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m/m To Protect and Serve - Chapter 8 Part 2 (Posted 1/23/2021)


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16 hours ago, ToolShedCub said:



I'm hooked. HOOKED I TELL YOU!

More please??

Thank.  I am really glad you are liking it.

I am working on it.  :)  This is going to be John like you have never really seen him.  He is going to get .... a little dominant, lol.  And, he is going to enjoy it.


One small hint of what is coming.  I've said that I write a lot to songs.  Certain songs really express an idea of what is really happening when I put links to them in the story.  This one song is key to what is happening in that house when John, Brenda, and Jeff are together....


Digital Daggers - The Devil Within [Official Lyric Video] - YouTube


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Chapter 8 - You Know My Name - Part 2

“Seeping through the cracks / I’m the poison in your bones / My love is your disease / I won’t let it set you free / Until I break you." ~ Digital Daggers, “The Devil Within”


It was after sundown on the longest day of the year, two days after the summer solstice.  Jeff was already pissed as he drove into his driveway.  Work had been a shitshow, with the guys on the team dumping on him even more.  And he could not figure out why there was this urge to just take it - to enjoy it.  He never had that urge before...  Worst of all, his hookup for tomorrow had cancelled on him.  Past his lunch with Kyle Wednesday, the entire week was going to be a loss.  And then there was Saturday.  He had seen the news report, so obviously it hadn’t worked.  Whoever they sent had not gotten to the little British guy, what was his name, Gabriel? - or if they did, they certainly were not reporting it.  AND NOW - now the door was not even open!?!  The lights in the house were off.  Brenda sure as fuck should be here, but this door was NEVER locked when he was due home unless he locked it.


The key in the latch turned and the door burst open.  Jeff walked through, dropped his bag in the dark foyer, and seethed.  No lights at all anywhere except something low and dim toward their bedroom.  It was also strangely quiet.  He slid out of his boots and yelled, “Hey, Brenda.  Where the fuck are you?  You sure as fuck better be here, bitch.”


He had expected to hear Brenda come running the way she always did.  He had her trained pretty well, though she still needed plenty of correction.  But the sound of her shuffles was not what greeted his ears.  Instead what came to him was a booming loud, deep voice that could make your internal organs quake.  Jeff’s blood ran ice cold.  


“Jesus, Junior.  Is that any way to act when you get home?  You’ll wake up the whole goddamned neighborhood.” 


No way, Jeff thought.  No. Fucking. Way. There was only one person on earth who sounded like that.  Who called him that.  Who he wanted to call him that. Kyle.  What the fuck was he doing here.  Jeff ran for his bedroom as fast as he could in stocking feet on a wood floor, but found the door closed.  He twisted the knob and opened it and the sight that came to his eyes made him stop breathing as if he had been hit by a freeze ray.


The stunning mountain of a man that was Kyle Brady, sat on the edge of his bed in tight gym shorts and a wife beater undershirt stretched to its limits.  Every muscle he had was outlined like a second skin.  But what shorted out his brain even more - his wife was sitting across Kyle’s lap, snuggled up to the giant’s right pec and abs, dressed in a lace lingerie that left nothing at all to the imagination.  


Brenda looked at him and smiled a smile he had not seen in years.  A long lost look in her eyes -- Satisfaction.  “Oh - the time must have slipped up on me.  I’m SO SORRY.”  She allowed her hand to slide from John’s pec down to his massive bulge.  “Of course - this guy has a gift for making me lose track of time,”  She giggled as her hand squeezed John’s package.  “In all sorts of ways.  Welcome home Jeff.”


In a fraction of a second, something inside Jeff snapped.  Perhaps it was the mocking tone his wife had used.  Perhaps it was his brain refusing to believe what his eyes were seeing.   Perhaps it was just raw anger and more than a little fear.  But in that moment, all Jeff could think of was dragging Brenda from Kyle’s lap and ripping her apart for what he ironically saw as her betrayal.  Jeff became so focused that tunnel vision set in.  The titan behind Brenda did not register to him as he started aggressively moving toward his wife.


John absorbed Jeff’s reactions while trying to control hysterical laughter.  He swore it was like he was watching some cartoon with Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd stumbling around for sheer comedic effect.  The look on the little shit’s face was truly priceless - the change in his pupils, the sudden flush to his skin as his heart rate jumped, the twist to his mouth, the sharpness of his breathing, and … FUCK, he was moving so slowly trying to run for Brenda.   God they are so small...


It occurred to him that maybe what Gabriel had told him was right.  Maybe there was a LOT more happening to him than just being taller and bigger and stronger and all that has come with it.  Maybe he could see and hear and feel and taste and think better and faster.  John decided if that was the truth, then for right now all it meant was that he was going to enjoy finally destroying this scrawny fuck all the more.   He set all of that aside for tonight.  Tonight, he was going to relish what he could do.


 John looked at Brenda.  He leaned down, planted a small kiss on the crown of her head, and began idly running a finger along her spine.  He seemed to be totally focused on her --- until Jeff was a couple of his small steps away from being within reach of the diminutive woman.  Without ever moving his gaze from Brenda, John’s right hand shot out at a frighteningly inhuman speed.  He took hold of Jeff around the right side of his neck, trap, and upper chest.  John didn’t squeeze at all; he only closed his hand firmly.  But with just that miniscule amount of power, Jeff halted in mid stride as if he had hit a wall.  His hands shot up onto John’s forearm and wrist trying to pull the hand off.  Jeff tried to run to the side, tried to push forward, tried to pull away - but it was so laughably impotent.  John never even looked up.  He just rotated his shoulder, sliding Jeff bodily around to his right as if he were an inanimate object.  


John gave Brenda another small kiss, this one on her cheek.  “Excuse me for a moment, but Junior here is really starting to act out.  You know how he can be, acting without thinking.  I’ll be right back.”  Brenda smiled devilishly at John. She gave him a kiss on the cheek before she turned and slid off the left side of his lap.  She took a couple of steps back so she could enjoy what was about to happen. 


John stood to his full height.  He closed his hand tighter and lifted his arm slightly, forcing Jeff onto his tiptoes.  John started walking generally toward the bedroom door, making Jeff stumble backwards in a half run trying to keep up with his long strides as he was pulled along.  John pinned Jeff against the wall next to the door.  He turned his body so that he was standing at a 45 degree angle, making sure that Brenda would have a full unobstructed view.  He shifted his hand slightly and cocked his wrist back a bit.  Satisfied that he wouldn't actually separate the runt's head from his body, John lifted up. He let out a small chuckle under his breath.  He remembered when he wondered if he could put Jeff through the ceiling.  Now … he was about as stressful to lift as a protein shake. 


Jeff gasped as he felt his body leave the floor. His legs flailed helplessly as his back slid up the wall until he was eye to eye with a brutally handsome face.  It was a very familiar face, a face that both enticed him and scared him.  The same face he had seen in the gym that first day, the face that looked like it wanted to eat him alive.  Jeff kept trying to get John’s hand or forearm to move or let go or do anything, but it was hopeless.  He couldn't even make an impression into John’s skin, no matter how hard he tried.


