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1 hour ago, Shawn1978 said:

Luke: (to Woody) So, Gorgeous, (kisses Woody"s lips) how was your day?"

Woody: (makes a weird face) Really weird!"

Luke: (surprised face) Oh? "Did something happen?"

Woody: You could say that."

Luke: What happened? Tell me."

Woody: (Deano and I were taking videos of each other for our bodybuilding show preparation, and it didnt go so bad. Until...."

Luke: ( looking concerned) Until...What?"

Woody: (Looks up at the ceiling a moment, then takes a deep breath, and lets out a huge sigh) "Until Deano kissed me."

Luke: (Looking flabbergasted) "He did WHAT?!"

Woody: I know right?! I had the same reaction you're having right now, afterwards."

Luke (realizes something) So...all this time, Deano's been cracking gay jokes about us. (He looks at Woody) "He's been secretly gay himself and now is making moves on MY gorgeous muscle man?"

(Luke crosses his arms over his chest looking pissed off for a moment, but then his face relaxes and a huge grin comes across his face)

Woody: (sees Luke's face) "What's that smile about?" I thought you'd be furious."

Luke: (still smiling) "Oh I am, believe me! Deano's going to pay for this! And I intend to collect!"

Woody: "How so?"

Luke: (grinning, rubbing his hands together) I have some plans of my own for our dear Deano!"

Woody: ( looking confused) "I don't know if I like the sound of this."

Luke: Oh you won't. But after you hear me out, you will love it!"

Woody: ( now intrigued) "What are you going to do?"

Luke: I'm going to get Deano in here and tell him that I know about the kiss and that if he wants to make it up to me...." (Trails off)

Woody: "What?"

Luke:(looks at Woody) He has to let me muscle worship him."

Woody: (is totally floored) Wait WHAT?! No! Fuck no! I'm not letting you do that!"

Luke: Calm down! This is what I want to do. And you're freaking out before you have even heard the best part of my plan."

Woody: "What could possibly be the best part of a plan that's wrong to do in the first place?"

Luke: (grins) "You get to sit here and watch the whole thing! Watch Deano be completely humiliated."

Woody: "Even I want to see Deano squirm a little. But not this way! Not with my adorable Hufflepuff having his hands all over him and not all over me, where they should be."

Luke: Aww. (Pulls Woody's face in for another kiss) Don't worry. You're the bodybuilder who has my heart! No one else!"

Woody: (frowns) I have one question though. What if Deano refuses, which we both know he will. Then what?"

Luke: "Then I announce in Hancox's class, in front of everyone, that Deano kissed you."

Woody: (jaw drops) No! You wouldn't do something like that. Not you. Not my adorable Luke."

Luke: (raising his eyebrows) "Oh No?"

Woody: You wouldn't seriously turn from my adorable Luke into devious, blackmailer Luke. That's just not you."

Luke: Well Im afraid you'll have to put up with devious blackmailing Luke until I'm officially done with Deano's muscle worship punishment.

Woody: And how long will that be?"

Luke: ( looks at Woody seriously) Two weeks."

(Woody's eyes widen and jaw drops in shock. He rolls his eyes and slaps both hands against his forehead and lays back on the bed.)

Woody: This is going to be my worst nightmare!"

(Thunder claps outside)


Ok, even I don't want our adorable Luke to do something that out of character, but this was kind of fun to imagine in my mind.

Whatever plans Miscleaddict has for the whole Luke/Woody/Deano situation is sure to be even better!

And to come up with scenarios like this, you know how anxiously we all are awaiting the next chapter.

EDIT: You wanna know something funny. This scenario could have made a great Halloween skit! If I'd thought of it on Halloween.


HAHA!! I love that you wrote this @Shawn1978! It feels a bit like I'm reading a fan fiction story! 😜😅 Can't help wondering how Deano would *really* feel about the whole thing though! 😏

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Okay guys, here's the next chapter. Thanks again for all the love and wonderful comments on the last one! Twenty Three “Fuck!” Luke whispers once we’ve parted lips. I can’t believe the

Ok guys, here’s the new story I’ve been working on. It’s of a similar size and scale to my last story "AJ & Noah". It’s told from the point of view of Woody (real name Sebastian Wood), a hand

Five Hands down my favourite teacher at Montgomery University is Johnny Hoxton. Johnny is a bit of a legend in British bodybuilding. He competed in a few big IFBB shows with other famous pros but

