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no sex Son of the Hulk (Revised)


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Under an old user name in an old section of the forum, I had written a story about the son of the hulk. Here is a re-imagined version of that story...


Son Of The Hulk

Jason looked at his phone. The text was there. The number from multiple call attempts had been flagged as "possible spam". 

"Meet me at 1:30 by McDonald's across the street"

Jason looked around uncomfortably. 

A click and another message.

"I am wearing a green polo shirt and blue jeans with a grey ball cap"

Jason was dumbfounded. His mother was killed in a car accident when he was 7. He had no idea who his father was. He had no siblings. He had been passed from foster home to foster home. Some better than others.

Why was a stranger texting him? Was it that old guy from that perverted home where they molested all the kids? Jason was sure he was still in prison. How would he even have his number, though? 

The front door of the apartment banged open and shut.

"Yo! Jason! You here?"

"Yeah, Bryce! Be right there"

Jason picked up his phone and went out to the kitchen to see his roommate, gym rat Bryce. Straight from his workout, sweating, pumped, and super stinky.

"Damn, Bryce, don't they have showers at that place? Iron Palace or whatever?"

"Iron Mecca, bro, and yes, but in a rush today. Besides the sweet man perfume makes the phat chicks follow" He gave a smirk and flexed one ample sized arm.

"Vomit you mean. And I am not one of your 'phat chicks' so clean-up"

Bryce laughed.

Jason looked at his phone it was 1:15, "I gotta go somewhere real quick"

Bryce paused at the awkward sound in Jason's voice. "Hey, yeah, I can shower real quick and go with you, if you want. We can grab some food or..."

"No." Jason looked uncomfortable, "I gotta do this by myself. But..." He paused. "I will call you at 2:00. If you don't hear from me, call the police ok?"

"Woah, are you sure you don't want me to go?"

"No. I'm sure it will be fine. We can eat afterwards"

Bryce was already peeling off his sweaty t-shirt. "Okay, bro. And don't worry I will clean up the floor there"

Jason glanced at his phone then left the apartment. 

McDonald's was only a block away, but if he drove with his tinted windows he could see the mysterious messenger before the person ever saw him

He got in his 2018 Lime Green Dodge Charger and revved the engine. As he pulled out onto the highway, he saw the restaurant and a bus stop out in front. No one was there as he passed. He decided to make a U-turn and check again. As he waited for the light, there was another message from the phone. 

"Just pull in this time"

A jolt of discomfort went through him, "Talk about some big brother shit" he muttered.

He turned at the light and as he approached the restaurant again, he saw somebody with the matching outfit sitting at a table in the play area. He pulled in and parked.

Jason studied him for a minute before getting out of the car and knew that the guy was watching him back. He looked like he was only a year or two older. Maybe 28 or 29. 30 at the oldest, definitely.

"Here goes nothing. Let's see what this guy wants"

He opened the car door, and stood for a second. The stranger watched him from inside the building. Jason went in and circled towards the play area. He stood just inside the door and spoke, "Okay. I’m here. What do you want?"

"If you are going to try to be subtle, a Lime Green Dodge Charger is not the way to go" the stranger gave a sardonic smile.

"I will ask again, what do you want? You have 30 seconds to make yourself clear"

"It will take longer than 30 seconds"


"Okay. I need to talk with you about your family."

A surge of hurt and anger flashed through Jason.

"I'm leaving! Right now!"

"Don't! Jason, this is important! I have information on your father!"

Jason paused half turned towards the door

"The father who never gave a damn about me? Who left me to foster homes and molesters? That father???" Jason spun with tears stinging his eyes, "Well, FUCK HIM!"

The stranger was also crying, "I know..."

"You know nothing!"

"Please, Jason, let's just talk."

Jason stormed out the door, keys already in hand. The stranger was on his feet and following. 

"Jason stop, please, just..."

People in the McDonald's had paused to watch the spectacle.