John’s first words were like those of a chiding teacher.  “When did I give you permission to feel up my muscles, runt?”  


Jeff stopped instantly, causing Brenda to openly guffaw seeing for the first time with her own eyes how John had trained her husband.  “That’s better.  Remember your first lesson.  LOOK.  Don’t TOUCH until I tell you.”  Even Brenda had to admit seeing what John could do was otherworldly.  There was no strain in him at all.  His slow, methodical breathing hadn’t changed even though he was holding a grown man in the air with one hand.  It raised something primal deep inside you seeing it - you just wanted to obey.


“Well, Junior, here we are.  My time in Boulder is almost over.  The case I am working on should be wrapping up in the next few days.”  John looked into Jeff’s eyes and a lilt of dominating condescension entered his voice. It was so innocently cutting that Brenda could not help but laugh again hearing it.  “So - I was thinking.  What more can I do to help my little runt friend?  You know, one last thing that Professor Brady could do to teach you about being a man.”  John smirked and the condescension grew, “Not embarrassed to admit, even I was drawing a big ass blank.  I mean, everything I have tried with you just proves that you aren’t a man.  You’re just a wannabe pretending to be something he isn’t.  Was quite a puzzle…” John then fully smiled, looking as if he were toying with a mouse.  “BUT - then, I thought to myself - I should come here and ask your wife.  After all she is the person who knows you best.”  


John glanced at Brenda, “Come over here a second would you babe.”  Brenda glided like a queen to stand at John’s side.  He put his left hand on the nape of her neck and began to slowly, sensuously rub giving the woman goosebumps.  “We had an AMAZING afternoon together runt.  We talked and talked - about a LOT of things.  And she was all too happy when I asked if she would like to learn a few things from me.  When I was showing her what a real man is like, it became clear to me what I needed to teach you.  And this lovely lady agrees with me.  Don’t ya, babe?”


Brenda reached up and stroked John’s forearm as it extended up from her neck. Already in a bit of a sex haze from John’s touch, she purred, “Oh yeah.  It’s EXACTLY what he needs.”


“So, you wanna guess what the lesson is, Squirt?”  John snickered.  Jeff couldn’t answer, as his attention was split between his embarrassment at his inferiority and helplessness on display in front of Brenda and sheer arousal from the power John was showing.  


John laughed.  “No guesses?  Not even one?  Damn, guess you really aren’t very bright.  But that’s OK.  I’ve gotten used to explaining the basics to you.  This last lesson is going to be --  How to Treat a Woman.  Seeing as how you are a bitch and all I wouldn’t --”  John glanced down.  “Hey, babe.  Take a look.  Told you this is what he likes.”  


Brenda glanced at her husband's crotch.  The BDU he was wearing was tented out.  The hint of a sticky-looking wet spot was visible even with the dark fabric and the low ambient light.  Brenda’s laughter was frighteningly cruel.  “Oh my God.  You know, I never quite believed you until now.”  She looked back at John grinning, her voice obviously suggestive as she said,  “Maybe …he just leaks when he is scared.”


John laughed, “Oh you think so?  I’ll take that bet.”   John started to bounce and ripple his left pec under the straining white cotton of the tank top.  He switched to his uber-sexy “verbal blow job” voice as he leaned in very close to Jeff’s ear.  Seduction could not begin to describe the sound.  “Well, Squirt?  You aren’t opposed to one more lesson from me are you?”  John blew the smallest amount of air into Heath’s ear just as he finished.  Jeff shuddered, and  instantly the tent in his pants throbbed and bounced.  The wet spot grew a little bit more.  


John pulled back and chuckled deeply as he glanced down to the small woman below.  “I win…”


Brenda was so racked with laughter she literally held her sides.  “You are right.  By God, you are right. Guess, I owe you something for winning… But, then again … I don't mind losing to you at all.”  Brenda cozied up to his huge left pec.  She leaned to one side, and rested her head comfortably on the thick mass that was big enough to be her pillow.  


The humiliation of it all and seeing his wife flirt with John again, set Jeff off.  He began to kick and struggling against John.  He even tried to hit John’s forearm, but the hits just bounced off the 23 inches of thick, diamond hard forearm muscle.  If fact, they would have never registered with John if he hadn’t been watching.


John’s eyes shaded with anger just a moment.  “Fucking little shit.  You REALLY want to test me?”  John slowly raised his arm higher, sliding Jeff further up the wall.  Jeff’s head hit the ceiling, and John still lifted higher, over his head, forcing Jeff to look down as his neck was bent by the flat ceiling drywall.  John then upped the ante even more.  He took one step away from the wall.  Jeff came out with him.  Now, Jeff was suspended in mid air, with nothing but John’s pinching hand holding him almost 9 feet off the ground.  Jeff’s resistance slowed to a stop, and he inhaled a deep gasp of shock.  John began to shake him back and forth, making Jeff look something akin to a chew toy being tossed about by a dog.  


DO YOU REALLY WANT TO TEST ME TWERP?” John growled as he kept shaking the nothing of a man.  


Jeff began to blather, “No, no, no.  Please.  Don’t hurt me.”  Defiance was replaced by abject terror as he realized just how helpless he truly was.  Jeff went to dead weight in John’s hand, but still, John never took a hint of an extra breath at the exertion.  


When Jeff stopped fighting, John stopped shaking, but still held him aloft almost overhead.  “You didn’t answer me, boy. You ready for another lesson?”  


John reached around with his left hand and slowly slid it up Heath’s cloth covered crotch.  Through the terror, through the fear for his life, Jeff’s body still responded.  His dick shook like it was in an earthquake as Jeff let out a whimper/scream -- “Yes!  YES!! PLEASE.  PLEASE YES!!!”


“Good boy.  Knew you would see things my way.”  John mocked.  “Now, I believe this lesson needs to have a lot of ‘participatory learning,’  Lots of hands-on experience.  So get ready, Squirt.  PAY REAL CLOSE ATTENTION, because there will be a test afterward.”  John opened his hand and pulled back, dropping Jeff.  He crumpled instantly onto the ground at John’s feet.  Jeff looked up as John looked down, red with shame as his dick was still fully tenting his pants.  John turned around, seeming to discard Jeff with no more feeling than if he had just tossed a used sandwich wrapper. He started walking toward the bed but said as he did, “You’re gonna learn the most right there on your knees, runt.  You should stay there.”  John paused in mid-step and turned his head back to look down.  “I mean, it is your natural position. Do you even come up to my knees normally?  I’ve almost forgotten, you’re down there so much.”


