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On 8/25/2020 at 12:48 AM, Ro20316 said:

Each chapter is exceptional man. Can not believe it0s your first work.


I had an amazing editor.

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Bravo what a story and i hope it's not the end.

This was the end of the Bruce part of the tale but the begining of a new one with Keena and her new proyege. She failed with Terry but will she try again with Jerry amd Janice and maybe have a fantastic crazy encounetr with Bruce, Keena and Arthur?

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10 hours ago, Ripped said:

I had an amazing editor.

Thank you very much. It was a pleaure to work with you on this great story and I am looking forward to working with you again on other projects.

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On 7/17/2020 at 11:27 PM, Ripped said:

Chapter 5

After I squeezed myself into the sauna I started to examine and worship my new body. My cock filled and hardened as I came to understand what Breena told me. I was now the ultimate human male, that all that walked the planet would fall to their knees before me, that I held dominion over all.

This new size did come at a price. Walking though normal doorways became an issue as well as getting in any car. As I thought about being larger than I was my muscles deflated. I still felt like I could crush a car, though. I checked the clock in the main room through the window of the sauna door. It was about four o'clock. Time for a massage and a little fun. I left the sauna, going through the doorway was much easier this time, and thumbed the intercom. "Send the masseuse to me" I commanded. There was a buzz and a click from the speaker, but no intelligible reply. I cracked open the door still being nude, started the hot tub and climbed in. I sat down where I could see the doorway and waited.

After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door. When I said, "Enter", Steve, the cafe tender, walked in. He was still wearing his blue gym-logoed polo and khaki pants. I glowered at him and said, "I ordered a massage, not a club sandwich."

"I'm also the gym's massage therapist today," he replied. "Come on out and let's get those muscles limbered up. By the way, was that you screaming earlier?"

As I stood up from the tub, Steve's eyes followed the water as it cascaded off my pecs and abs like a waterfall. Anticipation radiated in waves off him. I jumped out of the pool and came to rest four feet in front of him. He dropped his duffel bag and drank up my hard, naked physique. I consumed the lust pulsing off him. "I had a leg cramp." I pointed to the towel at my feet, "Hand that to me." I could have easily reached down for the towel, but I wanted to see how malleable his mind would be.

He was lost in his thoughts for a couple of seconds then knelt down on one knee, picked up towel up and extended his arm to hand it to me. His eyes locked on my cock and balls.

Apparently his mind is putty.

I yanked the towel out of his hand, began to dry myself and said, "My eyes are up here."

When I finished drying off I wrapped the towel low on my waist, slid onto the massage table on my stomach and undid the tuck of the towel. I eclipsed the table since it was designed for a mundane human. I struggled to keep my limbs on the table as it creaked under my weight. I draped the towel over my glutes and off the sides of the table. My shoulders hung over the sides so I put my hands under my chin. "You can get to work now," I told him.

I watched him as he rose from his kneeling position, picked up his duffel and put it on the bench in front of the locker. "I saw you lifting today," he said as he rummaged around the bag. He brought out a large bottle labeled 'Massage Oil'. "Man, that was crazy weight you lifted." He squirted oil onto my back. The guy knew his massage accessories; the oil was warm and sandalwood scented. He lightly laughed and said, "You must be on some really good juice to lift that much. What is it?"

"If I told you I'd have to rip your heart out of your ribcage and shove it, still beating, down your throat."

He began to laugh again until he saw my serious expression. He gulped, cleared his throat and said, "Ok…well…let's start up here." He spread the oil over my back, his hands slowing down his admiration and awe grew. When my back was properly oiled he started massaging my traps and delts. He had to use all of his strength and bodyweight to get into the deeper tissues of my immensely muscled body. "Your shoulders feel tight," he said and bore down on the muscles for a deeper massage.

"Yeah, my shoulders are sore." I groan as he pressed as hard as he could into my traps. "That feels good. You're pretty good at this."

I felt a surge of pride and hopefulness from him. "Thank you, sir," he said.

"Keep it up."

He continued down my back, tracing the muscle groups and striations. By the time he reached my glutes he was constantly moaning and muttering, "So beautiful…such strength…" He slipped his fingertips under the towel and stopped. I felt the conflicting emotions raging in him. He said, "May I work on your glutes," and whispered, "…sir?"

"Yes," I replied in a commanding voice. "Those fingers better not stray too far. Clear?" Steve's only reply was to move over my legs and, reaching under the towel, begin kneading the glutes that squatted two tons less than an hour ago.

His breathing became quicker as he caressed the muscle and whispered, "So powerful."

He sounded like he was going to bust a nut in his pants so I got him to focus by saying, "What are you studying at UW?"

That had the desired effect; Steve's emotions stopped pulsating and he stopped trying to get to second base with my ass. "I'm working on an exercise physiology degree, Dr. Panthera is tutoring me through my first year…"

"Doctor?" I twisted to look at Steve. His face was flush and he's smiling. A sense of pride, from his academic life I assume, rolled off of him. "Keena has a doctorate?"

