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m/m Muscle Worship, Series 1, Worship session part 1.


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I am reposting my first series.  It can no longer be found on the site (i tried to find it).

There are 19 chapters..

Here are the characters and their story titles (they will appear in others stories for plot points etc.). Just an FYI, some guys listed have not appeared in the stories I have already posted, but are in stories I am working on for this first series.

Jay (Jason) and Max – Worship Session

               Jay – 6’3”, 250, Blonde, Blue eyes

               Max – 5’11”, 165, Curly brown, Brown eyes

Eddie, Ian, and Colin (Ian is G1 and Colin is G2) –Gingers

               Eddie – 6’2”, 235, Blonde, Grey eyes

               Ian and Colin – 6’, 190, Orange, Green eyes

Ty (Tyler) and Davey – New Gym

               Ty – 6’2”, 220, Black, Brown eyes

               Davey – 5’11”, 175, Brown, Brown eyes

Ming and Cam – Toy Time

               Ming – 5’6”, 150, Black, Blue eyes

               Cam – 5’7”, 170, Blonde, Green eyes

Stu ad Kenny – background guys – no story of their own in this series.

               Stu – 6’0”, 185, Black, Brown eyes

               Kenny – 6’1”, 185, Blonde ponytail, Green eyes

Paulo – future character – no stand-alone story in this series.

               Paulo – 6’1”, 230, Brown, Brown eyes

The ‘Bad Guys’

Ron – Davey’s ex.

Shaun, Bull, Ash, and Larry – Jay and Max’s nemeses.

Willie – future character

Others - some of these appear in the 2nd Series.

Roman – Ro – Max’s 17-year-old brother

Schaefer – Shae – Max’s 15-year-old brother

Evan – one of Ty’s former boyfriends

Gran – Jay’s grandmother

Franco – one of Ty’s one-night stands

Simon – Cam’s first love


Enjoy and let me know what you think. 


He held me close, his left bicep flexed.  My left arm wrapped around his thickly coiled neck for support and closeness.  My right arm holding onto his flexed forearm encouraging him to flex his bicep harder.  My tongue running along the flat face of the arm, the light tan hair on the muscle moistened by the saliva of my gentle kisses.  He moaned, I moaned in response. His bicep was not obscenely large, but just big enough for my tongue to be able to wander around and trace lines on the protruding veins which gave us both the pleasure of knowing the strength it possessed.

I switched my attention to the top of the bicep which was a rounded mound and was split into two heads.  I upped the intensity and planted sloppy wet kisses on the whole muscle.  He twisted his arm to allow me greater access to it. I moved my right arm to the valley between his forearm and bicep in response to the new position.  I kissed the top of his bicep ravenously, like it was going to be my last kiss with him. His right hand on the back of my head, gently but forcefully maneuvering it back and forth, encouraging me to worship the entire top of the bicep.  My tongue swept through the valley between the two heads.  He playfully flexed the muscle, gently trapping my tongue for a brief second.  While it was trapped he took the moment to gently blow warm air into my left ear.  He used his tongue to caress the outer ear and softly engulf the lobe.  The sensation caused me to spurt some pre-cum.  It dribbled down my shaft and spilled onto his leg.  He felt the moistness and flexed harder knowing he had hit my sweet spot.

 He lifted his arm up over his head and his triceps were on full display.  I re-wet my tongue and went to work.  Gently at first, licking from his hairless armpit up the length of his arm to the elbow and back again.  He moaned again when my tongue washed over the sensitive short hairs along the bottom of the muscle.  I let my tongue linger there, quickly remoistening it and pursing my lips against the hard muscle and hair.  I moved my right hand from his elbow to his bicep and began to joyfully massage, egging him to flex it harder, knowing it would cause his triceps to be flexed as well.  He responded eagerly.  My fingers slid over the wet surface of the bicep squeezing the mounds gently at first then more intently. 

My tongue on his triceps and right hand on his flexed bicep, my brain was going into overload.  More pre-cum escaped my dick and trickled down. 

When he felt the new moisture on his leg he let out a soft giggle and pushed his tongue back into my ear.  This time he had wet his tongue.  He swirled it around the cartilage of the outer ear before plunging it into my inner ear.  He brushed across the short sensitive hairs and lapped at them.  I squirmed but he moved his right arm around my waist holding me tightly to his body. I tried to move my left arm from around his neck so I could create some room between us, but he trapped it there with his shoulder muscles. I tried to roll my head away but he kept pursuing me and eventually he pinned my head to my right shoulder.  He playfully pushed his tongue back into my ear and continued to caress the short hairs with his tongue and warm breath.

My tongue had come off his triceps due to the new position of my head, but my right hand was still groping his bicep.  He lowered his arm but kept it flexed.  I applied more pressure to see if I could dent the muscle in any way, but could not.  He sensed my intention and my need to feel his strength. He un-flexed and straightened his arm out. 



I let my fingers caress the length of his arm, from shoulder to forearm.  Gently at first.  First trip down, my fingernails barely touching the arm, on the way back, a light touch, stirring the short hairs, he squirmed. Next trip down, the back of my fingers touching the skin and drawing zig-zag lines on the muscles. On the way back, my fingernails to gently rake his skin.  He shivered and plunged his tongue back into my ear causing me to quake.

He kept at it, I kept at it.  We both knew we had pinpointed each other’s sweet zone and we were going to do our best to make the other suffer with unfathomable pleasure for a long time. Next trip down I used my finger tips to gently massage the bicep and triceps muscles. Lingering on them for a few seconds, tugging at the skin and hair. On the way back, I was at full force, completely and unashamedly applying full force thru my fingers.  He started to flex and I could tell he was smiling.  He enjoyed being worshipped and really enjoyed showing off his muscles and strength.  He pulled his tongue of out my ear, relaxed the pressure on my trapped left arm and pulled his left arm into a full flex.  I moaned aloud and he shifted his legs and jostled his dick higher into my ass.  I was in heaven. My eyes rolled into the back of my head.  My head rolled on my shoulders. 

We turned to face each other.  His bright blue eyes piercing my dark brown eyes.  His tanned skin, and dirty blonde hair complimenting his appearance.  He smiled and jostled his hips again to show me his strength.  I wrapped both arms around his neck and slowly moved in to kiss him.  My dick trapped between the two of us, now steadily leaking pre-cum causing his abs to be sticky.  He maneuvered me up and down by using his hips so as to spread the stickiness over all his abs.  His left arm was still flexed.  Now he was just showing off to get me off.  I smiled and just before our lips met, I licked his nose. I laughed, he smiled warmly.


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Part 2, Worship session, part 2.

Jay's view:

After the lick on my nose, I knew it was going to be a fun-filled session for both of us.  His sexy dark brown eyes, curly brown hair, and manicured dark brown chest hair were sexy and sensual.  I stood still and he moved in for a second attempt to kiss me.  He used his arms around my neck to pull himself closer to me.  His lips were pursed and ready to latch on to mine.  I wet my lips in anticipation. His eyes were wide open and he saw me wet my lips, but I was ready for another attempt at some tomfoolery. Just before our lips met, he again tried to get me on the nose, but I was ready.  I moved my head up and caught his lower lip with my teeth. I teased it, shaking it side to side.  He giggled, knowing he was caught.  His giggling caused more pre-cum to escape his dick and coat my abs.  I released his lower lip briefly and he came right back and applied a wet sensual kiss that would melt frozen butter in a heartbeat.

He didn’t move, I didn’t move. 

We stood there and enjoyed the luxurious moment.  Our mouths locked together, lips on lips, staring into each other’s eyes.

Our tongues began dancing with each other, wrestling for position, playfully moving in and out of each other’s mouths. He pulled himself closer to me and higher up so our heads were at the same level.  He locked his legs around my waist to secure himself.  I moved my arms to cradle his ass.  My dick was still inside him and rock hard, so he wasn’t going anywhere.  He knew my strength, or at least he thought he did, and he knew he was safe as child in a parents arms, but his attempt to get closer made my chest ache like I had lost a lover, forever.  In his need to feel more secure, I ached to have him as close to me as humanly possible, without hurting him.  His safety and pleasure were my world. 

I moved my arms up his back and gently squeezed.  It brought him just a bit closer and he moaned at the pressure and exhaled right into my mouth.  The warmness of his breath entering my mouth and tickling the back of my throat made me quake.  Our closeness was more than sexual, it was innately intimate, utterly personal, and there was a wholeness between the two of us no one else would ever experience or share.

We continued to kiss, rewetting our lips as needed.  I closed my eyes and let him take over.  Giving him control of how we progressed made me happy.  He put his hands on the sides of my head, I opened my eyes to see what he was up to, and he pulled his lips back.  He smiled and moved in again.  This time he came straight at my mouth.  Pursed wet lips hit mine, oh so gently and briefly, then pulled back.  He came in again, hit my lips a bit harder, and lingered on them for an extra moment.  He ran his tongue into the little space between our lips, wetting both. 

I reclosed my eyes knowing play time was over, now PLAYTIME had begun. 

He pulled back and came back in oh so slowly.  I sensed rather than felt when they were about to hit for the third time.  Very gentle pressure at first, but it increased as his lips made complete contact with mine.  His lips were oh so soft and full.  Just the pressure alone was making me crazy. I wanted to pull his head completely to mine, but knew this would ruin it for him if I took over.  I let him continue to apply pressure as he saw fit.  He kept kissing me, more forcefully now. He wrapped his left arm around the back of my head and pulled my mouth as close to his as possible.  He was moaning continually and I joined in.



He used his tongue to trace the outside of my mouth.  The gentleness and softness of the movements belied his desire to want chew at my lips and suck the air from my mouth.  He moved his lips back over mine and began to explore my teeth, tongue, and mouth as if he had never experienced them before.

He squirmed in my arms again, trying to get a better angle at my mouth. I obliged by thrusting my hips up, raising him an inch or two.  His appreciation was immediate.  He squeezed his ass on my dick to hold the position.  He then darted his tongue into my mouth caressed my teeth.  Starting on my upper right side, he moved the front of his tongue along the inside of my teeth, massaging the area where each tooth met the skin.  The feeling was heavenly.  The caressing of his tongue felt just like when his fingers zig-zagged across my biceps, stirring my hair.  He worked his way around my entire mouth including the roof of my mouth.  Feeling his taste buds rasp along the smooth roof would have made mortal men erupt on the spot, but I kept my cool and let him torture me with his arsenal of weapons.

When he finished he pulled back but put his tongue between my upper teeth and lip and closed his mouth on the area.  He gently sucked on my upper lip, wetting it with generous amounts of saliva.  He withdrew his tongue and moved his lips to my lower lips and did the same.  He stuck his tongue out and put it in the area under my lower lip, coaxing more of my lower lip into his mouth.  He sucked and kissed and wet my lips until he grew weary.  His eyes had the urgent look of wanting to pleasure me more, but they also had a look of exhaustion.

I relaxed my grip on his back, he released the grip his ass had on my dick and slid back down a few inches.  Now I was looking down into deep brown eyes, thinking what how did I deserve this guy?  He did everything to make sure I was pleasured and fulfilled.

I playfully slapped his ass. 

He stared at me, mouth agape, and I moved my tongue right into the opening like it was an invitation.


Part 3, Max's view:


He walks us to the bed, his rock hard dick still embedded in my ass.  I am like a little child in his arms.  Our mouths still attached and probing the other.  The slap on my ass still ringing, but not in a painful way, as I knew he did not mean it that way.  Like my lick of his nose, his slap of my ass was our playful way showing our love for each other.

He sits on the edge, put his hands on my hips and effortlessly lifts me off his dick.  Holding me in the air, his biceps partially flexed to show me his strength, our lips parted, he smiles, his bright blue eyes ablaze with love and affection.  I put my hands in his short blonde hair and massage his scalp.  He rolls his head around enjoying the attention I am paying to it.  He pulls my body close to his and his mouth briefly and gently encircles my dick.  His tongue washes around it, coating it with copious amounts of saliva, and he gently rakes his teeth over my dick.  I shudder at the feeling and use every remaining ounce of strength to not cum on the spot.  He pulls my dick out of his mouth and gives me the look of “this is what awaits you”.  I smile an exhausted smile.

He smiles and softly sets me on the bed next to him.  We were still facing each other, my legs next to his thighs, my toes near his ass.  He puts his left hand in my hair and massages my scalp, as I did to him.  My curly brown hair a seemingly tangled mess of knots, but he enjoys gently running his fingers thru it like a comb.  I scrunch closer to his torso, wanting to have the most intimate contact possible.  I place my hands between his legs and delicately tug on his penis.  The warmth his body exudes warms me completely.  He senses my need and lays back on the bed and puts his arms behind his head.  He is signaling he is opening himself up to me and whatever I want to do.  I want to jump on him, but need to rest first, and he senses it.

I lie next to him and pull his left arm from behind his head and put it down behind me.  I move into the crevice, and use his bicep as a pillow. He lets his bicep stay un-flexed so it would be soft for my head.  I throw my left arm up over his chest.  Just a light covering of tan hair on his chest.  He never needed to shave his chest, like I did.  I use my fingers to caress the light coating of hair and pec muscles, not twisting or pulling, just lightly swirling it around.  He sighs and moves his left hand up and down my back, caressing it in response to my actions.  His strong fingers running across my lower back, ass, and upper leg.  As worn-out and drowsy as I was, I spurted a glob of pre-cum onto his side.  He hummed and I could tell he had smiled. 

“Rest”, was all he said.  In response I closed my eyes.  I could still feel his arm gently caressing my body and his chest softly raising and lowering.  He was resting as well.  I eventually slept and dreamt.

 We are on a beach, hot sun overhead, and our bodies mostly under a large blue beach umbrella.  A large blanket spread out, partially in the sun, partially in the shade.  His tan muscled body lying chest down on the blanket, legs in the sun, the rest of him in shade. He is staring off into space and I wonder what he is thinking. I watch as people walk by and either coyly glance at us or opening gawk at him.  When they see I am watching them, I arch my eyebrow and smile a crooked smile, letting them know he’s all mine.  Most move on, but some continue to admire him and then I know how lucky I am.

I turned to him again and watched as driblets of sweat started at the scrunched muscles around the nape of his neck then slowly traveled down his wide upper and lower lats to the point where it pooled near the top of his board shorts. The droplets at the top were oh so small and slow, but picked up speed and size as they joined together in travel down his back.  I imagined myself as one of the droplets and the fun I would have sliding down the muscles until I joined everyone else at the bottom.

He knew I was staring.  He enjoys my staring at him.  He rolls over and holds up a bottle of lotion.  I nod and got out of the chair.  I was grateful he wore board shorts and not a banana hammock, ok posing shorts, no, banana hammock is the right term when he is wearing posing trunks. I would be arrested for indecent exposure, mainly for a raging hard-on popping a major tent on a public beach.

 I squat down in front of him and put some lotion on my hands.  I start with his shoulders.  Boulders, each of them.  Densely muscled through years of exercise and play.  I work my fingers into the muscles to apply the lotion, but also unashamedly get a good grope of them. He knows what I’m up to and just lays there as if nothing is happening.  He raises his head and rests his chin on the back of his hands, his eyes on my upper abs, and his mouth near my bellybutton.  As I continue to apply the lotion, I bring my waist right into his face.  He gets the hint.  He sticks out his tongue and plays with the curly brown hair in and around my navel and the top of my shorts.  He frees his right hand and gently slides it up the left leg of my board shorts.  His hand gently strokes my leg hairs causing my dick to swell.  He brushes against my dick with his fingertips.  He is careful to conceal his actions as we are not the only people on the beach. I continue to spread the lotion on his shoulders.  His tongue dips into the space between my waist and shorts and he playfully lets saliva drop off his tongue, wetting my upper pubic hairs. He uses his tongue to spread the wetness around.

A clouds pass overhead, casting shadows on the beach.  A seagull screeches looking for food.  Waves crash onto the beach and kids are joyfully yelling and playing. 

We are blind to all of this.  It is only he and I in our world. 

My hands travel further down his back and I need to raise up higher to be able to reach down.  I get on my knees, essentially moving my bellybutton out of reach, but putting my crotch at his mouth level.  My hands are spreading lotion and exploring his wide traps and his tongue is lapping at the crotch opening of my shorts, desperately trying to get in and get the prize.  His right hand is still up my shorts and gently massaging my dick, which is now at full mast, or as full mast as it could be, while being constrained by board shorts.   I relax and sit back on my hunches.  He removes his hand and pulls his face back.  He looks up and grins an evil and maliciously devious grin.  I know what he wants, but I want to torture him some more.  I nod ‘No’ and he gives me his best pouty face.  I laugh out loud and several people turn to see what happened.  I gulp and he giggles. 

A few moments later, everyone has stopped looking our way.  I move around him and squat with my legs on each side of his right quadriceps.  His legs are sturdy and my I added weight does not bother him.  He raises his leg lifting me off the ground, just to show off.  I place my hands on his ass to steady myself.  I squeeze his ass cheeks and he lets me play with them. He lowers his leg and I get to business. 

I put more lotion on my hands and reach up to his mid-lats and start to rub it in. The greasiness of the lotion mixing with the sweat on his back make him a big slip and slide. His muscles tense and relax to the pressure and movement of my hands.  I want to lean down and lick his whole back, but again, we’re on a public beach. I work on his side-lats and am in awe at the size of their span. My dick starts to expand again and he feels it.  He twists his leg in response.  I lean up and pull forward purposely running my erection along his leg.  He closes his legs together, trapping my left leg between them.  I squirm, he tenses them playfully.  He relaxes his muscles and I see a small wet spot on my shorts.  At least I didn’t cum.

I return to his back.  I am at the lowest part, right above the board shorts.  He has some very light tan hair there and two dimples.  I put my index and fore fingers together on each hand and use them to rub the area, gently at first, then with more pressure.  Applying lotion to his back is all but done, but I want to have a little fun.  I curl my fingers under the top of his shorts and massage the top of his ass cheeks.  He sucks in his breath which creates a bit more space for me to maneuver.  My fingers dance in the area and he tenses his cheeks just a bit.   As much as I want to pull his shorts down go full throttle laying kisses and slobber on his baby smooth ass, I restrain myself. 

A few dark clouds pass over.  I glance up and nudge him to look.  I arch an eyebrow asking if we should go.  He shakes his head and puts it back down.  He tamps his right leg, his way of saying get going, you’re not done. 

I scoot down his leg and shift so I am between both legs.  I put some more lotion on my hands and start to apply it his lower and upper legs.  Using both hands I start with his left calf and work my way up to his lower quad.  I push his board shorts up a bit and apply the lotion as far as I can reach without being arrested.  The muscles are coiled and tight, my working them over does not seem to even dent them.  I move to the right side. I start at the top and work my way down, ending at his ankles.  Now we both workout, sometimes together, but usually apart.  I’ve taken a chance or two to secretly watch him do squats and deadlifts and the weight he can push up blows my mind.  I keep this in mind as I continue to work his legs.

I slap the side of his leg letting him know I’m done and to turn over, which he does.  More dark clouds.  He puts his hands over his eyes and twitches at me indicating to get a move on.

I am at his feet looking up his muscled body. What a sight to behold.  He lifts himself onto his elbows and looks down toward me.  He sees my wet spot and giggles.  I twitch indicating what about it?  As I gaze at him, he’s not grotesquely muscled, but he is larger than most men.  From legs to waist to chest to shoulders and arms, each section stands out on its own.  He works each section religiously.  He’s not one of those gym guys with a barrel chest and chicken legs.  He also doesn’t show off at the gym to impress those watching him.  He’s never flexing in the mirrors to see how big his arm or chest are or to put someone else to shame.  He’s not ashamed of his size and strength, but he will not embarrass anyone else by flexing or lifting more than they do.  It’s just not in his nature and I love him so much for this.

I’ve had the pleasure of pleasuring each area.  He has shown me some portion of his strength. He doesn’t think I know how strong he is, but I’ve got a pretty good idea.  I never want to put him to the test, but I always feel safe when I am with him. 

I get to work applying lotion on the tops of his calves and quads, playfully extending my hand under his shorts.  As quite a few people have left the beach due to the clouds, I feel safer being more forward with my actions. On one of my trips under his shorts, I brush across the tip of his dick.  I mildly flick it with my finger and in response it grows.  It nears my finger and I rub the head between my thumb and index finger.  He’s smiling at me. I resume massaging his impossibly hard leg muscle and occasionally return to his dick, which is now almost fully hard.  I climb up his legs and sit on his waist. His erection is right under me.  I move around like I am getting situated.  He knows differently and moves his hips back and forth so his erection rubs along the crack of my ass.  We find a spot comfortable for the both of us and I continue.

I put the palm of hand on his pecs and gently push down indicating I’d like him to lay back down, flat on his back.  He glances at me, playfully resists, and tenses his pecs to show off. I gently rub my palm over them to spread some lotion and then I leave his chest area and move back down to his waist.  He sulks, gives in, and lays back, thinking I have no interest in applying lotion to his chest.  I’m just working my way up to them. 

His abs are incredibly hard, like bricks in a wall, I rub lotion on them, enjoying the feeling of them against my fingers.  I explore the crease between each one.  I wish it were my lips, but when on a public beach… I keep at it and he instinctively flexes his them.  They come out in greater relief.  Veins start to pop up.  I caress each set and he hums.  When he hums, I’m doing something right.  He shifts his hips and I feel his erection is growing again.  I need to speed it up or there’ll be a scene.  I move up to his chest and just as I begin to apply lotion, I feel a spatter of rain on my back. I turn to see dark clouds have taken over and glance back to him.  He acquiesces and nods that we should go.  I very slowly withdraw my hands and he understands what I want.  He smiles and nods again, which means fun time will begin back at the house.

The wind suddenly picks up and our umbrella starts to pull out of the sand.  He notices and instinctively grabs it and shoves it deeper into the sand.  Just watching his quickness and agility make me rethink what I know about his strength. His bicep is actually flexed holding the umbrella down. He sees me staring and snaps his fingers to break my trance.  He glances around indicating to get a move on it or we’ll be soaked.  I gather up the blanket, fold the chair, and push everything into our beach cart.  He pulls the umbrella out of the sand and quickly folds it down and closes the straps to secure it. We quickly put our t-shirts back on. He puts the umbrella into the cart and grabs the handle. 

The rain is picking up and the wind has steadily increased. 

Now, I’m not a little guy, but the force of the wind pushing against me is making it hard for me to stand upright.  We start trudging up the beach toward the dunes.  I am walking directly behind him with my hand holding tightly onto his t-shirt to keep me out of the worst of it.  He doesn’t mind and expects me to be there, holding onto to him.  I notice I left the bag with our phones and keys in the sand.  I bang on his back, he turns, and I point to the remaining bag.  He nods “No”, but I point more urgently at it and indicate it has our phones and keys in it.  He still nods no, but I am not thinking straight.  The storm has me completely out of sorts. I ignore him and turn around to head back.  It’s only 10 yards or so.  I can do it and we need our phones and keys.  I get about half way there when the wind picks up again and pummels me in the side. I stumble to the sand.  I turn to face him and try to yell for help, but the wind and rain drown out my voice.  He suddenly notices I am not behind him and looks around for me.  He sees me waving, drops the cart handle, and starts sprinting to me. It takes him only a few seconds to reach me.  He gets to me, kneels down, and quickly picks me up.  He turns to walk back to the cart, the dunes, and the safety of our house. 

Even with my extra weight, he moves quickly and when we reach the cart, he walks right past it.  He knows our safety, my safety, is all that matters to him.  He carries me down the dune path, his left bicep protecting my face as much as possible.  The wind on the path is funneled right into our faces and he is having a harder time seeing.  I poke him in the chest and he pauses and looks down to me.  I indicate to stoop down and let the wind die down.  He agrees.  He leans over and sets me down and gets between me and the wind. I look up into blue eyes and see they are still sparkling but have a sadness caused by my stupidity.  I know he will never mention it aloud as I will be embarrassed and ashamed enough.  All of the sudden he lets out a “humph” and I see his face contort into pain for the first time.  He pushes his shoulders back and bares his teeth, wanting to scream.  I think I see a tear escape his eye.  Then I see a droplet of blood drop from his shorts to the ground.  Oh no, what have I done?  I panic and pull him close to me.  He puts his full weight on me to protect me as he knows this is the last thing he will be able to do.  He looks me in the eyes and smiles so warmly, knowing our love has been all he ever wanted or needed.  He puts his hands on the sides of my head and pulls me in for a kiss.  I am openly crying, praying this will not be our last kiss, our last trip to the beach, our last anything. As our lips meets he grunts again and slumps over me.  I yell for help, but nobody can hear me.  He slowly passes away in my arms.

I jolt awake from the dream screaming and yelling his name.  There are tears streaming down my face.  He sits up and immediately puts his arms around me, moves me into his lap.  He puts he head over mine, comforting me, holding me tightly, like a parent with a scared child, but something more.  I calm down and he starts running his hand through my hair, playing with the curls.

He softly kisses my forehead and says, “I’m right here.  It’s alright.”


Part 4: Jay's view:

A few days have passed since he had his nightmare. 

He doesn’t want to talk to me about it, but I see him checking for me if I am not in sight.  We go to work as normal, but he’ll text me a few times a day to make sure everything is ok.  When we sleep, he is extra close and needs to be touching me. When we go to the gym, he wants to workout with me, something he normally does not do.  He knows I like to throw around some serious weight, but I cannot say no, without knowing what’s up. I don’t want to alienate him or push him further into a depression.

We finish our workout, have showered, and are driving home.  I’m driving and his left hand is playing with short hair on the back of my head and top of my neck as normal, but over the past few days, it’s been different.  It’s not the sexual play he normally does, but a more tactile touch, making sure I’m real.  At a stop light I turn to him and he turns to me. 

I gaze into his eyes and say, “Please tell me what happened in your dream.  I know it has something to do with me.”  My eyes pleading with him to let me in.

He looks forward and says, “The light is green.”  There is an immense sadness in his voice. “When we get home.” I silently let out a breath, my chest finally relaxes. 

He knows our love for each other can overcome anything.  He knows these last few days have been as painful for me as they were for him.  I put my right hand on his leg and gently squeeze to show I am here, and here for him.  He puts his left hand on top of mine and squeezes back.  A tear rolls down from my eye.

We get home and are inside.  Dinner can wait. We sit in the living room with glasses of ice water, as I’m sure there will be tears shed.  We are on the couch.  He is to my right, but he put his whole body on the couch is facing me and his knees are right against my thighs and shorts. It’s another sign of his need to be close to me for a reason unknown to me. I turn my head to look directly at him and put my left hand on his cheek and caress it with my thumb and the palm of my hand. I play with a few of his curls.  His right hand is on my right thigh, his left hand on the back of my neck with the same feeling as in the car.  He brings his mouth in for a kiss, but pulls back.  He’s trembling. I see a tear roll down his face.

“Please tell me what happened in you dream.”

“It started so wonderfully.” There was a spring in voice which was good.  “We were on the beach, it was a gorgeous day, and I was rubbing lotion on you. We were getting playful, but a storm approached.”  He trailed off and grew silent.

“And?” I asked softly.

“I made stupid mistake.”  He turned away.  I did not want to force him to face me, but I put some pressure on my hand, begging him to face me.  He turned to me.  “The storm became bad, I left you to retrieve our keys and phones.  I had left them in a bag and did not put them in the cart.”  He began to weep. 

I moved my forehead to his, hoping sensation of our touching would reassure him.  “Go on.”

“I fell. You came and picked me up.  You carried me back towards the house but the wind was too strong.  We stopped on the path and stooped down and a branch came out of nowhere.”  More tears escaped him. 

Oh no I thought.  “I am right here.  I did not go anywhere.”

“I know, but the branch impaled you in the back… It was my fault.”  He was inconsolable.  Tears streaming down his face.  Our foreheads still touching.

“I am right here, it was only a dream.  I did not go anywhere. I am ok.” I pleaded with him in a whispered voice, “Look at me… look at me… please look at me.”  He glanced up breaking our connection.  His brown eyes pools of fear and distress. The tears continued to well up.

“It was so real.” He sobbed and bowed his head again.

“I know… but it was not.”  I assured him.  “Look at me.”  I pulled his chin up and I gazed deeply into his eyes and he stared into my blue eyes. I grabbed both his hands and put them on both sides of my head.  “See, I am here with you right now.”

“I know… I know.” He whispered.

I moved in for a kiss.  Very gently and tentatively at first.  I did not want to scare him.  He accepted the kiss.  He moved his hands from the sides of my face to the back of my head and began to pull me closer. I let him do it, knowing he was reaffirming I was with him. 

He broke the kiss and turned towards his water. 

“Better?” I asked.

“A bit.” He replied.

“Good.  I was worried about you.”  I put my right hand on his back and gently swirled it around, patting him every so often. The warmth of my touch seemed to help.  He turned towards me.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?  You had a vivid dream where someone you cared for died.  You have every right to be scared. But you cannot shut yourself off from me.  I am right here and always will be.”  My hand moved to his legs and softly massaged them.

“I’m sorry.”

“Ok, enough.  Say you’re sorry again and I spank your ass.” I put as much playfulness in the statement as I could, just hoping he’d get the message. 