Jason jumped in the car and tried to slam the door but the stranger had a grip on it, fighting him for it. Jason began backing out of the lot, fighting for the door at the same time. The stranger was yelling at him to stop. He finally got some leverage on the door and slammed it shut as he sped up towards the highway, only to realize he had shut the stranger’s fingers in it. The stranger was screaming and being half dragged along the pavement. Jason popped the door and kicked him away. He saw people in the restaurant with cell phones out filming the whole thing. Great, he was about to be the next viral sensation! Maybe the world was better without social media.

He didn't see the stranger’s eyes turn white. He didn't hear his screaming voice drop in pitch or notice as the stranger ran for the cover of the woods.

He turned onto the highway trying to figure out where to go to cool off. Not back to the apartment just yet. What the hell was going... WHAM! The whole car shook violently. WHAM! WHAM! from the back of the car. Something green and huge had smashed the trunk of the car and was lifting the rear end off the ground.

Jason gunned the gas but the back wheels just spun in the air. The creature lifted the whole car over its head like it weighed nothing and carried it off the highway. Jason screaming from inside. Other cars had stopped and stared. 

Jason undid his seat belt and tried to open the door and jump free as the thing raced off into another section of the wooded hillside. The monster shook the car throwing him around like a rag doll.

Finally, the beast dropped the car in a ditch at such an angle that Jason was trapped inside. Surely with everyone watching he just needed to stay low until help arrived. Surely help would arrive...right?

Another loud bang and the door pulled free and went flying off.

A thick muscular green arm, larger than anything Jason had ever seen reached in and dragged him from the car. Jason screamed in terror. 

The creature actually became very gentle when it got Jason out and then set him down near the car. It watched Jason as it slowly sat beside him.

Jason tried to edge away but the creature was on full alert. 

Then he thought it looked a bit smaller.

Odd trick of the light maybe. 

The creature blinked a bit confused and maybe sleepy.

Yes, it was smaller. It was shrinking somehow. The muscle retreating. The creature let out a gasp.  The face took on a more human shape.

Jason stared, it was looking more like the stranger from the restaurant.

"What the actual fuck?" he whispered as the stranger looked like a heavyweight bodybuilder with a light green tinge now.

"I....I...tried..." it rumbled gasping between words

The creature gave a huge sigh and swallowed as he became more like an athletic jock.

At last his eyes returned to a more normal hazel color. 

The man sat there, watching Jason. Breathing heavily. Jason said nothing but just stared.

The man spoke, "I just wanted to talk. I didn't want to scare you."

Jason didn't move.

"It is hard to control sometimes. Sometimes...it feels...good"

"Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?" Jason spoke softly.

The man looked at the ground. Then back at Jason, with tears in his eyes, "I'm your father, Jason"

Somebody was slapping Jason's face. He opened his eyes. He looked up and saw the stranger, then realization dawned that he had passed out.

Jason recoiled. The man stepped back. They were still in the woods by the car.

"I wrecked your car. I'm sorry about that."

"You...you can't be my father. You are only about 30 years old? I'm 27! That's impossible"

"No, Jason, I am actually 60"

"What...what do you want from me?"

"I want my son. Is that so bad?"

"You’re freaking me out." Jason felt his heart race. 

Jason's phone rang, he looked down and saw it was 2:15 and Bryce was calling. 

He ignored it. Maybe Bryce would call the police for real and he would get help.

The stranger said, "Are you going to answer that?"


"Your roommate will be worried. He does love you very much"

"Have you been stalking me? You're a stalker. That's it. You have studied my life because you have some sort of weird thing about me. That's it. Well, when I don't answer, Bryce will call the police, so you had better just leave and not do anything to me. I don't know your name or where you live and you can just leave me alone and..."

"My name is David"


"David, and what about my secret that you just saw?"

"That was a hallucination. You injected me with something and..." Jason started to cry. "Please don't hurt me. Just go away and I won't tell anyone about this..."

"Stop, Jason! I am not going to hurt you. You really are my son. I will explain if you give me the chance. It is important for you to understand because..."

Jason stuck his fingers in his ears and closed his eyes.

David sighed and waited.

Eventually Jason opened his eyes again and pulled his fingers out, "You're still here"


"How can you be my father?"