John shifted his gaze to a gleeful Brenda.  He took a step back, opened his arm, and gave her a smile and a wink.  Brenda happily accepted the invitation and slid her firm little ass onto John’s forearm.  He lifted her up as she sat, bringing her close to his pecs, carrying her like a child.  She couldn’t help but squee as she reached out to hold onto John’s neck.  That squee - John mused.  


Though John was almost always attracted to men, there were a few women he had been with in his life. The last time he had heard that sound was six years prior - with Carla.  No one at the Office knew, neither of them ever hinted to anyone that there was something much deeper to Carla’s quips and wolf whistles.  That there was a reason John blushed whenever someone mentioned her.  But once in a while John still saw it.  Saw the longing when she would look at him.  Carla knew as much as John that it wasn’t meant to be, but there was one moment she said through tears that no one ever make her feel like he did.  That no one ever truly made love to her before him - or after.  And now, now he was so much more than that little 160 pound man... John came back to the moment and walked himself and Brenda back to the bed and turned around.  


“Part One.  Brain’s the most important sexual organ, runt.  So foreplay is where it is at.  Can’t satisfy her without it.  Gotta TEASE her, make her want more, make her crave more....”  The moment he said the word “crave”, John held up his right arm and flexed it hard within inches of Brenda.  She immediately reached out and squeezed the 27 inch mountain like a thirteen year old with her starlet boycrush. John cooed, “Feel like a game, baby girl?” John sat himself on the bed again and sat Brenda on his lap exactly in the same position she was when Jeff came in. 


“That’s better.  Back to where we were before we were so rudely interrupted.  Now, I call this game - ‘Feel Me Up’.  You get to explore ANY part of me you want.  Anything at all.  All you have to do is touch...”  John reached up and with one hand shredded his straining tank top.  He dropped the stretched, ripped remains on the floor perhaps a foot in front of Jeff, knowing full well that just the cloth was driving him wild with lust.  John’s ungodly perfect upper body was now on full display, and both Jeff and Brenda took an involuntary gasp.  John had refilled after his show, such that, without any doubt, he was the most insane he had EVER looked in his life.  


Brenda licked her lips, slid herself slightly across John’s lap, and dove onto his peak.  She started feeling with both hands, tracing the deep cuts and veins, squeezing and squeezing the melon-sized peak.  She was awed by this arm that was as big as her waist, harder than anything she had ever felt in her life, yet covered in soft, supple, perfect thin skin.  John allowed her to explore as he playfully began to bounce the peak at random, enticing her in for more.  When John saw her focused totally on his arm, he raised his left hand to her back.  He again pointed his index finger and began to lightly touch - first tracing the nape of her neck, then sliding down her spine.  John paused deliberately at her erogenous zones, the deftly used power in his single finger being strong enough to gently massage her, making her gasp as he played.  The pace of her worship began to slow down and her breathing became deeper.  Her hands worked the biceps even more and she leaned in to kiss the mountain.  John felt her body heat begin to rise as he worked her and she him.  A slight moan escaped her lips as she kissed, which elicited an “Mmmmm… that’s it baby girl.  I want you to feel SO GOOD...,”  from him.  


Then, John moved his hand up to her left cheek.  Brenda closed her eyes and sighed.  He gently guided her mouth up his arm toward his right pec.  He allowed the flex to move with her as she traced around his front delt and onto his inches thick pec, sensually kissing all the way.  John leaned down a bit to her ear and whispered, “Yeah babe.  Just let go and do what you want to do.  You are such a beautiful woman.  It’s so easy--” John’s finger moved to her temple and the corner of her eyes, “to make you feel amazing.  You deserve it, beautiful.”  


John glanced down at Jeff. He hadn’t moved an inch from where John had left him.  He was slack-jawed, slightly drooling, pupils dilated, and breath shallow and a little too fast.  John knew Jeff was turned on, but afraid to disobey him.  He locked eyes with the tiny man, and the smallest flash of something primal came into John’s eyes.  “Too bad, you’ve never had a Real Man in your life before, baby girl.  A boy like your husband - never had a hope in hell of giving you what you deserve.”


John's hand slid from her cheek, slowly down her body - past her neck, the outside of her tit, down her obliques and hips, to her inner thigh. Brenda began to shiver.  She started sliding up and down John’s pec, tracing the myriad of striations and veins toward his gargantuan nipple.  John’s fingers began to dance slowly millimeter by millimeter up the inside of her leg toward her crotch.  As if his fingers were playing the machinery of her mind, as he kept moving up her, her kissing became more intense, deeper, more sensual.  She started to sometimes lick and offer light panting gasps, sniffing John’s skin between kisses.  Her husband, the room, the rest of the planet was quickly falling away from her as she became lost in John’s intoxicating pheromones and responding to his touch.  His voice, his body, his mind, his touch, his soul was becoming her world. 


“Crawl that little ass over here, Shrimp.  You need a GOOD, CLOSEUP VIEW.”  Jeff responded as if he were an automaton.  He slid himself across the floor, never getting to his feet, coming closer and closer to John and Brenda.  Every inch he crawled, his breathing became faster, more haggard.  When Jeff got within arm’s reach, he couldn’t help himself.  He reached out to feel John’s volleyball sized calves right in front of him.  Without changing what he was doing for Brenda in the slightest, John raised his left leg and planted his size 20 foot squarely across Jeff’s face.  John slid the runt’s body back several inches with just an ankle flex, and then lowered his foot onto Jeff’s offending hand.  He pressed down, lightly for him, but it caused Jeff to fall flat on his face, desperately trying to pull his hand away from the pressure.  But it was hopeless.   


“Told you runt, LOOK, don’t touch.  Don’t make me tell you again.”  John pressed down even more, making Jeff’s feeble attempts to pull his hand away that much more hilarious to watch.  “Don’t interrupt me when I am giving the lady a good time, little shit.  Pay attention to how a MAN works, and I might give you your hand back.”  


John turned back to Brenda.  His sexy “verbal blow job” voice was on overdrive, cooing,  “Why don’t you tell little shit what it is like to touch a REAL MAN.  Bet it’s different than touching a boy like him.”


John smiled down viciously at the trapped scrawny runt as he heard Brenda’s reply,  “Oh my God.  *kiss*  It’s like night and day.  I never  *kiss*  ever felt a MAN  *kiss*  before YOU.”  She held a longer kiss, and a moan escaped from her.  “That fuck is NOTHING compared to YOU.  So  *kiss*  fucking  *kiss*  strong...”  She paused again to lick a vein crossing John’s slab of pec muscle and panted, “He may as well be an ant.  *kiss*  You’re so fucking hard.  *lick*  Touch you and nothing ever moves like it does on that weak, fat ass.”  Brenda’s hand slid down to John’s abs, which even seated had grooves so deep between the bricks as to swallow past her first finger joint.  She gasped as if she had touched a live wire.  “Oh My God.  He should beg to feel this.  Your abs are so har--” Brenda snapped off mid-word as John added a third finger to his teasing of Brenda’s inner thigh, sliding almost to her hip joint.  Her panting increased, “Ahhh.... *pant*  ahhhh…. *pant*  ” She began to lick her lips unconsciously.  