Posted Images



Oh God. Oh Jesus. Deano Watkins is kissing me. His lips are pressed hard against mine. And Oh God. Oh JESUS. I’m fucking kissing him back! And now his stacked, muscular body is coming closer to mine. And now he’s climbing on fucking top of me. I can feel the heat coming off his pumped mass. And the stickiness of his hot skin. My hand on his crazily huge, rock hard (fuck!) shoulder. And now I’m falling back on my bed as Deano straddles me, my hand slipping to his thick, muscular back. His pecs squashing against mine. His wonky abs on my blocky abs. Hard pumped muscle on hard pumped muscle. His big wet tongue filling up my mouth and oh my GOD. I’m so fucking hard right now. Deano’s on top of me and kissing me and I’m so … fucking … HARD. And it’s weird, because it’s Deano, and it’s different to how it feels kissing Luke and oh shit. Oh fuck. Luke! What the fuck am I doing? Deano’s huge back. Luke. Deano’s heavy mass on mine. Luke! Deano’s fucking tongue. Luke, Luke, LUKE! 

And now I’m seriously panicking. I groan and try and pull away, but Deano’s not letting me go. I try and push him off me, but he’s not budging. I let out a muffled groan, squirming and pushing him harder and he finally takes the hint and releases his lips from mine. And now I’m looking at his face. That twat fucking face that annoys the shitting hell out of me for the majority of the time. And oh my GOD. What have I done? What the HELL have I done?

Deano gets off me and I sit up and put my head in my hands. “Fuck!” I whisper to myself. My head is spinning. My stomach in knots. I just kissed Deano. No - Deano kissed ME. But I let him. And I kissed him back. I just kissed someone back who wasn’t Luke Henderson. My amazing, gorgeous boyfriend Luke Henderson. Fuuuuuck!

Deano’s just sat next to me, catching his breath. He looks so lost right now. “What the hell, Deano? You’re GAY?!”

He screws his face up in disgust. “NO!” he scoffs, like it’s an absurd accusation.

I let out a little laugh. I can’t fucking help it. “Erm … you just kissed me! I’m getting pretty big gay vibes right now!”

He lets out a deep sigh. “I’m not gay, okay? I like girls!”

“So ... you’re bi?”

He screws his face up again, looking deeply uncomfortable. 

I shake my head. “Jesus, Deano!”

“I don’t know what I am,” he says looking out to the room, his voice sounding small. And wow. For the first time ever, I actually feel sorry for him. He sighs and looks at me, this nervous look on his face. I can tell this is a big deal for Deano. And something that he’s clearly been struggling with. God - all this fucking time? 

“I like girls!” he tells me again with conviction. And I believe him. “But …” and then he looks out to the room again. I follow his eyes. He’s looking straight at the poster of Tommy “The Tank” Foster, in shredded competition condition and flexing a crazy abs and thighs in his shiny yellow posers above Luke’s bed. Oh God. Luke! My stomach clenches sharply again.

“It’s THAT!” he says pointing at Tommy.

And now I’m finding myself starting to smile.

“I see … bodybuilders and ....” his voice trails off and he looks uncomfortable again.

Oh my GOD! He doesn’t have to say anything more. He gets turned on by bodybuilders. Deano gets turned on by shredded fucking bodybuilders in shiny fucking posing trunks. I can’t deny that there’s a part of me that’s getting a pretty big kick out of knowing that right now. Especially after all the pathetic gay remarks he’s been throwing at me the past few weeks. 

“Does that make me …” (he rolls his eyes) “... bi?”

I pull a face and shrug. “Maybe?”

“I don’t like normal blokes though!” he explains. “Like, the idea of kissing a guy like Henderson …” and then he pulls a face and I feel a sharp pinch of anger. And then Deano looks at me and down to my torso with his pensive look on his face, and suddenly I’m finding it hard to feel angry. Suddenly I actually feel kind of flattered.

God - how did I miss this? How did I not realise that Deano was attracted to me? What the FUCK? Were there signs? Maybe I’m just completely self involved and wrapped up in my own little world to notice. Completely oblivious to anything that doesn’t involve me or Luke.

“So, when you were making all those comments about me being gay. I mean … you actually knew that I was?”

Deans pulls a face and shrugs. “Not for definite!”

I nod. “Wow. So what you just did. I mean … that was kinda brave!”

I think about making a joke that we’d probably be sharing a dorm room if we were at Hogwarts, but I feel like it might be completely lost on him. Unlike Luke, who would fucking love that reference. Oh God. LUKE! 

