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m/m Jack the Giver - (4 episodes) - Last Update 12-05-19


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“I can give you anything you wish for. Just don’t blame me if your wish comes true.”   This is a series about a mystical man who shows up to people in despair to offer them what they’ve always wanted. But does he really help them? That’s for you to decide. So be careful what you wish for.  You might get more than you wanted.





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New Jack the Giver story coming out tonight. This time we have an actor who needs to be more careful with his word choice.  If anyone on discord would like to get a sneak peak of my work I really appreciate having readers so hit me up.

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"Jack the Giver - I Want to Be a Star!"

An aspiring thespian learns a valuable lesson in word choice.



Lee Marks was a talented actor but he never seemed to be able to land the roles he wanted. Sure he could pay his bills if he worked himself to death but he wanted to do more than tread water. He was handsome and toned. He certainly looked like a star and he really wanted to be one. Fortunately that’s what this new Broadway musical was going to be able to do. His agent had been in discussions for weeks with the producers and he’d been in for several auditions. Everyone seemed to like him.


Things were definitely looking up for Lee. He was so pleased with himself that he’d offered to cook for four of his closest friends in his apartment. It was a small loft but the view of Manhattan was fantastic. To be honest he had a sugar daddy who helped pay the rent, an arrangement he was looking forward to ending as soon as he landed his big role.


The evening was going wonderfully. The guests were all eating and chatting away when Lee saw on his phone that his agent had sent him an email. He couldn’t wait to see the good news in writing. However, when he opened it the email read, “They gave the part to someone else with ‘better connections’ to the producer.” He didn’t need to read anymore. He could feel all of the energy draining out of his body.


“What’s wrong Lee?” His friend Sally asked.


“I… I didn’t get it...” He mumbled.


“Don’t worry man, there’ll be other parts.” His friend Ted said patting him on the arm.


“I’m sorry, I’d really like to be alone now.” Lee said.


“Like… right now?” His friend Mark asked.


“Yeah… right now.” Lee said without looking up. He remained motionless, petrified even, as his friends awkwardly gathered their things and filed out. Things seemed hopeless. His self esteem was shot. He wasn’t an actor, he was just a rent boy for some dirty old man who paid half his rent.


Suddenly he felt a cold gust of air. He looked up and saw that his balcony door was hanging ajar. One of his friends must have opened it. He got up to close the sliding glass door when a voice from behind said. “Well if it means anything to you, I would have given you the part.”


He spun around and saw a strange man in a hat, suit, and overcoat sitting in the chair he’d just vacated. “The other guy was a bit of hack to be honest, but what can you say, it pays to sleep with the producer. It’s a shame you skipped that part of the interview process.”


“Who the hell are you and how’d you get into my apartment!?” Lee shouted.


“YOUR apartment? The name on the lease says Mr. Gerald Morely, but it’s just as well you’re here. I came to see you, Lee, not him.”

“W...what? Wait, how do you know Gerald… or my name… or any of this stuff you’ve been talking about!?”


The man chuckled. “I know all about you and your struggling career but fortunately for you, your luck just changed. My name’s Jack and I grant wishes.” He smiled.


Lee reached into his pocket for his cell phone. He wanted to text someone to call the police to get this lunatic out of his apartment but the phone was gone. Jack reached into his coat pocket and pulled it out. “Now now, you can chat with your friends after I’m gone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Don’t screw this up.”


“So what are you? A producer? Or just another rich guy offering me a job for the right amount of cock?”


“I told you. I’m Jack and I grant wishes.”


“What kind of wishes?”


“Anything really.” He said pulling out a card from his suit pocket and tossing it over to Lee. “You just take the card and make a wish.”


“And what do you get out of this?”


“I live to help poor unfortunate souls, like yourself.” Jack chuckled. “Oh sorry, I realize that’s a touchy phrase for you. I had forgotten that you auditioned for the Little Mermaid this summer and didn’t get that part either.”

Lee was dumbfounded by how this man seemed to know everything about him and how he just appeared out of nowhere. “So I can pick this card up and wish for the part that I just got turned down for and...”