John brought his right arm back in front of her and directed her gaze toward it. At the same instant, John began to pump his foot up and down on Jeff’s trapped hand, grinding it.  He smiled as he growled in her ear,  “I know you love these arms, beautiful, what they can do.  ALL YOURS.  No dickless wimp is ever going to touch you while you’re with me.”   Brenda’s dove onto it as if she were starving, roaming over it, rubbing her cheeks over the warm living rock as she kissed.  As she was surrendering to her feelings even more, John’s allowed one of his fingers to dance under her lace lingerie panties and ever so lightly trace her vulva.  Her head snapped back and she made a loud gasp as he took her higher.  He felt the first signs of dampness from her, and John smiled even wider as he fed her feelings.  “That’s right baby girl.  You’ve needed a MAN for a long, long time and now you FINALLY have one.”  


John leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, letting his tongue swirl just a moment as he lingered on her skin.  John felt the first stirring in his dick.  She felt it too.  “You ready to have a taste of this big muscle you’ve been sitting on?  You can feel it can’t you?”  


“Oh God, YES,” poured uncontrolled from Brenda. John smiled against her cheek, slowly smelling her, letting her feel how happy he was to have her answer.  He gave her another small kiss, and then pulled back just a bit, allowing her to slow down and pull back a bit from the sexual high.  He didn’t want her to peak just yet.  He already knew that when he did take her fully to that high, it was going to be like nothing she had ever experienced with her pissant husband.  John was determined that BOTH of them would savor that part too.


“Well, then.  Would you like to have the honors of showing our little student down here what an actual MAN looks like?”  John pulled his biceps down, allowed his hand to retreat back down her thigh, and Brenda opened her eyes.  She turned herself around, and for the first time in minutes, looked down to see her husband trapped like a mouse under John’s foot.  She could not help but burst out in laughter at the utterly pathetic state Jeff was in.  


She mocked him viciously as she seemingly innocently said to John, “Oh! You are So. Mean.” Her voice took on a baby babble coo tone as she continued, “He looks so unhappy there.  Maybe…” her eyes gleamed as she looked up at John for a moment and then leaned in to kiss his pec again.  “Maybe, he would be more comfortable if we were all… dressed alike???”  Her smile at John twisted a bit, and John smiled straight back down to her. 


“Aww.  Look at you.  You’re always looking out for other people’s comfort first.”  John helped Brenda to stand on his right side, then stood himself.  Jeff’s hand was still helplessly trapped under his foot.  He was careful not to put his full weight down on it else he would risk crushing the bones.  But, John didn’t let on that he was holding back.  He looked down into Heath’s wounded animal eyes.  “Alright, you heard the lady, Junior.”  John snickered as he continued, “Besides, we ALL know what you’re hiding under there.  No need to be embarrassed.  Show off what you have, right?  Come on, boy.  At least stand on your own two feet.”  Jeff tried to get up, tried to pull and pull, but his hand wasn’t coming up.  


John finally pretended to notice.  “Oh, sorry Squirt.  Little shits like you have to watch out where you are going around people like me.  We might step on you and not even know.”  John raised his foot on his heel, allowing Jeff to withdraw his hand.  He clutched it to his chest out of reflex more than anything as he sat up.  John did not let up the psychological pressure though.  He started to slowly tap that same foot as he rubbed Brenda’s back.  Both were looking down expectantly, smiling.  Jeff had no choice as he first pulled off his shirt, then pants, socks, and finally underwear, all the while staying on the ground - partly trying to hide, partly out of submission.


When he was done, John ROARED laughing.  “Come on, Squirt.  BE PROUD of what you have.”  John reached down, grabbed Jeff’s arms, and almost dislocated his shoulders as he easily pulled him to a full standing position. John used his grip to force Jeff to pirouette back and forth. EVERYTHING was on display.  


John immediately saw that Jeff looked distinctly worse than their first day in the gym together posing almost two month previous.  He had heard the rumors, overheard the SWAT team members talking, even some of the rank in file admin clerks gossiping to the effect that Jeff just wasn’t working out like he used to. That he was really struggling in the gym - like his confidence was gone.  They all whispered under their breaths - “has-been.”  That it was another sign that he had lost the edge and had become mentally weak.


And here before John was the proof.  While he was still in better shape than the average guy, he had definitely lost muscle mass.  The cut abs he was once proud of were faded to a still flat, but definitionless stomach.  John could detect he had the first hint of thickening under the skin of his belly, the freshly planted seeds of a pot belly if things kept going as they were.  His pecs had lost fullness, and John’s eyes picked up a slight sag. His biceps looked less peaked and softer.  If John didn’t know better, he would have sworn that Jeff had been out for a couple of months with an injury...


John was merciless.   “Oh SHIT, Junior.  I knew you were a runt, but even I didn’t know it was that bad.  I mean - are you even going to the gym anymore?  I thought you were gonna work on that wimp body, you weren’t going to let those teenage hot shots out work you, and here you are looking like shit.  You been hitting the goddamned donuts instead of the iron?  Maybe I should start calling you Chief Wiggum… I mean, fuck you definitely need this lesson.”  


John let go of Jeff’s arms, and allowed them to fall at his side.  Jeff stood there like a marionette with loose strings, slightly floppy and deflated.  John glanced at Brenda. “Go ahead babe.  Let him see what he is missing.”  


Brenda walked around and stood in front of John to his right.  She took the waistband of his shorts and began to pull them SLOWLY, oh so SLOWLY, down … down .. down.  She had barely moved them an inch before she had to start rolling them DOWN like a wet speedo because John’s quads had pulled them so tight.  DOWN.  John flexed a tiny bit, making her anticipation grow as much as Jeff’s as she had to work a little harder until … John’s cock popped free and bounced slightly as the shorts dropped fully below his crotch.  Brenda and Jeff gasped on seeing the flaccid monster, even though both had seen it before.  


John took over from Brenda and almost shredded the shorts as he finished pulling them off.  Both males stood fully naked before each other, but even the blind could see that the only thing in common between them was having a y-chromosome.  John was just … superior.  He took a step forward and stood toe to toe with Jeff.  He leered down into Jeff’s face as Jeff craned his neck up at John almost two feet above him.  “Now that we are both in all our glory, I know you want to see who the bigger --” John snickered as he said, “better man is?”  


John bounced his pecs, the massive mounds moving from above eye level with Jeff when relaxed to casting a shadow on his head when they were flexed.  John relished seeing stark terror cross Jeff’s face.  “Well, I grant you,” John sneered down. “that may not be much of a contest.  But, I’ll try to give you the best odds possible, Squirt.  You know we compare with what other dudes are packing in the locker room, even if we don’t like to admit it.  Besides, we are all friends here.  Right?  It’s like Vegas - what happens in here, stays in here.  So, show it off short stuff.  We’ll let Brenda be the judge.”


