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Found 8 results

  1. The first part of the story can be found here The final Part of the Story can be found Here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Days after the big transformation, Jason and Nik couldn’t see each other much, but each time they could hang out together, they would spend every minute possible chatting a
  2. The other background, the one of Jason, is found Here Nikolas was definitely a man of courage, even if he wasn’t strange to hesitations and fear. He grew up on a family of pencil pushers, which encouraged him to take action, not be like one of his peers. When he came of age, he decided to abandon his known world and security for the life in the army, one that wasn’t kind to anyone. He wasn’t fit to it, barely passing through the health examinations, but he went forward, somehow, as he wasn’t devoid of second thoughts inside. Ever moving by a sense of action and duty, sure, but he also fel
  3. Growing Friendship: Part 1 is found Here Here’s a piece of text, specially focusing on the background of Jason, one of the main characters. ——————————————————— A word that could properly describe Jason was “friendly”. But in his place, it was better not to be born with such trait. Around him, only professionalism, not a single person willing to give that man some nice exchange of conversation besides what was necessary. It had been like that for a while, he was educated in a rigid school, had a very rigid family, went to a rigorous, and rigid, college, his world wasn’t a warm
  4. Hialmar

    no growth An attempt at realism

    An attempt at realism Until that day, John Smith was an ordinary but shy twenty year old studying chemistry, but he was bullied by the college jocks. He was averagely built on the slim side, and his time spent before his computer had given him "office-neck". He lived in a two-bed room at a college dorm, but his room-mate had moved to a flat of his own in the beginning of the term. He didn't know the identity of his new room-mate, who would move in after Christmas, and he felt slightly worried, that it may be some boisterous jock. Last night, he had been in contact with a mysteri
  5. gulpable

    no growth Dan in Briefs

    DAN IN BRIEFS Exhausted I walked in the kitchen I shared with my roommate in our dual level apartment suite. I was coming home from a run and looking to get some water from the kitchen sink but something- someONE was in the way. Leaning against the counter with his back to me was DAN. My roommate's hot friend, Dan. Standing there in nothing but his tight briefs Dan was leaning against the counter, one muscular hand gripping the edge of it, and chugging something out of a blender cup. "Oh, hey there Dan", I said timidly, "didn't think you'd be home. Is travis around?" Travis was my ro
  6. The Prelude may be found HERE The preceding chapter may be found HERE My Hulk-daddy is Paying Chapter Five He returned home. Their i-house behaved predictably: "Welcome home. Dr. Nelson. Your body temperature and perspiration level are. Above. Average. Do you want me to prepare a cooling bath?" "No." Rob took the thick skiing jacket off, and began to remove his clumsy but sturdy ski-boots. He was tired, but satisfied. "Robbie?", Nates familiar voice greeted him from another room. "Yes. Home. Missed you." The Machine turned around a corner, appr
  7. dw2098lj

    no sex Ken's self-worship

    This is a short story I've written inspired by the "self worship" thread (https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7756-self-worship/) - all about guys who are turned on by worshipping their own muscle bods. Check out this forum member's instagram who is the "Ken" of the story: https://www.instagram.com/ken_austin_fitness/. Ken Ken stood in front of the locker room mirror, his body covered in sweat and his pecs still heaving from the heavy work out. He couldn’t help pulling his pumped arms up into a double biceps pose. “Mmmm….FUCK!” he grunted as river-like vein
  8. TheId

    m/m Coach and the Tutor

    I don't write very often because I feel like I have nothing new to contribute to the genre, but I start to feel guilty about just consuming, once in a while, and want to write something. Here goes. It was almost 5:30 and I was starting to get steamed again. I’d been the wrestling coach at this college for almost 10 years and I’d never been shown so much disrespect. I was more than ready to show the little pipsqueak not to fuck with my authority ever again. It all started a few weeks ago when my star wrestler, Cory, flunked an important test and got his stupid ass at risk for a
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