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m/m The Titan and His Apprentice : A New Journey


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Chapter One

"You really do like tinkering with that machine of yours don't you? What does it do now? Turn people into the smartest men alive? Turn them into the dumbest jocks in existence?"

As James chuckled he smiled and said "Actually, you could say all of the above!" and with that placed an arm around Larry's shoulder and took him to their bedroom where he reached under the bed and took out a laptop.

"I guess it all started back in the 1970's for me" smiled James and with that mused for a moment, "Amazing" he said, "here we are, 2035, I'm in my fifties, you are now in your eighties and yet we look like brothers" and with that carried on with his explanation. 

"One of the bugbears of school life for me was my health. I was always catching things. Colds, flu, you name it I got it! Back in 1974, I caught a real doozy of an infection, laid me up in bed for the best part of four weeks, but on the plus side I did have a small television by my bed and one day, I caught this" and with that clicked the play button on the online video sharing site and asked "Recognise this?"

"Is that??? No, it can't be? Buck Rogers, the Republic serial from the 1930's? Goodness, I remember watching that when I was a child!"

"It certainly is and to be honest I didn't think much of it, I mean, call those rockets. However, a few moments later that opinion changed completely!"

"When I saw that the first time, do you know what I did?"

Larry shook his head.

"I came!" replied James, "to see a man's mind wiped, just like that, it stimulated me for the first ever time and from that moment I was hooked. When the Daredevil comic had him having his brain emptied a few weeks later, I came again"


"From then on I couldn't get enough, everytime the words brain drain or mind transfer were mentioned in a comic strip or on a television show I would just come. Be it Mighty Mouse in the 1980's, the Turtles in the 1990's, even Stargate SG-1 in the millennium. I couldn't help myself"

"So" chuckled Larry, "I'm not the only one with a fetish then!"

"True" replied James, "but in the last few years they have actually tried to make it work, all theory of course, but I took their work and applied it to my machine and I think...I think...I think I have done it. I think I have made a working mind transfer machine!" and with that he moaned as a damp patch appeared on his pants. As he recovered he added "and I want you and Francois to be my test subjects!"

"Me?" exclaimed Larry, "have my mind residing inside Francois's bulging muscular body?"

"No" chuckled James, "your mind residing inside Henri's bulging muscular body. I want Francois to know what being a Titan really meant and what better way then to send his mind back in time to Porthos's body and Porthos's mind into Francois's body. Of course, he'll need someone there to help him and who knows more about the Musketeers than you?"

"You just want to worship Henri, don't you?" smiled Larry

"Am I that easy to read?" chuckled James as he e-mailed Francois with "a unique offer to live your ancestor's life in the flesh, and I do mean, flesh!"

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Chapter Two

"Oh, mon chere, do forgive me for ever saying this but, please, I beg you, hold me!"

Porthos chuckled as Henri jumped into his arms and as he did, Porthos took a deep breath and raised his husband into the air, his arms quivering as he did so causing Henri to moan with desire.

"Oh, mon chere" he moaned, his cock hardening, "To see you lift a man weighing over five hundred livres with just his arms and see them being forced to work harder than they have ever been forced to work before. To feel your breath as your mammoth chest heaves with every breath and to know that, like me, you are being filled with the glory that is the feeling of a man, it...it...it..." and with that Henri screamed in ecstasy as his fourteen by ten inch rod spurted his cum all over the quarry floor closely followed by Porthos and as the two men orgasmed, Porthos strength failed him and Henri fell into his husband's heaving chest. As he kissed him, Henri moaned "You and me, mon chere, when we adopt Francois's ancestor, I propose that we are the strongest we can be"

As Porthos smiled he panted "Mon chere, I would like to see Francois again, I see a lot of my father and grandfather in him" and with that he started to whimper saying "They died when I was just a small boy, but their strength, it inspired me, mon chere!"

"Just as your strength inspired me" replied Henri and with that had an idea saying "When we get home this evening, I shall write a letter to Francois, on your behalf, asking him if we may be permitted to visit him. If he consents, then I shall tell him to collect us on Midsummer's Night, in a couple of days from now, at midnight precisely. And that after filling him with our essence, we shall push him to the boundaries of his own strength and beyond"

"Oh, Henri" moaned Porthos, "I am so glad that you consented to be my husband. You have an English head on that Titanic body!"