He nodded and continued, "She actually has two. One in biophysics and the other in kinesiology. She also won the IFBB two years in a row."

"Bodybuilder too, huh? Well, then," I untwisted myself. "Sounds like you have an excellent tutor. Do you make enough working here to pay for tuition?"

He got back to work on my hamstrings. "Dr. Panthera is paying my tuition and paying me a full time salary at the gym. I just have to promise to work for her as a trainer after I graduate."

So Keena has beauty, brains, brawn and an acute business sense. Maybe she wasn't a gym queen bitch I thought she was.

Steve brought me out of my thoughts with a jolt of awe and, "Your legs are fucking massive! I can see every muscle group! And you're calves, like diamonds!"

"Yes, they are. Are you finished with my back?"

"Yeah, Bruce. You can flip over."

I did so. When he bent over my torso to oil my pecs I seized his jaw and squeezed. I feel the hardest bone in the human body flex and deform under my will. "That's 'Sir' to you." I chugged the panic, fear and burgeoning sweet submissive emotions exploding of him. "Do I make myself clear?" His eyes grew wide and his breath quickened, but he didn't utter a word.

I shook his head until he stuttered, "Y-yes S-sir!"

"Good, boy," I released his jaw and lightly slapped his cheek twice. His hands shook as he dribbled the oil over my pecs and abs. I locked my eyes on his as he caressed my chest and shoulders; no longer giving a massage. "You like feeling the power I command, don't you boy."

He lustfully whispered, "Yes, Sir."

"Did you see how much I benched?"

He shook his head and said breathlessly, "No, but Jan told me. I almost creamed my pants…such power…you could dominate the Mr. Olympia competition…if only…" his fingers started tweaking my nipples.

I growled, "If only what?"

A wave of fear bordering on terror from him washed over me. Yet, he answered, "You're hairy. All bodybuilders are clean. You need to show everyone how ripped, shredded…beautiful…you are. Your hair hides your magnificent physique."

I swiftly grabbed his wrists in each hand. He's trembling and nearly panting as I crunch my abs to sit up straight. "You have shaving cream and a razor in your bag?" Steve slowly nodded. I placed a hand on his chest and shoved. It seemed gentle in my standards, yet he fell to the ground a few feet from the locker. I dismounted the massage table letting the towel fall from me. I flexed my pecs as I peered down my nose at Steve's prone figure. His jaw slack, eyes wide and pupils dilated, he looked from my semi-hard cock to my eyes. I sneered and growled from my chest. Like a good sub he quickly averted his eyes. With a grunt I walked to the bathroom and started the shower.

I stepped under the warm water and ran my fingers through my thinning brown hair. So far I have found I can alter my muscle mass, strengthen my heart and other organs. I wondered if I could change the chemical makeup of my ejaculate (because, why not). I thought about my seminal vesicles. In my mind's eye I saw them. I sent a thread of power to the glands and expanded them, changed them to produce more fructose. To keep the balance, I enlarged my testicles, too. I felt the larger orbs stretch and lengthen my scrotum. I had just finished my work when I felt two hands reach under my arms and caress my pecs and a pair of lips kiss and drag against my back. I hear Steve mutter, "Daddy."

I turned around to face him. He had the slim, low bodyfat physique of a competitive swimmer. Nearly hairless, even his crotch. His semi-hard five and a half inch dick hung down from him. He looked good for a university athlete.

Next to me he looked like a child with atrophied muscles.

His lips immediately latched on to a nipple, his tongue swirled around the thick, hard nub of flesh. I grabbed a handful of hair on the back of his head and yanked him off me. His eyes pleaded, begged me to let him please me. "Shave every hair off me, then I will play with you."

Steve was meticulous at shaving me clean. He derived pleasure just from dragging the razor along my skin. Even though his hand trembled he was especially careful shaving my cock and balls. Soon, he stood and pronounced I had no more hair hiding my physique.

I pointed to my head. "You're not done."

"Your head, too? God, that'll be sexy," he sat on the shower's builtin seat. "I can't reach your head, you'll have to kneel and I'll…gerk!" I snared his neck, lifted him until his eyes were at my level. I pinned him to the shower wall with my chest.

I growled, "I. KNEEL. TO. NO. ONE." I flexed my pecs compressing his meager chest.

"Ok," he rasped. "Ok…sorry…can't breath…"

I pressed into him again, held him against that wall with only my chest for a few more seconds, then back away. He came crashing down on the seat. I waited for him to catch his breath, pointed to the seat and said, "Stand on that, boy."

Steve stood on the set and shaved my head clean. I rinsed off, grabbed a towel, stood in front of the vanity mirror and examined my new, clean, look. The kid was right, I did look sexy…and powerful. To make my cleanliness permanent I mentally killed all hair follicles on my body except for my eyebrows, eyelashes and beard. I felt Steve kneeling at my feet. He pawed at my abs, rubbed and squeezed my cock through the towel at my waist. "Please, Sir, let me suck you."