John took one long moment, looming over his victim and smiling, before taking a slight step back and dropping to his knees.  It wasn’t lost on either of the tiny people in the room that even with John fully on his knees, he was still able to look over Jeff’s head.  John said, “If you will do the honors beautiful…”  Brenda squealed with glee as, for the first time, she took John’s cock in both of her hands. She lined up John’s member and laid it on top of her husband’s.  Jeff’s violently hard, throbbing, leaking dick completely disappeared, totally overshadowed by John’s wider, thicker, longer but still flaccid cock.  From root to tip, Jeff may as well have been an intersex eunich for what anyone on earth could see.  Then, Brenda’s hands released the massive cock and allowed its full weight to rest on top of Jeff’s.  Slowly,  Jeff’s dick started to sink… lower…. lower…. lower, bending down under the sheer weight of John’s tool.  John smiled viciously as he locked eyes with Jeff, and again there was the flash of a primal icy fire in his eyes.  Jeff’s dicklet sank to the point where it could go no lower without breaking, pointing down beyond 90 degrees, almost if it too were bowing to the superior man.


John started to laugh, half a snicker, half a guffaw, one hundred percent mocking.  “What do you say, babe?  Who’s the man?”  Brenda gave a wordless answer as she turned her back on her husband, kissed and swirled her tongue around two of her fingers, and then pulled her wet fingertips along John’s shaft.  A large vein started to stand out on the monster, as Brenda turned back around.  She made sure her husband was watching as she put the two fingertips back into her mouth, relishing even that slight taste of John, and seeing Jeff collapse that much more.  Emasculated as surely as if she really had cut off his dick, Jeff slumped as John draped his right arm around Brenda’s shoulder, holding her close.


“Well, Jeffy, I guess even your little dicky knows when it sees a better man, huh?  Everything about you is pint sized.  Well, guess you’ll have to pray “It isn’t the size of the ship, it is the motion of the ocean” really is the truth, huh?  Well, Jeff … I hate to break it to you but … you’re gonna need a tidal wave with that dingy.”


“Lesson two, Squirt.  Once you’ve got your lady ready, make sure she enjoys getting you ready. Start with her mouth and work your way down.”   John turned back to Brenda.  He gently took the lingerie she was wearing between his fingers and disrobed her, dropping the lace cover and panties next to his own discarded clothes on the floor. He raised a hand to her chest and started to tease Brenda’s small, but shapely right tit.  She gasped as he touched her, almost instantly falling back to where she was when she explored John’s body.  John slid his arm behind Brenda’s back, his open hand taking Brenda’s head, almost encasing the back of her skull in his palm.  Then, he pulled her straight into him, and without warning, locked her into a kiss right in front of Jeff’s gaping mouth.  John started off slowly, seductively, kissing Brenda gently, letting her rising pent up desires ratchet things up on their own.  As she began to deepen the kiss, so did John until in short order, John was ravaging her.  He let out a low, grinding growl with a slight smile through his kiss, and Brenda responded with a muted moan.  John again allowed his fingers on his free hand to dance over Brenda’s, amping her higher, guiding her to kiss him more animalistically, more fervently.  And as the animal passion increased, John’s cock began to inflate more and more.   


John held the kiss tight, practically breathing for her, until his cock began to slide up her lower abdomen.  She began to feel the monster grow in response to her, without her even needing to see it.  When he finally allowed her to pull back and let go of her head, Brenda was shaking.  She had NEVER felt a kiss like that in her life.  She had to reach out to John’s biceps to keep herself from swooning completely, losing her balance, and falling.  But, John held her safe.  “How was that babe? Want more?”  All she could do to respond was to furiously nod her head, her dilated eyes pleading, Oh yes.  John smiled and dove back onto her as he started to take ownership of her mouth.  His tongue twirling with hers, he put his arm under her and lifted.  John stood and Brenda wrapped her legs around his waist.  Only one thought was on her mind as John’s kisses made her insane -- MORE.  John turned to take a step toward the bed, and as he did, his left arm shot out behind him.  He instinctively knew exactly where to reach, latch onto Jeff’s upper arm, and drag him along still on his knees.


John walked them all to the edge of the bed.  He held Brenda for a long moment there, and broke the kiss.  He allowed his lips to graze her cheek and chin as he slid them down to a spot his fingers had earlier found on her neck.  When he reached it, he kissed her there. She screamed in pleasure as he systematically worked the arousal spot with his tongue.  He growled again at her moaning and shaking, his cock continuing to grow against her abdomen.  The monster cock was hard enough for him to flex it now, and he used it to slowly tap her fit, tight abs with the head.  Through her panting, she began to giggle as she felt John tease her.  He started to lift up higher and higher, keeping his mouth in the same place, literally lifting her like a popsicle.  Licking her down and around her collar bone, down the breast bone as he motorboated himself.  He never once shifted or bent down; he only lifted her higher, letting her feel how strong he was.  His cock was now harder and longer than most well endowed men … and still growing.  Literally allowing her to sit on one hand, balancing her ass cheeks on his palm, holding her so high she was touching the ceiling, John finally felt she was ready for him.


He lowered the woman down, allowing her to come to rest kneeling on the bed.  When John let go of her and stood back, Brenda found her mouth was even with the largest cock she had ever seen.  Big, thick, veined, pulsing - and still growing.  The briefest thought crossed her mind as to how the hell she was going to take this … but a microsecond later, every cell in her body screamed - I sure as hell want to try.  


John smiled such a devastating smile at her that she wanted to fall into it and never come back.  He took her hand, laid it on his shaft, and closed her fingers around it.  She needed no further invitation.  She leaned forward, brought John’s raging huge head to her mouth, and started to kiss it.  Her hand started to slide up and down the bottom of the growing rod.  From tip to ball sac, it was already two of her hand widths long and still getting longer.  Her kisses turned into licks down the top of the long shaft as her hands grasped his two massive lemon balls.  She smiled to herself as John let out a soft moan, supremely thrilled that she was able to bring such feelings out in her savior.  


Brenda intensified her work, bringing the whole of the head into her mouth.  John closed his eyes and took a deep breath, both enjoying the feelings but also centering himself.  He didn’t want to give in fully just yet…  He looked down at Jeff.  John raised a cocky half smile as he saw the tiny man shaking at the sight of his wife going down on his tool.  Yes, he was shaking, but it wasn’t out of anger like before.  The eyes, the gasping breathing, the leaking little dicklet, the occasional sniffs trying to smell the pheromones in his scent.  John knew now that Jeff would have done anything to have swapped places with his wife.  


John decided to use that desire.  “Lay on your back between my legs runt.  From what I hear - you need to see how someone with actual skill takes care of a cock.”  Jeff obeyed and slid in between John’s slightly spread legs looking up at the god-like cock entering his wife’s mouth high overhead.