"And you have a Titanic head on that Titanic body with a Titanic manhood!" smiled Henri as he grabbed hold of Porthos's semi erect sixteen by twelve cock and twisted it violently causing the Titan to grit his teeth.


"Can it really be done, mon amis?" asked Francois as James explained his tinkering.

James nodded chuckling "We tested it out ourselves just yesterday, see!" and with that James pointed to Larry's ten pack which as he flexed the words "Francois, suck here!" emerged by a guffawing James saying "I got that in special body paint when I was in Larry's body yesterday as proof" and with that explained the procedure.

"We know where Henri and Porthos will be, therefore when the machine reaches it's maximum and sucks all your memories out of your minds, I will then instruct it to send them back in time to 12.00am local time on June 21st, 1640, where Henri and Porthos will be completely unaware of what is happening. The unconcious mind you see is much easier to transfer than the concious mind!"

"So why are you going to give Francois a sedative and not me?" asked Larry

"I love to see you getting stimulated!" chuckled James with a wicked grin, before adding "When you wake up you will be in Porthos's body and able to live as your ancestor and Larry will be in Henri's body, similarly Henri will be in your body Larry and Porthos in yours Francois. Just think about it, you will be able to relish in the strength and power of the Titan and the Titan will be able to wonder at how physically fit you are!"

"How long will it last?" moaned Francois

"I have set the machine for a week. From June 21st to June 28th, 1640, you two will be bone fide Musketeers and Henri and Porthos will be bone fide bodybuilders! So, ready for a spot of mental time travelling you two?"

As both men nodded, Francois moaning as he did so, James chuckled to himself saying "Get ready Henri and Porthos, the world's going to love this!"

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Chapter Three

As Porthos opened his eyes, he gave his standard reaction to the new day, a massive yawn and stretched as much as he could. However, as soon as he did, he sensed something was wrong and looking down he could see why. His wrists and ankles were manacled. As he saw this, a smile crossed his face and gently chuckling to himself he said "Oh, mon chere, what better way to start the longest, hottest day of the year, than with a test of my Titanic strength!" and with that Porthos closed his eyes, and with a wicked smile on his face took a deep breath and pulled with every ounce of strength that he had expecting the restraints to snap instantly. However after ten seconds of pulling, Porthos's smile faded and as he opened his eyes again he noted that the restraints were still attached. He was about to wonder why this was the case when he heard a familiar voice, his husband's

"Porthos" said Henri, a note of concern in his voice, "have you noticed anything different about us today?"

As Porthos turned to his husband's voice, he gasped "Francois, what are you doing there?"

"Francois?" asked Henri, "Non, it's me, Henri" then added, "Larry, why do you sound like Porthos?"

As the two men looked at each other, a third voice broke into their thoughts.

"Yeah, er. Henri, Porthos, we have a small problem here!"

As they looked up and declared in unison "James, mon amis!" with Henri adding "You answered our letter!"

"Not quite in the way I had planned, guys!"


"Oh, yeah, that felt epic!"

As Larry started to recover from the post mind transfer orgasm he always got, he opened his eyes and instantly gasped. He had cum as himself in the lab / gym that he and James owned and was now lying in a bed that was clearly not his own in a room that looked so ye olde worlde, he half expected a servant to come in and ask him what he would like for breakfast. What did come in though was a person he instantly recognised

"Henri de Ceredigion!" he exclaimed, "oh, mon amis, as I live and breathe, am I glad to see you!"

"Why are you calling me Henri, Porthos" replied Henri, "I am not Henri, I'm Francois!"

"Francois?" asked Larry, "what do you mean...Hold on, did you call me Porthos?"

As Henri nodded, Larry got out of the bed and made his way towards a mirror which as he looked at the reflection he nearly had a heart attack.

"But that's Porthos's face!" and with that turned to Henri and asked "Francois, is that you?"

As Henri nodded, Larry moaned.