“Promise?” He smiled mischievously.

He had turned the corner and was getting back to himself. His tears were dried up. I put my hand in his hair and played with the curls.

“Did I have the curly hair in your dream, or did you get to have them?”

“They were all mine.” He smirked. 

“Nice.” Now this was more like it.

He put his glass of water down and climbed into my lap, straddling my legs.  He pulled my shirt off and put his hands on my chest and lightly kissed my nipples.

He said, “In my dream I never got to put lotion on your chest.”  He coyly glanced up at me.  I put my hands behind my head giving him full access to my chest.

I must be the biggest sucker in the world.  He slowly came in for a kiss, hands still on my pecs playing with whatever passed for chest hair on me.  I puckered up and he did it again, he licked my nose. I quickly pulled my hands from behind my head and wrapped one around his waist.  I feigned anger and slapped him on the ass.  He jumped up, out of my grasp, and took off down the hallway to the bedroom.  I chased after him, dinner all but forgotten.  We were about to make up for the days of missed fun.

I got to the bedroom and he was struggling to quickly remove is shirt and shorts.

“Here, let me help.” I said and proceeded to grab the collar of his t-shirt and rip it off him.  I grabbed him in one arm, hefted him up, and carefully yanked off his gym shorts and underwear and gently spanked him again.  I put him down and he stood before me naked as the day he was born, with one major exception or should I say, one major erection.  I moved closer and he pulled down my shorts.

“Miss me?” I asked.  They were the last words spoken that night.

He moved his hands all over my body and I let him.  He never went right after my dick, which I found arousing.  He would always play with my arms, chest, or something else. This time was no different.  He playfully punched my abs, which I flexed at the last second, going from hard to rock hard.  He ran his hands up and down the washboard and pretended to hum a tune.  I giggled at his silliness.  He moved behind me and still played with my abs.  His head was close to my back, applying gentle kisses every once in a while. He moved his hands up to my chest, gently played with the light hairs there, and then to his favorite spot, my biceps.  He slid his hands under my arms and latched them on to the top of my biceps from the front, like he was going to do a pull up.  I straightened up and flexed.  He was lifted off the ground and inch or two.  He sighed and his dick let loose a glob of pre-cum which traveled down my back into my ass crack.  He held on for a long time and I let him.  Every so often a gentle kiss would be placed on the back of my neck or between my shoulder blades. I stood still, letting him reacquaint himself with me. Whatever was needed to bring him back to me I could endure, I would endure, for him.  After a while he slowly released his hold and I relaxed my arms.  He came around to the front of me and looked into my blue eyes and saw they were sparkling, just for him.  He put his left hand on my cheek and turned his head towards the bed.  We moved over to it, but not to sleep.   

I lay on my back. He jumped on top of me and put both of his hands back on my chest.  He kneaded the muscles in hopes of denting them. I flexed and turned the pecs to stone.  He made fists and pounded them. I giggled which only made him beat me harder.  His beating on my chest caused my dick to arouse.  He felt it and smiled. 

He leaned down and put his lips on my right nipple, knowing it was the more sensitive of the two. His lips on my right nipple, saliva moistening the hair as well, his right hand playing with my left nipple, I was going to like this.  He glanced up, making sure I was still watching, and he proceeded to nibble my nipple.  My hips bucked at the sensation. His lower body was tossed up a few inches, but he kept ahold using his right hand and his teeth.  He landed on me and his moved his lower body around my crotch to arouse me even more.  Pretty soon we were both sporting impressive boners.  

He was still working my chest over.  He switched sides and was now nibbling on my left nipple and had his left hand on my right one, gently flicking the already sensitive tip.  He would occasionally tug on the tip trying to pull it up and off my body.  I tensed my pec muscles as hard as I could to distract his efforts, but this only encouraged him as he felt he had hit another sensitive zone.  He came up for a breather and I exhaled and relaxed my chest. 

He smiled and lay his right hand gently on my chest in the cavity between my two pecs and started massaging the hair I had there.  To say I had little to no chest or body hair was an understatement.  Some areas I shaved off, like my armpits or crotch.  Some areas, I just have very little to none, like my arms, legs, and chest.  The hair I have is tremendously sensitive and he knew how to stir up trouble, as it were.

He started by running his fingers up and down the area, brushing the hair tenderly.  He spread his legs to the sides my waist, basically opening his ass for me.  He leaned down, wet his lips, and put his mouth in the crevice between my pecs.  His tongue darted out and lapped at the hairs, wetting them.  He kept re-wetting his tongue and applying the moisture to the hairs.  I was not sure what he was up to, but really wanted to find out.  I pulled my arms down from behind my head and tried to push him backwards and slide my dick into his ass so I could pleasure him, but he moaned and looked at me with an imploring look to let him continue.  I put my arms back behind my head.  Tonight was all about what he wanted.  When he was satisfied the area was sufficiently wet, he scooted up my body and slid his still erect dick between my pecs. 

Oh nice, a pec fuck. Kinky bastard.

He leaned back for a second so he could position his dick, then leaned forward putting his hands on my flexed biceps.  He was going to use my arms as grips as he fucked my pecs.  This guy was good, and he was all mine.  I nodded that I understood what he was going to do and he grinned.  I raised my knees so he wouldn’t slip off me on his backstroke.  I let him get a grip on my biceps and then grabbed his wrists with the opposite hand to keep him in place.  He may be holding my biceps, but there was no guaranty they’d stay on while he was in the throes of passion.  I wanted to be sure he was secure and that he didn’t need to worry about slipping off or losing his grip.  He sensed my innate desire to be sure he was safe and secure.  He leaned down and gave me a playful kiss on the nose and a quick wink.  He arched an eyebrow asking if I was ready, and I winked back and blew him a kiss, saying give me your best shot.

He started slowly, moving his dick ever so gently in the area.  Up and back, then again.  The tempo increased every so often.  His hands were still anchored to my biceps and his fingers were pressing into my muscles, but they were not causing me any pain nor were they denting my muscles.  After a few minutes, I decided to up the ante and flexed my chest a bit.  I closed the area and made it a tighter fit.  He had suitably wet the area and his dick continued to slide in and out of the cavity with ease.  He smiled, liking the new feeling of pressure on his dick.

The sensation his dick caused to my chest hairs with the new tightness caused my dick to spurt out a glob of pre-cum.  He felt it on his ass and grinned.  He increased the speed of his movements and I raised my legs to shorten the distance he traveled.  More time passed and he kept it up.  Every once in a while he would spit onto his dick if he felt it was too dry and would chaff my chest. 

I un-flexed and re-flexed my chest, harder this time.  He looked down and smiled.  He increased the tempo and was bucking his ass into my thighs on his back movement.  I briefly thought he may hurt himself, but until I saw something go awry, I was going to let him have at it.  His grip on my arms was increasing and I actually felt him pressing my biceps, so I flexed them harder.  He sensed the new hardness in my arms and translated this into the movements of his pelvis.

He was getting close. He was gyrating so much and moving back and forth so fast, it was almost a blur.   I carefully raised my head and stuck my tongue out. On his forward movement, his dick came out the topside of cavity between my pecs.  I timed my movements with his and lapped at his dick every time it came out.  He sensed the new participant in his plan and drove his dick further into the crevice so it would be closer to my tongue.  We kept at it for another few minutes. I had only two thoughts; make sure he enjoys every second, and god dam this guy has some awesome stamina.

All of the sudden his entire body tensed and I knew this was it.  On his final push forward, he fingers ground into my biceps for the first time.  His legs tightened around my chest and held on for dear life.  His dick started to grow larger due to the load traveling along it.  I squeezed my pecs as tight as I could, but not too tight as to restrict the flow.  He raised his head towards the ceiling and opened his mouth but no sound came out. He shot the load right into my mouth.  I gulped down as much as I could. 

Volley number two came quickly on the heels of number one.  I was not prepared as I was still swallowing his first load.  He coated my face, chin, and sternum. 

Volley number three was not as powerful, but I still got a taste.  I released my grip on his wrists and moved my arms to his ass.  I relaxed my pec muscles to release his dick and slid him up my chest and closer to my mouth.  I engulfed his dick. 

Volley number four went right down my throat.

He had arched his back and had put his hands in his hair, pulling at the curls like he was in pain, but I knew it was a pleasure filled pain.  I raised my hands to steady him, lest he fall backwards or to a side. He slowed his pelvic movements and dropped his hands from his hair.  I released my hold on him. 

He looked down, his curly hair encircled his face. He was spent, but still in complete rapture from the experience.  He fell forward, but I moved faster. I caught him. I delicately lowered him the rest of the way, letting his legs slide down my body and letting his body come to rest on top of mine.  I wrapped my arms over his back and tenderly squeezed his body to mine.  Our faces met, his hair covered both our faces and he kissed my cum covered lips, not the nose.  We both giggled.

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3 hours ago, divis24 said:

As soon as I saw the tags were "muscle", "sex", and "love", I knew I'd be hooked.  Thanks for reposting these!

more to come (or cum).

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Part 5,  G1 and G2


Ginger 1 and Ginger 2 or G1 and G2, as I call them as I could never keep them straight, and I think they like it that way.  We lay entangled on the bed, one on each side me, each nuzzled against my side.  G1, on my right, with an arm draped over my chest, playing with my dark blonde chest hair, pulling at my nipple every once in a while, licking at some drying cum.  G2 laying soft wet kisses to my upper left rib cage.  Their legs enmeshed with mine, and sweaty after our recent session. They both continued to move their legs around, rubbing against my hairless legs, hitting my ball sac and dick once in a while, hoping I’d respond somehow. 

My right arm caressing G1’s back, stroking his lower back, down towards his firm ass.  A light coating of sweaty ginger hair making my fingers slip and glide over the area.  My left arm tucked behind my head so my bicep is flexed and available if G2 decides to move on to something different. I nudge G2’s head, he looks up, sees my bicep, and licks his lips, then scooches up. 

Even after the fun we just had over the past hour, these two seem to be insatiable, but I’m just toying with them, waiting for my strength to return, so I can get back into the show and give them a second round they won’t soon forget. 

Now, I’m 6’2”, 235, gym rat, strong as fuck, blonde hair, grey eyes, and a nice coating of chest hair.  I don’t bother to trim it, but keep the rest of my body hair free.  I like to keep my chest hair as a surprise for when I meet up with a guy and they think I’m smooth.  But, these two were a treat.  I eventually found out they planned on trying to put a fast one by me, by making it seem there was only one of them.  I’m in the process of getting them back for it.

I saw G1 in the gym one day.  He’s about 6’, 190, great build, and found out he is stronger than I thought he’d be.  There was something in the way he looked at me with his hazel eyes that made me just walk over and stand behind the flat bench to spot him.  I doubt he would have needed the help as he seemed confident he could push the 285 around with ease, but he appreciated the help.  He also appreciated the view up my shirt, when he laid down, to my flat abs and muscled pecs as he licked his lips.  He stopped staring, his eyes grew intense and he pushed the bar up and proceeded to grind out 8 reps at nice even pace.  On the ninth rep he started to falter.  I put my hands under the bar to help, but he grunted angrily and I moved them away.  He arched his back to the fullest it would go, pushed out a spit laden breath, and shoved the weight up.  He blinked and I helped him re-rack the bar.  Dude had some strength.  I’d have to get his name at some point.

There was sweat pouring off his head, onto his neck, and down into his t-shirt.  Then I noticed the ginger hair and how curly it was and I nicknamed him Ginger in my head. I wanted to reach my hand into it and just play with the curls.  I was getting hard just thinking about the fun I could have with him.  He gave me his thanks and proceeded to wipe the bar and bench off and walk away.  What the fuck just happened.  Nobody walks away from me, yeah, I know, cocky sounding SOB here, but I’m really not.  Just a persona for the gym boys.  I stare after him and watch that tight ass move away.  I start to pitch a tent.

A few days later, I’m at the gym again and I see Ginger walk right on by, as if I were invisible. He walks back to the flat bench and starts his set.  I stand there thinking it’s a bit weird to do a second round of chest right on the heels of the first round, but you know, everyone has a plan.  Let him have at it. 

I start my set of bicep curls using a straight bar with 25lb weights on each side to start, going light tonight.   I rattle off a set of 10, rest for 30 seconds, and then do another 10.  Good warm up set. I glance over to Ginger and see he’s up to 185 and moving along like a champ.  I toss and another 10 to each side and decide to take my time.  I want to be fresh if he looks for help again.  I curl out another two sets and switch up to 2 25lb weights on each side.  I glance into the mirror to check my form and notice he is looking at me.  He wasn’t giving me the ‘come spot me’ look from a few days ago and it kind of bothered me.  Who was this guy and was he giving me the brush off?  Again, what the fuck.  He gets up, ups the weight to 285 and I think, here it comes, the look to come spot him.  I’ll get him by ignoring him.  I stand there and, as casually as I can, turn towards him, but look past him.  He grins at me, almost laughs, lays back down and proceeds to rattle off 10 reps.  He racks the bar, gets up, wipes the bar and bench off, and walks by me. 

He says, “You’re going to catch some flies keeping your mouth open like that.”  I am dumbfounded.  What just happened?  I am tempted to follow him, trap him in a corner, lift him up by his armpits and shake him around a bit.  Need to show him who the boss is and that I’ve got the muscles to back up what I say. By the time I come out of it, he has started his next exercise.

Ginger proceeds with his chest routine, barely giving me a glance.  I try to put him out of my head, but every time I turn around, he is just in my range of view.  I’m not sure if he is doing it on purpose or it’s just a coincidence. I move from the straight bar bicep curls to lateral shoulder lifts and some squats.  I know, I know, concentrate on one or two body parts a day (legs or chest or arms), and don’t go with a pansy workout of hitting a lot of body parts all on the same day.  But this kid, and I wasn’t even sure how old he was, was under my skin and it was bothering the fuck out of me.  I need to calm down.  I head to the bathroom, lock the door, and yank off a quick load.  It eases my mind.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you think of it, the mental image I was focusing on was me tossing Ginger around and fucking him silly.

A few days later, Thursday night, leg night for me.  Back to my routine.  Ignore Ginger if he shows up.  Plan in place. 

Start on a leg extension machine, move to a quad curl machine, onto incline leg presses.  My legs are pumped I feel like they could crush watermelons between them, or some punks head, if he gets on my nerves, and then he shows up.

I ignore him, but he settles into the full rack machine next to me and starts doing squats.  Dammit, why does he have to do legs on my leg day?  I stare at my machine, 6 plates on each side, easy set coming up.  I polish off 10 reps.  I reach up to pull myself up and he leans over and says, “Not bad”.  I ignore him.  Yeah, dick move, but I act like I in full workout mode.  He shrugs and adds another 45lb to each side his bar.  Up to 90lb a side and the bar itself, 225, not too bad.  He gives me the can you spot me look and I glance away, but them realize I’ve taken it too far.  The kid is asking for help, just suck it up and help him.

I turn back and nod yeah.  He nods.  We get into position and he pushes out a solid 10 reps and racks the bar.  He turns and nods again in thanks.  Ok, ice broken, he’s not a dick as I thought.  I go back to my routine and he moves on with his. 

About 15 minutes later, I’m doing deadlifts and notice he is back in the full rack machine and is loading up the bar again.  I’m completely puzzled.  I wander over and ask, “Doing another set after the ones you pushed out earlier?” 

He looks at me and says, “Just got here buddy.”  I stare at him for a long moment, muscles start to tense up, biceps twitch, and my chest tightens, and the feeling of needing to show him whose boss pops into my head.  “Can I help you with something?” he casually asks.  Then I hear a similar voice behind me say, “If he can’t, maybe I can.”  I turn to see his spitting image. 

Ok... Twins… Fuckers. I turn back to the first one and he gives me a mischievous grin.  G1 walks next to him and gives me the exact same grin.  I start to laugh out load.  A bunch of guys stop their routine and turn to look at me to see what’s so funny.  We exchange names and I tell them I’ll just call them G1 and G2.  They laugh and say ok.  I find out they are in their mid-twenties, have good jobs, and like to be with each other as much as being with other guys.

They explain they saw me a few weeks ago and hatched a plan to get my attention and to act as if there were only one of them.  They’d run hot and cold towards me to see how I reacted.  Once they got me riled up, they’d come clean. I tell them G2 almost got the shit kicked out of him for his antics.  They laugh and I thought to myself, I’m going to have a lot of fun these two.

That was 2 months ago.  We decided to become workout partners, or a workout trio?!?  They indicated they were looking to get stronger and I agreed to help them.  I also told them I would not take it easy on them and if they expected to make some gains, they’d have to work at harder than they were used to.  They both agreed. I gave them all the workout tips I knew and if I did not know something, I researched it and showed them what I’d found.  They really appreciated all the help and were always asking what they could do for me.  I told them working out together was the best thing they could do for me.  It pushed me to new heights and made me rethink my workout plan as now I was planning for 3 – or 2 as I counted them as one. LOL

Earlier tonight we met at the gym and were going to do an intense bicep workout.  I planned on giving them a show afterwards as a surprise.  We started off with Incline dumbbell hammer curls, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb weights.  They kept up.  All biceps getting a nice early pump and sheen from the sweat we break.

Next was Incline Inner-bicep curls, 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb.  G1 and G2 are powering thru it like beasts.  They stood next to each other and gave encouragement and would act as spotter.  I would point out adjustments to form or movement so they were getting the most out of the exercise.

Onto standing concentration dumbbell curls.  Same weights.  They were keeping up which was good.  I wanted them to push themselves thru the workout.  Only way to get stronger and bigger is to push yourself.  I ask them how they’re doing and they say fine.  I ask them to flex and they both throw impressive double bi’s.  I toss mine up and they nod with approval.   I can tell they want to reach out and touch the muscles.  I squeeze for an extra second and they keep on staring at the muscles.

Next was the EZ bar curl.  I used a 45 bar with 35lb weights.  They used a 45lb bar with 25lb weights.  This is where I moved ahead of them.  Second set we all added 10lbs to each side.  Last set, I added a 25lb weight to each side and they added another 10 to each side.  I’m curling 185 and they’re at 135.  Not too bad, but I’ll get them higher.  They’re each sweating profusely and their t-shirts are becoming soaked thru.  I can see G1’s nipples and that G2 tends to shave his chest more religiously then G1.

Exercise # 5 is a wide grip standing barbell curl.  I start at 115lb again.  They move down to a 35lb bar and put 25lb on each side.  85lb is pretty good, especially after the workout we’ve already had.  We power thru it.  I toss another 10lbs on each side and goad them into doing the same.  If you want the muscles, pay the price I tell them. Last set, I pull the 10’s and put another 25 on each side. They add 10’s to each side.  I’m pulling 165 and they’re at 125.  I playfully mock them saying I’m almost curling one of them right now while the two of them are barely getting me off the ground.  They grin and both lick their lips.

Next, I move to a Zottman curl.  Love this exercise as it targets the two heads on my bicep and does a great job of tearing up the muscles to let them grow.  I start with 45lb, move to 55lbs, and finish with 70lbs.  Ah, the pain is excruciating, but worth it.  I finish the set, and move over to the mirrors.  I need to check out my pump and maybe give the boys a peak at what’s to come.  I start to flex unabashedly, and they gawk at me.  Yeah, just what I wanted to see.  They did the same exercise, but with 25’s, 35’s, and 45’s.  I tell them to get over near me and show me what they’ve got.  They move next to me and proceed to show off their guns.  God, who thought twins could look exactly alike, even with the muscles they’ve got on them.  I’m really hungering to get these guys into bed tonight.

I announce last exercise and that I expect them to leave everything on the floor by the end or else.  I say this with my meanest psycho maniacal voice, literally spitting on them.   They look petrified as I’ve never been this ruthless with them.  Then I wink and give them a crooked smile.  They laugh and wink back.

I point to the Overhead cable curl and tell them to move or lose it.  I make them start with 70lbs on each side.  They look exhausted, but I yell, no pain, no gain.  They do their sets and I move in and start with 105s on each side and kick thru 10 reps with ease.  Biceps full of blood and expanding each time.  I glance over to the boys and each has started to pitch a tent.  I hold the last rep and flex extra hard to really make the peak pop. I start to sprout a woody as well. 

They move in for their next sets.  I move them up to 90s and shout encouragement to push thru for 10 reps or complete failure.  G1 makes it to 8, G2 gets to 10 and takes pride in letting his brother know it.  I punch my weight up to 135 on each side and move thru the set like I’m in a different body.  I’m watching myself and the boys in the mirror and I just muscle thru it.  I think their obvious erections have influenced me.  I hold the last two reps in the pulled position so everyone can stare at the biceps and how big and hard they are.  I want these kids to get in the mood for later on.  I slowly release the hold and the biceps are shaking as I move them back to neutral.  After the final rep I give one final all out double bi pose and quickly move into a most muscular.  I’m even impressing myself tonight.  Full on erection going on and I’m not ashamed of it.  The guys see it and glance at each other and smile. 

I call last set and move their weight ups to 105. I stand right behind G1 as he starts.  He gets to 6 and starts to slow.  I get real close, my dick almost poking him in the ass and whisper in his ear, “You get to 8 and you get a prize.  You get to 10 and you get first shot at it.” As I casually look down towards my raging hard-on in the mirror.  

He immediately has renewed energy and pushes out another 5 reps, getting to 11.  He lets go of the handles, the weights slam down, and he purposely backs into my erection.  He asks, “What do I get for 11?”  I say, “All 11 I have to offer.”  He casually grinds his ass to my dick, completely unbothered by the fact we are in a public gym and there are a bunch of other guys watching us do our workout. 

G2 moves in and pushes G1 out of the way.  “Any encouraging words for me?” he asks.  “Yeah, get to 12 and you get to make your bro watch you go first.”  G1 starts to protest, but I hold up a finger and point it at him, indicating you did your set, now it’s his turn.  He angrily stands to the side.  G2 starts his set and gets to 7 with ease, but really slows down. G1 yells encouragement and I move behind him and tell him to look in the mirror.  He does and I flex my left bicep and proceed to lick it.  His practically cums in his shorts, but manages to push out 3 more reps before dropping the handles.  G1 looks on with a snarky grin, but comes over and gives G2 an honest and heartfelt high five.  I can tell these guys are all about pushing each other and regardless of who does more reps or pushes more weight, nothing will come between them, not even me. 

I announce shower time, but not here.  I explain I have a large enough tub shower unit at my place and we can relax there and recover.  They both agree and follow me home.  I wonder what they talked about on the ride over, if they have plan for me, like I do for them…

When we get to my place, I ask who wants to shower first and they say they will. “Together?” I ask.  They say, “Yeah, it saves on hot water.”  They give me another mischievous grin and head off to the bathroom.  I smile as their asses shake as they walk down the hallway and into the bathroom.

I hear the water come on, and then I can make out both of them getting in… They conveniently leave the door open a crack. I walk down and peak in.  Low and behold they are in the tub shower lathering each other up.  I thought I had finally nailed down who was G1 and who was G2 based on their chest hair, and I was correct.  G1 was washing G2 at this point.  Man, they were putting on a show. 

G1 had the soap and was lathering up the G2’s legs, ass, balls, and dick.  The G2 was moaning and enjoying every minute of it.  He had his hands on the walls to keep his balance.  Apparently not the first time G1 has helped him out after a workout. G2’s legs were more muscular than I thought and watching his brother’s hand slowly rub the soap on the muscles and gently massage his calves, thighs and quads was almost illegal.  Watching G1 rub away any kinks made me spring a boner right there.  He moved up the legs and stood up so he was right behind his twin. 

Both were sporting impressive erections and the G1 moved in behind G2 and applied a copious amount of soap and suds to his twin’s ass, really working the crack and hole. His dick leisurely bangs into G2’s ass and eventually he pushes it down, so it is between G2’s legs.  He gets a slow fucking motion going on.   G2 leans over a bit to give G1 a better angle and sightline.  After about 3 minutes of that, G1 moves his hands around to the front of his twin and started to stroke his brother slowly.  I was in heaven, but also in hell.  Here were these two guys putting on a show, with me peeking in on them, and they were having all the fun.  I wanted to see how far they would take it, so I stay quiet and out of sight.  G1 stopped stroking the other, to my dismay, and moved up to the abs and chest area.  His dick was still between G2’s legs and the fucking motion never ceased.  He gave the chest and abs a thorough work over and moved on to the arms.  I figured they would spend a lot of time massaging them, and I was correct. 

G1 worked up a good froth of soap and gently started massaging the biceps and triceps.  G2 put his arms over his head and turned around so G1 could wash the armpits and underside of the arms.  Now, I knew these guys were close, but when G1 moved in and gave G2 a long sensual kiss right on the lips, my mind was blown and I almost blew my load. 

G2 casually says, “Instead of staring, come in and help him.”

I blush and slowly open the door.  I ask, “How did you know I was watching?”

“Um, nobody moans as loudly as you do, buddy.” G1 says while still facing G2.  He turns to me and says, “Well, get your ass naked and get over here, we’re only half done.” He’s got that evil grin going on. 

I smile, strip like my live depends on it, and walk right to the tub shower, erection on full display.  They both whistle.  I step in, grab the soap and get a good lather going.  I get behind G1, and push him closer to G2.  I start to wash his back, while G2 takes care of his front.  Plenty of soap to go around. G1 leans over to his twin and starts kissing him again.  G2 cocks his head and sees me watching and wink at me.  I put my muscular arms between the two of them and pull G1 back towards me. 

“Want your reward now for winning the Overhead bicep curl challenge?” I ask.  G1 says not yet, but playfully grinds his ass into my dick, causing it to swell up a bit more.  I pull him back into me harder and say with a stern voice, “What if I don’t give you a choice?”

He coyly replies, “Think you can take on both of us? Because how can you be sure I’m the one who won, and not him?” 

I stare at him and say, “G2 takes better care of his chest hair then you do.”  And I proceed to rub one hand on each of their muscular chests.  I wanted to get a good grope in while I was at it and they both seemed to enjoy it as they both flexed their chests and the same time.  G1 was right, if their chest hair were not different, I would not be able to tell them apart.

He winks back and says, “Nice job big guy.  Way to pay attention.”  He looks at G2 and says, “I told you he’d find a way to tell us apart.  We’ll have to work on making it harder for him.”

I smile, pull on his dick and then grab G2’s dick and say, “It’s hard enough already, or should I say, you’re both hard enough already.”

They both smile their evil grins, and surround me.  They both put a hand on my dick and start to yank on it slowly.  I tell them to hold on, but they continue.  I need to assert myself.  I put my hands on their chests and spread them away from me, biceps flexing, and chest expanding.  They hold on for dear life, but I muscle them away.  They grin again. 

“Rinse off and dry off now.”

They comply. Once they are dry they try to help me out, but I push them away again and give them the look.  They both pout, but stay back.  I proceed to dry myself off, but put on quite a show.  I turn around, bend over, and start at my ankles.  My tight ass on display, I playfully open and shut my hole.  I begin to stand up and continue drying myself off. I get to my dick, which is still hard, I turn around so I am facing them and proceed to massage it to its full length and girth.  I got 4 eyes ogling my body and I enjoy it.  I move thru my abs, chest, and linger on my arms, flexing them so the peaks stand out.  The guys start to crowd in, and I let them now.  We come together as a group, and I put my arms around them and give them a gently squeeze, just to give them an idea of what’s to come.

“Bedroom now.”

Again they comply.

We walk to my man-cave, or bedroom. A large king-size bed dominates the room. Dark curtains make sure no one can peek in.  I didn’t go for a mirror on the walls or ceiling.  Just too corny.  Plus I want to concentrate on the guy I’m with, not my reflection.  I already know how fucking built and strong I am.  Also, I want them to concentrate on me too.  I want them to feel my power as I do what I want with them.

So the boys are standing there, sporting erection which would put most guys to shame, and I move closer, put an arm around each of their asses, bend my knees, pull them to me, and stand up. No wobble or stumble.  I stand straight the fuck up and lift these kids off the ground a good 5 inches or so.  They extend their arms to steady themselves using my shoulders or biceps, but I growl “No” and they move their arms back.  Kids need to see and understand my strength.  I proceed to walk to the bed, toss G2 down and look at G1 and say, “It’s time for your reward, whether you like it or not.”

“Yes, please.” Is all he says gazing into my eyes.  His hands come up and wrap around my neck.  I shrug my shoulders and pinch his arms there.  He tries to move them, but I apply more pressure and give him the look saying you’re not going anywhere unless I say so.  He grins to show he understands and moves in for a kiss.  It is long and sloppy, wetting my mouth, tongue, and lips.  I reciprocate.  Our tongues are dancing with each other. 

I shift him around so both hands are cradling his ass.  I look at G2 and tell him to go into the nightstand and pull out the box of condoms and lube.  He obeys.  I tell him to open one and put it on my dick. He rapidly complies, taking his time to make sure the condom is on all the way and has a nice big pouch at the top to catch my load.  I tell him, “Lube up your brother’s ass, I’m sure you’ve done it once or twice before.” They both laugh. 