“Your slutty competitor would get hit by a truck tomorrow… or perhaps he’d come down with a dreadful disease. Anyway, what does it matter so long as you get what you want? But to be honest I feel like you’re missing the point. This is a one time opportunity to get ANYTHING you want and you’re just going to waste it on one role?”


“You mean I could wish to be famous?”


“Beyond your wildest dreams.”


“Bigger than Tom Cruise?”

“Why constrain it there?”

“Fine then… I want my name all over New York, no, the world! I want to be biggest thing around. Bigger than the empire state building!” He shouted and the card burst into flames, burning his fingers. “Owww what the fuck!?” When he looked up Jack was gone and he was alone once again. Lee looked all over his apartment for Jack but there was no sign of him.


“Must have been hallucinating.” He said sitting back down at his chair, but his pants didn’t feel quite right. He adjusted them but they still felt tight. “Ugh… I need to change...” He said thinking that putting on more loosely fitting clothes would make him more comfortable. He went into his bedroom and pulled off his clothes and slid on some workout shorts and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He’d clean up in the morning.


When he got to the sink he looked into the mirror and was a little shocked. His normally muscular frame looked waaay more jacked than usual. “Woah… I’m going to have to talk to my trainer about this.” While he liked the look, it was never great to get too muscular before you knew what part you’d be playing.

As he brushed his teeth, his chest felt extremely tight and noticed that his biceps and lats were touching. His cock felt heavier than usual as well. He quickly whipped it out and saw that it was a few inches larger as well. “What the fuck?” Cocks didn’t get bigger what was happening? He cupped his left pec in his hands, there was no way all of this had happened naturally without him noticing.


Then he thought about the wish he’d just made. “Is this part of my wish?” Was this mysterious stranger bulking him up for some kind of part in a movie or play? Suddenly he felt his pecs pulsating and looked in the mirror to see them flexing on their own. He groaned as he backed into the wall and grabbed his chest feeling the muscles swell in his hands. “Oh god….”


Looking at his reflection he could see his biceps visibly swelling as well as his traps and delts. His frame was expanding. He could feel his back muscles swelling against the hard wall that his shoulder blades no longer made contact with. He saw his soft cock drooping lower as it grew down the front of his workout shorts. His expanding bubble butt was stretching the elastic.


He pulled them off and stared at his naked body in amazement as his thighs were swelling out like a fitness model. He looked like he should be on the cover of men’s health. His swelling pecs were forcing his nipples downward as his chest pushed even further outward. His pecs were so big they were casting a shadow on his swelling abs. He noticed how much shorter everything looked and realized he’d grown to 6’ 5’’. He stepped on the scale and weighed 305 lbs. “Woah that’s a lot,” he said but there wasn’t a sign of fat on his body.


He really liked the new look but wasn’t sure how it was supposed to make him famous. Still he spent the rest of the evening taking selfies and redoing his acting profile. He was going to have to start selling this new bod tomorrow. So around 2 am he finally went to sleep.


In the morning he woke up with his head pried uncomfortably against the headboard with one leg half off the bed. He looked down at his body and gasped. It was humongous, he’d gained over a hundred pounds during the night and grown even taller. He was so big he no longer fit properly in his bed. He stood up and realized he now towered at almost seven feet tall. “Jesus… what kind of parts can I play like this but freak shows?”


Suddenly his phone went off with a flurry of texts from his agent. He’d just read Lee’s updated profile from the night before. “What the hell are you doing?! You can’t bulk up that much without a role that calls for it. You’ve just shut yourself out from half the gigs I’ve got on my desk! We need to talk! Now!”


Lee texted back that he’d meet him at a coffee shop but he knew that if his agent was pissed about how big he said he was last night, this morning was going to be hard. He searched through his things to find something to wear until he found the biggest most stretched out t-shirt he had. A friend had given him an XXL t-shirt that said “no fat chicks” as a joke. His arms didn’t really fit through the sleeves so he had to cut the sides off of it. He grabbed some crazy loose workout shorts that the elastic had worn out in. Now they fit snugly over his bulging bubble butt. “Guess this will have to do until I can buy more.”


