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2 minutes ago, muscleaddict said:

Hehe! Yeah, mate - a few of you lads on here called it! And as much I love reading people theories and seeing people speculate over what's gonna happen, I have to admit whenever someone questioned Deano's sexuality or suggested he had feelings for Woody there was a part of me that instinctively went, "Nooooo!" 😅 But hopefully the end of this chapter was still a surprise to some, of not most of you! 😊

As usual - no spoilers as to what happens next or how it all plays out from there! 😏

Well mate, after watching daytime soaps for many years, I can see things coming, so MU is no different.

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Okay guys, here's the next chapter. Thanks again for all the love and wonderful comments on the last one! Twenty Three “Fuck!” Luke whispers once we’ve parted lips. I can’t believe the

Ok guys, here’s the new story I’ve been working on. It’s of a similar size and scale to my last story "AJ & Noah". It’s told from the point of view of Woody (real name Sebastian Wood), a hand

Five Hands down my favourite teacher at Montgomery University is Johnny Hoxton. Johnny is a bit of a legend in British bodybuilding. He competed in a few big IFBB shows with other famous pros but

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17 hours ago, brawnygods said:

Oh, shit!! 🤯

Sure hope Luke is understanding about this because no way can he expect Woody to resist this twat-faced, pocket-sized, wonky ab'd, big arsed, velvet-strapped lust engine when they're nearly naked on a bed together, mouth on mouth.  There's just too much heat here, simply too much combustible material, and the laws of attraction (not to mention thermodynamics) are called laws for a reason!  They must be obeyed! 🤼‍♂️🌋

MATE - you understand this, I understand this, Woody definitely fucking understands this and once Deano (LOVE your description of him, by the way - want to write the press release when it's released as a book? 😜) has got his twat faced lips off Woody's for half a fucking second I'm sure he'll understand this too. But the question is...would Luke?? 🤨 

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15 hours ago, BrzNLA said:

WOW! Fucking Hell Mate! @muscleaddict What a twist! I had a suspicion about that twat faced Deano, but I was not sure. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Mate, your writing and command of the story just keep getting better and better. Keep on the good work.👍😜💪

Awww! Thank you, matie! I was particularly excited to share this chapter but obviously didn't want to give anything away! 😊

15 hours ago, TonnyGiant said:

Oh my gosh! You cited one of Brazil's greatest bodybuilders, Mafra. Here he is known as Big Mafra ... thanks for that


Imagem relacionada   Big Mafra

I genuinely had no idea there was a Brazilian bodybuilder by this name - haha! I used that surname for other reasons! 😉

13 hours ago, mario2007 said:

Argh!!! No! What a cliffhanger! No offense to Luke, but how do you compete with THAT chemistry that exists between Deano and Woody?! Maybe Luke now jacks up big time and hooks up with Shaun? lol

Glad you liked it, matie but I've got to stick up for my boys here! Don't forget about the chemistry between Woody and Luke and the fact they're completely besotted with each other! I mean yes Deano has the wonky abs and the chipmunk cheeks but how can that compete with Luke's dimples??

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10 hours ago, Luap82 said:

Is it possible that your writing is getting even better?

Just wow. Great chapter. 👍🏻

Bless you, mate. I mean - I would like to think the more I write the better I get. Wether that's actually happening right now I don't know. I'm probably not the next person to judge.

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6 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Ok read me out.

I dont think Deano is gay. I think he is a guy that's turned on by muscles and he doesnt understand what's hapening to him so that's why he went for the kiss.. He is not attracted to anyone else or i think he's not but Woody's body and that should fit him perfectly.

You'll find out in the next chapter! 😏

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Unbelievable...and I LOVE IT!! I had an idea that something along those lines was going to happen, especially with all the good natured (and some not so much) ribbing that was coming from Deano regarding LuKe! You write one hell of a realistic story @muscleaddict! You’ve got me sitting on the edge of my seat...along with a million others!! Keep it up man! 

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Luke: (to Woody) So, Gorgeous, (kisses Woody"s lips) how was your day?"

Woody: (makes a weird face) Really weird!"

