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  1. Hi, everyone! So I'm starting this experimental series to see if a more traditional narrative would work here, and I would really appreciate all feedback and critique to help me improve. This is mostly going to involve more plot and character than growing, although there will still be a lot of growing done. It just won't be the main focus (for now). Writing is something I don't normally get to do on a regular basis, but it's something I want to make a living out of, so all advice is incredibly welcome. I am more than willing to alter the way the narrative develops and is written depending on h
  2. For previous works like this one try out: https://musclegrowth.co/topic/20696-tales-from-the-omeganomicon-weed-has-more-protein-than-eggs-finished/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-339391 OR the original: https://musclegrowth.co/topic/18845-week-of-the-omeganomicon-finished/?tab=comments#comment-249054 ------------------------------------------------- The Spoiled Brat: Rex was raised to be a good kid from birth from a loving family, he always did his homework when he got home, he always helped others when he could, and he performed pretty exceptionally
  3. Hey folks, this is something new I will be working on. I hope you'll appreciate it as I aim it to be a slow-burn kind of story Chapter 1 “Wow Jon, look at these gains! You must be killing it!” Jack cheers me on as a smug smile falls over my face. I know I am in fact killing it, and with a swift tap of my fingers, the [Slithering Wyvern] finally falls, disintegrating into crystals and coin for my character to collect. I hear the thunderous cheer of my friends online, with Jack being one of the loudest. He is one of my best friends, and he never loses the chance to lift my spirits. Th
  4. Long time reader, first time poster. Any feedback/suggestions for improvement appreciated. By the time I was wrapping up my workout around 11pm, the gym was empty. A bored looking teen manned the front desk, but the workout area was abandoned. Though it was a 24 hour gym, it was rare to see anyone stay much later than 10 or so. My arms hung limply by my side and my chest throbbed as I headed to the locker room. A brutal upper body workout had left me tired and sore, but satisfied knowing I would be that tiny fraction bigger tomorrow as my muscles repaired overnight. In
  5. Genetonic

    cock growth Alpha Fitness

    Waking up to another day, Jeff pulled himself out of bed. His weak frame hunched over in the morning light. Getting dressed, his small shirt still somehow baggy on him. Eating half a banana, Jeff walked to school, the weight of his backpack slowing him down. His unkempt hair fluttered in the breeze as he rushed to get through the door, 2 minutes until the bell rang. Turning around to the blasting of a horn, Jeff caught a glimpse of Travis’s truck peel into the parking lot. That dumb jock was always late but nobody dared say anything to him. Not wanting to run into him, Jeff ran to his fir
  6. My first real fiction story that I've ever written, I was inspired by a pic I came across recently (I've attached it in this chapter). While there is muscle growth in the story, it is not the main focus. Hope you enjoy it! Chapter 1 – the mysterious stranger I was feeling good, in the middle of a road trip around my state. Travel options were limited thanks to a pandemic sweeping the world. I hadn’t planned anything specific for this trip, which was new experience for me - I was usually meticulous and planned for everything I did, right down to the informal plans over a usual d
  7. The Teaser for this story may be found HERE The preceding chapter may be found HERE * * * Project Defender Chapter Five MONSTROUS. "Monstrous" was the word, that flashed through the mind of Jones the split second he registred the presence of the Being, which had entered the subterraneous gym area. It looked like its muscle mass had been allowed to overflow, like some unknown substance brimming over. Its shape was revolting, but it was anyhow an obscene and disturbing icon of terrifying strength and muscular power. It was difficult to take its sheer muscle mass
  8. The Prelude may be found HERE The preceding chapter may be found HERE * * * My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Thirteen The bleak daylight of a clouded February morning fell into the room from the windows. Rain drummed against the windows. "Welcome home. Max.", the i-House said. "Oh. Sorry. You startled me.", Rob said. "I'm not used to be home during electricity-rationing, so at first I wondered if there was something wrong." "Are you ok? I became worried." "I'm fine." Rob was sitting in his pajama in the unlit kitchen. There were dark semi
  9. The Prelude may be found HERE The preceding chapter may be found HERE * * * My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Twelve It was night. The windows were placed close to the ceiling, and no one outside the building would have been able to see what took place indoors. Wooden panels covered the walls. A Cascadian flag was placed visibly in a corner, but what drew attention was a banner embroidered with the sentence: "Use strength to serve". Candles were lit. The big men, few of them older than forty, none of them younger than twenty, dressed casually rather than formal, sat on b
  10. The Prelude may be found HERE The preceding chapter may be found HERE * * * My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Eleven "I'm so sorry. Feel so embarrassed. Didn't want to wake you up, but the bad memories returned, and ..." The imposing titan shivered in the grande sofa, tears ran silently down his seemingly youthful cheeks, and his facial expression was alarmingly full of guilt. Rob, sitting in the corner of the grande sofa, wearing a night gown, silently patted him on his back comfortingly. "I don't understand. I thought, I would be so masculine and confi
  11. The Prelude to this story may be found HERE The preceding chapter of this story may be found HERE * * * PREFACE The initial part of this chapter is unusually violent, at least implicitly so. Sensitive readers be warned. This segment of the story is crucial to the narrative structure. The author do not defend rape or domestic abuse. My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Ten 'Hanced now. BIG. His titanic presence had left the ModPod, anabolic power still surging through his muscle fibres, flowing through his veins. Had watched himself in
  12. The Prelude may be found HERE The preceding chapter may be found HERE PREFACE The content of this chapter will become easier to understand, if you have read my story Descent into Growth, which may be found HERE. My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Nine Not quite right, but he couldn't pinpoint exactly what was not quite right. Rob felt good. Body felt good. Been afraid of the chamber. Worried for the well-being of Doc, his trusted superior. Worried for the mental state of Mr. V, his employer. Worried for Nate, his newfound friend. The one who had beco
  13. The Prelude is found HERE The preceding chapter is found HERE My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Eight After checking in at the ’Hancing company’s guest-facilities and taking showers, following the company's standard procedure, they had entered the same cinema or movie theatre as last time, but this time, Brad knew what to expect. The company was located in one of those new, growing coastal cities of the Siberian Federation. The Arctic Sea was the hotspot of trade and new opportunities, and it wasn't a coincidence, that the Siberian Federation was known as "Asia's Breadbask
  14. dangerdanger