"Long story, can we get some clothes and go somewhere? It is kind of cold out here"

"You kind of destroyed my car"

"Do you have clothes in there? Just a shirt at least? I can deal with torn pants. I've done it before"

Jason, being a typical single guy, did have clothes all over his car. He grabbed a shirt and handed it to the man.

David took it. A tight fit, but better than nothing.

"I was studying an anti-aging serum. It was pretty effective but they wanted to cut my funding."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Jason, right now it is just you and me out here. If I was going to do anything bad to you, it would have already happened. Well, other than your car. Sorry about that."

"You can talk but keep your distance, I don't trust you."

"Fine." He stared at Jason for a minute "Like I said, anti-aging serum. Funding cut. This was about a year before you were born. I needed to test it. I was about 32 at the time and I tested it on myself."

Jason said, "So you expect me to believe you found a fountain of youth?"

"I don't expect you to believe anything. I just want you to listen."

Jason looked away. "If you really are my father, why did you hide from me?"

"I'm getting to that. At first the serum was wonderful. It felt amazing. I took a second dose, and that is where some problems began to occur. There was an exponential problem that gets compounded without regulating the DNA structures"

"Okay, that is all blah blah blah"

"Right. Soon I was about 30 years old but much fitter and stronger than I had ever been. I hadn't told Kathy about this she just thought I was working out a lot"



"You slept with her with this serum?"

David paused, "Yes."

Jason stared. 

"A year after you were born, I was still as young as you see me now. People were going to notice. For your and Kathy's sake, I left. I put a large amount of money in the account to help her raise you. I didn't want you to have the social stigma of what I had done."

"Just looking young? But you didn't tell her?"

"I left a note"

"She didn't understand it. And I never saw it because she died..."

"I know."

"You didn't come get me?"

"Something else had happened, which no one knows about. Until now"

"That thing?"

David paused, "Yes. The first time it happened I was still living with you two. Coming home from work, I stopped for gas. As I finished pumping, two young men tried to car jack me. I tried to fight them out of the car, but they were in, kind of like what happened at McDonald's. They tried to drive off, but my lab coat was caught in the door. It ripped and I went flying off into a ditch at the side of the road. Then it happened. As I hit the dirt, I felt an incredible rush of power through my system. I didn't know what was happening. Rage fueled my veins and I could feel my clothes getting tighter. I felt amazing. But then I kind of blacked out. Fragments of rage and strength and then I seemed to come to, with only my boxers barely hanging on my frame. I looked down at a massively muscular body that I knew couldn't be mine, but it was getting smaller by the second. My mind was gradually clearing. You already saw that happen here, so you know I am not lying."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"I have been finding a way to control this, so doing some research on my own, as I can, I also found that I may have passed this on to you." 


"I am not sure, but you are nearing a point where your aging is beginning to slow down. Most people will continue, but that's why I was watching you. You aren't aging like everyone else, so more than ever I am convinced..."

"I haven't ever turned green or done anything like that. People age at different rates, anyhow"

"I know what to look for"

"yeah? well..."

"I needed to test you at the restaurant. I tried to talk to you carefully, but when you got angry about family?"


"Did you feel anything?"

"Pissed off..."

"Your eyes changed color. Mine turn white. Yours did too. I thought you were going to have a full transformation in the play area of McDonald's and I tried to stop you. I definitely didn't want you to drive while it was happening."

"You're lying"

"No. Fortunately, you may have time before it fully happens to you, but I needed to warn you. I..."



"Yesterday, I got mad at him for spilling something on the floor. I felt powerful when I yelled at him and he actually backed up and said my eyes looked funny"

"It may be closer than you know."

"Damn it. I'd better call him back before..."

Jason's phone rang again. It was Bryce.

Jason answered it quickly, "Hello?"

"2:00 is long gone! I almost called the cops for real, bro!"

"I'm good. I think. I'll be there shortly."

"Can we get some food? Growing boy gotta eat"


Jason hung up and turned back to the man who was completely altering his life,

"Thank you" David sighed.

"I don't know what to call you. Dad? David? How do I even fit this into my life?"