I’m still cradling G1 and he’s started massaging my arms and playing with my chest hair.  I like the feel of his weight in my arms and think, I may use these guys for warm-up curls one day. I lean in for another kiss and begin to ravage his mouth.  His dick gets even harder, starts spurting pre-cum, and I’m not even in him yet. He tries to pull back as I begin to get rough, but I glare at him and he lets me continue.  My tongue invades his mouth, spilling saliva and spit all over his teeth and the roof of his mouth.  He seems to be getting into it now.  Good.  G2 has finished lubing his ass.  I flex my bi’s, raise G1 up another few inches and flex my dick to his hole.  I slowly but adamantly lower him onto my dick.  His eyes grow wide when his ass feels me penetrate him.  He wants to yell, but I am still kissing him and sucking the air out of him so he cannot yell.  G2 is squatting behind his brother making sure my dick is sliding in nice and easy.  Every once in a while he puts some lube on his hands and applies it to my shaft.  G1 starts to shake a bit due to my size.  I realize there is no use in harming him, so I ease up the pressure.  He relaxes and his ass opens up for me some more.  I release my grip and bit and let his weight lower him further down my unit.  He’s almost there, but then shows a pained expression.  He grunts and G2 immediately gets up and says, “You’re hurting him, pull him up a bit.” 

I bark, “I know what I’m doing G2, now get behind me and lick my ass.”  I release my right arm from G1’s ass, grab ahold of G2 by the neck and pull him close to my face.  “You want to see real strength, keep it up.” G2 grabs my wrist with both his hands and says, “If you hurt him, you’re going be sorry.

“Yeah, who’s going to do it, you?” I say as I start to lift him up.  Good thing he grabbed my wrists, more support for him.  His eyes get wide and I slowly put him down and nod for him to get busy with my ass.

I turn back to G1, see there is still a pained expression on his face, but it has lessened.  I’m not going to hurt him, but I’m not telling them that yet.  I’m still getting them back for their hi-jinks.  I know they’ll have a shit ton more fun if I’m rough with them, then if I went soft and cuddly.  If they want soft and cuddly, I got a buddy I can introduce them to.

Back to G1.  He’s sitting down and seems to have become accustomed to my dick in him.  I release my left arm from his ass and pull it behind my head and flex.  He looks at it lustfully, licking his lips.  I nod, and he moves his head towards it.  He has wetted his lips and starts slobbering all over the face of the biceps and goes down to my armpit.  He’s washing it out like a good little boy and man it feels good. I put my right hand into his curly ginger hair and finally get to play with the curls.  They’re not long flowing locks, but not too short so as to keep me from having fun with them.  He moans as I move my hand around.  I seem to have hit another sensitive spot.  Wonder if G2 is the same.

I lean over slightly, spread my legs a bit, and put my right hand on G2’s head and force him into my ass crack.  His tongue goes into overdrive worshiping my hole.  I open and shut it as I feel his tongue play with it.  At one point he darts his tongue inside when it’s open.  I clamp my hole shut trapping his tongue.  He feels the pressure, but still manages to maneuver his tongue while it is inside.  Good boy.

I rub my right hand thru G2’s hair like I did with G1.  He moans the same way.  Ok good.  Twins to the end.

Time to put this party into over drive.  I lean back up, tell G2 to come around front and sit his ass down on the bed.  He obeys… Good, he’s learning.  I proceed to put both hands on G1’s lats.  I look him in the eyes and say, “You ready for the best ride of your life?”  His eyes get wide, both his arms shoot out and lock onto my biceps, and he nods yes.  “Good.  Here we go.”

At this point I raise his ass up almost off my dick and slide him back down.  His eyes roll around and his head starts to roll on his shoulders.  I start to move him up and down more quickly.  His hands start to increase their pressure on my biceps, but I just flex them harder.  He responds by tightening his ass’s grip on my dick.  I love the new found pressure, and let out a little growl, move my lips towards his, and start to kiss him again.  He’s loving it.  He’s now moving his ass up and down on his own, well, I’m still helping out by raising him up by his lats.  Lips locked, hands locked onto my biceps, and his dick as swollen as any I’ve ever felt.  Now is my time to push him over the edge.  I move my hands to his waist, and start to pump him up and down like he’s my own private flesh light.  He’s in heaven, I’m just breaking a sweat and G2 is whacking off vigorously.  I yell at G2, “Stop.  You’re not allowed to cum before him.”  He obediently takes his hand off his oh so erect and swollen cock.  He desperately wants to jerk it, but I turn so I can watch him.  He now understands how serious I am.  I turn my attention back to G1, who is gurgling and seems to be passing out.  I free my left hand, wrap it around his cock, and start to jerk him off, timing my movements to match with my thrusting.  He can’t take it anymore and eructs with a massive load. 

First shot, over my shoulder.  Good boy.

Second shot, my face, chin, and chest. I lick as much up as I can.

Third volley coats our chests and abs.

Final one, dribbles out and slides down his cock to coat his shaft and balls.

His arms let go of my biceps.  I walk over to the bed and pull him off me and put him down. I don’t throw him onto the bed as he is about passed out and I’m not trying to hurt them or scare them off. I looked at G2 who is still sporting a gorgeous boner, lean down, pick him right up, and start to slide him down my shaft.  “I hope you’re ready for the ride of your life.” 

He tightens his ass just like his brother did.  Nice.  I grab his lats, he puts his arms around my neck and hauls himself in for a sloppy kiss.  He’s biting my lower lip when I enter him.  His eyes open even wider and I nod yeah, now you know the pain your brother was in.  He uses his hands to massage my deltoids and neck muscles. I move more quickly with G2.  I’m already sliding him up and down my shaft quickly.  He pulls his lips back, sticks his tongue out and starts to lap his brother’s cum off my face.  When he has a tongue full he moves back in to pushes his tongue into my mouth, depositing the jizz.  I swallow and lick his tongue and lips clean. I have him moving at a good pace on my dick when he suddenly grows tense.  His hands latch on to my delts, and he wraps his legs around my waist.  He freezes and shoots a load to match his brothers.  Cum is everywhere on me and him.  Our faces, chests, and abs.  His legs release from my waist, but I am not done yet.  I walk back to the bed, pull him off my dick and place him next to his brother.  G1 has regained his composure, is leaning up on his elbows, and caught the end of my fucking his brother. He gives me a smile, and starts running his hand thru G2’s hair.

I rip the condom off my dick, place both hands on it and start to go to town.   G2 opens his eyes, leans up, but is still kind of out of it.  I keep whacking off, but release my right hand, and throw up a bicep flex.  I pull my left hand off and now do a massive double bi pose.  The guys are aroused again.  I move closer and nod my head for them to grab my dick.  They maneuver around on the bed and each put a hand on my dick and start to jerk it off.  To me the feeling is unbelievable.  G1 then puts his other hand under my ball sac and starts playing with my balls.  Oh boy, there’s a mistake.  I go from double bi to most muscular, let out an animalistic yell and spew my load onto both of them.  Cum is again, everywhere.  I’ve shot four volleys and coated the bed, them, and my legs.  I’m still erect, but the boys looked wiped out.  I lean down, pick up G1 and move him further onto the bed.  I do the same with G2.  I move into the area in between them and pull their heads close to me.  “Rest up gentlemen.  Next show coming soon.”


Part 6, Colin and Ian 


“You think he’ll be upset with us, Colin?” Ian asks as he finishes shaving his twin’s armpits and chest, softly blowing any remaining hairs away.  He runs his hands over his brother’s whole body to make sure he has not left any hair and that Colin is now as smooth as he is.

“Probably Ian.  But think of the fun we’ll have, and isn’t that what really matters?” As he takes a towel and brushes off the remaining loose hairs.  He looks at himself in the mirror and then glances over to Ian to make sure neither missed a spot.

“Yeah, but he was kind of rough last time.  My ass is still recovering.” Ian says as he puts the clippers away and throws the towels and washcloths in the hamper. He gently massages his ass cheeks and moves toward his hole and softly touches the area surrounding it.

“Mine too, but that is why we need to do this.  If he thinks he can just toss us around and then plow our asses for his enjoyment, we need to do something.” Colin says and walks over to Ian and puts the palm of his hand on the other’s chest and gently massages his pecs.  Ian instinctively flexes.  Colin smiles and his dick responds as well.  He puts his other hand on Ian’s ass and moves it toward the hole.  Once he reaches it, he slowly inserts a finger.  Ian sighs and pushes one of his fingers in as well.  They both move their fingers in and out.  Colin is inches away from his twin’s face, each breathing heavily, anticipating what comes next.

Ian quietly replies, “I know and agree, but we did start it… And if he gets upset with us, we’re in for real pain...” He winces as Colin sticks a second and then third finger in his ass.

Colin leans in and kisses Ian on the lips. “I got your ass, and your front.  I’m covering both sides of you.” He says as he grasps Ian’s dick and slowly starts to jerk him off.  He tenses his bicep while jerking Ian off and Ian grabs ahold of it with his free hand, massaging the muscle, coaxing his twin to flex harder.  Colin senses his brothers need and obliges by releasing his dick and throwing up a bicep flex.  Ian glances over, sees the flex, and moves him mouth over to it. 

He starts to wet the face of the muscle, coating it with his saliva.  He pulls back and Colin releases his fingers from Ian’s ass and puts his hand on Ian’s head and gently pushes it back to the bicep.  Ian goes back to work and starts to coat the triceps, all the way down to his brother’s armpit.  He lifts his brother’s arm up over his head so he has a wide opening to the whole pit and his triceps.   He plants soft sloppy kisses on the underside of the arm and takes some nibbles at the skin.  Colin quivers. After shaving each other’s body completely hair free, his armpit is as smooth as his ass. 

Neither one was as large, muscular, or strong as the new guy, but they worked out regularly, and always together.  The new plan they were on had added more muscle to both of them.  They noticed their biceps were an inch bigger, their quads were showing striations, and they chests and abs had a lot more definition and hardness.  They could punch each other in the abs and not do any damage.  They enjoyed testing their new strength on each other, whether they were lifting each other up in a bear hug or curling each other, or wrestling to get pins (naked of course). Colin was just a bit stronger and seemed to win the lifting contests, but Ian used cunning to pin Colin.  And by cunning, it meant he would insert his fingers into Colin’s ass to distract him.

Ian goes to work and strikes a sensitive area and Colin starts to fidget.  Ian is now tickling him with his tongue.  Ian removes his other hand from his ass and puts it around Colin’s waist and seeks his brother’s hole.  He finds it and quickly inserts two fingers in an attempt to get back at him.  Colin giggles and says, “Bro, you can do better than that.”  Ian inserts two more fingers and starts to move them around, widening the hole. Colin flexes his ass and Ian continues to wiggle his fingers around. Colin lets go of his brother’s head and puts his hand back on Ian’s dick, trying to distract him.  Ian sighs and continues to wash out the pit and ravage his brother’s hole.

He nudges Colin to lay back on the bed.  Once he does, Ian straddles him.  Legs on each side of his brother’s waist, he uses his hands to move Colin’s arms above his head and holds them down.  Ian then stretches his whole body on top of Colin’s and starts to seductively move it around.  Chest to chest, nipples rubbing against each other, getting hard and sensitive.  Their dicks already stiff and red, become more sensitive with each movement, pre-cum dripping from both tips. 

“You’re causing me to waste a lot of pre-cum Ian. Get busy or get off and let me take over.”

“Just because you’re 2 minutes older, doesn’t mean you’re in charge of me.” Ian says as he grinds his hips into Colin’s dick and pelvis savagely.  “I can be just as dominant as you.”

“Yeah, right. We’re identical everywhere except there, little bro.” Colin says condescendingly, but playfully.  Ian instinctively know he’s playing with him, but still grinds his hips harder. He leans down and plants a kiss on Colin’s lips.  Colin seems to enjoy it as he sighs heavily. “Keep it up dude, you’re hitting all the right buttons tonight.”  Colin bucks his hips in appreciation.

They look into each other’s eyes and see themselves in the other.  They have always been together, best friends, and lovers for as long as they can remember.  But that’s a story for another time.  Now, they’re older, still best friends, and now love to play games with guys they meet.  They’re not mean or malicious, but just a bit of fun to see if the other guy has a sense of humor.  They’ve met guys who do and some who don’t, which has led to some bruises.  They’re still up in the air about the new guy, Eddie.

Ian goes back to straddling Colin and moves in for another kissing session.  More intently this time.  He starts by nibbling on Colin’s upper lip, then uses his tongue to spread his mouth open and invades.  They are swapping spit, wrestling tongues, and wiggling about on each other uncontrollably. Both are sporting generous erections, the kind they only get when they are with each other. 

Colin pushes his hips up causing Ian to slide off to one side.  Colin turns the tables and rolls over on Ian and is now on top.  He keeps Ian’s hands trapped over his head, like Ian had done to him.  He licks Ian’s face all over causing Ian to squirm and laugh.  He then moves his mouth to Ian’s earlobe.  He softly puts it in his mouth and uses his tongue to wet it.  Ian is still squirming about, but Colin keeps him pinned down. He knows if he releases Ian’s hands, one will find its way to his ass.  He playfully sticks his wet tongue into Ian’s ear and swirls it around the outer then inner parts. Ian is going crazy and Colin can feel a bit of wetness as Ian lets loose a huge spurt of pre-cum. 

Colin leans up, releases Ian’s hands, and says, “Not yet bro.  We’re just getting started.”

“What about Eddie?” Ian asks.

“He can wait.  Tonight is our night.”  Colin says and scoots down Ian’s body and locks his lips on a nipple.  He nibbles on it and Ian starts squirming again.  Pleasuring each other always comes first, regardless if they’ve found someone else to play with or not.  If the new guy doesn’t like it, tough shit and see ya.

Colin grinds his hips into Ian’s and once he feels his brother is sufficiently erect, he opens his ass and Ian slides in, they both sigh.  Ian had done a nice job opening him up.  They never used lube when they were with each other.  They were able to produce enough pre-cum to do the job.

Ian reaches his hands up to Colin’s chest and starts massaging his pecs, which Colin flexes. Ian punches them, causing Colin to flex them.  Ian’s dick becomes a bit harder due to the excitement he is feeling by punching his twin.  Colin starts bouncing up and down on his dick, a nice slow and even pace. Ian continues to massage the pecs and starts bucking his hips to match his brother’s movements.  Colin puts his hands on Ian’s biceps and starts to massage them like Ian did to his.  Ian throws a double bi pose while on his back. Colin leans in for a kiss, which Ian accepts openly.  They passionately kiss and both begin to groan.  Colin picks up his motion and is grinding his ass back and forth along his brother’s length, and feels Ian release another spurt of pre-cum in his ass.   He lets a glob out of his dick and it lands on Ian’s abs. 

Colin savagely grinds his ass into Ian’s pelvic section and lowers his chest onto Ian’s and moves it around, spreading the pre-cum. 

He suddenly says, “Position four.” And gets off Ian. 

Ian grins, gets off the bed, and squats down in front of Colin.  Colin approaches and Ian engulfs his dick to the hilt in a single motion.  He’s always been better at deep throating than Colin.  Ian uses his tongue to clean off the pre-cum which had leaked out. Colin moans and gets a good face fucking motion going. Ian is slobbering on Colin’s dick, completely coating it, and since his twin is now hair free, he is gladly accepts the whole length.  He puts his hands on Colin’s ass and is encouraging him to push harder and further into him, even though his is already all the way in.  Ian runs his tongue along the protruding veins and the mushroom capped head.  He gently rakes his teeth along the length and Colin shudders and releases another spurt of pre-cum right down his throat.  Ian responds and a glob jets out and hits Colin on his calf. 

Colin says, “Careful bro, you can’t cum too soon.”  Ian responds with a couple quick and fierce back and forth movements, almost completely releasing his brother’s cock from his mouth, then he engulfing it again to the hilt.

He gags as Colin’s dick hits the back of his throat and his Uvula (the little thing that hangs down at the back of your mouth). He adjusts his angle and gets another millimeter of Colin in him.  The gagging has subsided and both are enjoying the motion and feeling.  Colin puts his hands on Ian’s shoulders and gently massages the muscles, also attempting to pull Ian closer, if possible.  They keep up the pace and movement for another 5 minutes. 

Ian moves his hands from Colin’s ass and puts one hand on his ball sac and the other on the sensitive area between Colin’s ball sac and hole.  He uses his thumb to softly massage the area, rubbing across the remaining short hairs, causing Colin to shudder.  He uses his other hand to fondle the balls, tugging them and banging them around casually.  Colin is beginning to shake.  Ian releases his dick and removes his hands. 

He stands up, tenderly kisses Colon for a few minutes so they both calm and relax.  He then turns around and leans over the bed.  Colin moves in, jerks his dick back to full mast, and inserts it smoothly into Ian.  Ian stands upright. Colin moves his hands to Ian’s midsection and starts playing with Ian’s abs, which Ian flexes. Ian leans his head back and turns it so they can continue to kiss. Colin rakes his fingers across the ridges and valleys of Ian’s abs.  On the next pass, he grabs hold and pulls Ian back into him a bit more.  Ian sighs and now it’s his turn to grind his ass into Colin. Colin starts roughly bucking into Ian. Ian puts his hands on top of Colin’s and they intertwine their fingers. 

Colin, knowing he is just a bit stronger, leans back on his heels and Ian is lifted off the ground an inch or so. Colin uses his hips to push Ian up and down on his dick.  Ian lets his full weight settle onto Colin, knowing his twin would not do anything to hurt him.  They let go of each other’s hand and Colin wraps one hand around Ian’s chest while the other is around his midsection, right above his erect dick, brushing against it.  He continues to buck his hips and Ian is enjoying the ride. 

“See, Eddie isn’t the only one who can lift you up.”  Ian gurgles a content response and Colin knows he is all but ready to explode.

Colin moves his right hand down to Ian’s dick and starts to jerk on it. 

“Careful bro, I’m close”

“Good.” Say Colin while licking Ian’s earlobe.

He leans forward, puts Ian back down, and starts going to town on Ian’s ass, timing his bucking with his jerking.  Ian moves his left hand down and joins Colin in jerking him off.  Colin moves forward and begins to lick the back of Ian’s ear. Ian turns his head a bit and Colin inserts his tongue into his ear. 

Ian shudders, goes tense, and unleashes a massive load. Colin pulls Ian as close to him as he possibly can and gives him a reverse bear hug to make sure he does not lose his balance while letting lose.  The load explodes over the bed, coating the spread. The subsequent shots coat their hands and eventually Ian’s legs.  He is wiped out.  He leans his head back onto Colin’s shoulder.

Colin gently releases his twin’s dick and pushes him to the bed all the while still inside him.  Once Ian is on the bed, Colin grabs his legs and swings them around twisting Ian from his stomach to his back.  The motion and friction on his dick are overwhelming.   He puts both his hands on Ian’s waist and starts to violently push his dick in and out. 

Ian moans again, tightens his ass as hard as he can and Colin spews forth a matching load into Ian’s ass, with some leaking out and down his leg. Colin falls forward onto the bed right on top of Ian.  He withdraws his softening dick and moves into kiss Ian some more.  He slides off to a side and they are next to each other drowsing off.  Colin wraps an arm around his brother, leans over for one last kiss and whispers, “Night bro.”

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So glad you reposted this since I hadn’t read it and couldn’t find it.   Are you sure you don’t write scripts for gay porn?  These are smoking hot!!

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Dumping 3 stories today.  Just easier


Part 7, New Gym, part 1.

It was my second day going to the new gym.  I had taken the standard tour a few days ago.  I moved to town about a month ago and had been checking places out since then.  This one was the best.  Lots of free weights and all the newest machines.  Plus, a bunch of hot looking muscle guys. 

I’m 5’11”, 175, straight dark brown hair, light brown eyes, a nice smooth body, tight abs, nice size biceps, and decent pecs. I keep in shape with a religious exercise routine.  I’m at the gym 6 days a week, weights mostly, but will do some cardio or swimming once or twice a week, just to shake it up.  I also play a lot of sand volleyball which helps work out my calves.

So I’m sitting on the decline bench, getting ready to start my set, and see a cute guy with curly brown hair across the room doing some lateral shoulder lifts.  I see him glance my way, then look away. He continues his routine, not looking back at me.  I cannot keep my eyes off him, he is so cute.  His ass is firm and round.  He’s about my height and weight.  Man, I’d love to get with him.

“Don’t even think about him.” Says a deep masculine voice from my side.  I turn to see a 6’2” 220lb muscle god standing next to me.  Muscles covering his dark brown skin, shaved head, skin tight tank top, basketball shorts, which are nice and loose.  Tree trucks for legs, tapering down to some pretty decent calves. Chest and pec bulging.  His nipples are protruding and firmly standing out. I wonder how sensitive they are rubbing against that t-shirt.  Biceps must be 24 inches when he flexes.  Right now, they’re not flexed, but still looking huge. Hmm, if not the cute curly haired guy, maybe this one…

“He’s already got a boyfriend and you don’t want to get him angry.” Says the muscle man.


“Yeah. See the blonde guy over there in the blue and white t-shirt?”

“Yeah.”  I see the guy, 6’3”, close cropped blonde hair, bright blue eyes. Man, oh man.  He rivals this guy in the muscle department.  He’d be fun to get into bed.  Marble plates for pec, softballs for biceps, trim waist, pretty good package from what I can see.

“That’s his boyfriend.  See the guy on the far side of the gym in the green shirt with his leg in a cast?”

“Yeah.”  The guy was big, like 6’4”, 250lbs.  Most of it muscle, but the beginnings of a belly. 

“Well, his name is Scott and when he tried to get busy with curly one day, and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, Blonde came over, and let’s just say, if I and a couple other guys had not intervened, Scott would have a cast on the other leg and both arms.”

“Oh.” I said quietly.

“Yeah, oh.” He repeated back.  “It started out politely. Scott saw Curly and walked up and started to talk to him, very nice and easy.  When he started to intrude into Curly’s space, Curly backed away. Scott kept after him, crowding him, asking why he wasn’t interested in him.  Curly says he’s got a boyfriend and Scott says, “Is he as big as me?” flexing a bicep to 19 inches. Curly quietly says “Yeah.” And this is when Blonde comes over.  He’d been watching from the far side of the gym and when he sensed Scott was not backing down, he walked over.  Blonde asked him to leave his boyfriend alone.  He moved between Curly and Scott, but Scott didn’t get the hint and put his hand on Blonde’s arm to move him out of the way.  Blonde didn’t budge, but instead grabbed Scott’s arm, twisted it around his back so fast it was a blur. He had Scott in a hammer lock and proceeded to lift him up off the ground. His bicep wasn’t even flexing.  Scott was as light as a feather to him.  Scott was in excruciating pain and started to cry out.”

Blonde slowly lowered him down and with a steeliness in voice whispered to him “Do we understand each other?”

Scott had nodded yes.  Blonde slowly released the hammer lock and started to walk over to Curly.  Scott reached for a twenty pound dumbbell, threw it, and it glanced off Blonde’s back and caught Curly on the shoulder. It knocked him down.  Blonde slowly turned around and his blue eyes were now on fire.

I, as well as a couple other guys, saw what was about to happen but Blonde was quicker and more brutal than I thought he could be.  Without saying a word, he grabbed Scott by the waist, hefted him up a good foot off the ground, starting right into his eyes with an anger that caused me to start running over.  He tossed Scott 5 feet away like he a wet towel and was on him as soon as he hit the ground.  Blonde got in two solid punches to Scott’s midsection and Scott was curling up trying to protect himself. 

Blonde grabbed a leg, easily pulled it away from Scott’s fetal position, and simply snapped his tibia in half.  Scott shrieked in pain.  Blonde was going for the other leg when we got to them.  It took three of us to pull him off Scott, and I think it was because he let us pull him off.  He immediately got up, walked to Curly to make sure he was ok, and they left.  He never even heard Scott crying out in pain.

“Oh.” I said again quietly.

“Yeah, oh.” He repeated.  “So anyway, if you like to keep you bones as they are, give them a wide berth.  They’re both really nice guys and great to get to know, but remember, Curly and Blonde are together.”

“Got it.” 

We exchanged names and he asked if I needed a spot.  I said not now, but would in a few sets as I worked up the weight.  He said cool and to look for him when I needed the spot. He turned to walk away and tightened his ass cheeks as he walked back to his bench.

I got to work, all but forgetting about Curly.  I started with the standard 135lb, ran thru 2 sets.  First set regular grip, 10 reps, second set was wide grip to work the outer chest muscles.  Another 10 reps.  Toss 15lb on each side, up to 165, same routine.

Pull the 15’s, put a 25lb on each side, 185.  Do 5 regular grip, rest, 5 wide grip.  Feeling pretty good. Getting a good stretch. Add the 20 to each side, up to 225.  Now I look for my new buddy.  I see him a few machines down.  He looks my way and I nod at him.  He nods back, walks over and gets in position.

“You need a lift off?  How many?”

“No, 5 or 6.”  I close my eyes, take a deep breath and exhale.  Tighten my core. Open the eyes, tighten the grip, un-rack and lower the bar.  Then I push up.  Feels good.  Push out 3 reps easy.  He senses me slowing and adjusts his stance to help if I need it. I push the 4th with a couple big breaths of air.  Prep for the 5th rep.  He’s staring right into my eyes with a look of determination.  I lower the bar, rest it on my chest briefly, then push.  I get it about half way up and start to slow.  His giant hands come down to the bar and slide under it, just in case.  I’m exhaling profusely and my back it arched as far as it will go. 

He says, “Take your time, straighten your back a bit, use the leg supports for leverage.”



I listen to what he says and do it.  With the new leverage, I power up the bar and feel I can do one more.  I slowly lower it to my chest.  I get everything set, legs pushing on the supports, back not completely arched, deep breath in.  I start to exhale and push.  It’s a nice slow smooth motion upward.  I get to the top and blink letting him know to re-rack.  He pulls it back with a clang.  I lean up from the decline position and say thanks.  He nods.

All the sudden we hear a weight machine let out a loud clang and turn to see two guys doing standing bicep curls.  A red headed guy about my size has dropped the weight and is grinding his ass into a huge muscle guy’s junk.

My new buddy chuckles and says, “Looks like he’s found some new friends” I glance back over and see there is not one, but two red heads.  Man, some guys have all the luck.

“You know them?” I ask.

“Yeah, the big guy is a buddy.  The red heads are mischievous. Not sure who I feel more sorry for.”

I laugh. 

“You doing more?” 

“Yeah, give me a minute to rest up and add some weight.”


“You need any help?”

“Nay, I’m good, but thanks.  Let me know when you’re ready.”

I get up, hit the water fountain, check out some of the guys and see the twins are heading out with the big guy. I walk back into the bench area and see my new buddy on a flat bench and 4-45 plates and each side, 405lbs. He settles under the bar, no spotter around.  He lifts the bar up, lowers it to his pecs, and powers out 10 reps with ease.  I stand there, jaw open.  He re-racks, leans up, and he sees me. He twists his mouth into a “Yeah, I know” look. He playfully bounces his pecs and winks at me.  I start to sport a boner.  He sees it and grins.  He gets up, tosses a 35 on each side, 475, and lays back down.  Again, no spotter, but he pushes thru another ten reps.  I’m still standing there, full woody going on. 

He gets up, walks over, cups my erection, and says, “You may want to sit down for a second or you may pass out due to lack of blood flow to the brain. It all seems to be in your dick right now.”  He laughs, smacks me on the ass and heads to the fountain.

I walk back to my bench, add another ten to each side, but feel inadequate compared to him.  He walks back and stands behind my bench.  “Take your time, deep breaths every time.  I know you can get this.”

I get into position and he moves over the bar.  I can see right up his shorts and see his package.  I get distracted and take my hands off the bar. 

He asks, “What’s up?”

 I jokingly say, “My dick.” 

He says, “No shit.”  I explain I am looking right up his shorts and it’s distracting. He laughs and say, ok.  He adjusts his stance.  I lean back down, grip the bar, close my eyes, deep breath.  I un-rack, power thru 5 reps.  He stands there and doesn’t move a muscle.  I’m about to rack the bar and he nudges it back over my chest and says, “2 more little man.” 

I am now sweating profusely.  I slowly drop the bar and begin the upward push.  Chest muscles straining, biceps quaking, and legs pushed into the supports with every ounce of strength. I get the first one done and he still has not moved. 

I begin to lower the bar and it seems to have gotten heavier.  I rest it on my chest for second.  Deep breath and start to push.  I get 1/3 of the way up and falter. I look up to him, he leans down, puts his hands under the bar, and says to keep going.  I am breathing fast and furious.   I am still struggling to push the bar up.  It’s about ½ way up and not moving.  It starts to drop, He grabs it and curls it up out of my hands and racks it.

“Nice job.  You’ll get it next time.” He says with confidence.  He puts his huge hand on my pec and gives it a playful pat.  I flex it instinctively. I reach my hand back thru and machine and pat his calf.  He glances down and flexes it for me. I can feel the horseshoe shape in the muscle and massage it with me fingertips.  He leans forward a bit, causing the muscle to flex just a bit more.  A grin appears on his face.  “I’ve got some more sets to do.  You should finish your workout too.”

“K.” Is all I say.

