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Christmas gifts


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Tom is a 13-year-old country. His body is very thin and short, so he is often ridiculed and bullied by his male classmates. His wish is to hope that he can become stronger and bigger. Chapter 1: Special Gifts The day before Christmas, Tom walked on the way to school as usual. At this time, there was a cry in the alley. He curiously went to the alley to see what it was. The three male students who often bullied him in the class were In the alley, they masturbated each other. Tom was so surprised that he was standing still. He wanted to leave, but his feet couldn’t move. The male students saw Tom and paused in front of him. One of them was a little muscular. "This is not a dwarf Tom? How come here? Is it because we want to help you vent your desires? Hands-on." The other two students put Tom directly on the ground, and Tom struggled and said, "Let me go." ...I...I just accidentally passed...put...I am going..." Jimmy directly held Tom's erect penis with his hand and said, "It's already hard like this, let's help you." Jimmy took Tom's pants off. The penis popped directly, Jimmy began to help Tom blowjob, Tom was struggling more, Jimmy sucked faster and faster, Tom said: "Fast... fast... shoot!" Tom squirts a wave of semen in Jimmy's mouth, Jimmy wipes He said, "Look at your skinny body, the squirting of the semen is quite a lot, and the penis shot a hard or hard, really lascivious." At this time the other two students opened Tom's clothes and sucked his nipples. Tom has been struggling with this stimuli, and the penis is harder and squirting. Tom said, "Come on... I can't stop... nipples don't work..." Jimmy said, "It seems that your nipples are sensitive. Let me help you strengthen." Jimmy took two jump eggs and stuffed them into Tom's back court. Tom said in a panic: "You...you... what's your stuff!?" Jimmy turned the switch to the strongest, and the two vibrating eggs were intense in Tom's backcourt. The shock, Tom is so cool that he can't talk, and he is no longer struggling to resist. Seeing that Tom is no longer resisting, Jimmy lets Tom's penis into his back court, and keeps pulling up and down, so in the alley. After an hour, Tom had already shot and didn't know a few times. He couldn't move on the ground. Jimmy said, "It's so cool today. Don't forget that tomorrow's Christmas party is coming, let's play with you." After that, three people I put the clothes on and went to school. After a while, Tom stood up and put on the semen-filled clothes and ran home. Tom came to the bed and went straight to the bed. Thinking about what had just happened, he was very sad but enjoyed it. In that process, he picked up his favorite muscle Huge pillow and said, "I hope that they can be like them to me." At this time, Jimmy opened the egg-switching switch at school, and the egg in Tom’s backcourt began to vibrate again. Tom was The smashing egg smacked directly, he wanted to take the jumping egg out, but the jumping egg was stuffed inside, and the connection was pulled out. He couldn’t get it out. Tom was very helpless, so he had to wash his body and clothes first. I can only get along with the jumping eggs in the back court until tomorrow. At this time, at 9 o'clock in the evening, Tom sat on the bed and thought of everything that happened today. He began to wish that he could become what he wanted and revenge for Jimmy. they. It didn't take long for him to fall asleep. On a quiet night, when Tom was sleeping peacefully, the closet in the room suddenly fell and made a loud noise. Tom was awakened by the sound. He climbed up from the bed and saw two huge black shadows in the room. The shadow said "When you look at you, you can say that the two will come in too much and you will be forced to come in." The lamp that Tom opened the room was amazed. The two shadows in the room were an orc of reindeer and tiger, two orcs. The whole body muscles, big size hit the ceiling, wearing only a pair of panties and Christmas hats, the tiger said: "You see you wake him up. You don't have to be afraid, we are here to help you." Tom said: "Help... help me?" The reindeer said, "Don't you make a wish at night? We are here to fulfill your wishes." Tom looked at the muscles of the two orcs, and he shyly said, "That... that's just me." Just think about it, and... didn't particularly want it." The reindeer touched Tom's crotch directly and said, "I'm called Charlie. The stinky tiger is Reid. If you don't strongly hope, we won't show up. It’s here. It’s hard like this, It’s cute.” Reid said, “Don’t play. We’re here to do business.” Reid pulled out a collar with a small bell from his underwear and said, “You can achieve this by wearing this collar. The wish." After giving the collar to Tom, Charlie said, "I will give you a big child like you." Charlie's hand reached into his underwear and pulled a drop of liquid into Tom's mouth. Tom instantly Feeling dizzy and fainted.  