"I have been trying to figure that out too. I have an apartment not far from here. I can give you a ride home, then head back."

"I guess"

They finally emerged from the hillside and made their way to McDonald's. David had a large silver Ford F150. Jason climbed into the cab. "Nice truck, Davey"

"Not Davey, definitely. Dave or David will work"

"I guess I need to get my own place so Bryce doesn't find out"

"You two have known each other since 6th grade."

"How do you..."

"I wasn't completely an absentee father. I watched and did stuff behind the scenes. That old child molester? Who do you think reported him? And had the evidence filed away to lock him up forever"

They pulled up to the apartment, Jason got out.

David looked down, "Stay in touch so we can figure this out."


Bryce was waiting outside, "Who the hell was that?"

"Uh, just a friend."

"Your face is kind of bruised. You okay?"

"Yeah, give me..."

"Where's your car?"

"I wrecked it." He sighed.

Bryce paused and stared at him, "Maybe you need to start lifting with me. A little muscle would do you some good. Confidence builder."

Jason smirked, "Sure"

"All right, let's eat"









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While I am on a roll with this.

Chapter 2

Jason smiled, “Let me put some clean clothes on and…” he looked at Bryce’s overly tight clothes “maybe you can find something that fits?”

“Hey, I gotta impress…”

“Phat chicks, I know”

Jason ran inside and changed quickly.

He came back out to find Bryce testing the limits of his sleeves by flexing.

Bryce smiled, “I think I heard a thread pop”

Jason would normally have laughed at his best friend’s overly large ego, but after talking with Dave or David or…his father, he had a slight queasiness in his stomach.

“Uh, yeah, maybe”

Bryce studied him, “You sure you ok?”

“Yeah, let’s go. I’m going to need some help getting my car taken care of, too”

They hopped in Bryce’s car and headed for the best buffet steak house in town. Bryce usually ate there as it was the easiest way to wolf down calories.

“So what was this secret meeting?” he asked between shovels of food.

“Just this guy thought he knew me”

“And…did he?”

“He said he was my…related to my father”

“Like a great nephew or something? Why would he care?”

“I told him I don’t even know my father and he gave me some crazy story about.”

Jason paused unsure what to say.

“About what? Are you actually an alien or something?”

“Yeah. Something like that.”

They both looked at each other for a moment.

Bryce snorted, “Bro, stop jerking my chain. Who was that guy?”

“It was none of your business, Bryce” Jason could feel himself getting irritated.

“Easy, I thought we were friends. Stop being such an asshole”

“I am not being an asshole! You’re being fucking nosy”

People were starting to stare.

Bryce grew cold and glared at him, “If I had known you were on your fucking period I would have gone to eat by myself earlier. Fuck you!”

Rage boiled up inside Jason unexpectedly, “Fuck you!” he roared back slamming his fists on the table.

Bryce recoiled, “Holy shit, your eyes. Like yesterday”

Jason heard him, but the rage was building and not going away like yesterday. “Oh shit” he muttered and heard his own voice begin to change and deepen.

He lurched from the table, trying to find a way out of the restaurant.

Bryce pushed back stunned, “Hey! What’s going on? What…” Jason had raced out of the building

Outside, the rage gave way to an exhilarating rush of power. Is this what David meant? Is this.

“Ugh” he let out a load groan as he felt his body shift. He was feeling heavier. He was looking for somewhere to hide until he could get this under control.

‘Fuck” a button flew off his shirt revealing a thickening chest.

He ran towards the back of the restaurant to hide behind the dumpster.

As he ran he felt the back of his shirt separate and wind across his bare skin. His thoughts were growing fuzzy.

He moved behind the dumpster as his legs burst from his jeans thick, huge monstrous tree trunks of legs. His neck swelled out and traps rose up around it like a massive pillow. And his skin turned deep green, his eyebrows thickened and he groaned in power and pleasure from the sensation.

Bryce ran from the restaurant looking everywhere for his friend.

He could not figure out what the hell was happening here.

A loud bang from behind the building drew his focus. He moved back and saw a large dumpster rise up and sail away like a beach ball tossed and blown by the wind.