"Oh, heck!" he groaned, "It's gone wrong!"

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Chapter Four

"Right, let's see if we can get this sorted. Please raise your hand when I call your name. Henri de Ceredigion?"

As James called out Henri's name, Francois raised his hand

"Francois de Porthau"

Francois lowered his hand and no other hand was raised

"Issac de Porthau, otherwise known as Porthos"

Larry raised his hand

"And finally, Larry Browman"

As Larry lowered his hand and no other hand was raised, James sighed and repeated his apology saying "Sorry, you two, it's not gone right. The idea was that Porthos's mind would enter Francois's body, with Francois' mind entering Porthos's body and that Larry's mind would enter Henri's body, with Henri's mind entering Larry's body!" and with that sighed again and said "I must have messed up!" and with that reviewed the readings on the machine mumbling to himself "I had it all timed beautifully. The transfer took place on schedule, 1.00pm on June 21st 2040 in our time zone and 1.00am on June 21st 1640 in your time zone when you would have both been fast asleep.."

Instantly Francois lowered his head and said "Mon amis, I am to blame!"

"Don't talk nonsense" said James, not looking up, "There must be some reason that the machine didn't work. The time was right, Larry was the only one awake..."

"Mon amis, Larry was not the only one awake!"

As James looked at Francois, his head bowed and looking like a shamed schoolboy he added "As you know, myself and my husband sleep naked during the summer months and having see my husband perform a feat of strength that made us both become men, I couldn't get to sleep. As I watched him lying there, his chest heaving and his manhood bobbing in time to every beat of his powerful heart, I...I couldn't help myself. I gently clambered onto him and I sucked him. I remember the sensation so well. I felt elated as if something was pushing me harder and harder, I could hear in my mind crowds cheering, it urged me on and on and on and..."

"Porthos came whilst you were sucking him?" asked James to which Francois nodded

"Mmm" mused James, "so you were not asleep when the transfer happened, therefore your mind offered resistance to Larry's mind which is why it transferred into Porthos's brain and for that reason it all went wrong!"

As Francois turned to Larry he said, with a whimper, "Forgive me, mon chere, I...I couldn't help myself"

"There is nothing to be ashamed of, mon chere" came the reassuring reply, "Our love is greater than this, we shall transfer back and then do it again tomorrow, oui?"

"Sorry guys, the transfer was set for a week" replied James and then had a thought "Oh dear, I wonder how Francois and Larry will get on with being you two?"

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Chapter Five

"So, let me see if I have this straight. My mind is in Henri's brain, when it should have been in Porthos's brain and therefore your mind, which should have been in Henri's brain is now in Porthos's brain?"

As Larry nodded Porthos's head, Francois sighed and said "Well, it's not as if anything else can go wrong, eh?"

Just then there was a knock at the door, and without so much as a bye or a leave, a very heavily set man with one of the bushiest moustaches either of them had seen, came marching into the room and declared "Oh, Porthos, Henri, I am sorry to trouble you and I know I agreed that you could have this week away from your duties, but, oh mon dieu, there is no other word for it. We have a disaster happening!"

As Francois and Larry looked at each other the man continued, "Gentlemen, I shall make it up to you of course, by giving you a fortnight from your duties when this is over but please, I beg of you, please come back to Paris with me, the very nature of the nation is at stake!" and with that he dropped to one knee adding "Look, this is how desperate I am, I'm begging you, please come!"

"I don't think we have much choice" replied Larry and with a solemn "Of course we will come" which was responded to by the man hugging Larry and whimpering "Oh, mon amis, I don't care if people say that you are like a married couple, what Musketeers do in their own time is not my concern, but by His Majesty, please, whatever you do, never let your honour and nobility disappear, I beg you!"


"Oh, mon dieu, Francois is even more muscular than I remember!"

As Henri took a deep breath and hit a front lat spread, Porthos behind him feeling the mountains on muscle that were his pecs bulge and moan as he did so, James smiled.

"All thanks to you" he chuckled, "after he met you he asked us how big you were and when we told him, after he had orgasmed he made us promise that if he could become as lean and as ripped as possible, we would make him the same height as you!"

