life. Kairi, panting and gasping, looked his boyfriend, who was yet covered by sweat and also panting after these unbelievabme sexual sessions. She looked him in eyes and said "Sora... I love you more anything". Sora replied "I love you too more anything Kairi". Then they kissed and fell on bed (which cracked a few :p).

Then, after another tenderness session, they finally fell asleep, completely tired by this unforgettable night.

Kairi woke up first, she was against Sora, which had his huge arm around her, and Kairi had one of her hand on Sora's abs. God, it felt so hard, so strong, so powerful but in same time so sweet, and like all men, Sora had also his morning erect, so just above of his eight pack, there is his enormous dick.

God, Kairi couldn't believe she took entirely this monster in her, and some times ! She'll remember this night for the rest of her life...

She started to rub his amazing chest and few minutes later, Sora opened his eyes.

"Hello my love" said Kairi
"Hello my godness" said Sora. "Sleeping well ?"
Kairi smiled and said "How could I not sleep well after a night like this ?"

Sora got a very big smile and said "Yes, it was the best night of my life" and kissed her.

"Well, I think it's time to join other no ?" said Kairi

"Well" replied Sora.

The tried to find few clothes for to hide their genital parts. And fuuuuuuck, they couldn't hide what happened here : they was dried cum everywhere, and the smell...... no doubt, it smelled sex, very much !

They went out of their bedroom and joined other who were eating.

"Well, it looks like some enjoyed the night." said Riku
"...... and others not enjoyed : yours screams kept me awake...." said grumpily Donald.

Sora and Kairi blushed, but it was sure that with the noise they made, they have been heard.

They were eating when, suddenly, a bell rings :  a call of Chip and Dale.


"Wait, who is attacking you ?" replied Riku.

"Heartless, there is one GIGANTIC heartless who destroys everything !! Look !"

And Riky went white... It was him, this heartless, the Darkside who destroyed his island many years earlier.


"Who is attack the radiant gardness ?"

"Him... the Darkside who destroyed our island." he replied.

Suddenly Sora's gaze frowned. He had revenge on this monster.

"We go over there, NOW !" he said.

"But we have it for several hours with gummi ship." says Kairi.

"No, we can go more quickly, we have a portal which leads directly" says Hercules.

"Fine ! Let's go"

Some minutes later, our friends passed the portal.

When they arrived, they see the disaster : a part of the city was destroyed and further was a gigantic heartless, more gigantic than others. Sora noticed that eyes were same that Obscurantis, red instead to be yellow.

They run until the Heartless, Sora and Kairi arrived firsts because they were more faster than others.

Sora immediately attacked the Darkside and hit him with a powerful punch. But... nothing. He was surprised, yesterday, he defeated powerful heartless with one punch and here... nothing ??? No, it couldn't happen. He tried again but the Darkside ejected him with a simple punch.

Then he turned towards Kairi, looked her badly, punched her and projected her in several feet.

When he saw this, Sora yelled "KAIRI !!!!!!". Immediately he did a high jump, like Hulk, and landed near Kairi.


Kairi slowy moaned : she was injured but, fortunately, his new muscular body had allowed her to take the hit

Reassured that she was alive but totally furious she was injured, Sora yelled of rage


And immediately, he attacked again the heartless. But nothing, he couldn't injure him. He tried, again, and again, and again, and again, but nothing, he was totally powerless.

In some minutes others arrived.

And immediately, all launch an assault on the gigantic heartless for stop him. But unfortunately, all failed. Even Sora. He hit him, with keyblade, without keyblade, but nothing to do, he was totally insensible to his punchscry

Riku said, from a sad voice, "It's over... we can't win".

"No, it can't be, NO !" yelled Sora, which started to cry. "Why ? WHY ? I became more powerful what I have never been; And it does nothing ? WHY ?". Then, Sora continued to launch assaults but every time he was pushed back like a simply sheet. One more time, he was helpless.