He moves back to his bench, pulls the 35’s and adds a 45 and 25 to each side, 545lbs.  Man that is a fucking lot of weight.  I see he has asked Blonde to spot him and I stand way back to watch. He hefts the weight off the rack, biceps flexing, chest expanded, core tight.  I imagine I’m sitting on his lap and feeling his dick get hard while I grind it, all the while he tosses the weight around like it’s nothing.  Woody sprung and I snap out of it.  He begins his set, dropping the weight to his chest, rests it for a brief moment, and then pushes it up, nice and smooth.  I get the feeling he is not even close to maxing at this point.  He does nine more reps, Blonde has not moved.  He racks the bar, leans up, sees me, and says something to Blonde who then glances over to me and smiles.  Blonde says something back to him and they both laugh. 

Now I feel small and turn to go to the pec fly machine.  I get the feeling I am out of my league here.  I start my set at 90lbs and easily go thru the first set.  Adjust the weight to 105 and use my feeling of inadequacy to push thru that set of 10.  Water break.  I start to sweat and am twitching a bit.  Fuck, not here, not now. Keep my eyes down and start to rethink if joining this gym was the best idea.  I get back to the machine, up the weight to 120 and get thru 10 reps.  It was harder as I was sidetracked by overthinking what was going on here. Couple weird people, broken bones, possessiveness.  Not really what I wanted in a gym.  I decide to finish the week and then cancel the membership.  I walk to the windows, look outside, and take several deep breaths.  Palms on the windows, shut the eyes, breath in thru the nose and release with a nice long exhale thru the nose too.  10 breaths this way.  Calming down, feeling better.


I wander over to an adjustable bench and start to do some pec flies.  Start at 45lbs in each hand.  I get a good motion going and check my technique in the mirror in front of me.  I see my new buddy checking me out.  I try to ignore him.  No use getting into something which would only last a few days at best.  I see he is moving toward the dip machine and has a belt and a couple 45lb plates with him.  I decide to superset my flies with some push-ups.  I do another set with the 45’s and drop and do 20 push-ups.  I am really feeling the burn in my whole chest.  It feels great.  I get back on the bench and have upped the weight to 60lbs.  I start my set when I see Curly walk over and arch an eyebrow asking if I need a spot.  I nod no and he wanders off.  I finish my set and see him talking to Blonde and my new buddy. 

Now my mind is really out of it.  I decide the rest of my workout would be for shit as I am too distracted.  I head out and see them watch me go. 

Stupid anxiety.  I had suffered from it for a number of years, but with the change of jobs and moving to a new city, I thought I had gotten over it, guess not. 

I get to the locker room and sit on a bench to calm down some more.  A few more deep breaths and I’m relaxing.  I strip out of my workout clothes, grab a towel and my IPod, and head for the sauna. Thank god it’s empty.  I lay on the bench, turn on the music, and close my eyes.  The music is soothing and my brain slows and muscles relax some more.  I am in my own world, thinking about my ex, and glad I made the change to the new city to get away from him.  I am breathing deeply and feel the stress leave my body.  I feel a hand on my leg and bolt upright.  My new friend is in front of me looking me in the eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asks.

“Eh, I’ve had better days.”

“Oh, sorry to hear. It looked like you were having a good day a little while ago.”

“Yeah, but sometimes they can turn on a dime.”

“Can I do anything?”

I am silent.

“Did I do something?  You seemed anxious to get out once you saw me talking to Blonde and Curly.” 

“No.” I say evasively. I glance up at him.  His dark eyes piercing mine like he is probing me.

 “Come on dude, give me some credit.  I know we just met and we barely know each other, but I believe your feeling up my calf after your declines meant a bit more than “Thanks”.”  I blush.

“Ok, I’m not sure this gym is what I’m looking for.”

“Why?” He asks.  I proceed to list the three items I noticed and he just stares at me and breaks into a grin. 

I think he is laughing at me again.  I get up to leave, and he puts his hand on my forearm and again asks what’s up.

“I don’t really like to talk about it, but let’s just say I used to take medication to keep me on an even keel, but have been off it for a while cuz I thought I had rounded a corner and didn’t need it.”

He arches an eyebrow and says, “Are you going to go all Hulk on me?”

“Not that bad, but sometimes the little things can set me down a dark path.”

“Dude that sucks.”

“Yeah… You should try it sometime.  A fun filled adventure.”

“What happened today, if I can ask?  Like I said, you seemed pretty good and then just left.”

“Yeah, I saw you and Blonde at the flat bench and saw the weight you were tossing around.  I know I’m not in your league.” I wave my hand at his chest, arms, and abs.  “But, when you and Blonde looked over at me and then seemed to laugh, I felt my insecurities creeping up.  Then Curly comes up to me out of the blue seeing if I needed a spot.  Knowing he’s with Blonde and off limits, it just pushed me over the edge.”  I take a couple deep breaths and close my eyes to focus on something other than him.

“Dude.”  He says calmly.  He’s staring into my eyes with a look I couldn’t pin down.

“Please let me get this out, you asked.”

“Ok.”  He’s put his hand on my thigh, but it’s just resting on it, nothing sexual.  I get a feeling he’s trying to help me steady myself.

“I just got out of a relationship and moved to a new city to start over, yeah cliché, but he was the main reason for my anxiety and being on meds.”  I pause.  “I wanted to start over and just join a gym. Working out has always been my way to cope, well, working out and meds, but being off the meds has made me feel better, more clear in my head, if that makes sense.”  He nod yes.  “Well, when you walked up and struck up a conversation, it felt nice, normal.  Then you started describing Blonde, Curly, Scott, the twins and the other guy, and I just pushed it away, you know, just gym drama and bullshit.  But when I saw you tossing the 545 around like it was nothi...”  He kissed me. 

He pulls away and says, “Dude, you’re babbling.” He laughs.

“Well…”  I say and he kisses me again, this time more passionately.

“What are you doing?”

“Shutting you up and hopefully calming you down.”  He puts his left hand behind my head and leans toward me.  He has a twinkle in his eye and is asking if it is ok if he kisses me again.  I nob my head ever so slightly, saying yes.

We start slow and sensual, wetting each other’s lips, tongues tentatively probing the other’s mouth.  He moves his left hand down my back to my ass and pulls me closer to him.  I wrap my arms around his neck.  We come up for air.  I’m definitely calmer in my head, but am sporting a major boner.

“Can I ask one question?”  He nods yes. “What were you and Blonde laughing at after he looked at me?”

“Your woody. Dude, for someone your size and weight, you’ve got the goods that would make any guy happy.” He arches his eyebrow and puts his hand on my boner and tugs it a bit. “Feel better?”

I move in to kiss him again.  I run my right hand up and down his chest and abs. He tightens his core and everything gets hard.  The towel I was using to cover myself looks like a circus tent.  He glances down and giggles.  I put my left hand on his right bicep and he gently flexes it.  It gets hard in my hand and I sigh, exhaling warm breath into his mouth.  He licks my lips again.  I run my left hand up and down the bicep and move it to the triceps and gently rake my fingers over the muscles.  Now it is his turn to sigh and exhale.  I smile while we are kissing and he uses his left hand to pull me closer.

“Is this the best place to do this?” I ask.

“My gym, my rules. Nobody is going to bother us here, I am sure of that.” 

I pull back, “What?”

“Oh, did I forget to mention that?” He says with a snarky smile.  “How do you think I know so much about all the guys and their business?”

I arch my eyebrow to match his.

“Would you prefer the shower?” He asks.

“Yeah.  It’s getting a bit hot in here, and not just from your smoking hot muscles.”  I lean in and kiss his right nipple and begin to suck until it is rock hard and poking straight out.  He leans back and I move to the left one and do the same thing.  I tenderly nibble it.  He sighs.  I suddenly stop and get up and walk out.  I catch him staring at me as I leave.  I playfully say, “Well...come on…shower time big guy, or are you just going to sit there all sweaty?” 

He jumps up, catches up to me, picks me up, and tosses me over his shoulder so my face is looking down his back.   He casually smacks my ass and I reach down and slap at his. He laughs and carries me to the largest shower and turns the water, while still holding me over his shoulder.  When he feels the water is the right temperature, he pulls me back over his shoulder and holds me by my waist under the showerhead.  His biceps are slightly flexed and I am holding on to them for stability.  I can tell he’s just showing off and has a lot more power in them.  My boner seems to increase at just the thought of what he can do with his strength. He looks down, sees the raging erection and licks his lips like he’s about to start eating an ice cream cone.

I get completely wet and shake water at him so he gets wet too.  I can see his dick is full length and I use my thighs to gently massage it.  He looks right into my eyes and pulls me in for another kiss. I start to squeeze my hands and he smiles and flexes his muscles just a bit more.  “Muscle pig.” He says.

“Dam right, and proud of it.” I laugh back continuing to play with his muscles.

He turns so the showerhead is behind him, puts me against the wall, and moves his hands to cup my ass.  We are still kissing passionately, tongues intertwined and swapping spit, and he moves closer, trapping me between the wall and himself.  His dick is between my legs, probing my hole.  I’ve put my hands around his neck, and he moves his hands so he is holding me up by my lats.  I move my legs around his waist and interlock them behind him.  He hefts me a bit and his dick is now completely under me and my body is in the valley between his dick and his abs. 

He moves his hands off my lats and puts them behind me, so he is hugging me.  He’s not too tight, but I know I’m not going anywhere unless he says so.

It feels safe. I feel safe and let out an emotional sigh. 

He picks up on it, stops kissing me, puts his lips next to me left ear, and softly blows warm air into it.  I shudder.  He asks, “Feeling better now?”  I lick his left earlobe in response and he says, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

He lifts me up a bit more and I can tell he is positioning me so he can enter me. 

“Not without protection big guy.”  I pull back and look right into his eyes.  “I’m clean, and I’m sure you are too, but…I want to stay that way and we don’t know each other’s history. Sorry if that is prudish.”

“I get it.”  He slides me down so I am back in the valley between his dick and abs.  “Hold on.”

I look at him quizzically. 

He turns off the shower, opens the shower door, and proceeds to walk us back into the locker room.  He lifts me off him, sets me down, and gets a couple towels. 

I’m thinking, this is it, dry off and go home alone. Dammit, I’ve scared him off or he thinks I’m nuts. 

He hands me a towel and I start to dry myself off and he coughs. I look up at him and he says, “The towel is to dry me off, little man, not you…”  He gives me an evil grin and just stands there, completely naked, arms and legs spread, basically inviting me to do what I want.  “Boing” goes my dick and he just laughs. 

All he says is, “Be gentle, I bruise easily.” We both giggle.

I start at his feet and work my way up and around him.  Front of this calves, move to the back.  He leans up to his tippy toes so the horseshoes in his calves are on full display.  I take my time and make sure I get a good grope in while drying them. He seems to enjoy it.  I move up to his quads and thighs and move the towel around pulling off every bit of water. I move to the front and slowly and methodically dry off his dick and ball sac.  I caress his balls thru the towel and put my face as close to his dick as possible without touching it.  I gently blow warm air on his dick and it expands a bit more.  I promptly stop blowing on it and move to his backside.  He groans and now it is my turn to crack an evil grin. “Maybe I’ll come back to it.”

I cup his ass cheeks and he flexes so they are hard as granite.  I massage each one and push the towel into his crack.  He relaxes his flex and the towel slides in easily.  I make sure to dry each side and the whole area around his hole, then down to the sensitive underside where it meets his balls.  I stand up while keeping up the drying motion and softly kiss his spine.  He groans again arches his back.  My hard-on is raging and I’m dripping pre-cum at a steady rate. I know I’ll be blowing a load soon, maybe too soon if I’m not careful.  As I dry his back off, he spreads his lats and I am amazed at how huge they are. I move my hands to either side of them and just feel the muscle and power they possess.  He then thrusts his chest out and crunches his back together creating a ravine between the two sides.  I run my hand up and down the area, just feeling the hard muscles.

He relaxes and I move to his front again and start to dry towel off his lower abs.  By this point our bodies are completely dry and this is just foreplay.  I rub the area right above his very erect dick and work my way up his concrete abs, which he is flexing playfully. I run my fingers thru the valleys and over the ridges between each ab, softly caressing each muscle. 

I move closer and while I continue to finger his abs, I start to suck on his left nipple.  He groans again and tilts his head backwards.  I increase the sucking motion and move my left hand up to begin to play with his right nipple.  I slowly move my hand around the sensitive outer area, then put the tip between my thumb and forefinger and gently twist it. He moves his left hand up and puts it behind my head and pushes me a bit closer. I increase the sucking and have started to slobber on him as well.  He brings his right hand up and uses it to pinch my fingers so I am twisting his right nipple even harder.  I think, “Works for me.” And proceed to twist away. He is moaning continually.  He moves us back to a bench and he sits down.  I am still attached to his chest.  I easily lifts me up and places me in his lap.  My legs are splayed to each side of his waist.  His dick is still rock hard and is now behind me thumping my lower back as he flexes it. 

My dick is between us and is rubbing across his abs, which he has flexed hard.  He moves his hands back down to my ass and starts the massage my cheeks and slide me up and down his body. I take my mouth off his nipple, my hand off his other nipple and begin to enjoy the ride.  I put my arms around his neck and pull in for another kiss.  He’s waiting for me, with lips he recently wetted.  We lock lips, he frees one hand and maneuvers it to take ahold of my unit.  He starts to stroke it, I sigh.  He is still using his other hand to move me up and down his body.  Fucker is strong, I’ll give him that. 

I lean back and say, “Careful big guy or we’re going to need another shower.”

“I hope so.” And he proceeds to pick up the pace of his stroking and my eyes roll into the back of my head.  He’s now yanking me roughly, but it does not hurt.  I’m grinding my hips, keeping pace with his motion.  I move my arms from his neck to his biceps and lock on.  He flexes them again.  I dig deeper into the muscles, but he laughs and flexes harder so I am not denting them.  That feeling combined with everything else launches me over the edge.  I spew four loads. 

First one lands right on his chin and throat.

Second one, smack dab in the valley of his pecs.

Third one coats more of his pecs and dribbles down to his abs.

Last one is just a sloppy mess on his hand. 

He slows his jerking motion, but I suddenly feel my back is getting wet.  He’s blown his load as well.  I look at him and say, “I would have helped you out with that.”

He contently says, “Trust me kid, you did…you did.” 

I lean in for another kiss and splash my cum over more of his body.  He doesn’t seem to mind.  He’s waiting for me lips.  I say, “Maybe I’ll give the gym another chance.”

“Good to hear.”



Part 8, Sweet Revenge


“Hey Ty.” Ian and Colin say in unison as they walk into the gym and check in.  They eye Ty up like he’s piece of meat.  He notices their stares and flexes a pec and tenses his bicep to get a reaction from them.

“Gentlemen.” He responds.  He looks them over and says, “You guys look different?”

“Yeah, a little surprise for Eddie.  Is he here?  We’re supposed to meet him for our workout session.  Core and legs tonight.” Ian said flexing his abs and puffing out his chest.  Ty looks at him admiringly.

“Not yet.” Ty replies and then points his finger at the two of them and says sternly, “I don’t want any more trouble from you two, got it?”

“Yeah, yeah. We hear you Ty.”  Colin says breezily.

 “Should I dial 9-1- and wait to hit the last 1?  You know how he gets with surprises.”

Colin walks past Ty, patting him on his chest and says, “We’ll be fine big guy, trust me.”

“That’s what worries me.” Ty says rolling his eyes.  “I’m keeping my eyes on you two, especially you Colin.”

Ian and Colin hit the locker room, change into their workout gear, chat with Ming and Cam as those two head to the sauna area, and then head up to the exercise floor.

They see Jay and Max and stop and talk to them for a few minutes.  Colin remarks that Max should cut off some of his curly hair and Jay laughs and says, “That’ll be the day.” Eddie walks in.  He sees them and walks over to them.  Jay and Max say hi to Eddie and wander off.

“What the fuck you kids do?  G1, tell me.”  Eddie is staring at them, but he can no longer tell them apart.

“We’ll come clean, after the workout.” One of them says resolutely.  Eddie starts to get red. The twin continues, “After last week, we decided to make it harder for you to tell us apart.  We’re both still sore and don’t think the rough sex you had with us was fitting compared to what we did to you.  We came clean about how we cornered you, but we think you took it a bit too far with us.”

Eddie just stares at them.  “Fine. Let’s do this.”  His brain is turning.  “What’s our workout for tonight?”

“Core and legs.” One of them says.

“Fine. Gets you asses over to the decline crunch bench. Grab a 25, 35, and 45lb weight and the 25lb medicine ball on the way.”

They get to the bench and Colin hops on first, before Eddie gets a chance to call one of them out.

“Start with the 25lb weight.  15 reps, starting with the weight extended over your head.  You come all the way up into a sit-up position and then go all the way back down with the weight hitting the ground on the decline.  Well? Go! What the fuck you waiting for, an invitation?”

Colin starts the set.  Eddie standing over him.  “All the way down.  The weight hits the floor or the rep doesn’t count, got it?”



Colin runs thru the set, only having to do one extra rep.  He jumps off and Ian gets on and takes the weight.  He starts and gets a good motion going.  He’s at ten reps when Eddie tells him to slow down.  He’s moving too fast.  He needs to go slower so all the muscles in his core are activated.  Eddie puts his hand on Ian’s midsection and explains that the slower you go, the more the ab muscles work and are stressed.  This is what causes them to tighten up.  Going fast doesn’t do anything.  Ian nods in understanding and does the last 5 and then 5 more.  Eddie nods in approval and runs his hand over the abs getting a good grope in.  Ian smiles and looks at Colin who grins back.

Colin gets back on and Eddies tells the other one to grab the medicine ball.  “You toss the ball to him when he is going down.  You toss the ball back when you reach the top, and not before.  Also, extend the ball over your head for the entire movement.”  He stands to the side and shows them what it should look like.  They both nod and Colin gets started.  He is 5 reps in when Eddie yells, “Slow the fuck down.  Jesus Christ. This is not a contest to get the set done the fastest.  You’re here to work.  Start over.”

Colin thinks about saying something, but sees Ian giving him the “shut up” look and decides to bite his tongue.  He starts over and does 15 reps nice and slow.  He is definitely feeling the burn.  He gets off the bench and Ian gets on and does the set nice and slow.  When he is done, Eddie nods and says, “Better.”

“My turn.” Eddie says.  He grabs the 35lb weight and hops on the bench.  He looks at the guys and says, “You.” Nodding to Ian, but not knowing which one he is. “When I’m in the decline position, you’re going to punch me 3 times in the abs.  Got it? And I mean punch, not some sissy slap or hit.”  He balls his left hand into a fist and punches it so hard into his right hand the sound it makes causes some of the other guys to pause their work out and look over. Ty wanders by and Eddie just nods and says, “Just showing the kids what a real punch looks and sounds like.” 

“K.”  Is all Ty says.

Eddie starts and when he is declined, Ian gives him 3 rapid ab punches.  “Not too bad, boy, but don’t hold back next time. I want to actually feel you hitting me.”  Ian smiles a wicked grin only Colin sees and on the next rep he unleashes 3 rocket fast and sledge hammer hard punches.  “Good boy.” Is Eddie’s only response.  The set continues and Ian is sporting a pretty impressive woody due to the excitement of punching Eddie.

“You.” He says pointing to Ian. “Get the medicine ball and toss to me.” He nods to Colin, “You’re in the puncher position.  Let’s see if you are any better than him.” He says waving a hand at Ian.  The set starts and Colin holds nothing back.  Three punches to the abs when Eddie is declined.  “Not bad.”  The set continues and Eddie’s abs are getting rock hard and red from all the punches.  Now both Colin and Ian are sporting woodies and Eddie is showing signs of one as well. 

He jumps off the bench and Colin gets back on.  Eddie hands him the 35lb weight and says, “Same as the first set, but if you fuck up a rep, you get to do 2 extra reps to make it up.”  He looks at Ian and says, “You, kneel down at his head and when he is in the decline position, put your hands on the weight making it harder for him to raise back up.”  Colin starts the set.  Ian puts pressure on the weight as instructed.  Eddie is watching them like a hawk.  On the 11 rep, he starts to falter.  Eddie starts barking at him to keep moving.  “You, stop holding the weight.” 


Colin finishes the set.  He slowly gets off the bench and says to Ian, “It’s harder than you think.”  Ian nods and settles in for his set.  He gets to 9 and starts to falter.  Eddie gets red and starts yelling at him to man up and push thru it.  Ian gets to 15 and Eddie says he needs to do 4 more due to screwing up 2 reps.  Ian’s core is burning up, but he does the four more without complaint. He slowly gets off the bench and wanders off for some water. 

“Did I say you could get some water?”

Ian looks him in the eyes and responds evenly. “Fuck you.”

Eddie walks closer and loudly says, “What was that?” grabbing Ian’s crotch.  Ian reaches out and grabs Eddie’s dick to show him two can play the game.  Colin is standing close by in case things start to go sideways.  Ty and Jay are also looking over.  Max has stopped his set and glances over to Colin who nods ever so slightly that everything should be ok.  Max makes eye contact with Jay and nods that everything is fine.

Eddie releases Ian’s crotch and Ian releases Eddie’s.  They back away from each other. 

Eddie grabs the 45lb weight, gets the bench, and says. “One of you on each side.  When I’m declined, both of you will punch my abs 4 times each.  Got it?” They nod and the set starts.  When Eddie is declined, the guys go to town.  Eddie revels in the feeling of the weight in his hands and two guys punching him, trying to abuse his abs.  He’s not even flexing his abs yet and they think they’re hurting him.  He starts to sport a boner just thinking about it.  The twins see his boner and each start to sport one as well. After 20 reps Eddie drops the weight and leans up.  He pulls the twins close to him and cups their asses.  “You kids better be ready for some fun tonight.”  The twins look at each other and give him a non-committal look.

“Fine. Next set, oblique crunches.  I’m sure you guys have done them.”  The twins nod.  “Good, go do two sets of 50. And after that do 5 sets of side planks, holding each for 45 seconds.”  They nod again.

They wander off to do their sets and Ian says to Colin, “What do you think?”

“If we survive, we’ll tell him.” He glances behind them to make sure Eddie is not following them and says, “What the hell were you thinking telling him to fuck off?  He looked like he was going to put his fist thru your chest.”

“Dude, he just pissed me off and I had to let him know we can’t be pushed around.”  Colin just shrugs his shoulders.

They do the exercises and walk back to find Eddie deep into squats.  They see a squat rack next to his and it is loaded with 135lbs.  Ian walks over and starts his set.  Eddie just grunts.  He’s lifting 295lbs and can’t be bothered.  He lowers his ass as far as it will go, loudly grunts, and pushes the weight up for the last rep.  He racks the bar.  His thighs are exploding and Colin wonders what his starting weight was.  Eddie nods to him and says to strip the 35’s put another 45lb on each side with a 25.  Colin stares at the bar doing the math in his head. “365, boy” is all Eddie says, but he casually flexes his legs to show the musculature and striations.



Ian has finished his set and Colin walks over and does his warmup set.

After they finish, they see Eddie has laid out 45’s to be added.  They toss them on and start their second sets. 

Eddie is motoring thru his set and starting to huff on the pushup.  Ian is staring at his bubble ass and Eddies sees him in the mirror and says, “Only if you’re a good boy.”

Colin has finished his second set and Eddie says to toss 25’s on each side for a total of 275.  This is closing in on their max weight. 

Ian settles in and ducks under the bar.  Colin get behind him, but Eddie moves over and pushes him out of the way.  “No offense buddy, but if he falters, the weight has to come off his shoulders as quick as possible and I think I’m better equipped to do it, don’t you?” He flexes his biceps and they spring up to 23-inch mounds.  Colin nods fine.  Eddie gets so close to Ian that his woody is nearly poking him in the ass.  Ian smiles a crooked grin, hefts the weight off the rack and takes a few steps back.  Eddie backs up with him.  Ian starts his set and Eddie is matching him movement for movement, his arms are around Ian’s core to support him if he falters.  Ian gets to 10 reps and starts to move forward to re-rack and Eddie says, “Not so fast.  You owe me 3 more.  Your ass wasn’t low enough on 3 of them.”  Ian’s legs are burning, but he knows he cannot say no.  He backs up and very slowly does 3 more, each one slower than the last.  On the last one Eddie has put his arms around his core and is supporting him and helping him lift the bar.  He re-racks and Eddie pats him on the ass and says, “Nice set.”  Ian nods to him in the mirror.

Colin then steps into position and Eddie does the exact same thing.  Colin gets thru all 10 without incident.  Eddie pats his ass as well and winks at him in the mirror.  Colin winks back and grinds his ass back into Eddie’s crotch.

Eddie moves back and announces last exercise.  The twins are a bit confused as Eddie is cutting their workout short.  He sees their confusion and says, “Don’t worry, your workout is kind of over, but mine is still going.” 

They look at each other and Eddie says, “Everyone over to the incline leg press machine and start tossing 45’s on each side.”  The twins do as he says.  They load the bars up with 5 plates and each side and Eddies laughs at them and says, “I said to load it up, does this look loaded up to you?  This is a good warm up weight.  Let me rip off a set while you two go get 3 more 45’s for each side.  Let see who can finish first.  Me doing the set or you guys getting the plates…Go.”  The twins scramble to find 6 more plates and when they get back, Eddie is standing there, thighs exploding with muscle. 

“Guess I won.  Hmm, I wonder what I get for winning.  While I think about it, put the weights on the machine.”  The boys load the weights onto the machine.  When they’re done, Eddie walks up, picks up Colin, and sets him on top of the machine. “Part of my prize. Sit tight and don’t fall off.” 

Colin grabs the sides of the machine and Eddie sits down.  He looks up and cocks an eyebrow, Colin nods he is ready.  Eddie unlocks the platform and slowly lowers it until his thighs are pressing against his abs and chest.  He growls and pushes the platform back up.  885lb (720 + 165).  Both twins spring instant boners. 


Eddie powers thru another 14 reps, locks the platform and gets up.  Colin starts to move to get off and Eddie says, “Um, where are you going?  I’m only half way done.  You.” He says pointing to Ian, “Come here.”  Ian moves over and Eddie easily lifts him onto the machine next to Colin. 

Ty has been watching the show and comes over and says, “Eddie, do you really think this is safe?”

Eddies says, “I know you own the place, but this is only 1050lb, not even close to my max.  If it makes you feel any better, get Jay over here and you guys can spot me.  Actually, get Jay and Max over here and I’ll toss Max on for my last set.”

Ty looks at him disturbingly, but grunts ok.  He tracks down Jay and Max and explains what Eddie wants to do.  Jay laughs and looks at Max who nods sure.  They head back to the machine.  Jay gets into position on one side while Ty is on the other.  Eddie glances up at the twins, nods, and unlocks the platform.  He lowers it and sees their eyes go wide. He puts on a show and easily powers thru 15 reps.  Before he racks the platforms, he does 10 quick calf raises, basically shaking the platform and tossing the twins around.  Ty says enough and Eddie locks the platform and gets up.  He flexes his thighs, quads, and calves.  The 3 little guys sprout boners and Ty and Jay nod with approval. 

Eddie moves to lift Max up and Jay steps in and says, “My boyfriend, I’ll put him on, no offense.”

Eddie backs up, lifting his hands in surrender and says, “Ok.”

Jay sets Max on the platform with Ian and Colin and makes sure all three guys are safe and won’t fall off.  He gives Ty a nod and Ty tells Eddie, “No fucking around dude. Do the set and get the guys off.”

“Fine.  Everyone ready?”  Nods all-round.  Eddie grows silent and tense.  He’s about to lift 1215lbs. and he knows it.  Closing in on his max.

He stares past the guys on the platform and only sees the ceiling behind them.  He grunts and unlocks the platform.  His legs bend and his thighs are hitting his chest again, but this time it’s due to the total weight and not him showing off.  He lets loose a low rumble and slowly starts to push the weight up.  Ty and Jay are coaxing him on, but he has all but blocked out all noise.  The guys on the platform are holding on tight and their eyes are bulging out of their sockets.  The sheer power he’s exerting is overwhelming to them. He gets thru 5 reps and starts to slow on the 6th.  He powers it up, but has to lock the rack.  He has nothing left in the tank for a 7th rep.

As he stands up, everyone is cheering.  Ty is lifting the twins off and Jay gets Max down. 

Jay walks by, pats him on the shoulder, and jokingly says, “Nice job, almost a manly weight.”  Eddie scowls.

Ty walks up and asks, “Show over?”  Eddie just nods yes.  Ty slaps him on the back and wanders off.

Eddie squats down to recover some more. He looks up to see the twins in front of him. The one on the left says “Ian, or G1 to you.”  Eddie glances to the other and that one says, “Colin or G2, whatever you like.” 

“How can I be sure you’re not fucking with me right now, as some part of your weird games?”

Ian playfully says, “Meet us in the sauna when you’ve recovered and we’ll show you.” And he and Colin wander off.

Eddie just stays in the squat position.  Ty walks back over and says, “Whatever you do, don’t hurt them.  They’re nice kids and just want to have some fun with you so you show off your muscles.”