Then he saw what threw it.

Seven feet tall and at least 1000 pounds of massive ripped muscle in deep emerald green skin, the creature stood raging at the sky.

Scattered around the nearly naked beast were the remains of jeans and shirt and

“Holy shit! Are those your shoes, Jace? Jason, is that you???”

The creature seemed to recognize the name and looked at Bryce.

“What the hell is that?” a voice called from behind Bryce.

He turned and saw the manager and a cook from the restaurant.

The cook said, “It looks like that Incredible Hulk dude from the movies and shit”

The creature roared.

Bryce walked towards it slowly, “Hey, easy! Easy, calm down, okay?”

More people were gathering outside to stare.

The creature roared at them then turned to run off into the hills behind the building.

The creature moved quickly smashing down trees in the gathering darkness.

“Shit” Bryce muttered and took off hoping to find it again. Sirens sounded in the distance.

Great! Someone called the cops.

The path became a little less distinct and Bryce had a hard time following it.

Freshly fallen trees were busted over, but smaller and smaller ones.

He heard a noise, and called softly, “Jason?”

Another crack of wood not far away.

He took his phone out and turned on the flashlight.

Looking around carefully, his light finally fell on a massive form. It was hard to be sure in the deepening gloom, but it looked smaller.

At the intrusion of the light, the creature backed and covered its eyes.

“Jason! It’s me. Bryce” He turned the light on himself briefly.

“It’s okay”

He slowly shifted the light back on his friend.

The creature was definitely smaller than before and had more understanding in its eyes.

Bryce stepped cautiously forward, and muttered “Holy shit, bro. Holy shit”

The eyebrows receded and the face looked more like Jason, but as a 300-pound wall of muscle.

The green was fading from his skin, too.

The creature groaned and sat down.

Jason said again, “Holy shit…”

“Bryce…I” gasped the still overly muscular man.

Bryce squatted by his friend and watched closely.

Finally, Jason blinked and his eyes returned to normal as his brain cleared.

“Bryce, I…”

“Fuckin’ A, bro!” Bryce grinned at him.

Bryce hoisted Jason to his feet, “Let’s get back home and talk”

“Like this?” Jason looked down at himself, “Barefoot in ruptured tighty whiteys”

“Let’s get closer to the car then I can try to pull close and let you sneak in. You made kind of a scene back there, though”

“All right” Jason started to walk and stumbled a bit. “Whoa, guess that takes a lot out of me.”

Bryce came over to support his friend as they walked back towards the parking lot.

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Chapter 3


As the two young men neared the edge of the woods, Bryce had Jason pause while he went out into the open.

Two police cars were on hand and one of the officers was talking with the manager and pointing at the damage done.

Bryce went back to Jason who was shivering without any clothes.

“I’m…freezing “

“I got some stuff in the car. Once the cops leave and the manager goes inside, we can go”

Bryce went back to wait. About 15 minutes later, the police were pulling out and Bryce grabbed some extra clothes from the back seat and brought them to Jason.

“Here. These are probably a little baggy on you. Unless…you know…”

“Unless I what? I don’t even know what is happening to me”

Jason grabbed the clothes and tugged them on. Then the two headed to Bryce’s car.

As they pulled away, Bryce kept glancing at Jason until finally,


“C’mon, bro.”

“C’mon what?”

“How did that feel to be so….”


Bryce flexed his arm, “No, bro, this! Can you show me how to do that?”

“I don’t even know how to do that”

“Fuck, bro! I just saw you turn into an amazing muscle dude and you are telling me you don’t even know how…”

“No! I don’t! It’s not like I asked for this”

“Bro, I would give my left nut to be able to do that. Can you imagine what the chicks would think if….mmmmm”

Jason turned to look out the window.

They finished the ride back in silence.

As they entered the apartment, Jason’s phone rang. He saw it was David calling. He accepted the call, as Bryce watched him walking across to his room.

Before he could say anything, David simply said “It happened, didn’t it?”

Jason stopped, “Yeah. I don’t know what you did to me but you gotta figure out how to undo it”

Bryce was watching and whispered, “Is that the dude that got you like that?”