    growth without effort Henry Cavill [SPANISH]

    I Conocí a Henry durante la grabación de Superman. Un día recibí un llamado de la agencia para ofrecerme un trabajo como maquilladora para la pelicula, al parecer la anterior maquilladora había tenido que renunciar por cuestiones personales. Así fue como me encontré una mañana en el estudio y poco después de dejar mis cosas Henry abrió la puerta. Yo no lo conocia, todavía no se había vuelto tan famoso como después ocurrió cuando estrenaron la pelicula y la internet se llenó con fotos de su cuerpo musculoso. Así fue como me lo encontré aquella mañana, sin remera con su enorme pecho recién
  15. I Conocí a Ramón en una aplicación de citas. Ni bien lo vi me pareció un pibe lindo. Dieciocho años, flaquito y no muy alto. Un metro sesenta, según su perfil. Cuando llegó a casa la primer noche que lo invité me di cuenta de que había mentido, medía un metro cincuenta y cinco como mucho. Yo no solo tenía más del doble de edad que él (yo acababa de cumplir cuarenta), sino que casi le sacaba dos cabezas. Ramón era un pibe tranquilo, hacía algunos años que se había dado cuenta de que le gustaban los hombres y desde entonces había tenido algunas experiencias, pero nada demasiado rar
  16. Supercrav