“I know, but it’s much more fun to spice it up.” Ty just stares at him. “Fine, I won’t break any bones or leave any visible marks.”

“Dude, hurt them in any way and you and I’ll will be having more than just words.” Ty says as he stands up to his full height and puffs out his chest and spreads his legs in a show of superiority.

“Ty, I said fine.  Jeez.”

Eddie waits a few more minutes and then heads to the locker to strip and grab a towel and some supplies.  While he’s there, Ming and Cam come in from the sauna area.  Ming lets a sexy whistle fly and Eddie just stares at him.  Ming says, “the boys are waiting for you big guy.  Have fun.”

“Yeah, yeah, fuck off Ming.”

Ming gives Eddie a pouty look and heads to the showers with Cam.

Eddie walks to the sauna area with his supplies.  When he opens the sauna door, he sees the twins embracing and kissing passionately.  They don’t seem to notice he’s there.  He clears his throat loudly and Colin says, “Yeah, we see you Eddie.  We’re just getting warmed up.  Come in and shut the door, you’re letting the warm air out.”  Eddie shuts the door and walks to the bench.  The twins turn to him and get off the bench and approach him.  They get on either side of him and let him wrap his arms around them, pulling them to his body. 

They start to feel him up.  They start at the top of his thighs and quads, each using both hands to massage his striated muscles, working out the knots and kinks from his recent show.  Eddie just sighs.  The guys keep moving up and down his legs making sure each muscle is worked over. 

They then move up to his crotch and gently massage his dick and balls.  Ian takes his balls in hand and softly rolls them around his fingers, occasionally pulling on the loose skin.  Colin is steadily yanking on Eddie’s cock, trying to bring it to full mast.  Eddie is standing ram-rod still and has a faraway look in eyes.  They can tell he is trying very hard to stay soft and frustrate them.  They look at each other across his chest and nod ever so slightly. 

They move their hands from his crotch area and move them up to his abs and core. They begin softly rubbing his abs, rubbing their fingers across the muscles and valleys.  Eddie takes their cue and flexes his abs.  They come into sharp relief. 

Colin leans over and starts to plant wet kisses on the muscles. Ian, not to be out done, locks his lips on Eddies left nipple and begins swirling his tongue around.  He occasionally uses his tongue and teeth to pull at the nipple.  As he does this, Eddie puts his hand on the back of Ian’s head and tries to pull him closer, so he is plastered onto his chest.  Eddie also puts a hand on the back of Colin’s head and pulls him into the valleys in his abs.  He flexes his left pec and abs at the same time and both twins moan with pleasure.  Colin is slobbering over the abs, wetting them down in anticipation of what’s to come.  Ian is still sucking on the left nipple, but has moved his left hand up and is now mashing and on Eddie’s right nipple.  Eddie is loving it. 

He leans his head back and a loud groan escapes him.  He pulls the twins off him and pushes them back to the bench and says, “Ok guys, I see you shaved yours bodies completely hair free to get back at me.  I get it.  I’ll play nice.  Now, how will I be able to tell you apart?” 

Ian pulls a marker from under his towel and turns to Colin and draws a big number 2 on his chest.  Colin takes the pen and puts a number 1 on Ian.  “Work for you, big guy?”


Ian tosses the marker back on the bench.  He and Colin start to crowd Eddie again.  “Show us your strength big guy” Ian says.

Eddies reaches around them again, pulls them close, squats down, and simply stands up.  The twins are a good 8 inches off the ground and Eddie is just standing there with a shit-eating grin on his face.  “You thought I was showing off last time? Just wait boys, just wait.”  He takes two strides to the bench, and sets them on the higher bench.  He gets on the lower one and lays on his back.  His dick is pointing straight up.  He says, “G1, get a condom and lube from my stuff and get me ready.”  Ian quickly hops down and does what he is told. Colin in the meantime slides off the upper bench and straddles Eddie’s midsection.  He begins grinding his ass against Eddie’s junk and uses his hands to massages his pecs.  Eddie just puts his hands behind his head and enjoys the feeling.  He tenses his pecs and Colin starts to pound on them playfully.  He leans down and begins to kiss Eddie and also places his hands on Eddie’s biceps.  Eddie playfully flexes his biceps and they expand to their 23 inches.  Colin feels the hardness of the muscles and increases the ferocity of his kissing.

Ian, in the meantime, has been putting the condom on Eddie and lubing him up, generously.  He uses his fingers on his other hand to get Colin ready for the incoming 2x4.  When he’s done with both of them, he bangs on Eddie’s dick to let him know.  Eddie jostles his hips in response. 

Eddie pulls his hands from behind his head and places them on Colin’s chest, pushing him up slightly.  “You almost ready for the show to start G2?”

Colin nods yes.  Eddie lowers him for another quick kiss and this presses him upwards like he is doing a flat bench press.  He lowers him back down, kisses him, and raises him up again.  He does this 8 more times and then says, “No offense kid, but you’re kind of light.  G1 get on G2’s back, face down so you can watch me and my muscles.”

Ian carefully gets on Colin’s back.  Eddie says, “Just insert your dick into his ass.  Wouldn’t be the first time and it will give you some stability.”  The twins giggle and Ian just shoves his rock hard dick into Colin.  “No lube?” Ask Eddie.

“Nope.” They say as one.

Eddie sets his hands on Colin’s chest again and feels around for the right points so the weight is evenly distributed.  He gives Colin another kiss and winks at Ian.  “Here we go.” And he presses the boys up slowly.  Their chests raise up, but their feet are still on the bench.  Eddie lowers them to his chest.  Colin leans down and he and Eddie kiss.  Eddie does another press and lower. On the way down he shifts his dick around so it is at Colin’s hole.  He nudges it toward the hole and starts to push it in.  Colin’s eyes go wide and Ian can also feel the added pressure. 

Colin says, “Whoa dude, I cannot take both of you.”

Eddie looks him in the eyes and says, “Don’t you even want to try?  It may be fun.”

“Maybe another time.  My ass is still recovering from out last encounter.”

“Fine.” Eddie says, a bit disappointed.  “How about this.” He wraps is arms around their backs, twists his body to the side of the bench and stands up again.  Ian’s dick is still wedged into Colin, who is pressed to Eddie’s chest.  The boys are a good foot off the ground and Colin moves back in for another kiss. He puts his arms around Eddie’s neck for support.  Eddie puckers up and starts to ravage his mouth and face.  Eddie now swings his dick so it is in position to enter Ian.  He slides his hands down Ian’s back, puts his left hand on his ass and promptly sticks two fingers from his right hand into Ian’s ass. Ian opens his mouth in shock and lets out a yelp.

All Eddie says is, “Gotta get you ready buddy.” Ian nods blankly. Eddie grabs his unit and starts to move it towards Ian’s hole. Ian frees a hand, and puts it on Eddie’s dick and helps him.  When he realizes he is too low, he says, “Eddie, you got to move my ass up a bit or you’ll never get in.”  Eddie simple flexes his left bicep, which was still on Ian’s ass, and raises both guys up another 4 inches.  “Far enough G1?”  Ian moves Eddie’s dick into position and starts to lower himself. 

“Yup. Go slowly, muscles.  We got time, no rush.”  Ian feels the dick slowly enter him and he lets out a long guttural, “Ahhhhh… Yeah, right like that.  Oh, hold on… Ok, now lower us down.” Eddie complies. 

Colin looks him in the eyes and says, “Come on muscles, show us what you got.  This can’t be it.”

Eddie laughs at the challenge, leans back, and bucks his hips.  Ian is now firmly mounted and moaning happily.  He looks Colin in the eye and brings his right arm into a full bicep flex and puts it right next to Colin’s face.  Colin moves his left hand from Eddie’s neck and puts it on the bicep from the backside of it and starts to massage the muscle and squeeze it.  Eddie laughs and says, “Hold your horses little man, I’m not done yet.” And with that he releases his other hand from Ian’s ass and brings it up and does a full double bicep pose. Colin is amazed. He moves his right hand to Eddie’s left bicep and starts a dual massage and squeeze fest. 

Eddie laughs again, and says, “Come on G2, I thought with all our workout sessions, you would have developed some strength by now.  Come on, squeeze those biceps like your life depended on it.” Colin starts putting all his strength into squeezing them.  “Hey, I can just barely feel you now.”  Eddie taunts him.  Eddie then moves in for a kiss and continues to hold the pose.  He bucks his hips to make sure Ian is still alive. 

With the motion, Ian moans again and puts his arms around Colin’s neck so he doesn’t fall off to a side.

“Yeah, I bet that feels good back there.”  Eddie says. 

Ian moans again in agreement.  He is sweating profusely, and not just because they are in the sauna.  The feel of his dick in his twin and of Eddie’s in ass is driving him to new highs.  He starts to grind his ass back into Eddie’s hips and pulls Colin down with him. When he tries to push up, he finds that Colin’s added weight makes it damn near impossible.  He tries again and Eddie says, “Need some help back there G1?”

“Yeah, some.” Ian gurgles out.

“Ok, hold on.”  Eddie looks at Colin and says, ” This is your stop, time to get off and wait for the next ride.” He lifts Colin up, off Ian’s dick, and sets him on the bench.  “Now don’t go anywhere.  Here you can still play around with this.” As he flexes his right arm.  Colin’s eyes go wide and he latches his lips onto the bicep and starts slathering it with saliva. “Good boy.”

Eddie turns his attention to Ian, “Better?”

“Much, thanks.”

“No problem. You sure you’re ready?  This is going to make the first time look a Sunday stroll.” Eddie says as he puts his left hand back under Ian’s ass.

“Bring it muscles.” Ian says mockingly and moves in for a kiss.  Eddie meets him half way and uses his hand to lift Ian up and down his dick. Ian wraps his arms around Eddie’s neck and locks his legs around his waist. Eddie starts to raise and lower his hips in a nice slow motion.  Ian gets moving with him.  They’re undulating and kissing and moaning into each other’s mouths. 

Colin takes him mouth off of Eddie’s arm and moves around behind him.  With his second arm free, Eddie places it on Ian’s other ass cheek and is now free to raise and lower him as he pleases. He flexes his biceps, lifts Ian up, off his dick, and brings Ian’s dick up to his mouth.  He swallows it to the hilt in one fluid motion.  Ian puts his arms on Eddie’s shoulders and head to steady himself. Eddie easily moves him back and forth, in and out of his mouth.  “Hmm, nice flow of pre-cum G1.  How about we see if I can get you to blow your load down my throat?”  He engulfs the dick and pulls Ian as close to his body as possible.  His nose is against Ian’s lower abs, his tongue is lapping at his dick, and he moves his right hand back to Ian’s ass and inserts 3 fingers and moves them around like they belong in there. 

Ian lets out a guttural roar and tries not to cum, but Eddie is stepping up his game.  He moves a fourth finger into his ass and is moving his mouth and lips with incredible speed and pressure.  Ian is in heaven.  Eddie swallows him one last time, sucks on the dick like he’s an industrial strength vacuum cleaner and pushes his thumb into Ian’s ass.  Ian’s load explodes out of him with such force Eddie’s mouth is pushed back a few millimeters.  He’s impressed and continues sucking.  He removes his fingers from Ian’s ass and gently cups his ass cheeks.  The next three shots follow the first one down his throat.  He slowly moves Ian’s dick from his mouth, licking off and remaining cum.  Ian passes out and practically falls over Eddie’s shoulder.  Eddie chuckles and lifts him up by the waist and sets him down on the sauna bench.  Colin scoots over to make sure Ian is ok. He is.  He looks up at Eddie with partial fear and partial anticipation.  Eddies dick is level with his mouth.  He rips off the condom, engulfs it, and starts to work on it.

Colin has never seen a dick so veiny and thick.  He puts both hands on it, trying to encircle, but cannot.  Eddie just laughs and flexes his dick.  Colin is lifted up.  He holds on and Eddie raises and lowers him a few more times.  Colin lets go and stands up.  He moves closely to Eddie and leans up for a kiss.  Eddie puts his left hand behind Colin and pulls him close, enjoying the kiss. He cups Colin’s ass and lifts him up so they are at eye level.  He pulls his right arm into a flex and moves it into Colin’s view.  Colin sees it, but is no longer interested.  He’s into the kissing and is trying to devastate Eddie’s mouth and tongue.  Eddie is playing along, having some fun.  He lowers his right arm, swings it around and inserts 3 fingers into Colin’s ass, like he did to Ian.

He finds Colin is looser and opens easily for him.  He smiles to himself.  Should have started with this one.  He backs up, sits on the bench, and grabs a condom and some more lube.  With Colin sitting on his lap, it is easy for him to put on the condom, lube up, and then move Colin’s hole into position.  He inserts his dick with a steady motion, careful not to push too hard.  Colin is grimacing, but taking the rod slowly.  Eddie moves up close to Colin’s left ear and uses his tongue to massage the earlobe.  Colin sighs and slides down his dick a bit.  “Just another few inches G2.  You can do it.”

“Dude, you’re shoving a fucking 2x4 into my ass.”

“Try 4x4” Eddie laughs.

Eddie turns Colin’s head bit more and sticks his wetted tongue right into his ear and laps at the inner ear.  Colin starts to squirm and the rest of Eddie’s unit slides in.   Eddie moves his left arm up a bit and pulls Colin a bit closer to him. He stands up, bucks his hips, and wedges the final bit of his dick into Colin’s ass.  Colin is very still, getting used to the feeling.  Eddie is patient. When Colin starts to wiggle his hips, Eddie knows he can start moving him up and down.

He moves more slowly, deliberately, making each thrust count. Colin has an arm around his neck and one on Eddie’s bicep.  Eddie has a hand on Colin’s ass and puts his other hand on his dick and starts to jerk him off, nice and slow, with movements matching his thrusting.  Colin is in heaven based on the look on his face, which is flushed and covered with sweat.  After 5 minutes of this, Colin is starting to tense up, which Eddie recognizes as he’s about to blow.  He quickly lifts him off his dick and swallows Colin’s dick, just like he did to Ian.  Eddie does a couple quick in and out movements and sucks on Colin’s dick like he wants to suck it right off his body.  Colin is so close. He puts both arms around Eddie’s head and tries to pull him even closer, so more of his dick is in his mouth.  The dam breaks, Colin screams and releases his load directly into Eddie’s throat.  Eddie gulps 4 times and the load is done. 

Colin tries to pull his dick out of Eddie’s mouth, but he continues to suck, trying to get anything left in Colin’s dick out. Once Eddie realizes the last drops have been swallowed, he lets the dick slip from his lips, but he encircles the mushroom head and rakes his teeth on it a few times.  Colin shutters and releases another smaller load.  Eddie grins and he slurps it down.  He finally releases the dick and says, “I knew you had more in you.  I just had to coax it out.”  Colin looks down, smiles, and asks. “You need any help with yours.” Glancing down at Eddie still rock hard dick. 

“Eh, sure.  How about this.” And he slides his unit between Colin’s legs and begins to flex it again.  Colin grabs onto to Eddie’s arms to make sure he is not bounced off.  Eddie grabs Colin’s waist and just slides him back and forth along the length of his unit with ease, like he is using a washcloth to clean it off.  Colin twist his lower legs together, creating a tighter seal for Eddie’s unit to slide thru.  Eddie appreciates the new tightness and leans down to kiss Colin.  They are kissing when Eddie sense his load is near.  He picks up the pace and Colin is rocketing back and forth along the length.  Eddie peaks and brings Colin as close to his body as possible and lets his load explode out of him.  The first two volleys hit the far side of the sauna.  The third one coasts the floor.  The last one dribbles down and creates a puddle. Eddie is still rock hard, but can tell the boys are done for the night.

He lifts Colin off and gently sets him next to Ian, who is just regaining consciousness.  Eddie quickly picks up all the towels and supplies, leans over and gets one twin in each arm, and picks them up.  They exit the sauna sideways and Eddie heads for the shower area.

Ty, who is cleaning up, sees them coming and says to Eddie, “There had better not be a big mess in there or your ass is mine.  Also, are they still alive?”

Eddie replies, “Jeez Ty, give me some credit.”  Ty just stares at him.  Eddie smiles and says, “Yeah, they’re still alive, but sauna may need a good scrubbing down.  Have Kenny or Stu do it, they love shit like that and just add it to my bill.”

Ty just shakes his head again.  “Get them home safely.”

“Yes, sir.” Eddie mocks him.

He gets into the locker room, sets the guys down on a bench and squats in front of them.  “G1, G2, you guys still with me?”

They mumble back, “yeah.”

“Did you have fun?”

“Not really.” G2 says with a big smirk on his face.  “I was expecting more muscle.”

Eddie leans his head back and lets a roar escape him.  “Next time little men, next time.” And he pats both guys on the shoulders.



Part 9, New Gym, part 2



I’m in my office paying bills for the gym and thinking about Davey.  I have not seen him around recently, which is weird.  After our first meeting and fun in the sauna, shower, and locker room, I’d have thought he’d be back in the next day.  But three days have passed since the last time I remember seeing him in the gym.  I pull up his account and see he has not cancelled it like he thought about doing.  I see his cell number and hesitate to call him.  “My gym, my rules”, but I need to be sure I’m not invading his privacy.

Fuck it, I dial.  What if something’s up? It wouldn’t hurt to check on the kid.  The phone rings four times.  He picks up on the fifth. “Hello?” He sounds groggy, like I just woke him up, but different.

“Hey Davey, it’s Ty from the gym.” I say in a positive upbeat voice.  I pause and wait for a response.  None comes.  “I haven’t seen you in the gym in the past few days and wanted to be sure you were ok.”  Still silence.  Something’s up.  “Dude, you ok?”

“Yeah.”  He says quietly and with the same groggy sound.  My chest tightens. He’s clearly lying, but he hasn’t hung up on me.  I ask a few other questions, but am met with silence.

“Anything else?”  He asks. He doesn’t sound angry that I called, but I can’t put my finger on what’s up. He hangs up.  I’m now looking at my phone thinking back to our meeting.  Did I do or say something which would cause this?  Did he say or do anything which would make him like this?

“Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck. No…no… no.”  I whisper. I get his address off the computer, jump up, and race out.  My assistant sees me running out. I yell to him that I’ll be back.

I frantically drive to Davey’s condo.  It’s not far from the gym.  I screech to a stop and manically look around for his front door, number 69.  There it is, up on the second floor.  I take the steps two at a time and run down the breezeway.  I stop at the door. I gather myself and think, “Don’t pound, it will scare the shit out of him.”  I knock.  No answer.  I knock again a bit more intensely. I hear footsteps and then someone stumbles and falls. 

“Fuck.” Clearly Davey’s voice, but it still has the groggy or foggy sound to it.  “Who is it?”

“Davey, it’s Ty, please let me in. I just want to make sure you’re ok.”  I try to keep my voice even, not panicky.

“I’m fine.” Clearly he’s lying. I hear him get up and stumble around some more, but he’s not coming to the door.  “Leave me alone.” 

“Can’t do that bro.”

“Sure you…” and he falls again.  He doesn’t curse or call out.  Uh-oh.  I put my hand on the door knob and turn. Locked. Fuck. I look around for a spot for him to hide a spare key.  No door mat, no wreath on the door, nothing on the top ledge of the door frame. Fuck, fuck, fuck.  I am tempted to break his front window, but that would lead to more issues.  I see a pot on a table under his front window.  The plant has not been watered in a few days.  I grab it and look at the bottom, nothing, damn it. As I’m putting it back down, I hear a clink in the pot, bingo.  I crush the pot in my hand and the key falls out.  I grab it and quickly put it in the lock. I burst into the room and see Davey lying on the sofa.  He tripped over his coffee table and fell onto the sofa.  The coffee table is turned over and magazines and remotes litter the floor.  There is an overturned glass of water on the carpet and a plate with some sort of day old food.



I walk to him, see he is still breathing and turn him over so he is face up. He looks like shit.  Unshaven, smelly, in shorts and t-shirt. He’s got dark circles under his eyes, but I don’t smell alcohol, which is good.  I glance around the room.  It’s average size for a condo in this area.  Neatly furnished, nothing too out of whack.  I glance into the kitchen, nothing there, then peek in the bathroom.  Fuck, an open pill container.  Clonazepam.  A few pills on the sink, a couple left in the container. I rush back into the living room with the container.

I sit him up. His eyes painfully open. “Dude, how many did you take?” I ask holding the container in front of his face. 

“Just a couple.” I can’t tell if he’s lying or not.  He starts to gag.  Need to get him to the bathroom, now. He can’t walk, so I scoop him up and carry him.  We almost get there when he gags again and vomits on me. I turn his head so he doesn’t swallow any of the vomit.  I ignore the mess on me, gently turn him over, and set him down in the tub, face down.  I am supporting his neck and midsection so he doesn’t collapse and bang his head.  He gags again and throws up.  I see two pills come out.  I look down at my t-shirt and see another one.  He starts shaking and I hold him still.  He gags again and throws up.  No more pills. Thank god.  He steadies himself using the sides of the tub, but I don’t let go.  I move his hair out of his eyes. 

I debate calling 911.  I look at him and see he wants to sit up.  I maneuver him to the side of the tub and I lift him onto it. He’s facing in, I’m sitting next to him facing out. I put my hand on his legs and gently squeeze, “Do I need to call 911? How many pills did you take, Davey?”

“Four, today. A couple yesterday and the day before.”

“Fuck dude, why?”

“It was a bad few days.  I needed some stress relief.”  He says with some irritation in his voice.

“You couldn’t come talk to me?”  He turns and stares or glares at me.  I can’t really tell which at this point as his eyes seem unfocused.  I continue, “I know we just met, but after the locker room, I thought you would have known you could talk to me.”  I wave at the pills and say, “This is some serious stuff you were taking.”

“I know, I’ve taken it before.”  Now there’s a slight anger to his voice, but also a sadness and loneliness. He leans over and gags again, but it’s just dry heaves at this point.  I rub his back softly.  I need to remember I just met this guy and cannot be telling him how to live his life, but I’m not going to let him fuck it up.

I reach over to the sink and get a cup of water and hand it to him.  He washes out his mouth and spits it into the tub.  He turns the water on to wash it away with the vomit.

I say, “Sorry. Yes, I remember you telling me you had been on medication for anxiety. I thought you said you were doing better.”

“Yeah, well, crazy few days.  First the gym, then the ‘ex’ calls and taunts me, so things just kind of spiraled out from there.”



I pat him on the chest, “I’m sorry.  I’ll say it now and it holds true from now on, you will call me if something comes up.”  I am staring right into his eyes and he is looking back with a gratefulness which means the world to me.  “No more of this popping pills, got it?”  He nods yes.  “Fine.  Can you stand up?”

He shakily gets up.  I support him and I feel his hands grab my left forearm.  “You need a shower.” I say with some playfulness in my voice.  “Can you handle doing it by yourself or do I need to wash you off?”

He says he’ll do it himself.  I say, “Ok, stand still.”

I pull his shorts and underwear off and I simply rip the t-shirt off.  It’s covered in vomit and no good anymore. I turn the shower on and let the water get warm.  “Are you sure you don’t need my help?”  He shakes his head no.  “Ok, I’m going to clean up a bit.  If you need me, just yell, I’m no more than two steps away.”  He takes his hands off my forearm and leans under the shower.  He pulls the shower curtain shut.

I quickly straighten up the bathroom. I take my t-shirt off and toss it in the trash.  It’s got a big vomit stain on it. No use cleaning it.

I stare at myself in the mirror.  I break into a sweat and shake for a minute.  I grab the cup of water, refill it, and down it.  I think to myself, “Pull yourself together.”  I look back into the mirror and take a few deep breaths.  Better.

I go back into the living room and straighten up.  Pick up the trash, clean up the spills, and throw away the plate of food.  I wander into the kitchen and do the same.  When everything seems back in order I walk down the hallway and peek into the bathroom.  He’s still in the shower and I can see him through the curtain. Still standing and seems to washing himself off.

I go back to the living room and call the gym.  My assistant, Kenny picks up.  “Hey Kenny.  I’m going to be out the rest of the day.  I’ll try to be in tomorrow at some point.  Can you hold down the fort?”

“Yeah, everything ok, you left like a bat out of hell.”

“It will be.  I’m helping a buddy through a tough time.”

“Ok, call if you need anything.  Want me to take your appointments for the rest of the day?”

“If you could, that’d be great.  If not, call Jay, he’ll help out.”

“Ok, I saw him and Max come through a while ago.”

“Thanks.  I’ll be in touch.”

I go back to the bathroom and hear that the shower is off.  I nudge the door open and Davey is brushing his teeth.  “How do you feel?”

“Better.” He says, sounding better.



“I’ll be in the living room.  Come out when you’re ready.”  I shut the door and go back to the living room and pick up a magazine.  Muscle and Fitness. Of course.  It’s pretty good jerk off material with a few ‘ok’ articles.  It’s basically Playboy or Penthouse for the gay man. I hear the bathroom door open and shut and bare feet pad down the hallway to what must be his bedroom. A few minutes later I hear him coming back. He sees me sitting on the sofa, comes over, and sits down next to me.  He’s put on a new t-shirt and shorts. 

He is facing forward and quietly asks, “Why?”

“Because I think I’m beginning to care for you.” I say seriously, “and I think you’re cute as shit.”  I add jokingly as I am tussling his disheveled hair. He turns to face me and he blushes.  “I’ve known a lot of people, seen a lot of crazy shit, and sometimes I can’t help myself from being the knight in shiny black armor.” I say flexing a bicep and wiggling my pecs.  He giggles.  Good.  “I think you need to rest and let the medication work its way out of your body.  I’m spending the night.” He starts to protest, but I put my hand on his shoulder and say, “Go ahead and try to kick me out.  Given the shape you’re in right now, I doubt you could take the trash out.” I arch my eyebrow at him.  He sighs and settles back. 

“Fine. You know where the kitchen is, grab anything you’d like.”

“Do you want anything before I eat you out of house and home?”

“Just some stale bread and water if you can scrounge it up.”  He’s got his sense of humor back. That’s good.

“I’ll see what I can do.”  I rummage through his fridge, not much left.  I am able to put two salads together and take them back into the living room.  He says thanks and picks at the salad.  After a few bites, his appetite seems to have returned.  His plate is cleaned off.  He leans back again.  He closes his eyes.  After a few minutes, his breath has deepened.  He’s sound asleep. 

I clean up the plates and sit back down next to him. 

I sit there and wonder if I made a mistake?  Should I have called 911 and let them take care of this.  Would he be in better hands, be getting better treatment?  Davey tries to scoot closer to me and his breathing indicates he’s out for the night.  I put my left arm around his shoulder and pull him close. He instinctively puts his right hand on my thigh and snuggles in. 

I did the right thing.

After an hour of just sitting on the sofa watching him sleep, I twist my way out and lower him so he is laying on the sofa.  I walk to the bathroom, take a leak and look in the mirror. I take another few deep breaths and sigh.   I check my phone and see a few texts.  One from Jay and some others.  Jay is making sure everything is okay. I write back and say it is and I’ll see him in a day or so.  Everyone else can wait.

I walk back into the living room, gently pick Davey up and carry him to the bedroom.  King size bed, naturally. I set him down, pull back the covers and slide him under.  I strip off my shorts, leaving me in my boxer briefs, slip under the covers as well, and pull them back over us.  I pull him close to me again and he is still breathing deeply.  Good. 

I doze, then drift off as well.

I wake to the sound of cars outside.  I keep my eyes closed for a minute and say a silent prayer that Davey is ok.  I open my eyes and he is not next to me.  I glance around to see if rolled away from me, but he is not in the bed.  The bedroom door is open and I can see down the hallway to the living room area.  I don’t see him, but then I hear the fridge door open and shut.  I exhale, not realizing I had been holding my breath.  My chest relaxes.

I get up, throw my gym shorts back on and remember I no longer have a t-shirt. Eh, shit happens.  It’s not like he hasn’t seem me shirtless. I walk to the bathroom, take a leak, wash out my mouth, and head to the kitchen.  I need to approach this carefully.  Last night was one thing, but today may be something completely different.  I take a deep breath and walk in.  “Hey Davey, how are you feeling today?”

He looks up from the counter where he is making toast, walks over to me, and just hugs me.  I melt.

I see a tear roll down his face and I start to well up too.  He asks, “Why?  I think I asked last night, but it’s kind of hazy.”  He is still hugging me.

“Because I think I care for you.  And now I know, you’re cute as shit.  Last night I only thought you were cute as shit.”

He laughs and hugs me tighter.  I reciprocate. After a minute we separate and his face is a bit red, but only from the tears he recently shed. I wipe them away.  He nods towards the table and I see he made some eggs and bacon.

We sit down and start to eat. I see he is looking at me from across the table.  I can tell he wants to say something, but is not sure of how to say it.  To make it easier for him, I look up and say, “Just promise me you will call me first if you feel your life going sideways again.”

“But we barely know each other.”

“Dude. Look at me.” I look him in the eyes and continue, “do I look like the kind of guy who makes empty promises?’  He shakes his head no. “Like I said last night, I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit and sometimes I can’t help playing the hero.”  I smirk at him.  He smiles back. “But honestly. You’re right, besides some amazing sex a few days ago and me helping you out last night, we don’t know each other, yet…”  I let the last few words hang in the air.  We keep looking at each other.  “I would like to get to know you better, if you want to.”