And so, a miracle happened. All the sky started to shine, and a moon, in a form of heart, appeared : Kingdom Hearts.

"But... but... but... how... how... it's.... possible ?" said Sora.

"He heard you" replied Riku. "And I think that you love the next"

And suddenly, hundreds and hundreds of lights go out of Kingdom Hearts and hit Sora. Kingdom Hearts gave him all his power.

For Sora, it felt like a nuclear bomb, maybe more. Sora fell on his knees, eyes fully widening, there is few seconds of silence then... he yelled like he never yelled.


All could see it, the Sora's body began to inflate with muscle but this time, more quickly than previously, very more quickly. 10 feet...11... 12... 13... 14...15... 16... 17... 18... His yells became more roars, which must be heard on many ten of miles, and and caused big earthquakes. His voice was more and more deep. When he reached 20 feet, all his body has been a big muscle spasm and bulging more. His traps surrounding completely his neck, his shoulders became absolutely gigantic, his guns more bigger than his head, his pecs bounding, his amazing eight pack exploded, row after row, like previously spurt, and like his previously spurt, a new row popped, giving him a holy fucking ten-pack, this legs became more wide than redwoord trunks. And the grows continued : 22... 23...24...25...26...27..29... and finally slow down then stopped.

All his friends were speechless : Sora was UNBELIEVABLE HUGE ! Nothing could describe him. All city could see the humoungous mass raise up, and raise up, and raise up. Sora was taller than the Darkside, he was 31 feet tall.

Kairi, who had gotten up, looked his boyfriend with surprise and in same time excitation. If yesterday he was a god, now he was god of god, maybe god of god of god. He was a humongous 31 feet very muscular titan. His traps had reach his ears, his neck was thicker than his head, his shoulders were two gigantic balls of muscle, very striated, his biceps... oh my gosh...they were so fucking big, and this vein gooooooosh... his pecs were two fucking enormous mountains of muscle, with big nipples, Sora had now a fucking amazing ten pack and fucking god, it was like these boulders were literally implanted under his skin, they were so big, so tight and crevices were so deep fuuuuuccck, and his obliques and adonis belt... holy shit, it was like we had cutted with an axe, he had this very clear demarcation, like best pro bodybuilders, it was absolutely divine. Nothing could describe how amazing were his legs, even a redwood trunks looked thin on the side. And of course... HOLY MOTHER FUCKING GOD... his dick was ABSOLUTELY HUMONGOUS ! She was already impressed by his previous size but now........ Kairi had repetitive orgasms by this amazing show.

Sora walked towards the Darkside. Every step caused a earthquake. Sora said "NOW......... YOU WILL PAY". Shit his voice was like he speaks in a megaphone, very amplified and so deep.

Firstly, the Darkside seemed surprised, it wasn't every day that he came across an enemy taller than himself... but he gazed his eyes, clenched his fist and hit Sora with all his might, directly in his midsection.

"ATTENTION SORA !!" yelled Riku. Yes, his friends was now a fucking titan of muscle but this monster had destroyed a city, it wasn't nothing.

But Sora didn't moved.

A big crack could be heard when he hit Sora's ten-pack. During one instant, Riku and his friends thought that this noise came from Sora and feared for him but they saw the heartless removed his hands, like he had hurt. It wasn't the Darkside who broke Sora, it was Sora's abs which broke the Darkside's hand !


The darkside seemed angry and started to hit Sora, and hit him again and again and again. But Sora didn't move of one inch. He started to walk (and made earthquake !) while his ennemy stepped back.

Then, at some point, the Darkside wanted hit Sora again... but quickly Sora gripped his fist with one hand.

"IT'S ENOUGH NOW ! YOU CAN'T BEAT ME" and he started to clench. The heartless gaze his eyes. He used all his strength to free himself from the Sora's grip but nothing to do, he was too powerful... 

Then, Sora took a really angry look.