As Henri flexed Francois's biceps, Porthos holding on to them and whimpering "Titan, raise me!", Henri breathed "How powerful?"

"We made him two metres tall, and with his BMI at an incredible 40, even at the height of competition, that means that he weighed 352lbs, that's about three quarters of a falconet cannon and his power. Oh, man, he benched nearly 900lbs ten times for a demonstration to raise funds just last month and he admitted that he still had enough in the tank to lift me in the air. His squat is close to a ton, and his deadlift, oh man, his deadlift is close to 1,500lbs, that almost four falconet cannons!"

As the two men's moans of desire grew in loudness, Henri breathed "How big?"

"His chest is over seventy inches, it's so big we cannot use a tape measure anymore we have to use a piece of string. His waist is just 35 inches, those are 28 inch guns that you are flexing, his quads are 36 inches, calves are 27 inches, and well, look at Porthos to see what most people think of him!"

As Porthos moaned "A true Titan" his grip on the biceps failed and he landed on the ground with a bump and looking up at Francois's back climaxed with a whimpered "And the man whom I love!"

As Henri  relaxed the pose and looked at Francois's body in the mirror he made a vow and declared "If I am in possession of the body that was influenced by my husband, then I believe that after this week, he should be more than a Titan. James, you have my complete permission to punish this body like never before. I want to train three, no four times a day, for three hours at a time, with the heartiest meal possible in-between. By the time that Francois gets his body back, I want him to be heavier than a falconet cannon, stronger than Samson, more muscular than Heracles and...able to make who ever devours his essence experience estacy like no man alive has ever experienced!"

"It's a deal!" smiled James

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Chapter Six

As Francois and Larry entered a very expansive office Larry let out an appreciative whistle and whispered "I don't know who this guy is, but boy, did he luck out in the office sweepstake!"

The man sat behind a desk and as he did so Francois saluted him and whispered "I don't know why, but I think he would appreciate it!" and so Larry followed suit.

"Oh, mon amis" smiled the man, "it is nice to see you treat me as your superior officer, but those days are long gone, I am your friend as well as officer, and that is why I have sought you. Mon amis, the nation of France is in grave danger and I fear that you are at the most risk of that danger. Tell me, have you heard of the Duke Christopher of Bavaria?"

Francois instantly gasped and exclaimed "Heard of him? Mon dieu, he is famous" and with that gave a potted summary explaining how in the history of Europe, the Duke of Bavaria had thrown a boulder some 200kg or as he explained to the man "440 livres" at least ten feet all on his own as a claim to his throne which caused Larry to moan under his breath.

"Indeed" replied the man, "today I recieved this letter stating that his grandson is coming here with a view to conquering France" and with that waved a parchment which he read from and caused both men to grit their teeth lest they cum.

"I, the grandson of Duke Christopher, and the current Duke of Bavaria, will be coming to Paris on the seventh day after the longest day to challenge the strongest man in Europe to a trail of strength. If that man, Porthos, can defeat me in my nominated trial, then I shall return to Bavaria in peace, but, if I defeat him, then all of France shall hail me as their new ruler!"

As the man stared at Larry he said "Porthos, please, I beg you, defend this nation!"

Larry couldn't explain what happened as he instantly saluted and declared "Until my dying breath, monsieur!"


Henri's moans were amplified by the echoes in the gym as he flexed his now powerful body and with Porthos watching on in a state of worship, urging his husband to flex harder than he had ever done before, it was clear to James that both men were in a state of worship.

"Thy chest" moaned Porthos, cupping the heaving pecs in his hands, "they art boulders in my hands. The heart that powers each and every man pounding faster than any man alive. My husband, pray tell me, art thou...?"

"Aroused?" asked Henri to James who nodded his head, and then replied to his husband "Aye, I am!"

"Then pray my husband, let me repay you the favour!" and with that he dropped to his knees, swallowed Francois's engorged eleven by ten cock and started to suck. As he did Henri seemed to go cross eyed and taking advantage James called out "Front double biceps, Henri!"