Brenda silently laughed upon hearing John put her husband under them.  She WANTED him there, beneath them where he belonged. She began to work John’s cock harder and harder.  And in response, while it had reached its full length, somehow it kept getting thicker.  John allowed her to work it at her own speed, while he encouraged her by alternating between kissing her, touching her, stroking her.  She began to handle more and more of him as she got used to his incredible size.  


John’s voice changed when he spoke again.  It was deeper, primal, almost elemental.  Even his words began to change as the natural dominance of the Predator began to sound.  “Lesson three runt.  Let her know you can take charge when you need to, to heighten her pleasure.”  Jeff watched as John rolled his tongue around his right index finger, wetting it down.  Then, simultaneously, John’s now wet finger drove onto Brenda’s tit and started to trace out the areola, while his left hand invaded her crotch.  She GASPED loudly, her body stiffened.  A large patch of dampness formed around John’s left index finger as he edged her clit.  She devoured more and more of his cock, working it down to her throat, gagging herself as she swallowed half of it while working the other with her hands.  John’s sheer size made him hard for her to handle, but she no longer cared.  She wanted him - all of him in her, no matter how, no matter where.  


John slid two fingers into Brenda, allowing them to get her ready for what was coming, as much as Brenda’s mouth was getting him ready.  As John looked down at Brenda savoring her, he saw his little fucking student with his little dicklet between his hands, slowly jerking at what he was seeing.  Without so much as a break in the beat of his finger fucking Brenda, John shifted his left foot slightly and hovered it over Jeff’s crotch  Jeff reflexively pulled his hands back in fear of the gigantic foot and the muscle powering it, which only left himself open as John’s sole pressed down on his dick and balls.  He stepped down harder and harder until Jeff started to yelp.  John looked down at him, the icy fire of something animalistic virtually glowing in his eyes.  Three icy cold words escaped his lips.  “MINE.  DON’T TOUCH.”   


John closed his eyes for a moment and turned his head.  He smiled to himself.  He had them both now.  The woman he had -- he was going to show her heaven - and the scum at his feet - he was introducing to hell.  He felt the Predator so close, the lust for satisfaction, the desire to consume, the intoxication of wanting so much more …  and now, John finally allowed the Predator to come out and play.  


John/Predator kept the three of them that way for a few minutes.  Toying with Jeff, John/Predator slowly alternated between moments of crushing his little dicklet and pea-sized balls while in other moments pumping his foot, edging the bastard.  After every edge, John/Predator always stepped down harder, making Jeff moan for him even as the pressure increased.   At the same time, he opened Brenda more, allowing her body to expand for him and encouraging her to produce what she was going to need to handle him.  


After those few minutes John/Predator growled encouragement, “Mmmmm… So. Fucking. Good. Babe.”  Brenda opened her eyes to look up and she saw John/Predator looking down, his pupils wide and black.  She saw his desire to claim her, to own her.  She pulled back off his cock until just the head was between her lips. Her tongue began to tickle his slit.  John/Predator took in a large breath.  His smile got wide as he saw her expression.  She was begging and pleading for him to take her.  Precum erupted out of him into her mouth, and her eyes smiled as she tasted it.  


“FUCK baby girl.  Aw FUCK, '' he said as she kept edging him and another squirt of pre lofted down her throat.  “You want it baby girl?”  Brenda smiled around his dick and answered by swallowing as much of the monster down her throat as she could take in one thrust, for once making John/Predator gasp so loudly that it sounded like a jet engine intake.  


John/Predator looked down at Jeff and lifted his foot.  “Get one of your fucking condoms.  Now.”  This was not a mocking request anymore.  This was a command.  John/Predator had dropped all pretense at toying with Jeff and enjoying humiliating him.  This was different, and it would be different the rest of the night.  Jeff, after weeks of obeying John through their lunches and obeying him in this room, obeyed again.  He crawled to his side table drawer and removed a regular length condom from it.   John/Predator gently pulled back from Brenda, removing himself from her mouth and putting his gargantuan twelve and a half inches in front of the little man.  “Put the fucking thing on.”


Jeff tore the small package open, placed the latex roll onto John/Preditor’s cock head and started to unroll it - or rather he tried to.  Brenda started to giggle uncontrollably, knowing what was going to happen.  The latex expanded and expanded and before it could even cover all of the mammoth head, the latex ripped straight up the middle.  


John/Predator looked down at the little man scowling.  He was only slightly annoyed, as he knew Jeff’s little rubbers had no chance on him.  But, the annoyance allowed the Predator to start to control everything more.  The John part of him began to sink into the background.  The annoyance came out sounding like rage.  Predator/John grabbed Jeff shoulder and with a contemptuous flick practically threw Jeff back onto the floor in front of the bed where he had been.   “Fucking little shit.  Can’t even do that right.  That little scrawny ass thing.  This woman is still a virgin if you think THAT shit could ever fuck her.”  Predator/John looked to Brenda, “CAN HE HANDLE IT?”


Brenda laughed cruelly.  “About as much as that condom could handle you.”


Predator/John threw the shredded remains of the ripped condom into Jeff’s face.  “Suck on it, bitch.  You can have a little taste of what she has.”  Jeff meekly accepted and stuffed the condom remains in his mouth.  But Predator/John was only just getting started.  He ripped open the same bedside drawer and found a bottle of lube. He took it out and handed it to Brenda.  “You have waited so fucking long to not be a virgin anymore.  After being let down by that pretend prick, it’s only right for you not to have to wait anymore.”  John looked at Jeff with barely controlled contempt.  He didn’t even open his mouth.  A massively loud snap erupted from his fingers and Predator/John pointed between his legs.  Jeff went instantly back to his former position between John’s feet.


Brenda deposited an amount of lube into her hand so large it filled her palm.  She began to massage it onto Predator/John, even though his cock was right over her husband’s face.  Drops of lube fell from the soda can thick shaft onto Jeff.  He was about to wipe it off, but he was greeted with a forceful smash of his little balls by Predator/John.  “Leave it you shit.”  Jeff’s fingers fell away, forcing him to watch his wife prepare his bull properly, with rivulets of lube dribbling down his face like tears.


Feeling the lube and Brenda’s hand upping the sensation, feeling the runt’s balls literally under his foot— it kicked Predator/John fully over the edge.  He surrendered to the urge and let go.  He closed his eyes and breathed heavily through his nostrils. When those eyes reopened - John was gone.  In his place was a person that up until that point only Gabriel York had ever seen fully emerged.  The Predator - part instinct, part passion, part intellect, part apex alpha male - stood alone.  The unimpeded icy fire shining from his amber eyes signaled one intention.  He was ready to possess both of the people in front of him.  


The Predator growled in a voice that made Brenda lust and Jeff quake.  “Now. Lesson... whatever the fuck. When a woman is ready, when you have her on edge, begging you to make her yours, when she thinks you have given her all you can, then you show her what it’s like to be taken by a god.”