Chapter 2: Merry Christmas The next morning, there was white snow in the sky. The ground was covered with snow. The sound of the alarm clock woke up Tom. He got up from the bed and thought, "What happened last night was a dream?" He went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Seeing the collar worn by Reid on his neck, Tom said, "Is this? It was true last night!" He suddenly walked out of the bathroom and found that his clothes seemed to be tightening. He opened his shirt and saw his body. From the thin body to the strong muscles, like a bodybuilder, Tom thought: "Is this a gift from Reid and Charlie? Great! Thank you so much." Suddenly The two vibrating eggs in Tom's back court began to vibrate again. Tom was so cold that he slammed directly on the ground. The penis erected and rushed out of the trousers. It was obviously bigger than yesterday. Tom couldn't help but start shooting the pistol. Not long after, he shot several shots. The jumping egg also stopped. After a little cleaning, Tom suddenly noticed that his body seemed to be getting bigger. Just a little tight clothes had been broken, the whole body muscles were getting bigger, and some yellow hair and soup were growing on his body. Excited to wear tight-fitting clothes out of school and went to school. At school, Jimmy talked with two of her classmates about what to do at night and what happened in the morning. When Tom walked into the classroom, Jimmy said, "Tom. How about it? It’s cool in the morning... right..." The muscles of Tom’s body were stunned. During the class, everyone discussed Tom privately. Jimmy was no exception. Jimmy thought, “I don’t know what happened? But I will let Tom go out in front of everyone. So when it was time to go to school, everyone went to the school gym to participate in the Christmas party. After the Christmas party began, everyone enjoyed the party. A group of people were surrounded by Tom. Tom instantly became a popular king. Jimmy took it. After a drink, I said, "Tom. We bully you and make us very embarrassed. I hope we can be good friends later. Please forgive us." Tom said: "It doesn't matter. We have always been good friends." Tom put Jimmy. The drink was directly drunk, and suddenly Tom felt hot, squirting, and the penis erection was particularly stiff. Tom pressed the penis and rushed quickly. In a compartment of the toilet, Tom took off his pants, his penis was full of lascivious water, and Tom said, "This...this is!?" Jimmy then walked in with the classmates and said, "How? The cup of drink was added. 10 sex medicines go in and sputum, and it is a medicine that can increase physical sensitivity. It is a sputum that you can't alleviate if you don't get a dozen haircuts. Ok, let's play it." Jimmy again After pressing the egg-hopping switch, I saw the toilet door violently vibrating. The ceiling of the toilet was sprayed with a pool of semen. The classmate next to Jimmy said, "Ji... Jimmy, the situation seems to be not quite right..." Suddenly Tom broke the door directly. Putting them on the ground, Tom took off all the clothes. His strong body was covered with a layer of tiger fur. The stiff penis had been pushed directly to the chest muscles, the head became a tiger, and the tail grew. Tom Panting and saying: "I... I want to... let me... more cool..." Tom tore their clothes with tiger claws and rubbed them on the three with the giant roots. In the process, Jimmy climbed out with all his strength. He See the soup It looks like an estrus tiger. Jimmy said, "Don't be too despised!" He took three of his bags and jumped three times more than the eggs that had been inserted into Tom's court. Into Tom's back court, Tom instantly sprayed, two students were sprayed with semen, but Tom was more fiercely rubbed, the two students had been stunned by this violent shaking, Jimmy turned on the switch, five vibrating eggs strong vibration Tom squirted semen again. The two students felt that they were not quite right in the semen. Their bodies became strong, they also grew a lot of body hair, and they grew their tails and antlers. The two soon became images of reindeer orcs. In the same way, Tom has completely turned into a tiger orc after two ejaculations. He shouted: "It's great!" Turned and grabbed Jimmy, and inserted the giant root into Jimmy's back court. Jimmy instantly couldn't speak. Come, Tom said, "What's wrong? I haven't put it in half yet. Then I have to accept it." After that, the intense thrusting began, the penis rubbed in Jimmy's body, and the stimulation of the egg jumping. Let Tom directly A lot of semen, Jimmy's body was sprayed with hot semen, the stomach was big, the body of Jimmy began to change, the body became bigger and stronger, the body slowly became imaged like a werewolf, and Tom's stomach forced five All the jumping eggs are spouted out: "It’s not enough for me to jump eggs. You have to satisfy me. Tom let the two penis's penis into the back court together, and he has been pumping Jimmy all the time. Jimmy subconsciously squeezed Tom's nipple directly. After Tom was stimulated, the action became more and more intense. The classmate's penis continued in the back court. The spurs of the glans have been sprayed, Tom’s penis has not stopped ejaculation, Jimmy’s body has been filled with semen, and the three have completely become Tom’s sex toys. After an hour, due to the loud noise from the toilet, the outside person Open the door and see that the four muscular orcs rushed straight out. The whole party was turned into a lecherous beast by four estruss, and Reid and Charlie both looked at it outside the stadium and said, "It seems like a wish." Realized it. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!"

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