Luke: (surprised face) Oh? "Did something happen?"

Woody: You could say that."

Luke: What happened? Tell me."

Woody: (Deano and I were taking videos of each other for our bodybuilding show preparation, and it didnt go so bad. Until...."

Luke: ( looking concerned) Until...What?"

Woody: (Looks up at the ceiling a moment, then takes a deep breath, and lets out a huge sigh) "Until Deano kissed me."

Luke: (Looking flabbergasted) "He did WHAT?!"

Woody: I know right?! I had the same reaction you're having right now, afterwards."

Luke (realizes something) So...all this time, Deano's been cracking gay jokes about us. (He looks at Woody) "He's been secretly gay himself and now is making moves on MY gorgeous muscle man?"

(Luke crosses his arms over his chest looking pissed off for a moment, but then his face relaxes and a huge grin comes across his face)

Woody: (sees Luke's face) "What's that smile about?" I thought you'd be furious."

Luke: (still smiling) "Oh I am, believe me! Deano's going to pay for this! And I intend to collect!"

Woody: "How so?"

Luke: (grinning, rubbing his hands together) I have some plans of my own for our dear Deano!"

Woody: ( looking confused) "I don't know if I like the sound of this."

Luke: Oh you won't. But after you hear me out, you will love it!"

Woody: ( now intrigued) "What are you going to do?"

Luke: I'm going to get Deano in here and tell him that I know about the kiss and that if he wants to make it up to me...." (Trails off)

Woody: "What?"

Luke:(looks at Woody) He has to let me muscle worship him."

Woody: (is totally floored) Wait WHAT?! No! Fuck no! I'm not letting you do that!"

Luke: Calm down! This is what I want to do. And you're freaking out before you have even heard the best part of my plan."

Woody: "What could possibly be the best part of a plan that's wrong to do in the first place?"

Luke: (grins) "You get to sit here and watch the whole thing! Watch Deano be completely humiliated."

Woody: "Even I want to see Deano squirm a little. But not this way! Not with my adorable Hufflepuff having his hands all over him and not all over me, where they should be."

Luke: Aww. (Pulls Woody's face in for another kiss) Don't worry. You're the bodybuilder who has my heart! No one else!"

Woody: (frowns) I have one question though. What if Deano refuses, which we both know he will. Then what?"

Luke: "Then I announce in Hancox's class, in front of everyone, that Deano kissed you."

Woody: (jaw drops) No! You wouldn't do something like that. Not you. Not my adorable Luke."

Luke: (raising his eyebrows) "Oh No?"

Woody: You wouldn't seriously turn from my adorable Luke into devious, blackmailer Luke. That's just not you."

Luke: Well Im afraid you'll have to put up with devious blackmailing Luke until I'm officially done with Deano's muscle worship punishment.

Woody: And how long will that be?"

Luke: ( looks at Woody seriously) Two weeks."

(Woody's eyes widen and jaw drops in shock. He rolls his eyes and slaps both hands against his forehead and lays back on the bed.)

Woody: This is going to be my worst nightmare!"

(Thunder claps outside)


Ok, even I don't want our adorable Luke to do something that out of character, but this was kind of fun to imagine in my mind.

Whatever plans Miscleaddict has for the whole Luke/Woody/Deano situation is sure to be even better!

And to come up with scenarios like this, you know how anxiously we all are awaiting the next chapter.

EDIT: You wanna know something funny. This scenario could have made a great Halloween skit! If I'd thought of it on Halloween.


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On 11/1/2019 at 12:13 PM, biggymnast84 said:

Unbelievable...and I LOVE IT!! I had an idea that something along those lines was going to happen, especially with all the good natured (and some not so much) ribbing that was coming from Deano regarding LuKe! You write one hell of a realistic story @muscleaddict! You’ve got me sitting on the edge of my seat...along with a million others!! Keep it up man! 


On 11/1/2019 at 2:46 PM, Built22 said:

Sure hope Luke is understanding

What a twist tho, bring on the next chapter with eager anticipation 🍆💋😍💪

Thanks for these awesome comments, guys! ☺️

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