    growth without effort Work in progress

    Day 27. It had been obvious pretty early that the demon was indeed genuine, his allegations were legit, and he was true to his word. Has I had written on day one, if you remember, that was how he had convinced me to sign the pact : I didn't really believe he was what he claimed to be, looking like any random guy, and as he said "You are taking no risk at all. I offer you what you deeply desire, if I'm not a demon nothing will happen and that contract is just a piece of paper, but if it happens you have your dreams come true." When I think back at this moment, I guess that t
  17. The Prelude may be found HERE The preceding chapter is found HERE PREFACE No. The Aardvarks, of which Rob is a member, does not exist IRL. It is a figment of my imagination, and so are its 19th century founders. They do have a resemblance of reality, though. Don't worry, we will soon return to what's happening to Brad/Max half a planet away. My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter seven "Bye Nate. I'll probably come home one hour later, because Big Jim will receive the second degree tonight." Rob stood close to the door, wearing a tuxedo and
  18. The Prelude may be found HERE Chapter five may be found HERE My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter six "Who's a big, dumb jockboy?" "I am, Sir." "Does it feel good to be a big, dumb jockboy?" "You bet it does, Sir!" "Have I told you, how magnificent your pecs are, lad? They are ... bulbous bulwarks of brutality!" "I'm not into fancy words like you, Sir, but it sounds darned impressive to me." Brad smirked. Little Sir was shivering with excitement, and it was Brad who caused the excitement. So far it was ... awesome. Then, there were less awesome aspe
  19. Thanks to @liftme for the inspiration. Preface This story has lurked unfinished in the Unfinished sub-forum since 2018, if I remember correctly. After the seventh update, it became suitable for the general Story sub-forum. Becoming like them The heavily built muscleman who stepped out of the machine wasn't the tiny youth who had stepped inside, though you knew they must be the same person, despite the extreme and alarming differences. But it is perhaps better to start from the beginning. * * * You were writing on your PhD. Professor Zimmermann allowe
  20. No! Not the Growth Ray! Impressive? What do you expect me to say? Of course you are impressive, but this is a Research Centre, not a bodybuilding competition, a male beauty pageant or a Strongman competition. So far, the physical effects of the experiment seem promising, but I am worried about the possible mental effects. You didn't behave like this before your first treatment, and the second treatment increased it further. The idea is to cure muscular dystrophy, not to create strength-obsessed jock boys. No, I'm checking the lab report about your urine sample. Yes, I know, tha
  21. Ultrabeef

    muscle growth Magic Memo

    Magic Memo By Ultrabeef As a teacher it often feels like my work is never done. Responding to emails has to be my least favorite part of the job as it can often take hours after a long day in the classroom. I’ve been doing this job for 20 years so it isn’t often that I am surprised but tonight was different. I saw an email from an unfamiliar address that somehow made it through my school’s spam filter. “Tired? overworked? ready to work smarter, not harder? Have we got the app for you! Magic Memo is offering a free trial to a select group of educators. Simply click the link be
  22. Hola, esta es mi primer historia aquí; me inspiré en un video que vi en YouTube; así que si hay similitudes es por eso. También quisiera aportar algo a la comunidad en español que adoran los músculos y el muscle growth. Capítulo uno Un día viernes, finales de primavera e inicio de verano. Yo soy Henrry un científico que se dedica a desarrollar nuevas formas de crecimiento en seres vivos, aunque solo se pueda probar en plantas. Vivo en los suburbios con mi novio, Ben; él es un maestro de parvulario, le encanta cocinar y comer pastelillos, y sí, es obeso. Mi cuerpo es uno más salu
  23. EclipseWing

    m/m Next Level Love: Jailbreak

    Next Level Love Next Level Love: Location Enabled ============================================ Next Level Love – Jailbreak “What the hell?!” Eros screamed into the mirror. “I’m huge!” The once twunk-ish god was now a foot taller and the size of an amateur bodybuilder. His chiton hugged every curve of his body. His once average cock was now a thick footlong sausage, currently getting manhandled by Ganymede. “Apollo’s gonna be so jealous,” Gan drooled. “Let’s not worry about the how and just let me take you for a test drive…” “Gan! T-t-this is serious!” Eros spl
  24. Before I start, I wanted to say that I’ve never written a story like this before. Having been inspired by Maxxxmuscle’s comic Harvzilla. It is honestly like the hottest thing I think I have ever seen, and it’s getting better every time he releases a page. So without further ado, here we go! Chapter 1: Coming out It started like it would with any love story. Josh was in love with his life long best friend, but had no clue how to express his affections. It was painfully obvious for all but Parker who was oblivious to his best friend’s feelings. Parker had his own secret though...
  25. The Prelude to this story may be found HERE The preceding chapter of this story may be found HERE My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Four "No, just the old, dated model. Some of the guys need some initial encouragement to feel the true Hancer urge." "I can't believe, that the old model is still in use. All that debate about safety issues and what it did to some guys' brains." "I'm old enough to have tried it myself." "You are kidding?" "Nah. It was back in the days. I'd worked out seriously for years and tried Tren and Deca and the things that were popular
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