"YOU DESTROYED MY ISLAND..." and he clenched more
"YOU DESTROYED THIS CITY..." he clenched more
"YOU ATTACKED MY FRIENDS..." he clenched more
"AND ABOVE ALL.......... YOU ATTACKED MY GIRLFRIEND !!!!!!!" he yelled and clenched very more, with more rage on this sentence
"SO NOW... LIKE I SAID YOU... YOU WILL PAY" and finally he clenched enough for to broke the hand of the monster.

"IT'S THE END FOR YOU !!!!!!!" he yelled and, like the Dark Infero, Sora started to give many big punches... During some minutes he hit the heartless relentlessly. It was a deluge of punchs. And if Darkside's punches didn't take any damages on Sora previously, for Sora's pucnhes on the Darkside, it was an another story...

Finally he gave a unbelievable final hit in his midsection, which threw the heartless on many miles before to crash further for finally disappeared. He was finally defeated. After many years, Sora had took his revenge.

His friends ran towards him and yelled "SORA"

"Maybe I went a little hard haha no...?"

Kairi wanted join Sora when she felt a huge burning all over his body, a very HUGE burning. Instantly, she fell on his knees and understood what was happening : she always wore the pendant and as Sora defeated the heartless... she was growing.


Sora feared when he heard her yells but he smiled when he understood what was happening.

Like Sora, Kairi quickly grew, adding hundreds of pounds of muscle to her body. 10 feet...12....15...18. Her clothes were completely shattered, letting her naked. Her traps surroundig his neck, her shoulders became very huge, her biceps/triceps exploded into gigantic peaks of muscle, her forearms really thicken, her muscular boobs became very very muscular, like male pecs on the top then boobs next, her six pack exploded into a fucking strong and hard eight pack, her obliques were so fucking defined, and, like Sora, her adonis belt became very very very demarked, her legs became redwood trunks. And she was taller : 20...22...24...26 and she finally stopped at 28 fucking feet !

Sora ran towards Kairi, in making shake the ground.

"KAIRI !!!" he said with a big smiling.

"So, how do I look ?" she asked.
"You look so......... FUCKING AMAZING !!!" replied Sora with joy, passed his hands on humongous chest of his girlfriend.
"And you look also so amazing !!" she said before to kiss him and rubbing his fucking muscular chest.

"SORA ! KAIRI !" yelled others in going towards them.

"Shit !" said Hercules, who was speechless. "You look so..... amazing !"

Sora looked Hercules and said "Yep, I think that now, I'm a hero, maybe more no ?"

He looked around him and saw an enormous boulder,  at least ten times bigger than the one of Coliseum. He tried to lift it and took off it of the ground like it was nothing. It was so lightweight ! He started even to juggle with. "So Hercules , now I'm a true hero and I can defeat any heartless, I need a more powerful opponent, so... would you do have a little fight ?" he says in flexing one of his titanic gun and with a boulder of several hundreds tons in other.

And for the first time of his life, Hercules pissed on him...

Then Sora and Kairi heard a voice "And me, we forgot me ?"

Sora and Kairi looked down and saw Riku, who was always to his original size, 6.2 feet, but, obviously, who also wanted to become a titan.

Kairi laughed and said "No, don't worry,  of course we didn't forgot you. So, take that !". Kairi removed the pendant and gave to Riku.

Then she turned towards Phil "Now Phil, before the dinner, if you could prepare a new fight against... mmmmmmmmhhhhh 1000 heartless ??". She turned towards Sora and said him, in smiling "It could be more fun with a third person tonight, don't you think, Sora ?"

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Nice! I'm glad I could read it. Muscle growth and Kingdom Hearts is the crossover I always need :D It is rough and straight to the point, just how I like it! And that threesome sounds promising hehe

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Hehe thanks, there was material for to do a good story and same, I always loved this kind of story (but it more risky I think, if you don't like the original support, little chance you will read it). Glad you enjoyed!

Don't hesitate to mp if you have remarks. It helps me for the next!

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