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  1. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well, this is what happens when you're too damn clever! Twenty-years ago, I wrote the first two chapters of CYCLE ONE -- each imply a malevolent force behind the creation/ distribution of the sports drink, but who was it? I never answered that question within the text of CYCLE ONE, but while I was writing the original KING REX series a few years later, I playfully connected the two universes, revealing that the secret ingredient in Cycle One was the mystical cum of the super-villain, King Rex. (Here I am twenty-years later trying to crawl out of the mess created by that de
  2. This is a new story I’m starting that will be written as several blogposts documenting the muscle growth of a guy from a stick to a god. I will update it once every day or every other day, and it will include pictures. Hi, I’m Max and this is a new blog I have created to follow my muscular progress. I’m about to start taking this new supplement called Alpha Mix. (I’ve heard it’s been banned in most countries). I’ll be taking it every day before I work out in my high school’s weight room. I’m super pumped to see if it helps my muscle growth! Here goes nothing! Day 1: Well,
  3. Part 1 Monday, March 22 Bruiser Reeves awoke and looked at the small alarm clock. 12:45pm. He opened his big mouth to yawn, pushed the black comforter off his almost-naked body, and glided out of bed. The sun streamed in between the blinds covering his window and provided just enough light for the big man to catch his reflection in the extra-large full-length mirror attached to his bedroom wall. Wearing only his jockstrap, he stood up to his full 6’4” height, flexed his massive biceps, and flashed a smile. “Fuck, yeah,” he said. “Big stud, big muscle.” He rummag
  4. This is my first story. I like to think that my writing gets better as the story unfolds. Of course there are always misses and hits, but please continue to read, and give me your feedback. Authors live for your feedback. The Wall I’m a successful Wall Street executive. My life is good. In fact, sometimes I think it is too good. I don't complain. My office is in the city, and I have a nice home on Long Island from which I commute to work every day. My work days are long and sometimes stressful, but I enjoy the challenges, and I decompress by obsessively working out in the gym and wor
  5. Absman420

    transformation CYCLE ONE: UNIT THREE

    “Hey everybody, this is Glenn!” “And this is Ben!” “We’re the Fortunato Brothers! And you’re watching another episode of ‘Can You Believe They Bought That Shit?’” TITLE -- THEME MUSIC “In this episode, we’re nosing in on the Storage Auction scene!” “Yeah, my brother and I took some of the profits we’ve made from our podcast this season and -- as usual -- WE BOUGHT SOME SHIT!” “What’d we get this time, Ben?” “That’s a good question, Glenn! The truth is -- I don’t know! Like everybody in the Storage Auction biz
  6. Trio

    muscle growth Reborn a soldier

    I walked towards the chamber, I had to trust my instincts to keep on going forward, as I walked I could hear my shoes tapping on the floor of steel. ... Suddenly, when I moved to a certain point on that dark room, the lights turned on, revealing a grey room filled with desks and gadgets, I was surprised I could move without bumping into them. I kept on moving, then suddenly I stopped, as an object caught my attention, a dogtag, soaked in some gooey liquid was above one of the desks, almost falling on the floor, it was silver and had an engraving in it saying: Ξαναγεννιέμαι
  7. Heya y'all! It's my first time actually posting anything on this site (that i can remember, at least) and the first time I try my hand at writing this kind of story. but since I read a lot of content from lots of authors both from here and from the previous website, I figured it was time to give a small fraction of it back. Fair warning; English isn't my mothertongue, so any mistakes are entirely mine! Without further ado, here's part one! I hope you'll enjoy it. Male Hunger Part one The humid air of his room had gotten warmer. Bran huffed and l
  8. mutador

    Dad Recovering Authority

    Note from the author: This one is dedicated to all the ones who are into dad musclegrowth stories, hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. (written in 2008) Dad Recovering Authority Marta was frying some eggs in the pan when she heard his son coming out of his bedroom "Ricky, come over, food is almost ready!" "Oh sorry mom I've got to go" "Go now?! you didn't tell us anything, Rick you're only 15!" "Oh not that crap again" As they were discussing, Hector, Marta's husband and Rick's dad, entered the front door. "Hi everyone!" Hector said "Oh Honey", replied Marta, "did Ricky tel
  9. KrispyKollection