"Suck my what?"

"Your huge dick, Sir."

I held the back of his head and undid the tuck in the towel. It dropped. My immense cock sprung up. "Boys and lesser men have dicks. I have a COCK."

He moaned and whimpered as he stared at my member. "Yes, Sir. You have a…" he continued breathlessly, "…cock. Please, may I suck your cock, Sir."

I started to caress his wet hair. "Have you ever made a porn video, boy?"

"Yes, Sir. When I came out, my parents kicked me out. I went to Venice and made some movies to pay rent."

I grew angry at a pair of people I never met. My emotions must have played out on my face because Steve nervously said, "Please don't be mad at me."

"I'm not, Steve. I'm pissed off at your parents." He looked up at me with a mixture of relief and sorrow. "Now, boy, go get my phone from the locker."

I turned and leaned back onto the vanity when he stood. He ran to the main room and returned with my phone. While I unlocked it and launched the camera I placed a hand on his head and pressed him to his knees. I continued to force him down until he had to look up to see my cock head. "You don't want to suck my cock." He looked up at me, confused. I started to record a video, lowered the phone to capture my cock and his head and said, "You want to worship it, boy."

He stared at my tool and with a barely audible voice he said, "May I please worship your beautiful cock, Sir?"

I considered narrowing my girth to allow him to accept my cock in his mouth without difficulty. Something about the thought of making myself lesser disturbed me. "Wrap your hand around the shaft. You think you can satisfy me?"

He put a hand on me, his fingers barely met. His hand looked so tiny compared to my godhood. "It'll be difficult, but I think I can."

I didn't want it to be difficult. I NEEDED it to be nearly impossible. I expanded the circumference by an inch, length by two.

"oh…my…god," Steve said in awe as the space between his fingers and thumb increased. His jaw dropped as his head approached my shaft. I grabbed his hair and held him an inch from his goal. He started slowly stroking my cock.

"I didn't say you could."

He breathlessly begged, "Please…your cock is so beautiful…powerful…" He looked up at me. "You're so powerful…please sir…I need it."

I looked down my nose at the submissive boy and released his head. "Try, boy."

He slowly, reverently, brought his mouth to the glans and kissed the tip. I rewarded him with an issue of pre. The clear thick fluid formed a string as it slowly fell from the meatus. Just before the string broke at a foot long Steve slurped it up and cracked a surprised smile. "That's the sweetest pre I've ever tasted," he said and started licking and sucking the side of my pole. When I started growling with each exhale he began to shiver.

"Grrrrryeah, boy. Work that cock. Show me that tiny tongue. GRRRRRR!" After minutes of his licks and slurps I had enough foreplay. I took his head in a hand. "Open boy. Come on open." His jaw dropped. "Wider, boy. Tongue out. That's it. Good boy. Put your fist over the root." A shiver runs through me when I again see how small his hand is compared to my cock. I moved his mouth onto my cockhead. The huge spongy tip instantly filled his mouth. I pushed in halfway to his throat, pulled out and pushed in again to the same depth several more times before forcing him to accept the head in his throat. "YEAH! GRRR! Look, boy, I'm in your throat GRRRR still seven inches between your fucking mouth and faggy hand! YEAH!"

I knew he was unable to reply; he was busy struggling for air. I pulled out until only the head was in his mouth to relieve that situation. As he gasps he looks up at me with pleading eyes. "Do you want me in your fucking throat, boy?" He nodded and I rammed into him as I pulled his head down. I shattered his throat barrier with cruel pleasure and went down his throat on the first fuck. On the second his face smashed into his hand. The third found his nose bent against my adonis belt. The fourth planted the cockhead deep in his chest. His eyes nearly popped out. Over and over I fucked the musclefag's throat with my entire length until he pounded on my thighs. I held him down for half a minute then slowly pulled him off. When my cock popped out of his mouth and smacked my abs I noticed he tapped out due to lack of oxygen. I smirked thinking how easy it is to break a human. When he started to regain consciousness he whispered, still breathless, "Goddam, you're a beast…Sir."

With my hand still on his head I leaned down until my clenched teeth were inches from his eyes. I growled and asked, "Do you have a better video camera?"

"N-no, Sir," he replied. "M-may I please make a suggestion, Sir?"

I stood up and flexed my chest and abs. I looked down my nose at him, over my colossal chest, and waited a few beats before I said, "You may."

"O-one of the gym members is a professional videographer. I think he brought his camera with him today."

I contemplated the suggestion for a moment. Doubling the emotional energy near me is too tempting to pass up. "Find him. Bring him here. Run."