Then he realized his shoes no longer fit but he remembered there was a shoe shop just a block down the street. The towering Lee raised quite a few eyebrows walking in the shop with the sides of his pecs bulging out of the open sides of his ripped t-shirt. “Hey uhh… my girlfriend played a prank on me and… uhhh I’m going to need some new shoes.” He asked a very timid attendant.


“Do you know what your size is?” He could only imagine what his shoe size was now so he told her that his girlfriend always bought his shoes for him. “No worries sir we can measure that.” The bench that he sat on creaked under his weight as he placed his enormous foot in the measuring device. It turned out he was now a size 15 and so he bought the only pair of sneakers they had in that size and went off to the coffee shop to meet his agent.


The coffee shop was only a 10 minute walk but it seemed like a lot farther. Every person he walked by craned their necks to stare at the nearly seven foot behemoth. When he got to the coffee shop he pulled up his usual seat at the patio and found that their petite chairs and tables no longer fit him as nicely as they used to. He was practically straddling the table with his legs now. His muscular bubble butt cheeks spread over the sides of the chair that strained to the point of breaking, hoping to god that wouldn’t happen. He didn’t fancy pieces of broken chair wedged into his ass. He ordered his usual medium black coffee and was amazed at how much smaller it seemed.


He pulled out his phone to read the news and pretended that everyone wasn’t staring at him. When he looked up he saw his agent glaring at him from the sidewalk. He waved and called him over. From the look of shock on his face Lee realized he hadn’t recognized him before and had just been staring at what he assumed was a giant stranger like everyone else.


“Lee?! What the hell happened to you?” He said running up to the table.


“Listen Jerry, I know this looks bad for my career but...”

“Fuck the career Lee, what the hell happened to you?” He asked again. “Have you seen a doctor?”


“What? Jerry? No… no I came to see you talk about roles you might have for someone like...”

“Lee… buddy… I don’t know what you did to get like this but it aint natural. You see all the time on the news guys this tall falling to pieces because they’re just too big. I want you to get checked out by a doc before we talk about your career. If something happened to you and people thought that this was something I talked you into, my career goes out the window too.” His agent said. “Now I’ll give you the name of a doc I want you to see, and you go there right now. I’ll make the appointment for you.” He said nudging his friend/client up.


In thirty minutes Lee was walking towards the address that Jerry had texted him. His stress levels over his career were all he could think about. The route took him past central park and he thought a walk through the park might relax him. As he walked past the trees and bushes, he felt the cool breeze, listened to the birds sing and began to think that this wasn’t the end of the world, there were things he could still do.


Suddenly his shoes began to feel tight and he felt his body begin to stretch once again. His ass began to strain against his shorts and his thighs began to bulk up again. His pecs pushed out from his chest and he began to grow even taller. His abs became visible, his shirt no longer able to cover his entire torso. He tried to quicken his pace but his shoes were becoming insufferable. He heard them rip as his feet burst out from them.


His shorts began to rip at the seams as his enormous ass broke through them. He looked down at his massive 15’’ soft cock dangling on his swelling thighs and two balls the size of his fists just bouncing around out in the open. He quickly dove into the some tall bushes nearby and interrupted a group orgy of gay New Yorkers circle jerking each other in the park.


“Oh wow… “ One of them said excited by what had just dropped in but as his pecs began to rip his shirt apart they could tell something was wrong. He was passing 8 feet now and still growing. The intense sensations caused him to grit his teeth. “Oh shit he’s on something!” They shouted and ran out of the bushes.

“Fuck what’s happening to me!?” Lee shouted.


“You’re getting your wish.” Lee looked up and saw Jack leaning against a tree trunk.


“I didn’t want this...” He groaned on all fours as his muscles continued to balloon out and he passed 9 feet tall.


“Oh no?” Jack said furrowing his brow. “It’s what you wished for.”


“I wished to be famous!” Lee bellowed.


“No, you said and I qoute, ‘I want my name all over New York, no, the world! I want to be biggest thing around. Bigger than the empire state building!’” Jack grinned and walked over to his swelling companion. “I’d say we have a bit of a ways to go before your wish is granted.”