He glances down.  Have I gone too far, too fast?  “If you’re not up for it, just say so, and we can stop it right now. But for the record, I’d like to get to know you.”  He’s still looking down, but is blushing.

“Even though I’m a pill popping depressed wreck?”

“Dude, stop it.”  I say sternly.  “Last night is what it was.  Today is a new day.  You’re here and alive.”

“But if you hadn’t shown up…”

“Yeah, well, be grateful I am persistent.  Enough of this morbid bullshit.  I need a shower and a new shirt.  I know where your shower is, but do you have a shirt to fit me?  I am just a little bigger than you are…”  I say puffing out my chest and flexing my pecs and arms.

He finally laughs.  “I may have something lying around.”

“Good, let me check in with the gym, and then I am going to get a shower.”  I get up, put my dishes in the sink and go into the living room.  I call and Kenny picks up, “Did the place burn down?”

He laughs and says no.  He asks if I’m ok and I say yeah.  I say I may be in later today.  He says cool.  We hang up and I wander to the bathroom. 

I turn the water on and wait for it to heat up.  Once it’s nice and hot, I strip, step in, and pull the curtain closed.  I stand under the showerhead and let the hot water soak me from head to toe.  I am still questioning if I’ve done the right thing.  I finally decide I did, and put it to rest.  I hopefully have a new boyfriend. 

I start to lather myself up when I hear the curtain pull back and Davey says, “Mind if I join you?”  He is sporting a rock hard boner.  I grin and nod yes.  He steps in and stands behind me.  He hugs me again and I feel his hands pull himself closer to me.  I intertwine our fingers and he grabs ahold. His dick is riding my crack and he gently slides it up and down.  I tense and loosen my ass cheeks to match his movements.  His dick slips into my crack and he slows the motion, holding it.  I tense my cheeks and he moans like he is in heaven.  He slides his dick lower and it goes between my legs.  I tighten my legs and he starts to thrust.  It’s nice motion. I gently push back to meet his thrusts.  He pulls on my abs, trying to bring me closer to him. 

He lays his head on my back and every once in a while lays kisses on it. He resumes running his fingers up and down my abs.  I tense them and he slows his movement, fingering each abs and valley.  He sighs.  I sigh.  His dick is still between my legs going back and forth.

He moves his hands further up my body, to my pecs.  He grabs the nipples and starts to twist them. I let out a low moan.  He lets go and starts playing with my pecs, scraping his fingers along the muscles.  I tense my pecs and they become hard.  He feels up the granite and playfully pounds on them.  I move my hands around his body and grab his ass and increase his back and forth motion letting know to speed it up.  He obliges.

He slides his dick out from between my legs and turns me around.  He looks up into my eyes.  I see a gratefulness and yearning in them.  Now it’s my turn.  I lower myself and slip my dick between his legs.  He puts his arms over my shoulders.  I lift him up.  We are face to face.  He moves in and gently kisses my lips.  He pulls back and comes at me again.  This time there is more urgency.  He presses his lips to mine and puts his hands behind my head and pulls me closer.  As he is kissing me he is sliding his hips along the length of my dick and moaning the whole time. 

We stop kissing and I say, “Bed. Now.”  He nods. 

We disengage, turn the water off, and get out of the shower. 

I pick him up under his armpits and make our way to the bedroom. 

We step into the room and I look him in the eyes and ask, “Toss or set?”

He stares at me blankly.  I explain, “Would you like me to toss you onto the bed or set you on it?”

“Toss me, muscles, toss me.”  He says happily, feeling up my biceps which I flex for him. I decide to have a few minutes of fun and really get him going, before I toss him over to the bed.  I lift him up and swing his legs out and maneuver him into a curling position.  I start to curl him and he hooks his left arm around my neck for support. 

I look down at him and ask, “You really think I’m going to let you slip out and fall?”

“No.” And he moves his hand off my neck.  I laugh heartily and he smiles back up at me.  I begin the curls.  I get to about twenty and based on the erectness of his dick, he’s impressed. 

I lay on the floor and motion for him to come lay on my chest.  He gets on and I put my hands on him, testing for the right balance spot.  “Hold still so you don’t wobble off.”  He nods ok.  I start to bench press him.  “Remember when I was tossing 545lbs around a few days ago?” 


“This is what it feels like.”

“I like it.”

“Figured you would.” On my last press, I push up and actually toss Davey up a few inches. He free falls back into my hands and says whoa.  I keep my hands on his chest and work my way back to a standing position.  “Little stronger than you thought?”  He nods yes, amazed at what I’m doing with him.  I press him a few times over head and his dick looks like it’s about to explode.  Can’t have that.  Not yet at least. I bring him back down to the curling position, lean over for a kiss, which he is happy to supply.  I ask if he’s ready.  He nods yes.

I toss him the last five feet and he lands in the middle of the bed, face up.  I walk up to the edge and he crawls over, stands up, and leans down to kiss me on the top of my head.  We laugh.  I give him a strawberry on his abs, which he tenses, to show off.  He starts to back away, but I wrap my arms around him to keep him close.  He doesn’t struggle too much. I lick the space between his pecs, wetting it.

I pull his legs out from under him and he falls backward onto the bed.  He scoots backwards so he is in the middle of it.  I begin to crawl up the bed and overtop of him.  He stares at me like I’m an incoming storm. 

I have a cockeyed grin on my face and when I reach his dick, I lick it likes it’s ice cream cone that’s starting to melt. He puts his hands over his head and arches his back in pleasure.  I keep at it and move a finger towards his hole.  I slowly circle it and then gently push it in. He opens his mouth, but no sound comes out.  I continue to push it in.  I’m two knuckles in and begin a slow in and out motion.  I’m still licking his unit which is sticking straight up in the air.  Again, it’s very impressive for a guy his size. 

I leave his dick and continue up his body. His dick slaps me on the side of my face as it falls to his abs. I lap at his bellybutton.  It’s an ‘innie’, so I push my tongue into it and deposit some saliva. 



I wash my tongue over his lower ab area and he tenses his muscles again.  Pretty nice.  I rub my free hand over them and massage them.  I kiss each ab and he sighs.  It’s almost as if nobody has admired or worshiped him before and he is one hot fucker. I briefly think what, “did his ‘ex’ do to him to put him in this state?”  That’s a conversation for later, now I need to make him feel like he is the center of the universe.

I continue to worship his abs and move my finger in and out of his ass.  I stick a second finger and begin to relax his hole.  I move my mouth up his body and am now right below his pecs.  I eye his chest and see he does have a nice tight chest and his nipples are small but pronounced.  I lick one and he doesn’t move.  I try the other one, but still nothing. 

He leans up, cracks a smile, and says, “My nipples aren’t sensitive at all.”  I eye him and begin to nibble on one.  He shakes his head and continues, “You could pretty much bite them off before you get a reaction from me.” 

“Damn dude, what fun are you?”  I say as I pretend to get up to leave.  He stares at me as I pull away from him. I’m about to pull my fingers out of his ass when I stuff a third one in and fall back on top of him.  I don’t crush him, but give him a good scare. 

He punches me in the shoulders and says, “You’re pretty funny.  You had me there.” 

I lean down and give him a sloppy kiss on his lips.  “I’m here for the long haul, if you are.”  Davey nods yes.  I kiss him again move back to his nipples.  I say, “Let’s see what I can do about these guys.  Maybe nobody worshiped them like I’m about to.”  I attach my lips to one and put my free hand on the other.  I start to ravage both; licking and sucking one with most of my might and playfully twisting and messing around with the other one. 

After another few minutes of what would be absolute torture to me, he looks at me stone faced and says again, “Dude, spend your energy elsewhere.” And then cracks the faintest smile and says, “I’ve got some ideas if you need help.”

“No, I know what I’m doing.” I say in return and move my lips off his nipple, but continue to play with his chest.  I gently insert a fourth finger into his ass.  He lays back down and starts to breath heavily. “See.” I say and he just moans. 

I move back down his body, licking and lapping as I go.  His body is pretty much covered in my saliva but he could care less. 

He puts a hand on the top of my head while it is still in reach and delicately massages my scalp.  I moan and he moves his hand down to my ear and softly caresses the outer ear and ear lobe, then he starts rubbing the lobe between his thumb and index finger.  I put my mouth back onto his dick and slowly swallow it, coating it with spit the whole way down.  I move my tongue all around it and gently start to suck it. He takes his hand off my head and interlocks his fingers with the ones on my free hand.  We hold onto each other.  I move my body so that my dick is in position to enter him.  He looks me in the eyes and says, “I’d still like you to use protection.”  I nod.  “I have magnum condoms in my bed stand along with some lube.”


“Of course you do…” I laugh.  Instead of removing all my fingers and ruining the moment, I simply unlock our fingers, shove my hand under his back, lift him off the bed, and back towards the bed stand.  He reaches back into the stand and gets the supplies.  I pick him up again and move him back to the middle of the bed and set him down. 

He hands me the supplies. I use my teeth to open the packet and then expertly slide it on with one hand.  I grab the lube and squirt a big glob onto the tip of my dick and squeeze more onto the hand I have inserted into his ass.  I work the lube into his ass and then lean over him.  “I promise I will not hurt you.  If it gets too painful, just say so, I will back out.”  He leans up and gently kisses me. 

I position myself, pull my fingers out, and quickly put the tip of my dick at his hole.  I gently push and realize he is not as tight as I expected him to be.  I insert my head with an audible pop.  His eyes start to roll around and his arms spread to his sides as he grabs ahold of the comforter.

I lean over him again and put my hands on either side of him and slowly push my dick in.  He’s taking it like a pro and I ask how he’s feeling.  He grimaces and says, “It’s bigger in real life.”  I laugh. 

“Just hang on.  You’re doing great.”  He sticks out his tongue.  I get ¾ of the way in and he lets out a yelp.  I instantly stop.  “Too far?”  He nods yes.  I back off a bit.  He relaxes.  I now know his upper limit.  I begin my thrusting and make sure I don’t go past the pain point. 

Davey has released his death grip hold on the comforter and now is trying to apply one to my triceps.  I tense both arms and the horseshoes appear on the back of my arms.  He feels them up as a way to distract himself from the action at his ass.

I start to pick up the pace and his grimace turns to a contented smile.  He relaxes his death grip on my triceps and reaches for his dick with his left hand.  He starts a slow tugging motion. He uses his right hand to grope my chest, abs, and arms. It’s like nothing is off limits to him.  I don’t mind and actually enjoy that he is getting comfortable with me. I smile down at him.

He reaches his right hand to my face and caresses my cheek and jawbone.  He is doing it very softly and gently, like he’s afraid I’ll get upset if he gets too rough with me.  His hand finds its way to my ear and he starts to pull me down on top of him.  I look at him quizzically, making sure he wants me completely on top of him.   He releases his left hand from his dick and puts that hand on my back urging me to lay on him.  I comply and let my full weight settle on top of him. 

He sighs and wraps his arms as far around my back as they will go.  He shuts his eyes and hugs me intensely.  I see a tear escape his eye and know it’s not from pain, but for something else, which I cannot figure out.  I slow my rocking movement and just lay on him.  I am careful my full 220lbs are not crushing him. He releases his hug, opens his eyes with the most grateful look I have ever seen from a guy, and again moves his right hand to my ear and jawbone. I lift my body off his but slowly lean down and kiss him.  I gradually start my thrusting motion.  He moves his left hand to my face and now uses both hands to caress my ears and jawline. Another tear forms and rolls down his cheek.  I hesitate my thrusting motion and looks at me with a ‘don’t stop’ look. 

I continue. 

Once I’m back up to pace, he lifts his legs and wraps them around my waist, granting me easier access.  I up the movement.  He sighs and grabs him dick again and starts to yank it more urgently than before.  I lift my right hand and put it on his dick as well, slowing his movements.  He squeezes his ass muscles tightly and tries to yank himself like if he doesn’t cum he’ll be in trouble. 

We didn’t have this issue last time, what the fuck happened in the past few days with his ‘ex’…  I definitely need to figure it out, but not now.  Now, I need to make sure he gets what he wants and if he wants to cum, I want to make sure it’s an explosion on both ends. 

I pry his fingers off his dick and wrap my hand around it, completely engulfing it.  I continue with the vigorous yanking motion and he sighs.  His eyes roll around the sockets and suddenly I feel his whole body tense up.  This is it.  I give his dick a few good solid pull and feel his balls tighten, pull up, and then his cum explodes out of his body. 

He lifts his head an inch or so off the bed and his first shot coats my chest, chin, and his face.  Once the shot is done, his head falls back onto the bed.

His second shot nails my abs. His body twitches.

Third shot is less powerful, but spills onto his abs.

The last volley dribbles out and over my hand.

I thrust my dick into him 3 or 4 mores times and unleash a torrent of cum into the condom.  He feels my explosion and wiggles his ass around trying to get more of me into him.  I push in another few inches, going past his pain spot, but he doesn’t feel the pain at this point.  His brain is overloaded with pleasure.

I carefully lean down onto his body, wrap my arms around him, and roll over so he is on top.  I slosh him around the pool of cum he left on me and he giggles.  He leans up, puts both hands on my chest, and slowly pulls himself up my body, extracting my dick from his ass.  When the head gets to the entrance of his hole, it seems to be stuck.  He gives his hips a quick, sharp jerk forward, and my dick comes out with another audible pop. 

He looks down into my eyes with a gratifying look and says, “My shiny black knight.”

I puff my chest, toss up a double bi while lying there, and reply, “Just for you.”

He leans down for one final kiss and says, “I guess we do need to take a shower at some point. And you need to get back to your life.”

“My life can wait, because I hope it’s going to be ‘our life’ from now on.” He tears up again gives me the slightest nod yes and I let a tear escape my eye.


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On 6/15/2020 at 12:42 PM, Lefty said:

So glad you reposted this since I hadn’t read it and couldn’t find it.   Are you sure you don’t write scripts for gay porn?  These are smoking hot!!

Thank you. Appreciate the compliment.

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Part 10, Beach Adventure, part 1.

These next two are my favorites, if I'm allowed to have them as the writer. :)



How does a big guy like me turn out to be the luckiest man on earth?  By finding his soul mate, that’s how. 

I met Max at the beach one day a few years ago and we saved each other in different ways, but weirdly in the same way.

Ever since Max’s beach nightmare, he doesn’t want to go back to the beach.  I keep asking, saying it would be fun and help him.  He put me off three times, so on my fourth request, I literally picked him up and put him in the car, which I had already packed, and bungee tied to him to the seat. Our neighbors think we’re nuts and up to some weird sex-capades.

I told him, “We’re doing this. Stu is letting us use the house for a few days.”  He looked at me with mixed emotions of astonishment and anger.  The drive would take about 90 minutes, enough time for him to vent his anger and finally accept we were doing it. 

We start out and he doesn’t say a word for the first 15 minutes.  I pull over and remove the bungee cords.

“Why? You know I feel about the beach.”

“Yes, but remember the beach is also where we met.” I gently say. “Do you never want to go back and relive those happy memories?”

“Well, they weren’t all happy.”

“True, but once we got past that incident, I remember a lot of fireworks going off that night.” I put my proverbially foot on the ground and say, “Stop being such a grump, we’re doing this.”  I put my right hand on his thigh and gently squeezed, letting him know everything would be ok.  He tries to push my hand off, but I squeeze a bit harder and hold on.  He eventually puts his hand on top of mine and intertwines our fingers.  After a few minutes he releases my hand and puts it up on the back of my neck.  Uh-oh, here he goes, hitting one of my soft spots.  He runs his left hand very sexually thru the short hairs on my neck causing me to become aroused.  “That’s just mean Max.”

“Yeah, well, get used to it Jay, remember I’m a grump today.”  His voice betrayed him and I knew we’d have nothing but fun once we got there. 

I had double checked the weather all week and three times last night and this morning.  It was going to be an almost perfect day.  High 80’s, low humidity, no clouds, water in the 70’s.  Packing was easy, 2 overnight bags, umbrella, cart, towels, cooler with drinks and snacks. Oh, and suntan lotion.  My fair skin needs to have lotion applied on a regular basis and Max was always willing to help out. 

We continued the drive.  We talked about the gym, Ty and Davey.  Max said it was awful but was glad Davey was going to be ok.  Ty is lucky to have found him after everything he’s been through himself.  I agreed.  Max also remarked that Cam and Ming were looking to have dinner at some point and what did I think.  I said fine, but remember that Cam was allergic to fish. 

We pull up to the beach house around 10am.  Not bad travel time for a Friday morning.  We lug everything into the house and sit down to relax for a minute.  Max heads to the bathroom and I walk out on the deck.  I can see the ocean over the dunes and I lean against the railing taking in the bright blue water with occasional whitecaps meant swimming would be great. The salt air and the screech of seagulls.  All this is why we love the beach. Hopefully today will be the final step in Max getting over the dream.  I am still lost in my thoughts when he walks up.  He puts his left arm through my right arm hugs closer to me.  We turn to face each other and I gently kiss him on his lips.  He reciprocates. He puts his right hand on my bicep and softly massages it.  I give it a small flex and he rubs the balled muscle.  He leans his head on my upper arm and shoulder.  “This is why we love the beach.” I say to him.  He nods, turns his head to my arm, and lightly kisses my bicep.

He nods to the chair and we go sit.  I sit first he gets in my lap.  He puts his right arm around my neck and his left hand is massaging my chest thru my t-shirt. I tense my chest because I know he likes rubbing my pecs and nipples when it’s stone hard. He gives my nipples a few tugs and I sigh.  I put my right hand in his curly hair and start to play with it.  He sighs and I lean in for another kiss. 

“We could just sit here, or go inside and play around.” He says as one last attempt to stay away from the beach.

“Don’t make me carry your ass down to the ocean and throw you in.  You know I can and will, little man.”  I say sternly back to him.  He looks at me incredulously to see if I’m serious or not. I’m not, but I need to make him do this, so I give him a stern look. “Also, no more ‘fun time’ until you get sand in your hair and ocean water in suit.”

He laughs at me and pats my chest, “Ok big guy. Let’s go get this done.” 

I smile back and say, “Damn, I really wanted to carry your ass down there and throw you in the water…”

He leans in for one last kiss.  “Who says you can’t?” and he jumps up and goes into the house.  I get up and walk in after him.  Good. 

He’s making sure the cart has everything in it.  When he’s satisfied, he heads out to the deck and down the ramp to the trail.  I follow, locking up.  Once we’re on the trail between the dunes, he puts his left hand in my right and squeezes.  I squeeze back, reassuring him. 

We get thru the dunes and the beach and ocean open up before us.  What a view.  Blue sky, clear blue water, light ocean breeze, and very few people.  We wander down and set up in an area where there are not too many people, so we’ll have a bit of privacy. 

I push the umbrella into the sand with one shove and Max just stares at me.  I look up, grin, flex my 25 inch bicep, and jokingly say, “At least they’re good for something other than carrying your ass around.” Max just rolls his eyes. 

We strip off our t-shirts and someone lets out a cat-call. Max immediately yells thank you to whoever whistled.  I just laugh at him.  Always the joker. I grab the spray lotion for him and paste lotion for me.  I call it paste lotion because if feels as if I’m putting a layer of paint on when it’s applied.  Max stands with arms out and I spray every exposed piece of skin.  I spray some into his hands and he rubs it on his face.  He looks at me to see if it’s been rubbed in completely.  I nod yes. 

He takes my lotion and squeezes out a good amount and gets to work.  Now I know he always has other intentions when applying lotion, but I try not to cave to his attempts, but this guy is good and sometimes I can’t help myself.  He starts at my feet and works his way up. Calves and shins, back then front.  Quads and thighs, same. He is careful not to lift my board shorts too much as he knows people are watching.  Now my upper body.  Lower back.  He takes his time and I can tell his is groping his way around.  “Speed it up back there, it’ll be dark by the time you’re done.”

“Calm down big guy, you don’t want me to miss any spots do you? Also, I might as well be rolling paint on a house for as big as you are.” We both laugh.

He moves up and coats my upper back and shoulder and the back of my arms.  I flex my triceps and he takes his time applying the lotion there, with the casual grope.  He comes around to my front, leans up, and gives me a peck on the lips.  He puts an ungodly amount of lotion in his hands and starts to apply it.  “Really Max?  You trying to use one full tube of lotion on me?”

He cocks an eyebrow, leans up, and just kisses me again.  His hands are around my navel and the top of my board shorts.  He spreads the lotion around.  I flex my abs to show him I can be just as playful as him.  He takes his time spreading the lotion on each brick hard ab and in the valley between them. He kisses me again and rakes his fingers across the abs. 

I put my enormous arms on his shoulders and let my fingers play with his curly hair.  He is still working my abs over and the tips of his fingers dips into my shorts, coating the area right below the top of the shorts.  I eye him with a look saying ‘careful buddy, public beach’.  He grins evilly and slowly pulls his fingers out.  He moves up my front to my upper abs and lower pecs.  I flex my pecs and he licks his lips.  I nod ‘no, not here’ and he groans.  It is my turn to flash an evil grin.  He punches my abs in retaliation, catching me unaware.  Not that it hurt or that I felt it, but the sensation of him punching me was arousing. 

I blow a breath of air out and thru his hair.  The curls float up and settle back down, he smiles at me.  He is spreading lotion on my upper pecs.  He motions for me to take my arms off him so he can finish.  He gets my clavicle and starts on my biceps and forearms.

Someone yells out, “I can help you with those if you want.” 

I laugh and Max yells back, “I’m good, but thanks for the offer.”

I toss up a double bi pose for whoever yelled and they immediately whistle back.  I grin and Max says “Show off.” I blush and he leans for another kiss. “And remember, you’re all mine.” And he pats my chest again. 

I grin again and say, “Right back at you.” And I put my arms around him and haul him in and up for a sloppy kiss. I lift him up a bit and walk us to the umbrella and towel.  We sit and stare at the ocean.  “Nice isn’t it? How are you doing?”

“Fine.  I think I’ll be ok.  Thanks for doing this, even though I was a grump about it.”  He puts his left hand on my right thigh and squeezes it and tries to dent the muscles.

“It’s what I’m here for.” I say and tense and loosen the muscle.  He leans over for a kiss and he puts his right hand on my cheek to pull me a bit closer.  We are tongue wrestling and swapping saliva. I put my right hand on his back and then I lean back hauling him down with me and he is at my side.  He re-positions himself so he is right on top of me. I put my hands on his waist and he puts his hands on my chest again.  I slide him back and forth over my flexed abs and he moans and an erection starts to show.  I giggle and so does he.  He plays with my nipples, pulling and twisting them.  I tense my chest and he ups his movements, sensing they will cause me to become aroused.  He is correct. 

All of the sudden we hear, “Get a room.” And realize we’ve taken it one step too far.  We both blush and Max stands up, getting off me, pushing his obvious erection down the leg of his board shorts,  I try to the  same, but it’s still clear I’m ‘excited’.  He see the bulge and licks his lips. I say, “Not until your ass has been in the ocean.”  He nods toward the water and I nod ok. 

We head down.  Max dives right in, as if he were born to water.  I on the other hand can be a big sissy about it.  I walk in slowly, getting used to the water an inch at a time.  Max is playing in the waves, swimming around like a fish, and his curly hair is plastered to his head.  He sees me slowly making my way in, wades back toward me, and starts to splash me.  He gets me completely wet and says, “No reason for you to take your time now, Jay.  Come get me…” and he splashes me again, turns, and dives thru a wave, popping up on the other side looking at me with a huge grin.  He’s right, so I make my way all the way in and dive thru a wave.  I come up and Max is right next to me. 

We swim out a bit further and I stand up.  The water is about pec high on me and Max is bobbing with the waves to keep his head up.  I put my arms out asking if he’d like me to hold him, and he says, “You gotta catch me first.” He turns and starts to swim away. 

Now, I’m no Michael Phelps in the water, but can get around.  Max on the other hand, might as well be Phelps.  He is swimming circles around me, popping up behind me, splashing my head, and ducking down before I can reach him.  I can see him in the clear waters, but he sees me as well and can see when I move toward him.  After about 10 minutes of trying to catch him, I pretend to stop and just stand there looking out over the ocean.  I feel the water around me stir and quickly turn and throw my hands into the water and haul Max up. 

“Look what I caught.” I say to him.  He laughs and squirms in my arms.  I have a firm grip on him.  I have my arms extended and start to haul him in for a kiss.  I look him in the eyes and say, “Remember when we were making out and you licked my nose?”  He nods yes with a silly ass grin on his face.  I say, “Well this is for that…” and I heave him over my head about 3 feet.  I catch him on the way down and toss him about 6 feet away from me.  He slashes into the water and comes up laughing.  I am laughing as well. 

He swims back to me and says. “Again!” Just like a little kid. 

I pick him up by his waist and turn him around, so he is facing away from me.  “Ready?” and before he can respond, I throw him 10 feet from me.  I see his legs and arms flailing.  He is laughing the whole time. 

He splashes again and comes back for more.  My little man.  I pick him up, haul him for a kiss.  He wraps his legs around my waist and arms over my shoulders.  We just stand there and let the water wash around us.  The current isn’t too strong so I don’t have to put too much effort into keeping us still. 

He pulls back and gives me the ‘one more time look’. I roll my eyes and he takes it as a yes.  He starts to climb up my body.  His crotch is right in my face for a split second and I can feel he’s got a boner going on. He swivels around and is sitting on my shoulders. He pats me on the head and says go under.  I duck into the water and he puts his feet on my shoulders.  He taps my head again and I piston up and shoot him 15 feet into the air and 30 feet away.  I’m glad I did not use my full strength or he may get hurt.  He’s flailing again, but has enough time to pull his legs in and does a cannonball.  He splashes down but he does not come soon enough for my liking so I start to head in his direction to make sure he’s ok.  I get about half way there when he pops up spitting out water and gasping for breath.  I reach him, haul him to my chest, and put my arms under his ass to support him.

“You ok buddy?” I say in a concerned voice.

“Yeah, big guy.” He says patting me on my chest. “I was too busy laughing and when I hit the water I took in a mouthful.”  I grin back at him and move his curly hair out of his eyes.  “I forgot how strong you are.” He says squeezing my arms. I blush. 

“Can we just stand here?” He asks.  I nod yes, and pull him closer to me.  He puts his head on my shoulder and whispers, “I love you.” Into my ear. 

I hug him a bit tighter in response and say, “Love you too Max.”

I feel his boner is getting harder, so I move my left hand up his board shorts and gently play with his balls.  He sighs and licks my earlobe.  He starts to move around, rubbing is erection across my abs thru his suit.  I tighten them up and pull him closer.  I can clearly feel his boner and increase my play with his balls.  His body tightens and he blows his load right there.  I lean back, his head comes off my shoulder, and I look him in the eyes and say, “That was quick.” 

He grins and says, “I was overly stimulated.” He pulls in for another kiss.

We wade in the water for another 10 minutes and Max says, “We need to reapply lotion, you’re getting a bit red.”  I nod ok and start to walk us back to shore.  When we get close enough Max gets out of my arms and starts to walks back up. 

I casually walk up behind him, pick him up and say, “Now I get to throw your ass into the ocean, as I promised.” And I gently heave him 15 feet into an oncoming wave.  He laughs the whole way into the wave and pops up on the other side with a huge grin on his face.  I turn away and walk back to the blanket. 

He comes up a minute later, slaps me on the ass and says, “You do realize I will get you back for that…”

“I certainly hope so.” I say while leaning down for a kiss.  He puts his hands on my forearms and leans up. 

“Now where is that paste?” He asks.  He digs it out of the bag and waits for me to towel off.  He begins to reapply.  He goes much quicker this time.  I spray him with his lotion and we both lay down on the blanket to enjoy the warmth of the sun. 

Max reaches into the cooler and brings out some water and a couple apples and pretzels.  We snack and just relax.  “Thank you.” He says again as he is playing with the short hairs on the back of my neck again.

“Anything for you buddy.”  He rolls onto his back and I drape my right arm over his chest, basically trapping him on the blanket, and he knows it.  He uses his fingers and traces circles on my forearm and bicep. I tense my bicep and he massages it with his hand. He licks his lips and I know he wants to get playful, but is restraining himself.  His touch feels wonderful and I am glad I am lying on my stomach to hide my bulge.  I glance at him and say, “Maybe I should change into my posing suit.”  His eyes get huge and he vehemently shakes his head no.

“That suit is just for our ‘fun time’.  No one else gets to see you in it, but me.” I put on a pouty face, but he says, “Nice try big guy, but no.”  I remove my right arm from his chest and run my fingers thru his drying curls.  He sighs and closes his eyes.  I continue to play with his curls and he starts to drift off to sleep.  I roll over onto my back, scrunch closer to him, and put my left arm around his shoulder.  He lifts his head, I slip my arm under it, and he uses it as his personal pillow.  I drift as well.