The Predator stepped forward, planting a foot squarely on top of Jeff’s chest and shoulder as if he were stepping on a bug.  He kicked back, and Jeff slid away from the bed across the wooden floor as if he were a dust bunny.  The Predator put his hands around Brenda’s waist, easily lifted her up, and laid flat on the bed.  Then he lifted himself onto the bed overshadowing her.  He reached down and began to play with her tits, raising her desire higher.  He inhaled her neck with his mouth, savaging his favorite erogenous zone that John had played with earlier.  But this was different.  Like John, the Predator would take care of her with his whole life, never let anything touch her, never violate her.  But at the same instance, he would do something that just wasn’t quite in John’s make up.  He would show her what a god among men could do, and she would never be the same.  


The Predator kissed with authority sliding from her throat up to her ear.  He swirled his tongue around her lobe and as he did, he intensified his teasing of her tits.  Brenda was panting, squirming under the sexual onslaught, but this time the Predator did not stop.  He paused his kisses to her ear for the slightest of moments, a heartbeat at most.  Then, when he felt her desire peak, he lightly pinched her nipples and blew a cool stream of air across the spots he had soaked with his saliva.  Just as the air hit her, the Predator pressed his cock against her clit, and then opened her insanely wide as he entered her.  Brenda’s eyes rolled back into her head as she screamed in unrepressed pleasure, orgasming almost instantly.  The Predator began to slowly thrust his massive cock, microscopically short distances at first, but incessantly going deeper and deeper into her.  He was both exceptionally gentle as not to hurt her, but powerfully dominant as he pressed her higher into ecstasy.  Every time Brenda opened her eyes, she looked up to see the Predator’s eyes glistening, shining almost with an inner light.  He would pulse his cock within her, flexing it through her body and soul, and bring her to orgasm again.  


The Predator was proud of her for taking him so well, especially having never had a real man’s cock before.  And he let her know it.  “That’s it baby girl.  SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU.  LET GO.  Let me show you fucking heaven.  Fuck, you feel SO GOOD.  You want even more baby girl?”  Brenda was without words now, her higher brain was off.  All that was left was feelings, passion, and craving.  Craving more. Craving the Predator.  Her eyes looked into his and her pupils were so blown her eyes were very nearly all black.  All she could manage between the overwhelming waves from her vag that would build up and overflow into another orgasm was to gasp and nod yes.  Then, her eyes rolled back again as she squealed in ecstasy.   


The Predator briefly glanced over at Jeff.  He was shocked, stunned to near silence.  The only sound to escape him were whimpers as his body shook.  Whimpering under the sights and smells and sounds of an apex predator claiming and elevating a woman in ways he had never dreamed of, never read about in a porn, never even heard of in the whispers of the biggest locker room braggarts.  Whimpering at the abject destruction of what was left of his pitiful manhood.  The Predator had fucked it right out of existence, as if every orgasm he gave Brenda was fueled by the crushing of what was left of his masculinity.  Jeff’s little balls began to slowly retract and his little dicklet began to bounce, but not to his own heartbeat.  His hard-to- rupturing dicklet was throbbing in time to the Predator’s thrusts into his wife.  


The Predator swallowed the data in a millisecond, smiled viciously, and returned his attention to Brenda.  He picked up his pace, listening to his instincts.  What he was feeling, seeing, and hearing from Brenda.  What he was feeling coming from his member inside her.  He dialed in how to use his massive tool expertly for her - the perfect tempo, the perfect depth, the perfect direction inside her.  And in return, her instincts and cravings drove her into a frenzy.  Her body began to manipulate him with her muscles, instinctually milking his cock, adding to both of their sensations, as he increased his power over her again.  She lay there drooling, wild, as he brought her to multiple orgasms on top of each other, as if all the pent up orgasms she craved to experience her entire sexual life were pouring out of her at once.  Four … Five … Six.  


Minutes passed.  The Predator never slowed, never stopped, giving her only more and more of what she wanted.  Of what he wanted.  And as he did, he was moving closer and closer to climax himself.  The Predator growled down to her, “What do you want baby girl?”


Brenda’s head snapped up at him.  The Predator growled as he saw that the woman who had once been under him now replaced with her own animal passions, her own alpha female Predator.  Her eyes bore into his.  In that moment, she wanted nothing more than to inhale his cock - all twelve and a half inches of it whole.  She managed to say in a voice Jeff had never heard in all his years being with her - 




The Predator smiled, wrapped his arms around her, and leaned back.  He had positioned himself on purpose to be able to do this - to stand on his feet with her over three feet off the ground, impaled on him.  He thrust into her, and she finally accepted all of him into her, down to the root.  She screamed one more time, as the Predator felt himself very close.  He turned them around and took three steps so that the quaking, frightened not-a-man cowering on the floor was under them and could see everything.  The Predator eyes locked with his and said four words - 




Jeff convulsed and his dick spontaneously erupted.  It was the best orgasm he had ever had in his life - handless, vag-less, assless - but the pitiful dribbles of watery semen were the most he had ever made.  The Predator smiled wickedly, then took a deep breath.  He allowed his cock to finally do what it wanted.  He made sure that he fully supported her body, that she would feel nothing but more pleasure and then he thrust into Brenda’s vag as her muscles milked him … once … twice … three more times before he felt his massive balls churn.  The Predator lifted the tiny woman off his cock and brought her down into a massive, deep throat kiss.  Moments later, he pulled back from her kiss.  He looked to the ceiling and roared so savagely that the very ground seemed to shake.  He exploded.  Gallons of cum poured out of him like a geyser, coating Brenda’s chest, abdomen, running down her legs.  Drops fell onto the emasculate runt quaking under them, the superior thick white strands of Predator cum mixing with the watery, inferior steroid dribble Jeff had produced, absorbing it so that it was as if it were not even there.  The Predator savagely kissed her more and more, holding her weightless in his arms as his eruption past 10, 11, 12 pulses, each one almost as strong as the first.  But, finally, his cock began to subside.  He pulled his tongue back to feel Brenda had gone to almost dead weight in his arms.  Conscious but absolutely exhausted and spent.  Overloaded, but finally fulfilled.  He cradled her close, caressed her, and laid her out gently across the bed.  He kissed her gently on the cheek, “Aw, baby girl.  You did so damned good.  So good…”


The Predator then stood fully erect, walked back, and looked down at the pathetic excuse of a thing that was only genetically a male at his feet.  He stepped over Jeff, and then dropped to one knee in front of him.  He grabbed the back of his head and forced him to look up at him.


“And that Cuck ....is how a REAL MAN fucks your wife.” 


(To be continued in Chapter 8.3)

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  • GymPredator changed the title to To Protect and Serve - Chapter 8 Part 2 (Posted 1/23/2021)
1 hour ago, Edrian2012 said:

I'm so disappointed. I thought that John loves Gabriel but he is fucking that woman...