I almost laughed while Steve struggled to get his shirt, pants and shoes on while trying to run to the door. "Take the card, boy. It's in my shorts pocket." I actually heard his shoes squeak as he changed direction in mid stride. He picked up my sweaty shorts and pulled out my access card. Then he slowed down eyeing my shorts. Slowly he brought the damp material to his nose and deeply inhaled my musk. His eyes fluttered shut. Only when I said, "I'm WAITING, BOY," did he drop the shorts, yanked the door open and ran out into the hallway. The door bounced off the doorstop and slammed closed.

While Steve was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I checked what was happening on MGF and Insta. MGF was loading so slowly. When I checked the view counts on the thread and album my eyes popped. I saw numbers that could be used to describe the budget of a mid-sized governmental agency. I switched to Insta and found that a medium sized industrial city's population had requested to follow me. No wonder I felt waves and waves of complex, and some not so complex, emotions being pulled into me.

The sound of a card being swiped brought me out of astonishment. I quickly composed myself as the door opened and Steve brought another male into my room. My eyes bore into my next victim as the door closed with a deafening click. To my surprise it was the ex-dom that dared to think that I would suck his little dick. You could still see the blood around his lips and the rounded belly from the cum that I pumped into him. He was a dom no more. Gone was his confidence. He even looked slightly smaller than when I fucked him into submission. Probably his shattered ego shrunk his size. He still looked huge next to Steve, though. He was a bodybuilder next to an athlete. At 330 lbs he was still a lightweight bodybuilder when I was in the room.

He took one look at me and a shock wave of terror blasted off him. I vacuumed that power up as I charged at him. He dropped the bag he held and backed into the door trying to get away. My charge stopped when my unyielding chest pushed into his head. I clenched my teeth and growled in his face. Trembling, he turned his head to the side and whimpered.

I heard Steve saying: "Sir, this is Doug. He's worked for Active Duty, Puzzy Power and Kinc.com."

"We've met, haven't we, Doug?" I said. He cried as I ran my hand across the back of his sweaty head. "Yeah, you remember how I fucked you into submission, don't you, worm." He nodded his head like he's having a seizure. I saw Steve in the corner of my eye realizing I made this bodybuilder submit to me; made him my cumdump.

"Doug never let anyone fuck him, Sir. You cracked his hole?" Steve said as his emotions went from shock to awe. He now fully understood that I am the ultimate Alpha Dom next to which all others fade and surrender, that even Doug is no match for me.

I smirked and continued. "I ruptured your ass, took your manhood, I'm taking all your little faggy boys, I'm taking your sluts and I'm taking MY phone." I felt Steve slip my phone out of my hand. I saw out of the corner of my eye him presenting it to me. "The one in your pocket." Steve takes his phone out of his pocket and puts it on top of mine. I almost groaned as I side-eyed the boy. I tapped the top of Doug's head and said, "I'm talking to YOU, worm."

His hands shook as he brought the phone out of his pocket. "Unlock it," I demanded. He did. "Give MY NEW phone to Steve." He handed the phone to Steve like it was a hot potato. I turned my gaze to Steve and said, "Open the contacts app. Does the worm have a group for his former subs, boy?"

Steve hastily opened the app and scrolled through the list of groups. "Ah...let's see...actors...studios...telemarketers. Nope."

I growled loudly as I swung my head back to Doug. He loudly volunteers, "Little Black Book app! They're all in The Little Black Book!"

I smiled at Doug although I doubted that he took that as a friendly gesture. "Is there an export function, boy?"

"Ummm...yes, Sir."

"Good. Airdrop the file to my main phone." While Steve did as commanded I sniffed the air. The air stunk of Doug's fear and sweat. I whispered into his ear, "I can smell your fear." I took a deep breath. "GRRRRR...that gets me VERY HARD, worm." He sobbed as I flexed my cock against him.

"The transfer is finished, Sir."

Doug slid to the floor when I pivoted to take my main and other phone from Steve. I turned my back to them both and took a few steps into the main room. I scrolled through the text file on one phone and compared it to the app on the other. I stopped counting names after twenty sluts and fags. "My, my, you WERE popular weren't you."

"My...my phone. Give it back to me."

I flexed my gargantuan back and glutes. Steve told me later that Doug automatically shrunk his. I turned my head to the side and said, "You didn't say, 'please'."

"Please...my phone. Please give it back."

I took my other phone in my left hand, extended my powerful arm straight from my ungodly delt and crushed the phone until the batteries ruptured and the glass became powder.

Steve gasped and Doug yelled, "NO!" as the shattered pieces fell to the floor, so did Doug.

I slowly turned and, as I advanced on Doug, said, "You should want to be in my good graces." I stood over him and flexed my pelvic floor to make my very erect, very hard, humongous cock point at his face. "There are advantages to that, aren't there, boy?"

"Y-yes, S-sir," Steve sighed. What a slut.