I wake and Max is not next to me.  I carefully roll over, I don’t want to hurt him if I he moved to a new spot while we napped.  Nope, not here.  Where did he go?  I lean up and scan the beach, but do not see him.  I check the water and there he is, splashing around again.  I check my watch and it’s around 3.  Enough time to jump back in the water. 

I wander back down to the water and wade right back in then dive thru a wave and pop up next to Max.  He is surprised to see me and comes over to me.  “I thought you’d be out for hours, the way you were snoring.”

“I don’t snore.”

“No, you rattle the shingles on all the houses in the neighborhood.”  He eyes me sharply.  He isn’t lying, but I won’t admit to it. 

“It’s around 3, what do you want to do?” 

“Can we just hang out for a little bit more and then head back to the house?”

“Sure.”  And he swims into my arms.  He turns around so we are both facing the ocean.  I cup his ass in my right hand and put my left arm under his left shoulder and across his chest, holding him to me.  He puts both his arms on my left arm and plays with what little hair I have there.  He tries to skooch closer to me.  I pull him closer, lift him a bit, and put my head on his right shoulder.  I lick the back of his ear and play with his hair. 

He says, “Careful big guy, I can feel you’re getting excited, and were still on a public beach.”

“Well, you are just so damn cute, I can’t help myself.”

“Yeah, I have to agree with you…I am damn cute.”

I release my arms and he drops into the water. He pops up laughing and I scoop him up again.  I toss him over my shoulder and say, “Time to head back.”

We get back to the blanket, dry off, pack up our stuff, and start to walk back.  We get to the dune path leading to the house and Max puts his hand in mine again.  I gently squeeze and he squeezes back.  We get back to the house and rinse off outside.  We get inside and Max says he will unpack the cart before going in for a shower.  Now, if that isn’t dropping a hint at what he wants, nothing is…

I head off to the bathroom and turn the shower on.  Stu did it right when it came to the shower.  It’s a huge walk-in shower with three heads and a bench.  There’s room for 6 people, but that’s another story.  It’s a bitch to clean, but well worth it, given the fun we’ve had in it.

The water is about perfect when Max walks in.  He’s stripped off his suit and has a huge erection, and walks right up to me, locks his lips on my right nipple and begins to suck and nibble on it.  So much for cleaning off first.  I reach down to take my suit off and feel his hands push mine away.  I reach for the master controls and turn the water off.  No use wasting it as this may take a while.

He continues to suck my nipple and puts his right hand on my left bicep. I gently start to flex it and he starts to massage the muscle, coaxing me to flex harder.  He’s always loved my biceps and will eventually move his mouth from nipple to bicep.  I bring the muscle up to a full flex, all 25 inches and he sees it out of the corner of his eyes.  He moves from right nipple to left nipple and then moves to the bicep.  I flex my right arm and he instantly puts his left hand on it, massaging that one now. 

His lips are so soft and tender.  He moistens them, purses them, and goes back to work on the face of my left bicep.  He uses his tongue and slobbers all over the muscle. His saliva is warm and he lets some of it drip out of his mouth onto the muscle.  It coats whatever hair I have on my arm.  He uses his tongue to slop it around, first the face of the bicep, then the triceps, and finally down to where my arm meets my shoulder.

My dick is getting harder, but is constrained by the suit. He feels my erection, lowers his left hand and fumbles to undo the drawstring.  He maneuvers his hand into my suit and wiggles it around loosening the shorts.  His hand seems to accidentally rub the top of my dick and the light hair I have there. 

Once the drawstrings are loose enough, he pushes the board shorts down and I kick them off.  Our erections are putting off heat and Max takes a hold of mine and starts a gently jerking motion.  I lean back my head and sigh.  He hears me and intensifies his slobbering on my bicep. His jerking motion stays the same, so I guess he is in this for the long haul, not a quickie like he had in the ocean.  I giggle and he stops and looks up at me.  I shake my head ‘no’, and he goes back to work.

When he feels my bicep is sufficiently worked over, he moves back to my nipple and moves his other hand down to my dick.  He’s now two handing me and it feels awesome.  I spread my legs a bit, to secure my stance, then reach my hands around Max and lift him up, turning him upside down at the same time. I shake him a bit and say, “To get some more sand out of your hair.”  He laughs.

He puts his hands on my thighs to steady himself and to get into the right position to take my dick into his mouth.  I could easily lift and move him into position, but I let him adjust himself.  When his mouth is dick height he starts to swallow.  The feeling is incredible and I shudder.  His soft tongue massages the top of my dick and the veins crawling over it.  He’s about half way down the shaft when it hits the back of his throat. I slowly and gently lift him up an inch or two and he swallows more.  He hums and starts his back and forth motion.  I hum in return.

His ass is right below my face.  I tilt my head down and lightly lap at his hole. He puckers it open and shut for me.  I grin an evil grin, which he cannot see, and begin to dart my tongue along the area between his balls and hole.  He is so sensitive there, it makes my job easy.  As I roll my tongue along the area I can just feel his hands squeeze my thighs in response.  I’ve got him going, but I don’t want him to cum too fast, like when we were in the ocean.  I slow my motions and just tickle his hole.  I occasionally blow onto the hole which causes him to pucker it. 

He continues to deep throat me and is doing an excellent job.  I am leaking pre-cum at a steady pace and he is sucking it down, and is looking for more.  My dick is coated in his saliva and he shows no signs of slowing down or wanting to be turned up right.  His weight is negligible to me.  I could hold him like this all day and never tire.  I tense my biceps for fun.  I tighten my abs and chest and rub his body up and down them.  He controls his dick and thumps it against my rock hard pecs.  Some pre-cum escapes and dribbles down my chest, abs, and into my crotch area.  He just adds it to the existing wetness as if nothing has happened.

Time to get this party into gear.

I let a droplet of spit fall onto his hole and then massage it around with my tongue.  He is moaning loudly.  I dart my tongue at his hole just as he opens it and push it right in.  He pauses his motion and wiggles his ass around, getting used to my tongue in his ass. 

Once he is comfortable with my tongue he starts to ravage my dick by changing the speed of his movements.  He’ll swallow me as far as he can go very quickly and then pull off very slowly, sometimes raking his teeth lightly along my dick and the raised veins. He also stops at my mushroom head and swirls his tongue around it, firing up all the nerve endings, making me quake internally. 

I’ve got a good grip on him and he knows he isn’t going anywhere. He moves one hand off my thigh and puts it under my balls and starts massaging the area. He takes his other hand off my thigh and places it along the remaining exposed shaft and is now blowing me, jerking me, and massaging my balls. 

I shut my eyes and force myself to think of something else or I’ll cum immediately.  I try to think of puppy dogs, creamed broccoli, or spider webs.  Anything to get my mind off the mind-blowing blow-job he is giving me.  In an effort to slow him down, I shove my tongue deeper into his ass and wiggle it around, widen the opening. 

He senses my intentions and tries to clamp his hole shut.  Nice try little man, but I force my tongue deeper and he is now straining with all his might to keep me from invading him any further.  Once he realizes it is a lost battle, he picks up his pace and is blowing me at a feverish speed, His head is bobbing on and off my dick so fast, I am amazed he hasn’t choked or bruised his throat.

He’s stopping jerking me and that hand is now clamped around my dick and he is using it as support. His other hand is still working its magic as well. Even with the manic pace his mouth is going at, the hand massaging my balls is doing so ever so lightly and casually. I finally give in and blow my load into his mouth. 

The first volley catches him unaware and nearly pushes his head off my dick, but he clamps his mouth shut and sucks for dear life.  Oh god that feels good.

My second volley is not as strong, but he is still sucking like a Hoover vacuum. 

I pull my tongue out of his ass when my third and fourth volleys shoot.  He senses the emptiness and has renewed vigor.  He puts both hands back on my thighs and sucks both volleys down with ease and then continues to suck me, trying to a 5 volley out. 

I go rigid and with all my might, force one more volley out.  It’s a big one and it smacks him in the back of the throat.  He slurps it up. 

I turn him up right, but he is still attached to my dick. He is softly cleaning it off and as he pulls off, he lays kisses on it.  I rub my hands thru his curls, lift him up, and kiss him. 

I back us up to the bench and I sit down.  I stand him up on the bench and his dick is mouth level to me.  I swallow him to the hilt on one motion.  He moans and puts his hands on my head for stability.  His left hand reaches down to my neck and starts playing with my neck hair again.  He’s trying to get me fired up again, and it is working. 

I concentrate on my job at hand, blowing him just as expertly as he did to me.  I want his load. 

As I continue to blow him, I place my right hand on his ass and easily insert 2 fingers.  He inhales at the invasion, but does not clamp his hole shut to try to keep me out.  He begins to move his body in step with my motions and soon he has a good face fucking motion going.  I insert a third finger. 

I raise my left arm and flex the bicep to the full 25 inches.  He sees the arm and reaches down with his right hand grabs ahold of the muscle desperately trying to dent it.  I won’t allow it and flex even harder.  I know this turns him on so much and it may be just enough to push him over the edge.  He squeezes with all his might, but I just hum at him.  He takes offense to this and up’s the ante with his left hand massaging my short hair.  Now it’s a power struggle.  Can I get him to blow before he gets me sprouting a flag pole again?  Either way we both win.

I sense my dick is on the rise again.  I need a rest, but need to complete the task at hand.  I swallow him deep and begin to massage his dick like he did to mine.  I rake my teeth over it, swirl my tongue over his head, and deep throat him as much as possible. 

He grows tense.  This is it.

He grabs my head and pulls me as close to him as possible.  He blows.  I never move my mouth.  I just let him cum right down my throat.  I swallow every drop. 

I remove my fingers from his ass and slide my hand up his back to support him.

He slides down my body and seats himself in my lap.  His dick is softening, mine is half mast, but I’m content. 

He lays his head on my chest and I run my fingers thru his curls.

After a few minutes, I stand us up and turn the water back on to rinse us off.  Not sure why as round two will probably be just as messy.


Part 11, Beach Adventure part 2 - or how Max and Jay met.  It's a long one guys.  Hope you like.


We’ve finished dinner and Jay insists on doing the dishes and cleaning up.  He tells me to go out onto the deck and relax and that he’ll be out in a bit. Who I am to argue with this big lug.  If he wants to clean up, good for me.  I slap him on the ass and walk out of the kitchen area. 

I open the sliders to the deck and walk over to the in-ground fire pit.  Gratefully Stu had an electronic ignition installed or I’d be here for hours trying to get it lit.  I get the fire going and sit down in one of the heavily cushioned recliners near it.  With the sun setting and a steady ocean breeze, it will be a cool pleasant night, great for sleeping, among other things. 

I think back to Jay’s comment that this is where we met and most of our happy memories are at the beach and beach house.  I had to ruin it by mentioning the unpleasant memory I have of it.  But he is right, if it had not been for that incident, we’d have never met. 

Now I am deep in my memories, thinking back to that fateful day.  It was a day similar to today.  Beautiful weather, warm temps, warm water, some awesome sex.  I’m forever happy Jay and I eventually met.

I had just finished classes and was a few days away from graduating with no career plans.  I was taking one last weekend off and wanted to spend it at the beach, just relaxing and cruising for hot guys.  I had no house to stay in, just the bags in my car, my curly hair, and a positive attitude.

I was getting a degree in computer science, but had no prospects for a job.  My parents were giving me three months to get my ass in gear and find a job.  They would support until the last day of the third month and then I’d find my bags waiting for me on the curb.  Don’t get me wrong, I agree with them. I needed to get my ass in gear and find a job.  I had done well in college, but working wasn’t at the top of my list. And since they also knew I could be a slacker, the three-month time frame was set up.

My family had known I was gay for a while and supported me, which made life easier.  They’d met all the boyfriends I’d had through high school and college and supported each relationship.  If one ever went south, they wouldn’t coddle me. They’d say, “It happens to heterosexuals too, so get up, dust yourself off, and get back out there.”  This went a long way in helping me become a strong outgoing person.  I like to meet new people, regardless of their sexual preferences and talking just came naturally to me.   I’d chat up anyone and if we were attracted to each other, great. If I found out they were straight, again, great, I’d just made a new buddy.

In a weird way, Jay and I met up because of my outgoing personality.


I was at the beach, but was hitting the local gym before heading to the water.  I have a great body, weigh 165-lbs, 5’11”, tan, trimmed chest and pubic hair, nice pecs and arms, and some pretty good abs, yeah, ok, I have a six pack and like to show them off.  Who wouldn’t?  

So, I’m in the gym in a tank top and board shorts just running through a quick upper body routine to get a pump on, then will head to the beach to see what I can snag.  I spot a cute looking guy on a flat bench looking over at me.  I walk over to say hi ask see if he needs a spot.  He’s got the bar loaded to 225-lb.  He’s a bit bigger than I am, probably 6’1”, 200, good looking body, but he seems to have fallen off the workout wagon and is trying to get back on it for the summer.  He sees me coming and I see him look me up and down and think “good, he plays for our team.”

“Hi, I’m Max, do you need a spot?”

“Yeah, that’d be great.  I’m Shawn.”

“Cool, need a lift off, how many you going for?”

“Yeah, a lift would be great, going for 5.”


I get behind the bench and get into position. “3, 2, 1.” And we lift the bar off the supports.  He gets thru all 5 with little effort and re­racks. I catch him staring up my t-shirt at my abs and chest.  I stand still so he can get a good look and then slowly move back so he can see my face.  He smiles up at me.  “Nice curls.”

I say to him, “Thanks, let me know if you need help with your next set.” He nods ok.

I go back to my routine and try to keep my eye out for him.  I see him around, then don’t see him for a bit, then he’s back.  I’m doing bicep curls on a preacher bench with a 35lb bar and 2 25lb weights and he walks between me and the mirror.  He looks down and asks if I need help. I nod sure and he gets into position and helps me on my final two reps. 

After I rack the bar, he casually lifts it up and curls it a few times, flexing his biceps at the top of each rep so I get a good look at his arms.  They’re pretty nice, not the biggest I’ve seen, but I’d slobber all over them if he wanted me to.  I feel a boner starting and slyly look up at him and shift my body so he can see what’s happening.  A slight grin appears on his face and he sets the bar down and casually rubs his crotch.  We’re looking each other in the eye.  He raises an eyebrow ever so slightly and I give just the barest nod yes.

We head to the bathroom.  We get in, he locks the door, and turns to face me.  He raises his right arm to a full flex, puts his left hand behind my head, and gently pulls me to the face of his bicep.  I lick my lips and go to town once I’m close enough.  I’m getting it nice and wet when he grabs my right hand with his left and moves it to his crotch.  I start to massage his dick thru his shorts.  He lets out a soft moan and I take ahold of it and start to yank it.  “Blow me.” He says quietly into my ear.  I get on my knees and gently pull his shorts down.  His dick pops free and springs up.  Nice 7-inch unit. Pretty good thickness, kind of hairy for my tastes, I wonder if he trims up.  I start to blow him and put my hands on his ass to pull him closer.  I spread his cheeks a bit and move my left hand towards his hole.  I’m about to stick a finger in his hole and he reaches around and grabs my hand. I look up to his face.  He gently, but firmly says, “Sorry, not on the first blowjob.” And he winks down at me.  I nod ok and continue to blow him for another 2 or 3 minutes.  I have a good motion going and his body suddenly gets stiff and I know he’s ready to blow.  I pull off and yank him a few times.  He cums all over my chest.  He sighs and leans back against the wall.  I get up, grab some paper towels and wipe my chest off.  I wet some more and reach down to clean him off and he stops my hand and takes the towels from me and cleans himself off.  “Sorry, I am super sensitive after I blow, and like to clean myself off.  Hope you don’t mind.” 

“Not at all.” I say back. He finishes cleaning up and begins pulling up his shorts.

“You heading to the beach?”  He’s checking himself out in the mirror and glancing over at me.

“Yeah, after I’m done here and shower up.  You?”

“Yeah.  I’ll look for you in about an hour?”

“Ok.  I have a blue and green umbrella”

“Nice.  See you later Max.  Oh, thanks for helping me out” And he winks at me, unlocks and opens the door, and walks out.  I stare at his ass.  I am staring so intently; I almost missed a huge muscle guy walk by and out of the gym.  Couldn’t tell much from my view, but he had blonde hair which was shaved short.  I go back to watching Shawn’s ass as he crosses the gym floor.

I head to the locker room, shower up, put on a fresh pair of board shorts, and drive over to the beach.  It takes me a good 15 minutes to find a parking spot. I feed the meter, load up the cart, and head down. 

I’m walking along the path through the dunes and see a couple of guys watching me from a really nice house on the path.  I think to myself, “Wonder how much that house cost?”

Someone from the house yells to me, “Nice cart.”  I glance over and wow, now there’s a nice-looking guy.  My height, looks to be 185lbs, muscles, wavy black hair.  He’s got a buddy with him. His buddy looks pretty fucking hot as well.  About 6’1”, same weight, muscles too, and long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail.  Guessing both guys are a few years older than I am.

I yell back, “Thanks.” And pause for a second.

“All by yourself?” The black-haired guy asks.

“Hope not, met a guy at the gym and he is on his way.”

“Good for you.” The pony-tailed guy says and smiles at me.


“We’ll be down in a while. If you are still alone, we can hang out.  I’m Stu.” Says the dark haired one.  “This is Kenny.”  And he waves to me.

“I’m Max.”

“Nice to meet you Max.”

“You too Stu. And you too Kenny.” I say looking at each of them.  Pretty good 3-some material right there.

I continue on my way to the beach.  I find a great spot near some rocks and set up my umbrella, spray myself down with suntan lotion, and settle into my chair.  The ocean is right in front of me, big, blue, clear, and inviting.  

I am in a trance watching the waves and feel so at ease.  Life is good.  I get up and wander down to the water’s edge, wade into the water, and dive in.  I swim around for a few minutes to cool off, get out, and head back to my chair. 

As I’m drying off, I see Shawn heading in my direction.  He’s got 3 buddies with him.  Hmm, could be fun.  One has a backpack with a baseball mitt and bat in it.  Another has a just a mitt.  Nice, athletes, they should have some stamina. 

“Hey Max, good to see you again.” Shawn says walking up and shaking my hand.

“You too Shawn.”

“These are my college buddies, Ash, Bull, and Larry.  We played ball together.”  The guys are checking me out, but not in a sexual way, more like they’re sizing me up. 

“Hey guys, what’s up?”

“Not much.” Larry says.  He’s the one with just the mitt.  Bull has the bat and mitt.  Ash doesn’t have a backpack or bag with him and he’s shirtless. 

Ash seems to be my height, but definitely has more muscle, probably weighs 225lbs.  Lats are flaring, nice quads and abs. His pecs are huge and his nipples are right at the bottom, where the muscle curves back to his chest. His nips are prominent and he has a huge areola around them.  This guy works out.  I don’t see the signs of a roid body.  He’s got nice black hair a bit of facial hair and a smooth dark brown body. He’s also got a couple tats on him.  One on each bicep and another one on his left quad.  He’s staring at me and seems to be undressing me with his eyes. 

Bull is definitely the biggest of the 4 of them. He must be 6’2” and 240lbs of muscle.  His chest is pressing against his t-shirt like it wants out now, but no nipples are visible. Hopefully they will perk up when I suck and nibble on them.  Arms look to be around 21 inches and have veins crawling all over them. Now there are some arms I could go to town on and blow a load or two.  I see some acme on his shoulders.  Uh-oh, roid boy.  He could be violent in bed.  Need to take care.

Larry, is just looking around, like he’s looking for someone else.  He’s the smallest of the three.  My height, but maybe 150.  Not skinny, but not as muscular as the rest of them. He as a bunch of tats all over him.  Arms, legs, and I can see one or two through his t-shirt. He looks over to Shawn and something unsaid passes between them.

Something is off here.  Ding, ding, ding. I need to play it cool and see if I can get away.

I ask, “You guys want to set up your stuff and relax for a while.”

“Sure.” Says Shawn.  He tosses his backpack down onto my blanket.  Bull and Larry do the same. 

Ash walks to my chair and sits down. He looks up to me and says, “Shawn says you helped him out at the gym today.” He flexes a pec slowly, showing me his muscle control.  A slight grin appears on his face.

Fuck, play it cool.  I easily say, “Yeah, he needed a spot when he was doing some presses.”

Ash looks at me evenly says, “Not what I meant Max…You know the kind of help I’m talking about…” and he rubs his crotch and I see a rather large bulge form.  He tenses a bicep and grins up at me.  “Shawn said you like big biceps.  Will these work?” and he tosses up an impressive double bi pose. 

I nod and say, “Very impressive Ash.”

Larry adds coldly, “We know you gave him a blowjob.  We think we each deserve one too, right guys?”  Bull and Ash nod.  Shawn is hanging back with an evil grin on his face.  He’s looking around with Larry to make sure no one is nearby.

“Guys, I’d be happy to help you out if you leave me alone afterwards.  I don’t want any trouble.”  I look over to Shawn and ask, “Do this often?” Indicating to the other three guys.

He laughs and says nastily, “Only when I find a queer at my gym.  Dude, you guys need to stop coming to our gym, it’s for straight guys.  You gays need to get your own.  We don’t need you staring at us, it’s fucking disgusting.”

I hold my tongue.  I instead say, “Like I said, I’ll blow each of you if you just leave me alone afterwards.”

“Maybe, bitch.”  Ash says as he leans up in the chair and is about to get up.

“Hey Max, these the friends you were talking about?”  It’s Kenny from the house in the dunes.

“Fuck off princess.” Bull says. “Mind your own business.  We’re having a conversation with Curly.” 

Kenny says, “Hmmm, looks more like you want to beat him up and then probably rape him.” As he points to the bat and mitts.  I am dumbfounded.  My mind didn’t even consider they’d rape me, but now the bat and mitts make sense. “But you wouldn’t be able to do that here on the beach.  How were you going to get him off the beach with you?  Gag him and tie him up?  There are too many people around and he’s onto you.”

“Again, fuck off queer.” Bull says rather loudly, as he reaches down for his bat.  Ash gets out of the chair and walks toward Kenny.

“Bull, Ash, calm down.” Shawn says evenly from behind us.  Bull and Ash stop and everyone turns to him.  He looks at Kenny and says, “You did hear Max say he was willing to give my buddies blowjobs, so I don’t see what you’re concerned about.  We’ll let him be after we’re done with him, promise.” And he gives a smart-assed grin.  He continues.  “Ash, why don’t you and Max’s friend hang out down here for a while?  I’ll send Larry and Bull down once they’re done and it’s your turn.”

Ash walks over to Kenny and puts an arm over his shoulders and squeezes their bodies together. Ash outweighs Kenny by 35lbs. Kenny plays it cool and evenly looks at Shawn and says, “This isn’t happening.”

“Yes, it is.” Shawn says back flatly.  Ash knocks Kenny’s knees out from under him and Kenny is on the ground.  Shawn looks at me and says, “Up to you Max.  Ash could do some serious harm to your buddy if I tell him to. You coming along?”

I stubbornly say, “Ok.” Kenny looks at me shaking his head.

“Good, let’s get the party started.” Shawn says clapping his hands together. “Ash, the guys will be back as soon as possible.  Try to keep your muscles under control.”

“No promises Shawn.” As he flexes a bicep in Kenny’s face.  Ash and Shawn laugh.

Larry leads us off the beach followed by Bull, myself and Shawn in the back.  As we pass the house where I met Kenny, I see Stu come out the door.  “Hey Max, Kenny went down to meet up with you.  Did he find you?” 

Shawn says back, “Nope, didn’t see him.” And pushes me along.  I look up to Stu with a frightened look in my eyes. 

Stu just turns and goes into the house.  He shuts the door and I hear him yell to someone named Jason, but we’re past the house before I hear anything else.

We get to Shawn’s van and he pops the side door and slides it open.  He waves for me to get in.  I glance inside and see it is pretty much empty, except for an old mattress covering the metal floor.  As I get in, I turn to see a huge guy coming down the path.  He must be 6’3” and 250lbs of muscle.  Buzz-cut blonde hair, the clearest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, no shirt on, gym shorts, and flip flops. Fuck, it’s the guy from the gym earlier today, who I only saw from behind. As Shawn starts to slide the door shut, the guy puts his left hand on the door and it instantly stops.  He says in a deep voice, “Max, Stu said you left some stuff in the house and to go get it.”  He looks at Shawn and says, “Leave him alone Shawn.”

Shawn responds. “Don’t have a problem with you Jay, but stay out of this.”

Bull comes around from the back of the van and says, “Back off muscles, he’s coming with us for some fun.” Larry is a few steps back from Blonde and is eyeing him up.

Blonde doesn’t even look at Bull and just says to Shawn, “No, he is not.”  And Bull swings the bat.  It hits Blonde on the shoulder, the bat shatters, but he doesn’t even flinch.  He looks at me again and calmly says, “Max, I need you to go into the house.  I’ll be right behind you.”  I stare at him.  He nods his head and I jump out.  Shawn reaches for me, but Blonde’s hand is quicker, fast as a blur, and he’s got Shawn’s hand in his.  He starts to apply pressure and Shawn starts to contort his face in pain.  “Please Max, go now.” 

I start up the path and see Stu coming down.  I meet him halfway and he says, “Don’t worry, Jay can take care of himself.”  He ushers me into the house and locks the door. We start going up the steps to the main level. I hear a muffled sound like a hammer hitting metal.  It must be the guys at the van, but I have no idea what would make that type of sound as the van was pretty much empty.

I’m freaked out about what just happened and my mind is racing, “What about Kenny?  They left him with Ash, who is lot bigger than he is.” I’m looking around, wanting to get back down to the beach to try to help Kenny.

Stu grabs my shoulders, turns me to face him and says, “Kenny’s no fool. And Jay will be on his way down there in a minute to help him.” 

“But there were three of them at the van, what if they overpower him?”  I start to babble and am getting sweaty.

“Yeah, it could be an issue, but Jay knows what he’s doing.”  Stu is remarkable calm and is looking me right in the eyes.

I stare at Stu without knowing what to say.  I hear Larry yell out in pain, then go silent.  I look at Stu again and he just nods to a chair in the living room area.  I sit down tentatively, on the edge of the seat.  Have I gone from frying pan to fire?  My brain is spinning.  I can feel my heart beating what feels like a thousand times a minute.  Fuck, I’m 22, I was almost beaten up and raped, but now, who knows what.  Something tells me I’m going to be ok, but I’m having a hard time processing what’s just happened to me.  Stu says, “You feel ok, you look a bit pale.”

“I feel….” And I get up and run out onto the deck and throw up over the railing.

“Guess not.” Is all Stu says from behind me.  “Stay there. Let me get you some water.”  I stand there and throw up again.  I feel a bit better and see this Jay person walk past the house towards the beach.  He has purpose to his step.  I see the spot where Bull’s bat hit him.  It’s a bit red, but that’s it.  Jay disappears over the dunes and is walking toward where I had set up my umbrella.  Stu comes back out and hands me the water.  “Like I said, Jay can handle himself.”

“I’m beginning to believe you.” 4 minutes later Jay and Kenny are walking back.  Kenny has my cart with all my stuff.  Jay is carrying Ash over his shoulder.  Kenny turns and comes up the ramp to the house.  Jay keeps walking down the path, out of sight, to Shawn’s van. 

Stu meets Kenny at the top of the ramp and gives him a kiss and asks, “You ok?  Everything ok?”  Kenny glances to me and looks back to Stu and pulls him in for another kiss.  He then whispers something in his ear.

“Fuck.” Is all Stu says and Kenny just nods.

Stu turns to me and says, “Where are you staying?  Where is your car?” 

I stumble over my answers, “My car is about 4 blocks away.  I don’t have a place to stay.  I was hoping to meet someone and well, you know.”  Now, I’m totally embarrassed. “I should go. I think I’ve caused enough problems and don’t want to drag you guys into it.  I can just head to the police station and file a report or something.”

“Too late Max.” Kenny says.  I look at him quizzically. “Jay knocked out all guys.” My mouth just falls open. “But, they will be ok.  He’s driving the van back to the gym and will leave the guys in the van to recover.  As for the police, we can handle that for you.  We know the local cops pretty well, plus once they hear our version, you should be in the clear.  It may be best if you stayed here for the rest of the day and tonight.  I need to follow Jay to the gym and drive him back.  Stu will take you to get your car, ok?”  I nod yes, what else can I do?

Stu and I jump into his SUV and head out.  “What did I get myself into?” I mumble quietly. 

“Don’t worry too much about it, Max. The police shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  Shawn and his buddies on the other hand...” 

I glance over to him, “You know them?”

“We see them around town and they have a reputation for not liking gay men.  Not sure why, and really don’t care.” 

“But I saw Jay at the gym today? And Shawn told me he doesn’t like gay guys at his gym?”

“Would you mess with Jay?”

“I guess not.” I say confused and Stu picks up on it.

“Jay doesn’t like to go to that gym for the reason you just mentioned, but he also says it’s the best one in town, so who’s going to argue with him?  He’s said Shawn doesn’t like when he comes in, but gives him a wide berth.”  Stu gives me a reassuring pat on the shoulder and says, “Looks like we got to you just in time. Kenny saw them walk past the house and figured he’d head down to make sure they weren’t the ‘friends’ you were waiting for.”

