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  2. thetemp

    Night at the Bar - By Dandicoot

    Any chance we can get more of this hot, juicy story? Great job in any case!
  3. DawnFire98

    Night at the Bar - By Dandicoot

    This was a HOT read!
  4. vaultbreaker

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    You could always shrink Rory a little, to make the other two's growth even more impressive
  5. Ro20316

    worship The Dream Job (CHAPTER 6 ADDED 04/13/2021)

    Will someone turn the roomies into alphas as well? This was a great continuation with a nice twist. Thank you for coming back
  6. racer11

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    I think that's fair, the competition is hot because it's tight between those two. I voted for Grif in the end, considering Oz was winning. I think it's really telling of your abilities that we all rooting for someone or the other, you're an excellent craftsman.
  7. MuscleFan94

    worship The Dream Job (CHAPTER 6 ADDED 04/13/2021)

    Chapter 6: The Problems With Shared Living Jayden awoke the next morning, stretching a bit. He looked at Phil, laying next to him. Even in his sleep, the hunk was imposing and huge. Jayden grinned and climbed out of bed, stretching wide. He would pull on a pair of slacks, and walk out. He was met with him two roommates, sitting in the dining room, who looked annoyed with him. Angus, a short, slightly chubby man, the same age as Jayden, and friends from school, narrowed his eyes slightly. "Dude, we had like...one condition when we decided to get an apartment together." Jayden frowned,
  8. Kymuscleboy

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    Another awesome chapter! I was surprised by the outcome of the pushup contest. The way things had been going, I was sure Oz was going to take it, but that's what makes the story interesting. It was a further nice twist with Grif's growth spurt and added mass at the end of the chapter. However, I did notice that Oz basically hasn't been seen since the morning after the party, and if he wasn't already competitive enough before, losing the contest in front of a crowd probably has him super fired up. So, I can't wait to see what he looks like when we see him next and whether he adds height to ove
  9. dredlifter

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    Appreciate all the nice words! And thanks to everyone who has taken the poll. ... I will clarify. Rory is not going to grow. Just want to set expectations. That's not the point of the story. Truthfully, that's honestly a little bit of a pet peeve of mine with some stories...when one character grows and grows and grows over time and then all of a sudden at the end the smaller guy catches up immediately. To me that makes the original characters' growth almost inconsequential. In a way it cancels out the original's growth, makes it feel null and void. Not judging anyone's
  10. Tjdonger

    m/m The Wall (chapter 36, added 2/25)

    Thought I’d check in....see if you plan to post another chapter(s) anytime soon? Hopeful to provide some incentives!
  11. Megahuge

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    As always, thank you so much for a wonderful story and I can’t wait to read more chapters.
  12. WrestlejockCT

    strength The Kid Freak (Part 5 Added)

    Man, I'm jonesin' for the next chapter....Ch 5 left us with a pretty awesome cliffhanger!
  13. Yesterday
  14. 3D7fantasy

    m/m 3D7 Fantasy Comics Preview

    New comic! Muscle growth belt, available on Patreon !
  15. Aronymous

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    Surely there's must be something sinister going on behind closed doors
  16. MuscledJunk

    m/m The Devil By My Side | Chapter 5 added 09/04/2021

    My fave part so far. Need more growth scenes like this one
  17. Ro20316

    growth with effort Nico [ESPAÑOL]

    Ja. Me encantaron sus amigos. Lara es una idola.
  18. Shahrazad2

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    @dredlifter Excellent chapter! We did get to see more of Oz, and their growth gets shown off more and more... and I do love Halloween parties. I don't get the feeling like Rory is going to grow, but I admit I do like how Oz at least, seems to be appreciating Rory's attraction to them.
  19. Colel

    m/m Un peon inmenso [ESPAÑOL]

    me encanta esta historia, seria increible que Donaldo inspirado por Estanislao entrenara y suplementara con esteroides a tal punto de llegar a aparecerse a Estanislao y que el senor tuviera 2 peones inmensos
  20. Last week
  21. Jason, not being able to have its old dormitory anymore, got a new one, next to Nik’s. He was referred as unit 02 now by his former colleagues. When questioned if he preferred to remain as a part of the lab team or join the ranks of the army, Jason chose the latter. Some would say that this was thanks to the mental conditioning of the transformation, but the truth is, Jason was finally being able to live the life he always wanted. Turning into a superhero, having all the muscles, and having a friend, a friend in Nik. They would train separately at the beginning, but thanks to Jason’s con
  22. MuscleLion


    Arm day 💪💯🔥!

    I also gave myself a haircut too!












    1. RamsMuscle


      Looking great man! Those muscles are coming in and getting a nice shape. 

      Not a half-bad self-haircut, though you may have missed a bit near the ears. Though overall the hair looks great on you. 

    2. MuscleLion


      Thanks man! The growth continues forever onward!

      This was my first self-haircut so there's definitely were gonna be some imperfections lol. I can always touch the ears up later. As a backup plan I could've just go bald 😜

    3. Lucci


      Nice haircut, looking more manly. Also, these arms seems bigger everyday

  23. racer11

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    Another amazing chapter, I love how you handle the various bets and tests of strength throughout the story. I'm really torn on who should come on top of this rivalry, on one hand Grif is the epitome of everything I find hot in a man, but on the other hand Oz putting him in his place is equally hot. I also love the idea of Rory getting some piece of that growth pie, can't wait for more
  24. dredlifter

    muscle growth My Roommate Rivals (CH 6 Added 11-APR-2021)

    I'm genuinely curious. Who is Team Grif and who is Team Oz? Take the poll! https://musclegrowth.co/blogs/entry/1069-my-roommate-rivals-grif-vs-oz/
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