"So what's it gonna be, worm. Do I utterly destroy you or do you become a good little fag?" His eyes dart back and forth from my eyes to my one-eyed anaconda. He made the right decision and licked my cock head. "Good. Steve hates mopping up blood." I pumped out some precum. A large ball of ambrosia forms. "Again, worm." He takes my shaft in his muscular, but still puny compared to mine, hand. At least, unlike Steve, he was almost able to encompass my cock with it. He takes another swipe at the head. Surprise crossed his face as the fructose hit his taste buds. Like a child getting its first all-day sucker he starts sucking and licking my cockhead, trying to get more pre. "Not yet, worm." I effortlessly yanked my member out of his fist, flexed it to the side and smacked his cheek hard without using my hands or rotating my hips. "Both of you. Follow me." I ordered as I walked to the posing room door.

I heard Steve whisper to Doug, "Don't worry, when you get a new phone you can restore everything from the cloud backup."

"Wait a minute," Doug replied. "You can back those things up?"

I opened the door and walked in, my fags followed. "Wow. I've never been in here," Steve said as I walked into the mirrored octagon room. He followed me in and asked, "What's this used for?"

"Bodybuilders use this type of room to practice posing and to admire themselves. I'm going to use it to fuck you senseless." I said as I moved into the center of the room.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ," Doug cursed as he looked over the room. "You can't be serious. Bruce, that is your name isn't it? Bruce this…" his voice and air was cut off as I snared his neck and lifted him into the air. His hands clawed at my wrist and forearm, trying to make me loosen my grip.

"Holy fuck!" Steve yelled.


"M-m-m-master...please set me down, Master! I-I-I really don't want to be thrown into glass. Master! Please!"

I brought him down slowly and gently to his feet, released his neck and glared at him. He took a few steps back, gasping and coughing. "The only reason you're still alive is because you will record the boy worshipping me, then submitting to my cock. Do I make myself clear?"

The worm nodded his head. Through the coughs and with a raspy voice he said, "Master, yes."

Not taking my eyes off Doug I said, "Get the worm a glass of water, boy." Steve sprinted out and returned a moment later with a paper cup of water from the bathroom. "Now, worm, you were telling me about the room."

Doug downed the water and coughed once more. His eyes darted around the room, avoiding mine. He said, "Master, yes. Any light I set up will wash out your definition. The mirrors will diffuse the light too much and make everything look soft. I know you are…" he glanced at my titanic godhood "...anything but soft." He returned to avoiding my gaze. "Plus the fantasy of porn is that the viewer is part of the action. Seeing me in the mirrors holding the camera will destroy that illusion, Master."

The worm did have a point…about the view seeing him, not the diffusion of light. Well, maybe that, too. "Very well, worm. What do you suggest?"

Doug went into professional mode while still giving me the respect due to a Master. "Well…I’m thinking you, Master, step out of the shower, all glistening and wet and start flexing and…pumping…those fucking…magnificent…" he trailed off. I snapped my fingers in his face to bring him back from his thoughts. "…and all of a sudden Steve’s hands appear from behind you caressing your delts, traps, pecs, et cetera. Maybe even tweaking your nipples. Then he kneels before your and sucks you for a while, Master. Next you pick him up…"

"By the neck?" Steve interjected a little too enthusiastically.

"…sure and you take him to the hot tub…"

"...and tosses me in?"

I failed to resist the urge to roll my eyes. Doug asked, "Could you do that without hurting Steve?" I lifted a single eyebrow in response. "I’ll take that as a 'yes.' Ok. Then maybe Master stands in the middle of the tub and Steve sucks Him some more until He can’t take it anymore and yanks Steve up, bends him over the side and He rams His cock in and fucks."

An electric thrill shot through me when I realized the worm had just referred to me as a deity. I put a huge hand on his shoulder. He got a panicked expression and started to flinch so I lightly squeezed. "Good suggestions, worm. Today you live."

His relief was palpable. "Master, thank you. Master, I will have to direct You. P-please don’t take it personally, Master."

I grunted, removed my hand and said, "Get set up."

"Ahh, Master, one more thing," he pointed to my cock. "Can You turn down the intensity? Master should be…ahhh…soft when we start." I sneered and made my cock go flaccid. “Oh. Wow.” Doug was astonished at my still immense flaccid state. “Master, I guess You are a shower AND a grower.”

“That’s it, Master. Let the water hit Your chest...twist towards the camera...flex Your right arm...put Your left a little back...flex that now...fucking great...now Your pecs. Oh, shit. You’re fucking huge, Master.” 

The worm did an excellent job lighting the bathroom. His lighting design actually gave the impression that sunlight was coming through a window that wasn’t there and falling on me and into the shower.

I’ve been taking the worm’s direction and making it my own for fifteen minutes. He requested every bodybuilding competition pose, probably making up a few, while he varied the camera angles. I growled and flexed each striated muscle hard enough with each pose that my veins popped up and throbbed within seconds of starting. He moved close to me for tight shots of bulging muscle and throbbing veins, then further away for the total package. I improvised a few times: I turned my head to lick a huge ball of bicep, ran my fingers over the granite hard boulders of my ten-pack, bounced hemispherical pecs. Each addition was met with moans from my fags.