“Yeah, Kenny saved my life.” I say.  I continue, “Sorry about throwing up near your deck.”

“Not to worry.  I bucket of water will wash it away.”  Stu laughs.  “Least of my worries today.”

We get to my car, I fumble with my keys and Stu looks at me and says, “You sure, you’re going to be good to drive back?”

“Yeah. I just need to take a few deep breathes.” I get out and lean against my car.  I look over to Stu and say, “I think I’ll just take off, Stu.  It may be best for everyone if I disappeared.”

Stu gets out of his and stands in front of me. “Max, I’d like for you to stay the night with us.  You’re in no shape to drive home and you already said you don’t have a place to stay, so…” 

I hesitantly say, “Ok.”  Stu leans in and gives me a gently hug.  I tentatively hug him back.

We get back to the house and Kenny and Jay are there.  I walk in and Kenny walks to me and gives me a hug.  “You ok buddy?” he asks.

“I’ll make it.  Still a bit un-nerved.” I respond with a bit of a joke in my voice.  I see Jay sitting outside on the deck.  He’s put a t-shirt on.  “Is he ok?  He took a bat to his shoulder.”  Both guys nod yeah.  “Can I talk to him?” They look at each other and nod yes.  I walk out, sit across from Jay.  He looks up and I say, “Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but it’s all I can offer.”  He puts his giant left hand on my right thigh and gently squeezes.  I can feel the restrained power he has.

“As long as you’re ok, it’s all the thanks I need.” And he softly applies pressure.  I put my hand on top of his and we look each other in the eyes.  His blue eyes are alive and sparkling and he seems to be looking right into my heart and soul.

I think to myself I’d never have a shot with this guy.  He’s all muscle and good looks. He’s got to have someone waiting for him. “I hope Bull didn’t hurt you.  He was a big guy and the bat shattered when it hit you.”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.  Just need to massage the area and put some ice on it.”

“Your boyfriend around to help you out with the massage?”  I ask very innocently.

“Don’t have one right now.”  He says evasively. I try to keep my jaw from falling off.  He sees my astonishment and says, “Being a big guy can be a turn-off to quite a few people, believe it or not.”

“Yeah, I have that problem all the time.” I say very jokingly and puff out my chest. 

He looks up and smiles a genuine smile.  “Good one, curly.”  The way he says curly just makes me melt.  He reaches over and puts his right hand in my curls and plays with them.  It feels great. 


The next thing I remember is waking up in a dark vehicle and being rocked from side to side.  I hear Shawn’s voice, but cannot make out where he is.  He’s yelling at someone to turn and the van rocks to the left.  I roll over and bang my head on the side of the van.  I almost pass out again.  Fuck.  We ride along for another 5 minutes and the van comes to a stop.  Doors open and shut.  The side door slides open and I see Shawn and Bull, both bruised and angry. 

Bull just grabs my leg and pulls me to the opening, punches me in the stomach, lifts me over his shoulder, and carries me to where ever we’re going.  More doors open and shut I see we’re back at the gym.

Shawn locks to doors once we’re in the gym.  We make our way thru the gym floor and he opens another door and we are going up some steps.  There must be an apartment above the gym. Shawn turns some lights on and I squint.  My head hurts.  Shawn yells, “Ash, wake up.”

Bull drops me into a chair and from behind me someone throws a rope over my head and they tie me to the chair, must be Ash.  Duct tape is put over my mouth. 

Shawn appears in front of me. His cuts and bruises are worse than I though.  He slaps my face a few times and taunts me saying, “Well, well Max, looks like we have you back for that fun you promised us earlier.” And he smiles a crooked smile.  “Don’t worry, we’ll be alone for a while.  Jay may be big and strong, but a shovel to the back of his head knocked him out pretty nicely.”  I just stare at him.  “Kenny and Stu were easier.  Bull just punched them out, little queens.” He almost spits out the last two words.

He goes on, “But first we need to make some changes.  Your hair for one.” He looks at me shaking his head. “It’s gotta go.  ‘Curly’ may be a nice nickname, but these curls are just too much.  You need a manly haircut.” He’s tugging on my hair with some force and straighten out the curls.  “Yeah, they go first.  Ash, grab my scissors from the drawer.”  I hear the drawer open, some rummaging around, and it shuts.  Ash hands them over my shoulders. 

I keep my eyes open.  No use struggling or showing fear as there is nothing I can do at this point.  Snip, snip, snip…and my hair falls to the ground. 

He’s taking his time and mocking me every so often. “You really thought you’d get out of giving us blowjobs?  Well, Larry is not able to participate, but you can make it up to Bull and Ash.  They might be bruised up, but trust me, they’re horny as fuck, and not just horny for a blowjob, but an angry horny and your ass and mouth will help them work out their aggression's.”  He continues snipping off my curls.

He’s almost done when we hear glass break below.  Shawn stops, looks up suddenly, looks to Bull and Ash, points at the door to the stairwell, and says, “Lock that door and move the sofa in front of it.”  Shawn bends down and just picks up the chair I’m in and carries me back to a bedroom.  He’s stronger than I thought.  Bull and Ash move the sofa into place and follow us in.  They shut this door, lock it, and the two of them move a heavy oak dresser in front of the door.

I hear footsteps on the stairs and Jay calls out, “Max, you in there?”  I cannot answer.  “Shawn, God help you if you’ve done anything to him.” 

Bull starts to yell, but Shawn shushes him and yells back, “Jay, just go home and never come back to the gym and we’ll call it even.”  There is a pounding on the door and it sounds like a sledgehammer hitting it.  Shawn calmly says, “Bull, there is another bat in my closet.  Ash, break off a table leg or two.” Pointing to a table in the corner.

The pounding gets louder and the walls shake.  I hear drywall and two by fours cracking.  The guys in this room are starting to sweat.  The apartment door sounds like it explodes and the floor rumbles as Jay just propels the sofa out of his way.  “Last chance Shawn.  I’m coming into the bedroom whether you want me to or not.”

“Fuck you Jay. You come thru and I will seriously hurt Max.”

The wall next to the door disintegrates into dust and rubble and Jay appears. He’s got on the t-shirt from when we were on the deck, but it’s all torn up.  There is a nasty looking bruise on the right side of his face and some dried blood on his cheek.  He’s got some cuts and blood dripping off his arms and hands.  His eyes are on fire, with a rage I’d never seen in a person before. 

Bull swings the bat at him, but Jay grabs the bat in mid-air and it comes to a sudden stop.  Bull tries to pull it back, but Jay just looks at him with an anger and contempt that would send most sane people running for cover.  He simply wrenches the bat out of Bull’s hand and crushes it with his fingers.  With his other hand he lifts Bull up by his shirt and tosses him against the wall which is 5 feet away.  Bull bangs his head and is down, but is not out.

Ash charges Jay with the table leg as a spear and Jay easily swats him into the dresser. The sound of Ash’s body hitting the dresser tells me he’s broken some bones and is knocked out.  Jay picks up the table leg and holds it out in front for Shawn to see.  He calmly says, “Shawn, let him go or else.” And he snaps the leg in half.  His muscles never moved; his voice never wavered. It’s like he was breaking dry pasta in his hands.  I’m now beginning to see why he didn’t want me around when he first saved me.  His power is incredible and for me to see it must bother him.  He probably doesn’t like to use it unless it is absolutely necessary.  Well, I think this is one of those times.

Shawn is standing behind me and casually says, “One more step and I…” and Jay moves like a blur and is behind me.  I hear Shawn’s body hit the back wall and he moans in pain. 

Bull is up and moving toward Jay from behind.  I try to rock the chair over.  It tips and I crash to the floor banging my head just as Bull is about to pass me.  He trips over me and lands right behind Jay, at his feet.  Jay turns around, sees me on the ground and Bull trying to get up.  Jay reaches down, grabs Bull and says, “Let’s go for a walk little man.”  He looks at me, gently removes the duct tape from my mouth and says, “Max, I will be back in two minutes, stay calm, this is almost over.”

“Not like I can go anywhere.”  Jay smiles a sad smile and runs his hand along the side of my cheek.

“2 minutes.” He picks up Bull by his waist, hefts him over his shoulder and walks out the opening he created. 

I hear them go down the steps into the gym. It sounds like Jay is knocking Bull’s head against the stairwell walls on purpose.  They reach the bottom of the steps and a few seconds later Bull yells out in pain.  Oh God, what did Jay do to him?  A minute later Jay is coming back up the stairs.  He appears in the opening again. 

“You’re 5 seconds late.  I’m disappointed.” I smile at him.  He grins back, walks over, frees me from the chair and helps me up.  He looks at me to see if I can walk.  I can.  He makes sure Ash and Shawn are still out cold and we walk thru the opening he made, and start down the steps.  I wobble a bit and instinctively grab his arm to steady myself.  He puts his left hand on my shoulder to steady me.

We get to the bottom and he directs me to the door, but I see Bull pinned to a rack machine with a Titan Battle rope wrapped around his body with his arms pinned to his side.  He’s yelling at Jay and screaming in pain at the same time.  Jay ushers me out of the building.

“Do you need to go to the ER?” There is concern in his voice and eyes.  I shake my head no.  He starts the car and we drive away.

“What about you?  You took a shovel to the head according to Shawn.”

“Yeah, but it would have taken a lot more than that jackass hitting me with a shovel to put me down for any length of time.” He waved his hand at the building behind us and continues,” Plus I think I was running on pure adrenaline once I saw they took you from the house.”

“That’s one big dose of adrenaline you were on.” He blushes and I turn the conversation away so as not to embarrass him anymore, “How are Stu and Kenny?”

“They’re fine.  I’m sure they’re in the shower together, massaging each other’s bruises.”

I stare at him.  I put my hand on the side of his face and he puts a hand on my leg and gently squeezes. I run my hand along his face and feel his stubble and see the bruise forming. I move my hand to the back of his neck and the buzzed hair.  I gently play with it.  He moans and says, “Careful.” And glances down to his crotch.  I see the bulge and look back into his eyes.  We come to a stop light and he smiles at me and leans over.  I meet him and give him a kiss.  He hesitantly returns it and applies more pressure to my leg. 

We break the kiss and he starts to drive again as the light has turned green.  He softly puts his hand on my head and neck.  “I’m sorry I did not get here in time to stop Shawn from cutting off your curls. Now I have nothing to run my fingers thru.”

“They’ll grow back big guy.  Hopefully you’ll be around to watch it happen.” 

“I wouldn’t miss it.” And he playfully rubs my head.  We drive the rest of the way in silence.  We pull in to the driveway and he says, “Let’s get you in the house and get you cleaned up.”  He runs his hand along my cheek and the back of my neck.

I continue to play with the short hairs on the back of his neck.  “But I’m not tired and I bet you still have some of that adrenaline running thru your body.”  I ogle him up and down and he blushes.  I nod at his bulge and say, “I could help you with that as long as you don’t put me thru a wall like you did to Shawn.” 

He laughs out loud and says, “I didn’t put him ‘through’ the wall, he just became part of it for a few seconds.”  Now it’s my turn to laugh. We get out of the car, go into the house and up the steps to the main floor. The lights are off, but we see Kenny and Stu are on the deck, in a lounge chair, in each other’s arms.  They see us in the kitchen area and we walk to the sliders. 

I ask, “Are you guys ok?  I’m sorry I’ve caused you so many problems today.” 

They nod and Stu says, “Max, it’s cool. We’re just glad Jay was able to get to you in time.” 

“Well, almost in time.” I say rubbing my newly hacked up head of hair. Stu suddenly sees what’s happened and they both get up and come over to me.

Kenny mockingly says, “Jay, how could you let this happen to Max?” He gently runs his hand over my scalp. “Now we can’t call him curly and it’s your fault.”  Jay just rolls his eyes. Stu winks at me.

I feel Jay’s arm come around my waist and he pulls me back into the house and he starts to close the sliders.  He says goodnight to the guys and leads me up to the next floor.  He takes me to the bedroom he’s staying in.  It’s a nice big room with a King Size bed and an attached bathroom with a large stall shower.  I see someone has put my bags in the room as well. He takes his tattered t-shirt off.

The windows are wide open.  I can hear the waves crashing into the beach, the crackle from the fire pit below, and crickets playing their songs.  There is also an ocean breeze and it is cooling the room.  I feel a slight chill.  Jay sees me shiver, walks over, closes the windows, and puts his arms around me and pulls me in for a hug. I put my head on his chest and notice he has very little hair there.  Wonder if this holds true for the rest of his body.

I feel him delicately kiss the top of my head. He rubs his hands up and down my back warming me up. I turn my head and kiss his pecs.  He tightens the muscles and they turn to stone.  I continue to kiss them. He releases his hug, lets his chest relax and walks us to the shower.  He turns the water on and while we wait for it to hear up, we strip each other naked.  This mostly involves Jay tearing my t-shirt, shorts, and underwear off in about 2 seconds, and me struggling to pull his shorts down over his huge dick.  Once I free his monster, I let out a soft whistle.  He blushes and turns away.  I walk back around in front of him.  I look up into his blue eyes and he glances down into my deep brown eyes.  I put my right hand on his dick and he flinches ever so slightly.  I put my left hand on his right cheek and rub the stubble and blood caked on it.  “What?” I ask softly.

He sits down on a bench and looks down.  “Still trying to figure things out.” He says embarrassingly.

“Oh, Jay.  Why didn’t you say something?  I can shower alone and sleep in another room if you’re uncomfortable.  I just thought you were out based on the way Kenny and Stu talked about you; you know…”

“Not sure where I am.  I know how I feel and how I want to feel, but sometimes…”  He trails off.  He looks up to me and continues, “Kenny, Stu, and some other guys HAVE been great in helping me, but I have a hard time when it gets to the sex stuff.  I’ve been with women, but not with a guy, so when you asked about me having a boyfriend, well, I always use ‘being big’ as my excuse.”

I stare at him and think, for everything this guy has done for me today, I gotta help him as much as I can without coming across as an asshole. “Can I ask some blunt questions Jay?  I’m not trying to be mean or rude, I just want to help you get to the bottom of this.” He nods ok. “Are you afraid you’ll hurt someone with that?” And I point toward his dick, which is now flaccid.  He nods yes, but looks toward the floor.  “Are you afraid of someone taking advantage of you because of your size and muscles?” He shrugs his shoulders. “Are you afraid of me giving you a mind-blowing blow job?”

His head snaps up, “What?” 

“Just making sure you’re not drifting away in your own self-doubt.”  He eyes me up.  “We all have or have had the same issues when we discovered who we are.  You have nothing to be ashamed of, Jay.”  Now it’s my turn to my hand on his chin and lift it up so he is looking at me. “Let’s start with taking the shower together.  Have you ever done that with a guy?” He tentatively shakes his head yes.  “Ok, then it should not be too bad.  Mind you, I will be washing you, so if that bothers you, you need to let me know, so I can slap you around some.” I smile a mischievous grin and he chuckles.  “You don’t think I’ll do it, do you?” And now he is smiling. 

He gets up and turns to step into the shower and I slap his ass as hard as I can.  My hand is stinging and he glances over his shoulder and calmly says, “You ok back there?  I thought I felt something hit me, but could be mistaken.”

“No, I’m good.” I say as I shake my hand out and massage my palm.

I step in behind him and close the door.  He turns away from me and puts his head under the shower and soaks his hair and body.  I grab the soap, lather up my hands, and begin with his back. I reach up to his shoulders and spread my hands wide and rub circles on the area.  I take care to be gentle around the red area where Bull hit him the first time with the bat.  I include his upper back.  With the denseness of his muscles I feel like I am rubbing a stone wall, and now I know why getting hit with the bat and shovel didn’t faze him too much. I continue on and move to his mid-lats and sides.  His back tapers down to a proportionately sized waist.  I carefully move my hands around the area and he seems to enjoy it.  He bends over slightly and his bubble butt sticks out.  I lather up some more and rub both cheeks and slide my hand into his crack.  Damn, not a hair to be found on this guy.  Wonder how much he shaves off and how hairless he really is.  I move to his legs and realize they are tree trunks. No wonder I couldn’t squeeze them when we were in the car. 

I finish his back and ask if he minds turning around so I can do his front.  He slowly turns around and I see his dick is erect.  My jaw drops open, my eyes bug out, and my hands go to the shower wall for support, it’s fucking bigger than before. He blushes and turns away from me.  I grab his bicep and coax him to turn back.  This time I have a normal face on and move closer to him.  I lather up again and start with his face. I lean up and gently wash the caked-on blood off his face, and lightly stroke his jaw and neck.  He closes his eyes and hums softly.  His dick bobs up and down, slapping me in my abs and lower chest.

I move down to his clavicle and upper chest.  I rub circles on the muscles again and he tenses his chest and pecs as I run my hands over them.  He seems to be scared of me touching him in any kind of sexual way.  I slow my movements and just let me hands rest on his chest.  His breathing evens out.  His chest relaxes and I start my cleaning again. 

I move to his lower chest and abs.  I count an 8 pack.  Even un-flexed, they are fucking incredible.  Each one a brick and prominent.  I rub my hands over them carefully.  He blushes and looks away.  I move one hand to his chin and turn it back to face me.  I lean up to my tippy toes and gently kiss him on his cheek.  He smiles and runs his hands up and down my back. I move a bit lower and softly take his dick into my hand and just wash it off.  I don’t want to get too playful yet.  Need to see how this goes.  I glance down and see he doesn’t have any hair on or around his dick and balls.  “Are you completely hairless? Or do you shave it all off?”

“I shave my pits and privates.  Everywhere else, I’m pretty much smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I do have a light amount of hair in some areas, but it’s so faint and sparse I don’t bother with it.”

“Lucky you.  Have you seen me? I might as well be wearing a winter coat on my chest if I don’t trim it up regularly.”  He puts his left hand on my chest and caresses my chest hair.  I puff out my chest and hold my breath. 

He laughs and pats my pecs.  “Impressive big guy.  I may have some competition.”

“Damn straight little man.”  We both laugh. “I’m done with you.  How comfortable would you be helping me out?”  He nods ok and takes the soap and lathers up. 

He gets behind me and squats down and starts at my ankles and works his way up.  His arms are so big and long, he doesn’t need me to turn around, he just reaches around me when has to.  He skips my privates and moves up to my abs and chest.  Here he slows and playfully rubs my abs and squeezes my pecs.  I tense up my pecs, but they are nowhere near as hard as his were.  He lightly pulls on my nipples and I sigh.  I can feel his erection behind me, right around my lower back.  When he reaches around me, it is pressed into my body.  I really want to get my lips on it or have him try to shove it up my ass, but again, I need to go slowly. 

He gets to my head and I turn to face him.  He puts both hands on my face and caresses both jaw lines and cheeks.  He delicately rubs my earlobes and I feel my erection grow stronger.

He grabs the shampoo from the side shelf and gets a nice lather going and delicately puts both hands on my head. He swirls his hands around in a circular motion with his fingertips massaging my scalp.  I sigh and move closer to him.  I reach my arms out and around him and hug him again.  His body tenses for a split second, but then relaxes.  He continues to massage my head and my upper back.  The soap and shampoo run down my back thru my crack and then down my legs.  It feels so right.  He lets one of his hands wander down my spine to the top of my crack.  On the way up he runs his thumb up my spine, raking it across each vertebra. I shudder and melt into his body.  My dick releases a shot of pre-cum onto his lower abs.  I think he feels it because he moves his body to spread it around.  I release my hug and move under the showerhead to rinse off.  He does the same once I’m done. 

We turn the water off, step out of the shower, and grab some towels. I offer to dry him off, but he declines.  Damn, I thought we were making progress.  I walk back into the bedroom and rummage through my backpack for a pair of shorts.  I slip them on and see him standing there, completely naked, fading erection, muscles glistening, and I want to run over and jump into his arms. 

Fuck it. I decide to do it. 

I drop my shorts to my ankles, step out of them, and take three steps and jump up.  He catches me with a surprised look in his eyes.  I start to kiss him. He hesitantly returns my kiss, but I keep at it, lightly kissing him, then more aggressively.  I put my right hand behind his head and keep our lips locked.  He doesn’t fight me. He moves his hands under my ass and cradles me.  I wrap my legs around his waist, trapping my dick against his abs.  His dick is sliding along my crack.  He starts to return my kisses and finally opens his mouth. I slip my tongue in and massage the inside of his mouth.  He sighs, moves one arm from my ass to my back, and tries to pull me a bit closer. Now my dick is being crushed.  I release our kiss and ask, “Better?’  He nods yes.  I can see his eyes are more at ease.  I continue, “Good.  Now, can you please release the vice grip on my back, my dick is being flattened against the brick wall you call abs, and I kind of need my dick…”

He softly chuckles and says, “Got caught up in the moment and wanted you as close to me as possible.”

“Ok, but I don’t want to become part of your body.”  He laughs.

I nod towards the bed and he walks us over and sets me on the edge.  I gently heft his dick and he stands ramrod still and I look up at him and say, “It would be a bit easier if you relaxed a bit.  You’re so tense your dick is as hard as a steel beam. Not that that’s a bad thing, the steel beam thing, but…” and I gently bat his dick on the side and it doesn’t move.

He lets out a deep breath and seems to relax a bit.  I take his tip into my mouth run my tongue over and around it.  I kiss it several times and lap at the pre-cum which is oozing out.  I notice he has not made a sound the entire time.  I glance up and see his eyes are shut and he is holding his breath.  Oh boy, I need to try to calm him down some more.   I put more in my mouth and swirl my tongue around the mushroom head and the area right behind it. I know that area is full of nerves, so I want to stimulate him there and see what happens. I massage the area for a few minutes.

He suddenly tenses and I think, Oh fuck, then boom, he unleashes a torrent of cum.

The first shot pushes my head off his dick, but I catch most of it in my mouth.

I reach my hand out and grasp his unit and pull myself back up.  His second shot coats my face. 

I get my mouth back on him in time for the third volley.  Which is still powerful and I grip his dick as hard as I can so I am not pushed off again.

His final shot dribbles out onto my tongue.  I swallow. 

I look up to his eyes and he looks down with something between embarrassment and unfettered pleasure.  I pat him on his abs and wink at him.  He slowly breaks into a smile. 

He reaches down and picks me up by my armpits and brings my face to his and he plants a sloppy gentle kiss on my lips, coating part of his face in his own cum.  He doesn’t seem to mind.  I put my hands on his biceps to steady myself and notice he’s not even flexing.  I massage both bi’s and wink at him.  He stands me up on the bed and tosses up the most incredible double bi pose I have ever seen.  I take three quick yanks on my dick and explode all over his abs and chest.  Now it’s his turn to wink at me. 

I jump back into his arms and wrap my arms around his neck.  I pull as close to him as I can and smear my jizz all over his body.  He sighs.  He turns around and sits on the bed.  I release my hug and he scoots back so his head is on the pillows. He puts his hands behind his head and playfully flexes his biceps.  I crawl up his body and plop my butt on his midsection.  I lean down for more kisses.  I plant my hands on his pecs, he flexes them, and they turn to stone, like they were in the shower, but different.  Now he is getting playful.  The stress and anxiety are melting away.  I gently tug on his nipples while still kissing him. He hums.

Both our dicks are still erect.  Mine just from the shear excitement of the situation.  Not sure about his.  Will need to find out.  I continue to kiss him and start to move my ass down toward his dick.  When I bump into it, it’s still hard as a steel beam.  I cock an eyebrow at him and he only winks back.  Good for me, a man who has staying power.  I unabashedly rub my ass along the length of his unit and he flexes it and it thumps me a few times.  I lean up and reach behind me and tug on it a few times.  He just lays there and smiles.  I softly ask, “I want you to put it in me, but only if you are up for it.”  And I tug him savagely a few times. 

He slowly nods yes and says, “I just don’t want to hurt you Max.” 

I pat him on the chest again and teasingly say, “I’ll be fine. It’s you I’m worried about.  My ass has been known to bring most men to tears.” And I wink at him.  He grins back, leans up, grabs me by waist, and slowly puts me on the tip of his unit. “No condom?” I ask.

“I trust you Max.” and he applies the slightest bit of pressure and his mushroom head pops into my ass.  I gasp and he starts to pull me off.  I nod my head no and he stops.  I put my hands on his forearms.

I wiggle my ass a bit and start to descend the steel beam. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…I loosen my ass as much as I can and suddenly, I’m half way down.  I am sweating profusely and I realize I have death grip on his arms, but he doesn’t seem to notice.  He’s released my waist and is letting me work my way down.  I continue to wiggle and I’m three quarters of the way down.  I can feel the veins on his dick pulsing in my ass and he is spurting pre-cum into me like a dripping faucet.  I’m at my limit and clamp my ass shut to keep from going any further down.

I release his forearms, lean forward just a bit, put my hands on his chest and start my back and forth motion. He is staring into my eyes.  They are now twinkling with the joy I was looking for.  I move my left hand to his right cheek and softly massage him.  He leans up, kisses me, and says “Thank you.”  I kiss him on his nose.

My motion is slow and deliberate at first, so he can get comfortable with his dick in my ass. I continue to wiggle around and he sighs and arches his back. He runs the fingers of his right hand thru the hair on my chest, twisting the hairs, and softly pulling them. He puts his left hand on the side of my head and plays with the coarsely chopped hair there.  His movements are so gentle, it is weird to think back a few hours this incredible body of muscle was bursting through walls and throwing guys around like they were rag dolls to rescue me.

Because these memories are so fresh and vivid in my mind, my dick becomes rock hard.  The thought of those muscles and what they can do, spooks me and turns me on so much at the same time. I have to take a second to put each feeling in its own special place.  I want to see him twist metal easily, throw around hundreds of pounds of weight like it’s nothing, and lift me up with one hand just to show off. But at the same time, I want to cuddle with him on a carpet, in front of a roaring fireplace, in the mountains, during a snowstorm. I want him wrap his big arms around my lower back, pick me up, and hug me like I’m the only one in the world.  I want to fall asleep with him under warm covers where we lay face to face and make out with long sloppy, messy, saliva filled kisses until we both pass out from exhaustion.  I want to use his biceps as pillows and have him play with my curly hair when it grows back. Fuck, I want to spend the rest of my life with this mountain of muscle.  This is the guy I want to take home to meet my family and finally say, I’ve met the man of my dreams, and not because of his muscle, but because of who he is. This man saved my life twice in one day and wanted nothing in return. He treats me with respect and likes me for who I am.

I pull myself out of my revelry and see he is staring at me with a quizzical look on his face, like where were you just now.  I just shake my head and lean down and lay a peck of a kiss on his nose.  I ask, “Are you ready for the grand finale?”  He nods yes.  I smile and evil smile and he gets a giddy look on his face like he knows the biggest present in the room on Christmas morning is all his and he has no intention of sharing it.

I pick up my pace and lean down to nibble on nipples.  They turn hard and erect.  I lap at them, coating the area with saliva.  Jay is taking it all in and his body seems to be completely relaxed.  I keep up the pace for a good 5 minutes.

I can tell he is at ease with fucking me and I’m used to his steel girder in my ass, so it’s time to blow these fireworks.

I move my ass backwards with a couple quick savage thrusts.  Now it’s Jay’s turn for his eyes to roll into the back of his head.  I squeeze his dick with all my might and am pumping him as furiously as possible. He starts to squirm under me.

I keep up the vicious pumping action and beat on his chest a few times for good measure.  He only laughs and says. “That the best you got curly?”  I beat on his chest harder and he continues to laugh and says, “Come on little man, give me your best shot.”  I stop beating his chest and continue to apply pressure on his dick by constricting my ass muscles as tightly as I can.  He puts his hands on my waist and says, “Here let me help you.”  He gently, but firmly lifts me up, almost all the way off, and slams me all the way down his rod.  I am now fully embedded and have taken him to the root.  Oh fuck, it feels good.  I wiggle my ass some more and tense my ass muscles again.   I try to milk him from within and it seems to work. 

I reach one hand around my body and start to fondle his hairless balls.  I massage them and then move to the area between his ball sac and his hole.  I slide my index finger across this area several times and he starts to shudder.  I keep it up and brutally bang my ass into his midsection and lower abs.  He suddenly grabs my waist and does one more up and down motion.  He takes his hands off my waist and places one on my shoulder. 

He explodes into me.  I think if he hadn’t been holding me down, I’d have been shot off his dick about 2 feet.  The first two shots coat my sides.  I don’t think there is enough room for more.  I lean forward and start to pull myself off him to allow room.  His third shot literally pushes me 2 more inches off him.  His final volley has the strength of what my first shot would have. 

Thinking of my own dick, I look down to see he had wrapped one of his hands around it and was jacking me off.  I came all over his chest and abs.  Jay has a smile a mile wide.  His smile makes me smile as well. 

I fall onto his chest and he pulls my head to his.  I say, “I think I love you Jay.”

He grins and replies, “Good, because I’m pretty sure I love you Max.”


I come back from my memories and see Jay has come outside and is on the chair across from me, just staring at me.  He says, “You were a million miles away, weren’t you?”

I get up, walk over to his chair and sit in his lap and say, “No, just a few feet in fact.” And I glance up toward the bedroom, then lean down to kiss him.




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