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height Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)


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EDIT:  Index of Chapters: Chapters 1-3:  See below Chapter 4:  https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11447-dads-lost-glory-years-updated-may-26-ch-20/?do=findComment&comment=129914 C

CHAPTER SEVEN:  DON'T MESS WITH THE BULL   On Saturday late morning Ted came by to pick us up and we headed to see Dr. Jock. He honked the horn of his pickup and we headed out and climbed in

CHAPTER EIGHT: THINGS ARE LOOKING UP   It was once again Sunday, time for another rousing squat session. After my father's 'poor' performance last week he was eager to get back to it. Since

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What a great start and im sure mucclegod300 will be poud of you.

Now i'm sure that treatment will Boost him to the Major leagues. I bet when he goes home for spng break, he will find His dad and Ted having a good post workout fuck session like only alpha male would have and those two would love to show up for him.

Let hope for that second part

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Fantastic writing! I was only able to read half way through so far but I just loved it so much I wanted to be the first to comment. Love the father and son, they are very believable characters.

Edited: Okay, it was super hot that his dad was fucking a classmate of his. I honestly came reading that and I almost never come reading anything straight-oriented.

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More, more of this big powerful daddy!!! I want him huge and powerful!!  A real owner house that like show off and show his gains and power! Strong as a bull!!! Yeah!!! Thanks!!!!

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Thanks for the kind words.  You'll be happy to know I almost have the next chapter done.  I can't promise frequent updates but I'll certainly do my best to keep the ball rolling!


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