I stole glances at Steve as I worked. He stood in the bathroom’s doorway, twisting and pulling his nipples as he waited for his part to start.

“Ok, Master. Now turn off the shower...step out...do a most muscular...oh, fuck i’m gonna bust a nut...now...a...front lat spread...godDAMN those are fucking huge wings...hold that pose. Now, Steve. Get behind Master.” Steve literally ran past Doug to get behind me. “Move a little to the left, Steve. No your other left. There...good...Master’s totally eclipsing you...fuck that’s hot. Master, double bi pose, please. Ohhhh, fuuuuck. Uh, Steve. Go.” 

Steve, as instructed, came out of my shadow. He began to caress a bicep with one hand and a pec with the other. He started to moan. Doug fell silent so I continued to do various poses and make each targeted striated muscle group radiate with raw power while my newest fag caressed and worshiped every muscle fiber in my body.

After a most muscular pose he made his way around a lat to a pec. I shoved Steve around to face the camera as I flexed an arm. I told him to flex, too. His athletic arm looked like a twig compared to my devastatingly powerful arm.

Suddenly I put Steve into a headlock and growled, “You think this is going to be easy, boy?” The panic started to rise in Steve as I squeezed his neck. “I nearly killed worm when I took his ass.” I feel the fear flowing out of Doug as he remembers the pain when I destroyed his virgin sphincter and rectum. I flexed my free arm into a dominating vein covered globe as Steve vainly tried to loosen the hold. “GRRRRR YEAH! That’s it boy. Struggle. You’re NOTHING compared to me!” I let Steve and Doug chew on that thought for a while as my exhaling growls grew louder. In the deepest, most menacing, voice I could produce I threatened, “Maybe I’ll just rip your arm off. GRRRYEAH! That gets my juices going! What do you think, boy? Wanna become one of the broken things I leave in my wake?” I grabbed his arm, but didn’t pull.

“NO! PLEASE DON’T SIR!” Steve cried.

With a loud roar I released my hold on Steve’s neck and spun him to face me. I forcefully captured the back of his neck and slammed his face into my bulging bicep. He started to kiss the muscle group. "Tongue!" I cuffed the back of his head. "I wanna see your fucking TONGUE, boy!" He hyperextended his tongue to lick my arm. I used his neck to guide him to my chest, to my nipples. "Yeah, that's it. Grrrrr good boy. I benched eight hundred fifty-five pounds for twenty-five reps, squatted TWO FUCKING TONS! Any of your little faggoty friends ever do that?"

He shook his head and said loud enough for the microphone to pick up, “No, Sir.” 

After sliming up my chest with spit I moved him to my abs as I flexed them into corrugated armor plates. After a few minutes of ab worship and trash talking I was semi-hard (already twice the size of Steve's fully hard dick) and pointing straight out from my crotch. "Boy," I said in a low, dangerous tone.

"Yes, Sir," Steve said to my cock.

"Get me hard. I want a steel pole that'll make you scream."

He instantly attacked my cock. His mouth bobbing and head twisting on me faster than I thought someone of his physique could do. When my godcock was at full mast I pulled him off me with a pop by his neck. I slowly hoisted him into the air from where he knelt. He weakly grabbed my wrist and kicked his legs as I lifted him high in the air. I pulled my shoulders back, thrust out my chest and pelvis, sucked in my abs, cocked back my free arm. He looked down at me with panicked eyes. “Boy,” I growled. “You are so fucked.”

“...and cut. Master, that was fucking perfect. You can let Steve down now.” I peered around Steve and scowled. “...or not. Master, did You really lift that much weight?”

“Get the fuck out of my way.” I said as I forced past him and entered the main room. Doug scrambled to step aside then followed me to turn on the lights that were set up for the scene. “Go to the weight room. Get a 45 plate. Bring it to me.” I turned my eyes to burn a hole into him. “Run.”

As Doug gently set his camera down and made haste out the door. Steve said through his constricted airway, “It’s ok, Sir. Don’t mind me. I’ll just hang here for now, Sir.”

I opened the door when Doug knocked. I told him to put the plate against the hot tub where I could reach it when I stood on my mark. “After I toss the boy into the tub I will pick up the plate. You WILL record what happens next, worm.”

Doug picked up the camera, adjusted something and said, “Master, yes. Could You please move into the bathroom doorway? We have to see You walk to the tub. Great. Ok, everyone ready? Please, Master. Please be careful when You toss Steve in. Just a sec...and action!”

It only took two long strides for me to walk to my mark. Steve, using his ‘acting’ skills, renewed his struggles. I lowered my arm and ‘softball pitch’ him high into the air. He squealed as he came down with a loud splash in the middle of the tub. Doug waited a few seconds before yelling, “Steve! Are you ok?” Steve broke the surface and gasped for breath with a look of awe and supplication on his face. “...and that would be ‘yes’. Ok, Master. You’re on.”