Jason glared at him

David replied, “I already told you how it happened. I tried to warn you.”

Bryce whispering again, “Tell him to hook me up, bro”

Jason slammed the door in Bryce’s face and turned back to the phone, “Listen, you have to figure out how to undo this. I won’t be able to hold a job or do anything…normal”

“Tell me about it. I’ve been wrestling with this for years”

Bryce knocked on the door and spoke through it, “Bro, please, hook me up. We’ve been best friends for years.”

Jason snapped the door open, “Fuck off!” a sudden rush passed through him and faded.

Bryce’s eyes went wide as he saw Jason’s eyes turn white and his clothes tighten then relax.

 “Fuck, bro, do it”

“Jason? Who is that? Is that your roommate?”

Jason snapped the phone back up to his ear, “Yes! He knows. He saw…at least part of it”

“Shit. Listen, I need to…”.

The phone went dead. Jason tried to redial, but it went straight to voice mail.

He threw the phone on his bed.

Bryce stepped into his room, “Can I get my clothes back in case you uh do it again?”

Jason turned, “Yeah.” He tugged the shirt over his head.

“Look, I’m sorry. I guess I should have said thanks instead of yelling at you. I’m just confused right now with all this getting dumped on me.”

“That’s what best friends are for, right bro?”

Jason smiled, “I guess, yeah”

Bryce paused, “Uh, the sweat pants too? You can’t seriously be shy about stripping in front of me after all that”

Jason turned red, “Fine. But I didn’t strip intentionally out there”

He pulled the sweatpants down now in his torn boxers that had become nothing more than a stretched out waist band. Jason sighed, “I guess these are no good, too”

Bryce, sniggered, “I’ll leave so you can change underwear.”

There was a loud bang out front like a gun shot.

Bryce turned, “What the hell?”

Another bang, and someone pounded on the door.

Bryce pushed Jason behind him as he called out, “Who is it?”

Another pounding on the door, and Bryce felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, “Who is it?”

Suddenly the door flew off its hinges as two large masked men entered the room. A voice outside barked, “Don’t let them leave. Don’t let him change”

They had what looked like tranquilizer guns.

Bryce and Jason pushed back into Jason’s room and slammed the door, locking it.

Bryce backed up into Jason, “What the fuck”

He heard Jason mutter behind him.

“Bro, stay behind me”

More muttering and he felt Jason’s hand on his shoulder.

There was more pounding on the bedroom door and it was about to give.

“Dude, don’t push me” Bryce muttered. Then he saw Jason’s hand on his shoulder was getting thicker, the fingers elongating and cracking.

Bryce turned around, “Fuck, yeah, bro”

Jason’s chest was filling out two pectorals swelling out. His arms thickened with massive horseshoe triceps and were being pushed away from his side as lats flared outward.

Jason struggled to speak, “Aww….fuck…” his voice deepening and a greenish tinge covering his whole body.

 His stomach rippled and bulged with thick abdominal muscle and the boxers finally burst and fell to the floor.

Bryce was grinning, “That’s the shit. And you like it”

Jason’s cock had started to stiffen between two massive legs that were fighting for room forcing Jason to widen his stance.

Bryce felt his own dick stir to life, “I like it, too. Damn, bro”

Jason’s eyebrows and jaw thickened. Traps rose up like mountains surrounding a thickening neck.

His skin began to turn a deep green.

Soon, Bryce’s roommate and best friend had become a 7 foot tall 800 pound wall of muscle.

The door to the room exploded.

Bryce whirled around.

“Boss, he changed.” One of the assailants barked into the radio

“Well, tranq him, dolt” came the response back.

The creature pushed to move Bryce out of the way, but the result sent him sailing across the room to crash on the floor.

The first assailant aimed and shot, but the dart went wide and the creature grabbed the rifle and crushed the barrel into a ball of useless metal in his hands.

The second man, fired at Bryce instead shouting, “Get the other one before he changes, too”

“I can’t…” Bryce tried to say, but the dart hit his leg and the world quickly became fuzzy and dark.

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