John does love Gabriel.  More than life itself.  As this develops you will see just how much.

But, as far as what is happening in that bedroom with the Heath's - Gabriel knows exactly what is happening, and he told John to do all of it.  He also told John to do what is coming up next.  He didn't just tell him to do it, he supports him doing it.

Going back to Chapter 6, there has been a discussion between John and Gabriel about Brenda and Jeff.  The night John was angry after his midnight run and he told Gabriel something and it horrified Gabriel so much they almost split?  Then Gabriel comes back at the end of chapter 7, after the guy Jeff hires to try and hurt Gabriel, and tells John to do what he was planning.  Earlier in Chapter 8, John asks Gabriel over and over are you sure?  That he would not do it if either Gabriel or Brenda said no.  Gabriel says yes.  Brenda asks John when he explains is Gabriel OK with it?  Gabriel tells her himself yes.  They were all talking about this moment, what is happening in this bedroom, and what is yet to happen.

This is justice, as John sees it.  Payback to Jeff for trying to hurt or kill Gabriel, for beating his wife for 20 years.  (BTW - where John and Brenda are making it sound like John has been having sex with her for a long time?  That's a lie.  She and John had not even seen each other since before John's accident.  They're saying that just to emasculate Jeff a little bit more.)   

That said, will there be a price to day because of this encounter?  Yes.

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54 minutes ago, GymPredator said:

John ama a Gabriel. Más que la vida misma. A medida que esto se desarrolle, verá cuánto.

Pero, en cuanto a lo que está sucediendo en esa habitación con los Heath, Gabriel sabe exactamente lo que está sucediendo y le dijo a John que lo hiciera todo. También le dijo a John que hiciera lo que viene a continuación. No solo le dijo que lo hiciera, sino que lo apoyaba.

Volviendo al Capítulo 6, ha habido una discusión entre John y Gabriel sobre Brenda y Jeff. ¿La noche en que John estaba enojado después de su carrera de medianoche y le dijo algo a Gabriel y lo horrorizó tanto que casi se separan? Luego Gabriel regresa al final del capítulo 7, después de que el tipo que Jeff contrata para tratar de lastimar a Gabriel, y le dice a John que haga lo que estaba planeando. Al principio del capítulo 8, John le pregunta a Gabriel una y otra vez, ¿estás seguro? Que no lo haría si Gabriel o Brenda decían que no. Gabriel dice que sí. Brenda le pregunta a John cuando él le explica si Gabriel está de acuerdo con eso. Gabriel le dice él mismo que sí. Todos hablaban de este momento, de lo que está pasando en este dormitorio y de lo que está por pasar.

Esto es justicia, como lo ve Juan. Devolución a Jeff por intentar herir o matar a Gabriel, por golpear a su esposa durante 20 años. (Por cierto, ¿dónde John y Brenda hacen que parezca que John ha tenido relaciones sexuales con ella durante mucho tiempo? Eso es mentira. Ella y John ni siquiera se habían visto desde antes del accidente de John. Lo dicen solo para castrar Jeff un poco más.)   

Dicho esto, ¿habrá algún precio hoy por este encuentro? Si.

Thank u for answering.

I understand now, it's just I'm a super fan of romance and monogamy lol. I feel better now. 

I'll keep reading the next to come hoping for the best for Gabriel 

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1 hour ago, Edrian2012 said:

Thank u for answering.

I understand now, it's just I'm a super fan of romance and monogamy lol. I feel better now. 

I'll keep reading the next to come hoping for the best for Gabriel 

You're welcome.  Maybe this is the easiest way to see it.  I clipped this from the end of Chapter 7.  Gabriel and John are talking about this moment.  What is happening in this chapter and in 8.3.  Gabriel says he knows it is drastic, but when it is done, he knows he is in John's heart.  And he is right.




In that moment of first light, Gabriel knew.  He knew what he needed to do.  What they had to do, while there was still time.  John needed to be John one more time.  It was the only way - as horrible as Gabriel’s initial reaction had been weeks ago to it … it was the only way.  John needed to save a life, one he had intended to save for a long time.  To prove to himself, even if it took something … drastic, that John Declann was the man Gabriel York saw, that Warren Dougherty saw, that everyone saw, except for him.  Gabriel looked up and wiped a slightly brown stained tear from the giant.  




“Yes, Angel.” John replied, still staring off into space. 


“Do it John. Do what you need to do.”  


“Do what?”  


“Heath, John.  Do it.  You not only have my permission.  You have my FULL support. I want you to do it.” 


John snapped into the here and now.  He gently took Gabriel and moved him to his left, so that he could roll over to lay on his side to face him properly.  The look in John’s eyes seemed to be fifty emotions at once.  


“Angel are you sure?  After what I did, what I could do, especially to him...”  


John paused as he moved back into memory, his dominating Heath so expertly, crushing him down so… John’s voice fell into a private shame, a private shame that Gabriel needed to know.  He needed to know all he is capable of.  It was a memory he loved, felt such SATISFACTION about, but now ...  


“Angel, what I WILL do to him.  You don’t know what I did to him before he ever tried to touch you, and I LOVED it.  Now ... the way this set met off… I hate what I did last night.  But with him … Will I LOVE this.... What if I … and I love it? And I know I will, for what he did to you, for what he did to her, for what he used to do to me...” John’s great body began to tremble again, and tears flowed as he told the man he loved, who he feared so much would walk away and leave him alone, what he had done every day since that day with Heath in the gym.  What he had done after.  Every thought, every pleasure.  All of it.


John was shaking again as he finished.  “Angel, I do not know what you think that I am, but… I broke a man last night without even trying.  And I have been breaking a man by trying - and ….” John let out a sob, “... LOVING it.  I am a monster… ”


Gabriel’s eyes began to mist as he saw the pain again rise up in John’s haunted gaze as he fell silent.  “Shhhhhh….” Gabriel said, pouring all the comfort and truth of his feelings into that one quiet moment.  


“John, there are real monsters in this world.  We have both seen them. And, I, my love, I have seen monsters even you have never seen.   You are going to take care of so many of them the day after tomorrow.” Gabriel began to openly cry, “But, John.  I want you to listen to me and if you never believe one word I ever say to you again, believe this one thing.  You are not a monster, John Declann.” Gabriel’s voice shook with a conviction as deep and strong as the titan he lay next too.  “YOU ARE NOT.  


“From what you have told me and what I have seen… John, one particular monster has trapped someone innocent who needs to be freed.  Freed even sooner than two days from now.


“Make her free John.  Save her.  Do what you do best, my love.  Save people.”  Gabriel reached out to John’s chest and lay his tiny hand on the thick muscle armor there.  “Because no matter what happens, when you come home after it's done, I still know who is in here.  I KNOW THIS HEART.  I know how you love, John, and I know who you love.  


It isn't giving too much away, but ... chapter 9, you will see just how much John loves Gabriel and Gabriel loves John.

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