“So, you are then?” Deano asks. 

I guess there’s no point in hiding it now. I shrug and nod at him, feeling a nervous pinch that I’ve just confessed to Deano that I am, in fact, gay. And yet, I also surprisingly, feel kind of relieved that someone else here at Montgomery besides Luke now knows.

And now Deano’s looking at me with this tense, serious look. And his eyes go down to my mouth (Oh God). And now he’s bloody lunging towards me again and his lips are back on mine (FUCK!) and we’re fucking kissing AGAIN! But this time, after a second or so, I pull away and shake my head at him.


He looks confused. Even fucking wounded. Wow. Feeling sorry for Deano. Today really is a day full of fucking firsts.

“I … have a boyfriend!”

He screws his face up, looking almost pissed off. “Who?!” he spits.

I look at Luke’s side of the room and Deano’s eyes follow. Fuuuuck! Why the hell did I just do that? 

“It’s Henderson isn’t it?”

Oh SHIT. My stomach lurches. “NO!” 

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, FUCK!

“You don’t know him. He lives back home!”

Deano looks suspicious, like he doesn’t quite believe me. Fucking nice one, Woody! First you kiss someone else behind your boyfriend’s back. Then you almost fucking out him! Oh God. I kissed someone else. I try and ignore the sick feeling churning in my stomach.

“We’ve been together since the sixth form!”

He nods, still looking suspicious. “Is he a bodybuilder?”

“Ummm … no?!”

Deano pulls a face. Almost like him being a bodybuilder automatically makes him more worthy of my affections than a guy who isn’t. Jesus. Talk about fucking arrogant. 

“There must be other guys here at Montgomery!” I say.

He does a little shrug. And there’s this sadness in his eyes as he looks at my torso and then up at my face. I know what that look means. Fuck! Wait - is this not just a physical thing?

“Deano …”

He suddenly looks nervous. God - even a little scared. And now I’m fucking nervous too.

“... do you ... like me?”

He pulls a face, but oh my GOD. I can tell from his expression that he does. That he really fucking does. I can’t fucking believe this. Deano Watkins likes me. All the attention he’s been giving me. All the comments. All the pathetic gay jokes. And all this time he fucking liked me. And enough to actually make a move on me.

“Deano …”

He suddenly stands up, looking awkward and weirded out and reaches for his clothes. 

“You better not fucking tell anyone about this!” he demands. And now he looks kinda pissed off. Like his ego has been bruised and he’s trying to save face.

“I won’t!” I say. 

“Not even Henderson!” he says, pulling his t-shirt over his jacked torso. The torso that was pressed up against mine not long ago.

I just shake my head, not saying anything. I don’t know what the fuck to say. Deano’s clearly embarrassed right now. He just kissed a guy, possibly for the first time ever, and he got knocked back. 

He picks up his backpack and, without even looking at me, he makes a dash for the door.

“See ya tomorrow!” I say, awkwardly. He ignores me, opens the door and with that, Deano’s gone.

And now I’m just sat here on my bed, still wearing nothing but my shiny red posers, trying to wrap my head around what the hell just happened.

I flop back onto the mattress, lying in the spot where Deano was on top of me kissing me. Oh God. I kissed Deano. I fucking kissed Deano! My hand was on his shoulder. His huge, hard shoulder. My tongue in his. Fuuuuck. Maybe Luke will understand. It was just a moment of weakness. He took me by surprise. And yeah, okay - I kissed him back. But I stopped it. I told him no. 

But I still fucking kissed him. ARGH! A week into being with Luke and I’ve kissed another guy. Oh God. What if this is it? What if that prick Leonard from Bristol last weekend was right? What if Luke really is too nice for me? What if I really do end up screwing him over? And what if this kiss with Deano is how I do it?

I hear the door go and my heart jumps into my throat. It’s Luke. I prop myself up on my elbows, and I feel this horrible sense of guilt. He’s stood paused by the door, looking at me confused but with a little smirk on his face. 

“Hey!” he says. He’s wearing his blue Goonies t-shirt today and clutching his gym backpack.

“Hey!” I say, my stomach churning.

“Nice outfit!” he says, still smirking and dumping his backpack down. I give him a forced smile and don’t say anything. Why do I feel so fucking nervous? 

“How was the filming?”

Oh God! 

“Erm. Yeah. It was … fine!”

He gives me a weird look like he knows something’s wrong. “You okay?”