    muscle growth Too Much

    Hey guys, longtime lurker, first time poster (going back to the old forum days). Finally took the plunge and took a cut at fleshing out one of my story ideas. I hope you enjoy! —————— Today was the day. The day where he could finally show everyone what he had been working on. The day where he could finally show himself what he had been working on. For weeks, months, gosh was it years? he had devoted his life to one thing, growth. All leading up to today, his first competition. The first time he can show off the fruits of his labor to the world. — It all started innocen
  10. Helping my muscle dad pipes (part 2) So… ya, what can I say? In a matter of minutes, my dad flexed his powerful muscles like I never seen it before, I jerked off to it, we both shoot waves of cum to his muscles and I finaly told him that I am gay… What a fucking mess! - So… here we are hã? - Well, ya son… - So… - … - We can pretend that this never happened if you want… - Damn it son, im the older one here, I should start this. From the beginning ok? - Ok… - You know I always been into sp
  11. THE PARAGON PORN QUARANTINE by absman420 “Congratulations, Domenic! You have successfully logged onto the Paragon Porn Employee Reference Site! Please take a moment to fill out your profile page, then we will pair your headset with your bluetooth connection. Please click HERE.” I do. It brings up a page for personal information, regular stuff: address, phone number, payroll forms, social security, the whole routine. I’ve filled out enough of this sort of thing through the years -- business is business, after all -- even in porn companies, you have to pay taxes,
  12. anondog

    Hulking Husband

    Author's note: So basically I wrote a little story about the incredible hulk told in a first person perspective. Just the typical growth thing. I posted it to the discord and one of the Mods encouraged me to post it to the forum as well, so here it is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 1: We were both working late at night in the lab. It was storming out and rain cou
  13. Muscle fog ogre’s gift CH 1 part 5 By Big-Zargo Ogres Invade the Hospital This night would be a good night to look at the stars, but Owens fog covers the sky blanketing the moon and stars in its embrace. The fog seeks and spreads finding victims to propagate Owen’s influence, turning their victims into ogres. Fat, muscular, skinny, average, gay or straight, smart or dumb, healthy or not, any man caught by Owen’s fog will succumb to his will. These ogres under Owens control had been destroying buildings of Holmes top Borough so that Owens Palace could be made and that his
  14. mman

    m/f Worth the wait...

    Candice is just getting home from the gym, wearing yoga pants and a bright pink sports bra. I am ready to greet her at the door, knowing she likes to strip out of her clothes and shower, only today I am bigger, more aggressive and dominant than before. "Hey babe..." She walks in, mouth dropping to the floor. Looking at my shorts straining and my red UnderArmor shirt seeming like it could burst at the seams. "It's about time you got home." She giggles slightly. "I was gone for like 2 hours tops baby." I pull her roughly toward me... lock my lips onto hers... so hungry.
  15. Happy Holidays from ABSMAN420! Based on Aardvark's LIFE STORE series, here's a classic absman story I found on the shelf and dusted off for you for Christmas! Enjoy a family-themed holiday muscle growth story! “Dad?!? I’m HOME!” He emerged from the upstairs bedroom, wearing only a pair of cotton pajama bottoms and a black baseball cap with the gold Iowa Hawkeyes logo on the front. Barely in his forties, he was densely muscled with the kind of powerful neck that betrayed all wrestlers. Every inch the coach, every inch the man who’d devoted his life to a sport, he’d wres
  16. Musclesaber

    growth Merry ChristMass

    Merry Christmas everybody! I've a story fresh off the presses that's Christmas themed. I tried to throw in a bit of growth for everyone. Plenty of weight gain, muscle growth, and even some macro in there with a bit of romantic fluff. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season and never stop growing. PS- The last chapter is loosely based off of a comic that the great artists Greggrth did called "Just Take One". Merry ChristMASS Chapter 1: The New Santa It started on Christmas Eve. They were all sleeping soundly in their beds when a mysterious fi
  17. Trio

    muscle growth Dr. Atomic

    My scientist friend was working on a secret project, and it only came to light shortly after he died, in mysterious circumstances. It was revealed to me in a note he left me, where he begged me to be who he couldn’t. The note didn’t say much, besides his plead, and a single instruction: to put the dogtag attached to the note. So I did, and so it began. My body was covered in thick metal as I screamed until the heavy cocoon hid my body from the world. I knew something massive was happening to me, for the sake of my diseased brother I didn’t want to fight it, but Fought I did, until I couldn’t
  18. Absman420