I reached down and grasped the plate. When I tapped it against the floor it rang with the sound of solid metal. I stood back up, took the other side of the plate in my free hand, and brought both hands together. The plate groaned as I crushed it like its sibling earlier today. I hear both fags mutter, “Oh...my...fucking...god,” at the same time. When the disk is deformed into an hourglass shape I take the still rounded top and bottom edges in each hand and, explosively, rip the solid, cast iron pate in half. With my head thrown back, arms out wide at my side and my chest thrust out I roared and dropped the slag.

I almost laughed when I lowered my head and saw the identical wide eyed, slack jawed, head tilted to the right on both the fags.

I turned to the tub and planted the foot farthest away from the camera on the edge of the tub. This ensured the viewer a perfect view of my almighty throbbing cock and virile low hanging balls. I used that foot to lift myself up onto the tub edge. I motioned for Steve to move to the side and jumped into the tub with a splash. “Ok, hold on. I’ve got to move,” Doug said. He dragged the massage table closer to the tub. He stepped up on the table and said, “Ok, keep going. Steve, stay on your knees and take my Master’s cock.”

Before the words were even out of Doug’s mouth Steve attacked my cock with his mouth like a mad man. I put a hand on the back of his head and ran my fingers through his hair. With every exhale I growled from my chest. “That’s it ya little fag. Worship the cock of a god. GRRRRR. Yeah, that’s it...tongue the head. Oh, fuck! Your tight little mouth feels sooo fucking good.” I jab into his mouth a couple of times. “Deeper, faggot.” I cuff the back of his head. “Come on, boy GRRRRRR deeper! Yeah that’s it. Gag yourself boy. GRRRRR!!!!”

Steve sucked and gagged on me a few minutes more then he broke character and ignored the script. “Sir, please fuck me...I need to feel your cock in me...please, Sir, please. Fuck your fag.”

I picked him up by the back of the neck, set him on the edge of the tub and kicked his legs apart. I moved forward, between his legs, letting my cock head rest against his ass. I pulled his neck so he reclined over the side of the tub. “Hold on”, Doug interjected. “I’ve gotta change angles.” 

“Please be gentle, Sir,” Steve pleaded. I snarled at his face. He went pale, burst out into a cold sweat and started breathing rapidly.

“Ok, whenever you’re…”

Steve threw his head back and screamed at the top of his lungs as I smashed through his rectum. It would never return to its original size.

“This is what you wanted, boy. Enjoy it.” I flexed my pecs and abs into him and started jabbing his torn rectum with short strokes, going deeper millimeter by millimeter.

He grabbed my arms and squeezed as hard as he could. He didn’t even dent my skin. “AHHH!! GOD YOU’RE TOO BIG!! YOU’RE FUCKING HARD!!” I saw Doug’s little dick tented his shorts and felt the envy flowing off of him.

After ten minutes Steve’s screams turn to sharp, deep breaths and moans with each fuck. He actually even said, “More, Sir, please,” when I pulled him off and bent him over the side of the tub. I smacked his lily white ass before taking his pelvis and driving my cock back in. He grunted after a few minutes, “Deeper...ugh! Deeper, Sir. Fuck me...AHHHH...please fuck me h-h-harder.”

As I dragged my fingernails up his back so I could hold his shoulders. “You like having a man’s cock fucking you, huh boy?”

“Yes, Sir,” he moaned. “I’m your c-c-ccumdump. I’ve never had a cock even half as big as yours. U-u-use me, SIR!”

I forced half of my cock into his intestines with the next assault. That was the deepest he has ever been fucked so far. Further in was virgin territory ready to be conquered. I double-timed my strokes. Soon the water in the tub was sloshing over the side and Steve’s head was being tossed from front to back. After five minutes of the most intense fucking he ever experienced I hooked both arms under his legs, in front of his shoulders and put my hands behind his head; think of a full Nelson hold plus legs. When I stood tall he was totally immobilized, totally at my mercy, the way I like. I used my abs to stab my entire length into him. “Oh GOD!” he cried out. I kept up the deep fucking, one stroke a second, until I felt him tense up against my chest. A second later his legs started shaking and he bellowed, “I’m CUMMING! Oh GOD..M-M-MASTER! I’M CUUUUUMMING!” I started thrusting even faster as I approached my own clif. He came a second time before I pulled his spasming ass off me and I dropped him into the hot water.

I planted a foot on the tub seat, reached into the water for Steve’s head and pulled him up. “SUCK ME OFF, BOY!” He took as much as he could of my cock in his mouth and stroked the remaining shaft with both hands. I glanced at Doug. His hands were steady, but eyes were wide, his face was flush and he was breathing hard. Then I noticed the wet spot on  his pants. Looked like worm had a little orgasm. How cute. In the meantime Steve’s tongue whipped all the right spots. Soon I roared as my orgasm hit.