Like a flash, Henri adopted the pose and as he gasped "How...?" James chuckled and said "Muscle memory" explaining that because Francois loved to flex his biceps so much it only took a word of command and his body would instantly adopt the pose. And with that James launched pose after pose, each one forcing Henri's already heaving body to the point of exhaustion, all the time Porthos sucking the cock that was growing inside his mouth.

Suddenly Henri, in the midst of a most muscular pose, screamed as he came and as Porthos's mouth filled with Francois' essence Porthos came as well. The two men collapsed at each other's feet and moaned as the orgasm hit them prompting James to smile "Well, that was the end of the first day's training and as per your request you spent three hours training chest, three hours training back and three hours training legs. I bet you'll looking forward to a good night's sleep eh?"

His answer came in the form of snores from the two naked bodies on the floor and as James chuckled he smiled "See you in the morning you two" and with that smiled to himself as an idea formed in his mind.

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Chapter Seven

As Porthos opened his eyes, yawned and stretched Larry's muscular body, he smiled to himself. To all intents and purposes he and his husband were on holiday, albeit some 400 years after their own time, so of course their host James wanted them to see as much of the world as possible, but the sight in front of him made him smile with appreciation. He was in a desert, a desert full of golden sand as far as the eye could see, and that meant only one thing. Sure enough as Porthos looked down, he smiled from ear to ear. He was naked and whilst Larry wasn't as big or as powerful as he was, Larry and Porthos shared one common feature. A rock hard manhood that was even now hardening as he felt the morning sun warm it up.

"Porthos, Porthos can you hear me? If so, pick up the things that look like ear muffs and place them on your head!"

As Porthos saw the object he picked it up, followed the instruction and said "Aye, I hear you!"

"Ah, excellent" replied James in Porthos's ears, "this is a radio headset. It means I can talk to you and vice versa. Well, what do you think eh? Like the vista!"

"I love it!" came the moaned reply, "my own personal desert where I can be as naked as the day I was born and no one will ever object. Oh, mon amis, how can I thank you?"

"Oh, it's not just a desert. Now, you go for a walk straight on and in about an hour you will understand where you are!"


"Yeah!" moaned Larry as he flexed Porthos's naked body, "this is going to be a breeze. There is no way anyone, not even the grandson of a powerhouse like Duke Christopher can beat this!" and with that he grabbed hold of Porthos's manhood, now semi hard and measuring eleven inches by nine and grunting started to rub it. As he did, Francois was in a more reflective mood.

"I don't know why it is mon amis" he said, reading a book about European families, "but maybe I was destined to become Henri. He's muscular like me, but also his interest in history is akin to mine. Did you know that the family of the King of France have English connections as well?"

"Fuck the English!" moaned Larry as his manhood now hardened to measure thirteen by eleven, "I have never liked them, telling me that I couldn't become a champion bodybuilder in my eighties. Well, who's a champion now eh?" and with that hit a side chest pose.

"Oh, this is interesting" said Francois, "it seems as if the family of Duke Christopher share the same traits as Porthos's family, except in reverse. Where as Porthos's grandfather was twice as strong as his father and Porthos's father was twice as strong as Porthos, the strength of the Christophers doubles with each generation, did you know that mon amis?"

"No one can beat this mass of muscle!" moaned Larry, now hitting a front double bicep pose, his manhood measuring sixteen by thirteen, "and when I get that grandson in between this groin, he is going to...going to...FUCK!" and with that Larry came covering the floor with Porthos's essence and as he orgasmed he moaned "That grandson could be ten times stronger than his grandfather, but I am going to marmalise him!"


"So what can you see now Porthos?"

"I am not sure, mon amis, it looks like an obelisk and yet it is so smooth and circular I cannot believe that man made it!"

"Oh, it's man made all right" chuckled James, "how tall do you think it is?"

"Ten Pied, maybe even twelve, mon amis, and the smoothness. It is beyond compare!"

"What if I told you that if you placed your ear to the ground, you can hear the inner workings?"

"Non!" exclaimed Porthos, but as James encouraged him to do so he gasped "Mon dieu, I can hear, hear a thumping!"