    transformation POLLINATION

    (Hello, friends! I'm posting this CLASSIC ABSMAN story in anticipation of posting the erotic novel that grew out of it. POLLINATION has inspired two comic book adaptations and a slew of fanfic! If this is your first time in the Garden, take your time to stop and smell the flowers...) POLLINATION by absman420 If you expected dumb ol' Mike Milliano to explain the growth-rate of local real estate or the sudden value of property in this traditionally rural area -- you know, the BIG picture -- you were expecting far too much. All Mike Milliano understood was that he ha
  19. Hello! First time posting, but please leave suggestions/critiques. I work in a creative profession IRL, so I can take it. This is chapter 1 of ... well, at least a few more. It focuses on pectorals, but also features general muscle worship, situational/encounter eroticism, a bit of hairy guy appreciation, and likely very little actual sex. Just a warning if tha's what you're here for. One final note: When the main character says "God, he's so American", I don't mean it at all derogatorily—I'm just Aussie, and anyone else who's not American knows what I'm talking about Contents
  20. Transformheaven

    transformation Sent to the Army

    The day was there, Andrew’s 18th birthday was finally there. Andrew had seen the procedure on two of his three older brothers. David and Luke both got sent away the day they turned 18. David, Luke and Andrew were kids from his dad’s previous marriage. The three brothers had a small build. They looked twinkish; all three of them had to wear glasses, their skins were full of zits. Even on their 18th birthdays, their faces were covered in pimples. No muscles to be spotted. The first person that went away was David, his oldest brother. He was dragged away the morning of his 18th birthday. And
  21. POLLINATION: The Series! – BOOK ONE, pts 1-8 (AUTHOR’S INTRO: In the tradition of TV Shows based on movies (i.e. M*A*S*H, PLANET OF THE APES, WESTWORLD), we present POLLINATION: The Series! We take this approach to allow the Original Story to remain independent and retain its original impact, structure and voice, while allowing us to play with the concept and characters introduced there. Although the Original Story is referenced within The Series, we consider that more of an “Easter Egg” than a plot necessity. The Series starts a week or so after the Original Story ends, but the “rules” f
  22. Trio

    muscle growth Awakening

    I wake up. I stand there tied to a block of steel. My arms are stung by wires. It hurts, I scream in pain. I barely remember the events that lead to this moment, I can only remember being tied to this block, siringes being injected in my arms, the pain making me unconscious. Now I wake up, I feel pain, and in the mist of it, warmth spreading all over me. I can feel my blood being infected with what they're injecting in me through the wires, it hurts so bad, I scream in pain. As I scream, my whole body flex, as if I'm trying to embrace myself, bracing for something beyond my comp
  23. Here's the third (and final?) part of the Maximus Protein saga. Hope you enjoy. "WHAT THE FUCK" yelled Travis, causing me to turn and fall out of Dan's lap in alarm. "I GO TO TAKE A NAP AND YOU GUYS JUST DRINK MY PROTEIN? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT SHIT COST?" Travis was livid, red face behind his wire-framed glasses, messy hair sticking up. Standing there in just his loose plaid boxers and a wifebeater shirt, he looked almost comically small. Travis was a couple inches taller than me, sure, and he had a decent frame, but he had always been more on the skinny-fat side and now that
  24. Ultrabeef

    muscle growth Magic Memo

    Magic Memo By Ultrabeef As a teacher it often feels like my work is never done. Responding to emails has to be my least favorite part of the job as it can often take hours after a long day in the classroom. I’ve been doing this job for 20 years so it isn’t often that I am surprised but tonight was different. I saw an email from an unfamiliar address that somehow made it through my school’s spam filter. “Tired? overworked? ready to work smarter, not harder? Have we got the app for you! Magic Memo is offering a free trial to a select group of educators. Simply click the link be
  25. Hey guys, here is part 2 of my story, continuing where we left off with Dan in Briefs. I had just taken my first gulp of the MAXIMUS PROTEIN shake when I heard a low moan coming from the living room, where Dan was. I shrugged to myself and drank some more, thinking he was enjoying himself and could use some time to build up anticipation before I came back. Besides, I was really thirsty, and this protein shake was hitting the spot. I can see why my roommate Travis paid top-dollar for it, it had a really nice flavor and consistency. It was chocolatey and it mixed up silky smooth, the
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