“What!?” Lee suddenly realized what was happening. “That’s not what I meant!”


“Oh well… it’s what you said.” Jack smiled.


“But...” Lee began to protest when new voices interrupted them.


“Who’s in there? What’s all this? NYPD!” Lee looked back and could vaguely see the outline of a group of officers. All of the activity had caught their attention.


“Shit Jack it’s the cops what do I…do?” When he turned back Jack was gone.


“Alright, you get to the count of five to come out of there before we pull out the tasers. I know you don’t want that.” One of the officers shouted. They could see movement in there but they had no idea how many were inside. “1… 2… 3… you’re not gonna like it if I get to five… 4… fi… HOLY SHIT”

Without warning Lee bounded out of the bushes and through the park. In actual fact he was 10 feet tall but for the surprised officers his size was hard to guess. “We’re gonna need back up here!” One of them shouted into his radio.


Lee didn’t know where he was going as he bounded through the park. Where could you hide with millions of people watching you. As he swelled to over 10 ft 1200 lbs, his feet were leaving enormous divots in the ground. His long hose cock was flogging his quads as he ran blindly. Before he knew it he was back on the street. Cars began to crash as distracted drivers watched the enormous monster in front of them. Then he saw three squad cars peel onto the street in front of him, their lights flashing. “Oh shit...”

He took off in the other direction. 11 ft… 12 ft… he was still growing. People froze in place and dropped their belongings in shock as he thundered by down the center of the road. Cars swerved to avoid him. 14 ft… 15 ft… the stop lights were starting to get in his way. In a panic he backed himself against a building, giving a dental secretary a minor heart attack when her entire window was covered with his ass.


Then he heard a familiar voice. “What do you get for the man who’s as big as everything? Advice of course!”


“Jack! What are you...” He looked around and didn’t see him at first and then he spotted him. His face was grinning down at him from an LCD billboard. “...doing?”


“I thought I’d get on your scale to chat.” He said as Lee’s growth caused his shoulders to drag upward along the building he was leaning against, knocking off flags and window boxes as he grew. “Have you considered leaving the city or has your brain not kept track with the rest of you?”


“But I? How!?”


“You know how to swim don’t you?” The screen changed from Jack’s face to a picture of the harbor.


Lee saw 10 squad cars turning down the street to cut him off but at 20 feet tall they looked like toys. They barely reached his knees. Lee took off down the street and leapt over the barrier as if it were a designed for toddlers. Barreling down the street, his feet cracked the pavement as he ran. He knocked over street lights, and street signs, and anything that hung over the street as he ran.


He was 45 ft tall when he reached the docks. The dock workers fled like a pack of squirrels below him. He ran out into the water and started swimming and didn’t stop until land was out of sight. Later that evening everyone’s news everywhere was filled with the same thing.

“Local New York actor Lee Marks went on a rampage through New York City today after a bizarre incident caused him to grow uncontrollably. Authorities have no idea what brought on the incident but urge people to stay away from steroids or other growth stimulants until the cause is known. At this point police do not suspect malicious intent.”


“Poor kid… “ His agent said as the segment flipped to him. “He was so talented, would have done anything to get a good part. Wish I could have stopped him from taking whatever had caused this to happen.”

“The coast guard’s efforts to find the giant actor have been hampered by fog and an offshore weather system. So far it’s anyone’s guess as to what became of Mr. Marks. Back to you Rachael.”


Travers Sogland turned off his TV. The gnarled old captain had seen enough. They were taking a container ship into the US from Holland. “What you make of that Tom?” He said to his friend looking out at the rain swept sea. “Bunch of hogwash if you ask me.”


“The news is always making shit up for rati...” Suddenly the entire ship lurched to one side. Containers spilled out into the water as an enormous arm wrapped itself over the hull. Lee had finally found something big enough to cling to so he could take a little swim break.


So if you you’re feeling defeated and a strange man comes to you offering to make your dreams come true be very careful how you ask for what you want. You might get something you didn’t really desire.

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