The first ejactualtion knocked the unprepared Steve off my twitching cock. He hit the side of the tub with a thud. The remainder of the first blast splashed against his face. If I wasn’t in the midst of ecstasy I would have laughed; it looked like he wore a facial mask of my seed.

I seized his head in both hands had jammed his mouth back on me. Steve thighly closed his eyes and shook. I felt the corner of his mouth tear and my cockhead lodge in his throat. The soft pallet and his tongue felt like a tight cockring under my glans. I’m sure he would, if he could, scream from the top of his lungs again. The second detonation hit and went straight down his throat. His stomach expanded from the volume of the load.

He started pounding his fists on my quads. His insignificant blows sounded like he was hitting a brick wall. “EYES OPEN, BOY! LOOK AT ME!” He instantly opened his eyelids wide and stared into my eyes. His eyes were bloodshot, cum dripped into them, but he didn’t close them. The third load rocketed up my urethra, out the tip and through his nose to splash against my adonis belt.

I reseated my glans in his throat just in time for the fourth massive load to be delivered into Steve’s stomach. His abdomen expanded into a beer gut as his fists stopped pounding me. His entire body went limp as he went unconscious. His glassy eyes, however, did not close.

I tossed Steve out of the tub by his head. He landed on the tile floor that surrounded the hot tub with a loud thud. When I heard that sound my sixth titanic load fired out of me. The thick, creamy stream of god cum arced over the side of the tub and splashed on the floor. I threw my head and arms back, arched my back, roared and let six more ejaculations explode out of me.

When the cum dribbled out of my softening cock I jumped out of the hot tub. I landed over Steve’s body. He was lying on his side in a semi-fetal position next to a huge pool of cum. Cum leaked out of his mouth. I could see his asshole was very red and bleeding. When I jabbed a big toe into his stomach to revive him, he took a deep breath and coughed up cum. “On your stomach, boy. Lick and eat all the cum on the floor.” Without a word he brought  himself to his hands and knees, bent his head and started eating my spilt seed. I raised my humongous foot and put it on his back. His weakling arms and legs never had a chance as I forced him to the floor. “I said, ON YOUR STOMACH!” My growl echoed in the room as I threw a double bi that made Coleman look like a child. My cock was already getting hard.

“So, worm, you’ll have the finished product tomorrow,” I leaned back on the middle seat of the sauna, huge arms draped across the top seat, legs spread wide across the lower seat. Steve and Doug were on the lower seat, on either side of me, each licking a side of my reinvigorated godly cock. Theirs were still limp from the previous fucking they exerienced. Their bruised asses were sticking out. You could see flakes of my dried cum on both of them. A mark to whom they now belonged to.

“Master, yes. I’ll have it done tomorrow evening. Tomorrow is Sunday. I’ll have plenty of time.” I felt a new emotion coming off of him. It could only be described as deception.

“That thought you have of selling the video to the highest bidder will not end well for you.”

“Master, I won’t.” Doug replied and then went back to timidly sucking my cock head.

“Good, worm. Remember my boy here doesn’t like to mop up blood. You don’t mind licking my cum off the floor though, don’t you boy?”

“Not at all,” Steve licked the entire length from balls to tip then completed the sentence with. “Master.”

I allowed them another ten minutes of servicing me before I called the party off and kicked them literally out of my room. Before he left, Steve handed me a new shirt as I finished putting my shorts on. “This is how I feel about you, Master.”

“It’s not a Hello Kitty shirt is it?”

I unfolded the black short sleeve compression XXXL shirt and saw the silkscreened Superman logo. “Thank you, Steve.” I put the shirt on. It was tight and actually made me look even larger than I was. I flexed my chest; the fabric barely contained me. “You’re on the UW swim team, correct, boy?” He nodded as he lusted after my chest and delts. “How many boys are on the team?”

“Thirty, Master.”

“Are they all as worthless as you?” I said as I flexed my arms against the fabric testing its limits,

“No, Master. Some are bigger than me.”

“Good. Send me the name, phone number, picture and email address for every team member.”

“Yes, Master. Will you be coming to the gym tomorrow, Master?” he asked after he peeled his eyes off my very visible through the stretched fabric abs.

“I’m not sure, boy. I might.”

“I’ll be free if you need another...massage.”

“I’m sure you will be, boy. It's obvious that you are to be free whenever I need you.”

As I approached the front desk to put a work order in for maintenance to clean the hot tub Janice whispered into the phone, “He’s here,” and hastily dropped the handset on the base. “How was your workout, sir?” she asked me.

“Well, I think you’d know better than me. You keep track of all the gym lifting records don’t you?”

Her cheeks turn crimson from the memory of me lifting all that weight. She was about to answer when Keena opened the door, looked at me disdainfully and said, “Mr. Banderole, I’d like to see you in my office. Now.”

Saw this picad it brought me abck to this chapter.


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