"Porthos" chuckled James, "I think its time I told you. What you think is an obelisk that is up to twelve feet tall is actually only six inches tall. You see, Henri and I shrank you overnight, you're only an inch tall. What you like to know what that obelisk is?"

"It's my left nipple!" said Henri and to prove so the mound of sand the obliesk was on rolled up and down slowly, "see mon chere, that was me rolling my chest!"

"Then the thumping?" asked Porthos

"Was my pounding heart, after holding my breath for a moment!"

As Porthos moaned with desire, he lay down again and moaned "Hold your breath, mon chere, for as long as you can and let me worship your nipple as I feel your beating heart pound!"

"By your command mon chere!" replied Henri.


"His Grace, the Duke of Bavaria!"

As Francois and Larry stood at the entrance to the city of Paris, both naked save for a loin cloth and hitting a front lat spread, the cavaclade that was the Duke's retinue started to appear in front of them. It stopped about a hundred yards and as it did, a thumping noise could be heard. It was added to by a wicked chuckle as into sight came the Duke and as he appeared both men moaned with desire.

"I am the Duke of Bavaria" roared the Duke, wearing just a loin cloth, standing ten feet tall and so muscular that not even Francois could beat him in a contest, "and I shall become the strongest man in Europe!"

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Chapter Eight

"Well, Porthos, what can you see?"

"It looks like a tower, mon amis, a tower that climbs up right to the sky"

"Do you think that you can climb it?"

"Is His Majesty the King?" chuckled Porthos and taking a running leap launched himself onto the tower and using the natural spacing started to climb up it. As he did, he could see more and more of the desert he was in. He knew that it wasn't a desert, but his husband's naked body, as demonstrated half way up when he could see his husband's powerful legs and feet at the end of them, but as he carried on climbing the tower, he didn't know what he was climbing. That was until he reached the top and finding, not as he expected a set of battlements, but something resembling a dividing line between the surface he had been climbing and what looked like a fountain, except one that covered the whole of the area.

As Porthos sat down, he heard his husband moan "My husband, I am able to control that fountain at will, but need to know, do you want me to?"

"Aye" came the reply, "show me the power you have over your body and make this fountain evident!"

"Then, help me, mon chere, help me by telling me your deepest, darkest, desire!"


"Oh, fuck, did you see that guy?"

As Larry lay on his bed, his hand rubbing Porthos's rock hard fifteen by eleven cock, the moans coming from him were testament to the sight he was recalling.

"He was eleven feet, eleven fucking feet tall. And that mass! If he doesn't have a BMI of at least 40, then I'm not the strongest eighty year old in the world. That would mean that" and as he did the calculation in his head, he started to gasp as the figure coming out made his cock bulge even more "he weighs nearly half a fucking ton. And did you see his muscles? That chest has to be nearly two hundred inches, that's sixteen and a half feet, his biceps seventy nine inches, and yet despite all that mass he had...oh fuck...oh fuck...help me Francois, I'm going to cum...sixteen pack!"

As Larry screamed at the top of his voice, with Francois holding his legs, Porthos's cock spewed so much cum that when Larry orgasmed with a moan so low that Francois wondered whether only dogs could hear it, he, Larry and the majority of the room was covered with Porthos's essence. As Larry calmed down, his moans said it all.

"And I've got to beat him?!"


"Mon cher, are you alright?"

"Please....mon cher....don't stop....I need....to hear...more!"

"Then, after we have examined each other's powerful bodies, mon cher, my desires cannot withstand it anymore. I kiss you on the lips, drawing the poison out of you and as it travels through my body, I moan "Rub me, mon chere" and as you do I...oh, mon cher, I...I can feel it as well"

"Then....tell me...what happens?"

"I...you...we...both" and with that Porthos raised his head back and screamed "CUM!" as he did so and as he did, he heard a panting in his earphones and the fountain in front of him started to operate sending a huge jet of what looked like white water into the air. As it splashed down everywhere, Porthos suddenly realised where he was and standing up, whilst still cumming, waddled over to the fountain and threw himself into the stream declaring "This is your manhood, mon cher, and now I am bathing in your essence!"

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