No. Deano just kissed me. And I fucking kissed him back!

“Yeah!” I say, not even convincing myself. “Just … knackered from the gym!”

Luke nods. And now he’s just hovering in the middle of the room. “Any room on there for me?” he asks, adorably, with a cute grin. And then i see those dimples that I love so fucking much and suddenly everything doesn’t seem so bad. 


He bites his lip and grins as he jumps on my bed, wraps his arm around my waist and snuggles into me. I bury my face into the top of his head, his cute, Luke shaped head, and take in his scent I love so much.

After a few moments he looks up at me with this pensive expressive on his face. “You sure you’re okay?”

“Mmmm!” I say, forcing a smile. 

“Deano giving you grief?”

Oh my fucking GOD. 

I shrug. “No more than usual!”

He continues to look at me, like he’s studying my face. Fuuuck. 

“I’m fine!” I say, hopefully more convincingly. “I just … can’t wait for this contest prep to be over!”

But I’m not fine. I’m far from fine. Because I just kissed someone else. Maybe I should tell Luke now. Just confess to the whole thing. Maybe it won’t sound so bad. But what if it does? Oh God. What if he sees it as a massive fucking betrayal?

Maybe Luke never needs to know what happened here today. I mean, Deano will probably be too embarrassed to bring it up again. There’s no reason why everything can’t just go back to normal. With Luke. With Deano. Absolutely no reason at all. So why, as I’m lying here cuddled up to Luke, my arm around his back and my face buried in his hair as he grips my body tight, is my stomach churning? And why do I have this horrible, horrible feeling that whatever happened between me and Dean Watkins earlier in this room, on this very bed, pretty much in this exact fucking spot, isn’t going to go away that easily?

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30 minutes ago, Spandexmuscle said:

I have to confess I really wanted Woody and Deano to have a hot muscle fuck for a second there! 
Great work! I’m absolutely loving this series 💪👍

I have to admit that I agree. Believe me, I am a big fan of Woody and Luke living happily ever after, but I REALLY would have loved to read your description of two jacked-up, horny-for-muscle studs going at it. 

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5 hours ago, muscleaddict said:

HAHA!! I love that you wrote this @Shawn1978! It feels a bit like I'm reading a fan fiction story! 😜😅 Can't help wondering how Deano would *really* feel about the whole thing though! 😏

I'm glad you liked it, Muscleaddict, even though I wrote the scenario in script format. A Chapter like that could have been really fun to read. Something completely separate from what's really going on on the story.

Like Woody fantasizing about getting it on with Johnny Hancox. Thinking about that hot meaty arse of his and how he'd like to have his hands all over it. As they say a student should never fall in love with a teacher, right?

Woody having nightmares about Luke and Max together. Shaun having dreams of a threesome with Deano and Woody, or possibly even a foursome with Luke.

All sorts of fun stuff to work with.

Also, great new chapter of the story! I'm looking forward to seeing how Woody deals with it. He's definitely in quite the situation. On one hand, I think he needs to tell Luke immediately what happened because keeping a secret like that will only eat away at him, and end up hurting Luke more, later on. But I can understand wanting to respect even his archnemesis enough to not out him to anyone else.

I think if Luke learns about it, first thing that he might not actually be too angry with Woody or Deano and might actually feel sorry for Deano because he has been in Deano's shoes and can relate.

I mean, how long did it take before Luke could tell Woody how much he admired him, even when Woody McWoofy was being a twat to him in the beginning?

Looking forward to what happens next.

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. . . "A week into being with Luke " . . . 

OMG, I would never have thought all this has been collapsed into a single week!  😲  (Unless I missed something.)  That's astonishing, considering how much emotion and personal change has been packed into just seven days.  Wow.

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On 11/3/2019 at 4:53 PM, Spandexmuscle said:

I have to confess I really wanted Woody and Deano to have a hot muscle fuck for a second there! 
Great work! I’m absolutely loving this series 💪👍


On 11/3/2019 at 5:27 PM, Pecman9 said:

I have to admit that I agree. Believe me, I am a big fan of Woody and Luke living happily ever after, but I REALLY would have loved to read your description of two jacked-up, horny-for-muscle studs going at it. 

I had a feeling there would be a couple of comments like these! 😅😜

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23 hours ago, WashburnDaddy said:

Well, well, well .... I have to give it to you @muscleaddict you really do keep us on our toes with this story and its twists and turns! Another ace chapter - well done that man!

Just. Keep. Reading. 🤐😉

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